Undefeated God of War - Chapter 529 – Complete Victory

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Chapter 529 – Complete Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Duan Yun Mountain was the highest mountain range in Ursa Major Constellation, over 12 kilometers tall, only half of it was below the clouds.

At the back of Duan Yun Mountain, taking cover from the form of the mountain, the Mechanical Army followed the mountain range and climbed quickly.

Very quickly, they entered the clouds.

Continuing to climb higher, with the clouds as cover, they turned over at the mountain ridge. The army immediately became cautious and solemn, their speed slowed down, to avoid causing a large scale energy fluctuation, the speed of the army became slow. While flying slowly, the energy fluctuation would be much smaller.

The current weather was good, with thick layers of cloud, it filtered the fluctuations of the energy Mechanical Army.

Very quickly, the Mechanical Army entered an attacking position, while the Dawn Army had not realized at all.

The sky belonged to the saints.

This saying had circulated for over 10 thousand years, Bing’s poker face was the usual calm, however, his mood was surging, burning like a circle of fire. He wanted to tell the world, other than saints in the sky, it still belonged to a group of people.

Mechanical martial artists, who were forgotten by the world for too long.

We are here, here to take back the sky that belonged to us!

Bing bore the rage in his heart forcefully, he turned solemn, said deeply: “Everyone be prepared, charge!”

The Mechanical Army had adjusted their position long ago, just like a school of fishes, they pierced through the clouds.

The Dawn Army belonged to the 11th Gold Branch in the Honorable Martial Group, the 11th Gold Branch was not considered a strong branch, but they had a unique feature. The medical martial techniques of the 11th Gold Branch were the most profound. The majority of their gold ranked martial artists, were masters in medical martial techniques. Medical martial techniques were not suitable for battle, and to pursue a stronger fighting ability, they walked a unique path.

Using the Medical Martial Technique to modify and upgrade their body.

This made the gold ranked martial artists in the 11th Gold Branch very unique. Within the sparring sessions of the army in Honorable Martial Group, the Dawn Army was the opponent everybody was unwilling to meet, their fighting ability was not considered powerful, but they had very strong vitality. In the battle field, this was a huge advantage. For example, they only needed to temporarily tend to wounds and they could continue the battle just as though nothing had happened.

With the guarantee of a strong medical martial technique, as long as the soldiers did not die during battle, they would be fine. This also made the soldiers completely unafraid to get hurt, so much that they even researched on specialized techniques to heal wounds with wounds.

The Dawn Army was proficient in long, drawn out battles, as long as they entered a stage of a deadlock, they would very often turn out victorious. Looking at their enemies lacking in arms and bones, they threw themselves forward without fear of dying, such scenarios, were the enemy’s nightmare.

“How much further are we from Bear Head City?” Lester asked.

“Judging from our current speed, we should reach Bear Head City roughly on the afternoon of the following day.” His adjutant gave an accurate number professionally.

Lester frowned: “We have to wait till the following afternoon?”

“Yes.” His Adjutant looked at his commander carefully, his commander did not have a good temper, so he quickly explained: “We are already using the closest route, if you want to reach earlier, we would have to increase speed.”

Lester was not a professional military leader, but he was rather versed in the study of battle tactics, especially with small team coordinations in the past, he could always surprise people. When the 11th Gold Branch was preparing to build the Dawn Army, he offered his service, in addition of his profound look, he successfully got the position.

Lester had an irate temper, his character was like fire, and the suicide battle tactic which gave all the armies a headache came from his hands.

Lester looked at the soldiers who all looked tired and shook his head: “grasp the time to rest, leave three small teams as guards, the rest will use [Dawn].”

[Dawn] was the most important medical martial technique of Dawn Army, it could let the soldiers recover their stamina and true power in a short period of time, its effect exceeded the usual recovery type of medical martial technique that regular armies used. It only required three hours for the soldiers could recover their stamina, the only disadvantage of this was that when they are using [Dawn], the army would lack in defensive power.

While using the [Dawn] treatment, the martial artists would be in a state of local anaesthesia, and if they did not complete the treatment, it was difficult to get out of it.

“Is three small teams too little?” His Adjutant asked carefully.

“Just three small teams!” Lester said decisively: “Choose all the gold ranked martial artist, 30 gold ranked martial artist, I do not believe Ursa Major Constellation or anyone else would be able to be a threat to us.”

His Adjutant reminded: “the opponent has a mechanical army……”

Lester laughed out loud: “They had been thrown off far away. When we moved, they were still at Sextans Constellation. We have [Dawn], by advancing at full speed, how can they be faster than us? It would still be impossible even by giving them another 2 more legs.

His Adjutant thought again, his commander was right, they had sprinted through the road, other than using the recovery power of [Dawn] in the middle of the road, they did not waste any more time. How could the opponent be faster than them? Absolutely impossible.

Very quickly, the camp lit up with warm light aura, in the light aura the soldiers faces were filled with satisfaction. Lester also entered the light aura, the continuous advance, also made him extremely tired, His Adjutant followed inside, he knew the the journey ahead was still very far, if not for the [Dawn] treatment, he was not sure if he could keep up with the big army.

30 chosen gold ranked martial artist, very casually dispersed around the surrounding of the camp.

“This is truly a bitter life, I am also very tired, this bunch of bastards really know how to enjoy, next time round, I will enjoy [Dawn].”

“Stop complaining, if the Master hears it, you are in for a show.”

“Haha, I’m only saying it in front of you. I can’t wait for us to suddenly appear in Bear Head City, the looks on the faces of that bunch of country bumpkins, haha would be a marvelous sight!”

“Haha, with the way you say it, you make me look forward to it too…… eh, what is that noise?”

“Noise? You are hallucinating, this is a place where birds do not even lay eggs, what noise would there be?”

“No, listen!”

“Eh! There really is…… wait, what is that?”

This gold ranked martial artist stared blankly at the sky, small black dots shot out from the clouds, with shocking speed as they dropped downwards. Those small black dots dropped at great speed, in a blink of an eye, they magnified by several times in the gold rank martial artists eyes, allowing them to finally see clearly.

Mechanical spirit weapons!

A type of spirit weapon that they had definitely never seen before!


The expression of the 30 gold ranked martial artists changed, the sky was filled with shrill whistles, the opponent was accelerating!

1,000 mechanical spirit weapons shrouded their sky, and the scene where 1,000 mechanical spirit weapons charging at the same time, was just like Mount Tai pressuring down on them, suffocating everyone.

Facing the incoming attack, 30 gold ranked martial artists were as weak as dried branches in a storm, every one of their face was pale, their mind blank, their disorganised pupils were filled with fear.

In their vision, the dense mass of black were all mechanical spirit weapons.

The ice cold mechanical spirit weapons, each of them having a sinister appearance, with that ice cold metal that was faintly discernable in the gush of airflow, made them look like falling ice houses.

If there was an outstanding military leader, upon witnessing such a charge, he would definitely turn and run without hesitation.

The 1,000 mechanical spirit weapons that were shooting down, in their high speed swoop, maintained a complete battle formation, in their layers. If a military leader was outstanding enough, he would realize what Bing was trying to do.


The cold voice sounded out from the front ice cold mechanical spirit weapon, even the sky filled of whistles was unable to disrupt the ice cold bellow.

The dark clouds that swooped down, suddenly lit up.

All the mechanical spirit weapons lit up at the same time.


1,000 martial artists in their mechanical spirit weapons shouted in rage, the sky exploded like lightning, the gold ranked martial artists who were frightened silly were numb in their ears.

1,000 mechanical spirit weapons released their blade auras at the same time.

Countless sword auras were like astonishing large school of fish, surging frantically into Bing.

The gold ranked martial artists looked at the sky with a blank expression,the bright light aura caused their eyes to momentarily go blind.

But when the light aura suddenly dimmed, the gold ranked martial artist’s vision returned to normal, as they tried to look clearly, their faces became blank, the will to defend vanished without a trace, as all of them turned and ran without hesitation!

A huge light ball of more than 30m in diameter appeared in front of the beautiful blue mechanical spirit weapon.

The light sphere was not dazzling, instead it was a little dark, but it was emitting a terrifying qi, and the 30 gold ranked martial artists, were unable to gather any courage to resist.

The dark light sphere, was the convergence of the blade auras from the 1,000 mechanical spirit weapons!

The might of the blade auras that mechanic spirit weapon had released, are much more powerful than any martial techniques of martial artists of the same realm, because it had experienced energy replenishment through star rocks and released. The agility of the mechanical spirit weapons was not comparable to a martial artist, and thus this prevented a mechanical martial artist to have an advantage in a 1 against 1 battle.

However, when 1,000 blade auras are released, then gathered and formed into a 30m light sphere……

The power that the light sphere contained, was really scary!

After going through magnification through the mechanical spirit weapons, the might of the blade auras had become stronger, but at the same time become difficult to control, so for the military leader to actually perfectly use his control aura……

That blue mechanical spirit weapon that performed the control aura, was simply unimaginable, even the few top grade military leaders were absolutely not be able to do it.

Having seen it with their own eyes, they would be in disbelief, but now, their entire heads only had one thought: Run!

Leave this place, quickly leave this place……


The huge light sphere rose from behind them, the energy fluctuation was as scary as the end of the world, making them completely forget to breathe. A few gold ranked martial artists who ran slower were swallowed by the expanding light sphere, nothing was left behind.

The frightening shock wave, suddenly diffused. Just like a stream of air like a metal wall, the heavy impact hit the back of those gold ranked martial artists.

As though they were struck heavily, they spat out blood almost at the same time, their bodies instantly flying out!

Their minds became blank, after they landed on the ground, they struggled to get back up, their mouths howling crazily, and they ran forward frantically. Already sunk into a frantic state, they were completely unaware of the mechanical spirit weapons that had silently swept to behind them.

These mechanical spirit weapons floated with cold dark metal lusters, their huge body were strangely agile, just like predators cruising from the dark, getting closer to their targets,

Their hands raised, and they slashed their blades down.