Undefeated God of War - Chapter 527 – Star Treasures Stronghold

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Chapter 527 – Star Treasures Stronghold

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

It was no wonder Honorable Martial Group was paranoid, more and more incomprehensible matters were arising from Sextans Constellation. The Single Valve Stronghold that was lost for many years, was said to have appeared at Ancient Cold City, but who was the creator? Who killed Fu Ying? Exactly what secret treasures was Sextans Eye involved with?

One mystery after another, like multiple layers of fog.

And today, Red Leaf Army was destroyed without prior warning, causing the higher ups of the Honorable Martial Group to be even more nervous. They had thought that Ursa Major Constellation was a pushover who was very exposed, but they had never expected that the ones feeling the pressure now, was themselves, the Honorable Martial Group.

Was it Sagittarius Constellation? Or was it Libra Constellation?

These were the first two constellations that Honorable Martial Group thought of. Sagittarius Queen and Crane had a close relationship, and the exchanges between Libra Constellation and Ursa Major Constellation’s mechanical techniques were very frequent.

Regardless of what guesses they had, there was no doubt on one thing, which was Honorable Martial Group would definitely not tolerate being caught in a passive state in Sextans Constellation.

If they had not issued a declaration, they could just suffer some losses and that was that. However, they had already released powerful and harsh statements, so naturally they could not leave it as that. Even if Ursa Major Constellation had the backings of the Ecliptic Palaces Constellation, the Honorable Martial Group had no choice but to declare war.

Everyone had their eyes set on Sextans Constellation. If Honorable Martial Group left with their tails between their legs, then the impact on the prestige of Honorable Martial Group would be fatal, and the originally weak alliance, could possibly collapse and fall apart.

Honorable Martial Group immediately made a reaction, deploying over 15 saints. Regarding an army, Honorable Martial Group did not have sufficient confidence, as that was Leo Constellation’s forte, but with regards to saints, the only thing that could scare Honorable Martial Group, was Onyx Soul.

However the possibility of Onyx Soul creating any disturbances was not high, Elder Mu’s beloved disciple Tong Ge had died at Ancient Cold City, so the hatred between Elder Mu and Tang Tian would never be resolved. Elder Mu held a high position in Onyx Soul, so no one would support Ursa Major Constellation at this time, as it was something that Elder Mu would not accept.

As for the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, the number of saints was definitely no match for Honorable Martial Group.

Although a huge number of saints had been deployed to the front lines, Honorable Martial Group’s deep accumulation, was completely showed with no doubt. In a short period of one day, they had activated 15 saints. The majority of these saints were deep in their own studies, and were on the path of creating their own spirit techniques, with the summon from Honorable Martial Group, they moved without hesitation.

Honorable Martial Group was the most proficient in grooming a saint’s power in the entire Heaven’s Road, where no one could beat them in. On this point, even the arch-enemy of Honorable Martial Group, Onyx Soul could not help but to admit.

To have Onyx Soul, another powerful organization, lying in wait in the darkness, but still be able to suppress the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, Honorable Martial Group displayed absolute governing strength in the entire Heaven’s Road. What they relied on was their shocking number of saints.

No one knew how many saints were in Honorable Martial Group.

They only knew that if they wanted to, they would have saints appear to fight.

Before Lion King Lei Ang, no one dared to challenge the authority of Honorable Martial Group.

15 saints, within a night, completed gathering. Since Sextans Constellation already belonged to Ursa Major Constellation, there was interference of Star Power, so they were not able to be transported directly to Sextans Constellation, hence they were transported to the encampment of the Red Leaf Army.

While Tang Tian had already found the Light Blade army.

Light Blade Army was already informed of the wipeout of the Red Leaf Army, hence they were maintaining high alert. When Tang Tian and the rest got closer, the Light Blade Army was already prepared early on.

The Chief Commander of the Light Blade army was Ye Shou Xin, he raised his head and looked at the figures in the sky, immediately drawing in a cold breath. Although he had known earlier that the opponent was a bunch of saints, to personally witness them appearing in front of him, it caused him to tremble.

43 saints!

No wonder Red Leaf Army was wiped out without a sound……

Ye Shou Xin knew that it was disastrous, if the opponent had only 10 saints, he felt that there would still be hope. But it was a full 43 saints, just by floating in the air, they dispersed an imposing might that could choke people.

Ye Shou Xin knew the upcoming battle would be the toughest he had ever faced.

“Everyone do not panic, our saints are already on the way, everyone focus on defending!”

He knew his loud encouragement was not of much use. The faces of the soldiers were filled with fear and desperation, they had actually done preparation for the bitter war, since receiving the news from the start, the Light Blade Army had already stopped advancing, and actually garrisoned and constructed military fortifications.

Every soldier had donated and contributed their own treasures, so the four corners of the camp and in the sky, there were treasures floating. These treasures were meticulously prepared, with its irregular arrangement, it gave off a strong effect, forming an interweaving Star Treasure Stronghold.

Star Treasure Defensive structures were most commonly used outside of cities, and the Star Treasure Stronghold, was one of the strongest treasure defenses.

Every piece of treasure contained powerful strength, their attributes were all different, all of which were powerful, just like little pieces of building blocks. And outstanding military leaders, are able to interweave the treasures to be used as a defensive structure, and this was the Star Treasure Stronghold.

The varying sizes of Star treasures, floated high and low, at a glance, they looked like floating small bubbles. They released different colored light auras, these light auras were like substances, forming layers after layers into a whole, forming a half-moon transparent stronghold.

“Enter your defensive positions!”

Ye Shou Xin commanded, causing all the martial artists, to form groups of three to five, entering different light circles. Beside every treasure, there was someone guarding it.

Ye Shou Xin was calm in his heart, he was a little thankful that he had prepared for the worst right from the start. As he was afraid that the Star Treasure Stronghold could not withstand the opponent, he specifically prepared defensive positions, he was determined to rely on the stronghold to defend. He still had some confidence in the stronghold. Close to 2000 Star treasures, the entire army had spent two full days to construct the stronghold.

It was the largest Star Treasure Stronghold he had ever built in his life.

Buzz buzz buzz!

Each piece of treasure lit up, the light auras congealed and flowed around the stronghold slowly, the colorful rainbow disappeared, and a snowy white stronghold with the shape of half a moon appeared in front of everyone.

“Star Treasure Stronghold!”

“This could be trouble!”

“Hehe, Honorable Martial Group truly is rich, how many treasures did it take to make this!”

“This definitely required large capital, if this stronghold was exchanged for money, it would be Star Coins Stronghold.”

The saints discussed intensely.

Meng Ta spoke softly beside Tang Tian: “Master, be careful, this Star Treasures stronghold is of a big scale, the defense would definitely be shocking. This tortoise shell is very hard to crack.”

Tang Tian was also shocked by the opponent’s formation.

It was his first time seeing the Star Treasures Stronghold, so he was extremely curious about it. So star treasures could be used like this, it was an eye opener. Tang Tian looked for awhile and he understood what the stronghold is for. When Tang Tian cured his curiosity and shock, he started to feel pain in his heart.

So many densely packed treasures, it would require a lot of star coins!

Fighting a war was indeed spending money!

This Star Treasure Stronghold, the value must definitely exceed 100 billion star coins!

An army occupying a stronghold, was already over a 100 billion star coins, Honorable Martial Group, how rich are you?

You can pass the money to me and tell me not to fight you, I will definitely agree to it!

Why go so far…..why go so far…..

“This Tortoise shell is a little hard.” Tang Tian said angrily, the opponent had deployed such a dead defense, the tortoise shell was stacked by so many treasures, even by using his legs to think, he definitely knew it was extremely tough.

After thinking for awhile, Tang Tian did not think of any ideas, he said: “Hey, whoever can crack an idea will be gifted with a treasure!”

After Tang Tian said those words, the 42 Saint were red in their eyes, they looked at the Star Treasures Stronghold below them with red eyes, that gaze, was like a pack of hungry wolves looking at a fat and juicy sheep.

Tang Tian was satisfied, it truly was rewards would bring about brave men, no, smart men!

The 42 people hardened their faces as they thought about it bitterly.

The Light Blade Army below heaved sighs of relief.

“Boss, what are they doing?”

“Ha, they are thinking of how to break into our Star Treasure Stronghold!”

“Haha, so saints are just like that. Master is still so powerful, this Star Treasure Stronghold is definitely unshakeable. Boss, we only have 15 saints, would it be enough?”

“Not enough? you have overestimated these independent saints. Firstly, saints rely on spirit techniques, secondly, they rely on spirit treasures, what do these poor souls have? You will know in time to come, those independent saints outside, compared to the saints from Honorable Martial Group, are simply as poor as beggars.”

“Fantastic! at that time let’s kill these saints……”

Meng Ta and the others were in heated discussions.

“Poison? That’s not realistic, the energy density is so thick, will the poison be able to enter?”

“Full force spirit techniques attack? Good, this treasure has to have over 2000 pieces, enough to crush us.”


Having discussed for half a day, everyone was without a plan, the scale of the Star Treasures stronghold, was never seen before.

Little Fool was quietly pondering by the side, the Star Treasure Stronghold, any typical methods basically could not create much harm. This question also aroused his interest, he considered on frp, another point of view, if he had faced this stronghold, what method would he use to attack.

After some thought, he was immensely occupied.

Tang Tian waited till he was irritated: “So what method do we use?”

Little Fool who was in deep thoughts suddenly blurted out: “Use spirit treasures!”

Tang Tian eyes lit up: “Little Fool, what idea do you have?”

Little Fool regretted as soon as he said it, he should have acted like he was a third party and watched the fool perform, what was he thinking……

Little Fool thought of dying, but at this time it was discovered by Tang Tian, his body went beyond his control, and he spilled the beans: “You can refine a spirit treasure specially for one time use, the energy dispersed when the spirit treasure explodes is stronger than star treasures.”

Tang Tian became happy: “Little Fool is so smart! Refine, we will refine it now, we will not think of any star treasure, let them have a taste of our spirit treasure!”

Little Fool wanted to knock himself to death. He wanted to remind the fool, hey, we are enemies, we have already fought for so many days, don’t pretend that nothing had happened……

Little Fool was raging in his heart, his face was black as he started to refine the treasure without speaking.

This was the first time he was refining a treasure in front of other saints, Meng Ta and the rest watched Little Fool with lights in their eyes, when they saw how Little Fool casually controlling the Graceful Cold Flame as he wished, they were completely stunned.