Undefeated God of War - Chapter 524 – Target Red Leaf!

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Chapter 524 – Target Red Leaf!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Is everyone prepared?”

Tang Tian shouted at the top of his lungs, the young man was extremely eager.

“We are ready!’

“We are just waiting to move out!”

“Will the little kids cry in shock?”

Everyone’s answers were chaotic, compared to a unison answer of an army, the power of the shout was lacking. But Tang Tian did not mind at all, in front of him, were exactly 42 Saints.

Everyone’s morale was high, all of them were happily laughing, regarding the war that was about to begin, they were not worried at all. 42 saints, even though they are normal independent saints, every single individual was still a terrifying force.

Honorable Martial Group was completely unclear of the war in Ancient Cold City, and the recording that they caught of Tang Tian, was the threat Fu Ying made before the battle begun. To Honorable Martial Group, the saints must have definitely become cannon fodder and flew into their deaths.

Not only Honorable Martial Group, no one else would think that, the saints of Ancient Cold City did not sacrifice much, and all of them had become Tang Tian’s subordinates.

To Honorable Martial Group who was unaware of anything, the declaration that was filled with killing intent made the saints in Ancient Cold City burst out laughing. Everyone had no leeway of mercy towards Honorable Martial Group any longer, both sides viewed each other as either you die or I die, so Red Leaf Army and Light Sword Army, to them, were just two delicious big fat pork buns.

In truth, Red Leaf Army and Light Sword Army’s strength was extremely outstanding, since they were made with the Gold Branches as their core, compared to a regular army, their difference in quality was not just a minute bit.

But in the eyes of 42 saints, that was nothing.

Tang Tian waved his hand: “Move out!”

Everyone responded with a loud voice, 43 figures flew into the sky, as they whistled through the air towards the Northwest.

A saint called Zheng Yu suddenly said excitedly: “Found them, that way!”

Zheng Yu was small, he looked extremely ordinary, but it was because he was a saint that was strongly committed to finding treasures, and had profound attainments in eye related spirit techniques. Armies are such big targets, and the energy undulation in the air allowed him to easily lock onto the enemy’s location.

Everyone immediately became excited.

They started to increase their speed!

The whistling sound through the air, everyone was extremely relaxed, all of them playing all sorts of tricks, either spiralling forward, or producing afterimages, or flickering in and out…..

The most powerful was someone called Li Da, his most proficient spirit technique was energy barriers, he could adjust his energy barrier into a conical shape, and with an extreme speed, his energy barrier would grind through the air and form friction, producing dazzling sparks, dragging along a fire tail behind him, it was a sight to behold.

This creative ability won everyone’s claps.

Tang Tian thought that it was smart, if everyone did it together, it would definitely be a scene.

The imposing entrance before a fight is very important!

Hearing Tang Tian’s idea, everyone started to laugh, although they felt that Tang Tian had a bit of evil tendencies, but all of them started to release their energy barriers and adjust them into conical shapes.

“Wait a minute! Form up properly! Meng Ta, you are aiming there!”

“Arrange nicely guys, later, everyone maintain the same speed, don’t be too fast or too slow!”

Tang Tian’s random spouts of orders finally produced a simple attacking formation. If Bing was here, he would definitely snort, this attacking formation was extremely ugly.

Tang Tian did not care though, he was extremely excited.


Tang Tian shouted, the 43 of them suddenly rushed forward!

The Red Leaf Army was advancing very quickly, they were already very close to Ancient Cold City, victory was in their grasp, all of them were steadfast. Ancient Cold CIty which was trampled by Fu Ying, what could remain? Fu Ying’s counterattack before he died, was enough to raze the Ancient Cold City.

As long as they could seize Ancient Cold CIty first, this merit would be enough for them to fly sky high.

The entire Red Leaf Army were all extremely excited.

Suddenly, a black dot appeared in the distance, it’s our scout, but….

The scout seemed to look extremely panied, the expression on his face, it looked like….fear?

Jones’ heart was surprised, he started to feel that something bad was happening, and just at that time, a light aura appeared in the distance.

What is that….

The light aura was approaching very quickly, before the scout had even landed, the light aura had become more apparent. Jones’ eyes shrunk, that is….

Amidst the flaming ball, there was a vague human figure.

The fireball was approaching very quickly, before they could hear a sound, in the blink of an eye, the fireball had rushed to their vicinity before Jones could see clearly, there was a group of people inside the Fireball!

No, it was a group of people whose entire bodies were covered with blazing flames.

Jones’ mind became blank, sai…..saints!

How is that possible…..

He suddenly shivered, and bellowed out loud: “Enemy attack!”

Jones voice completely changed key, the voice that was brimming with fear, immediately pulled the souls back of the soldiers who were stunned. Everyone watched the sky in fear, the enemies whose bodies were covered in flames, were approaching them at very fast speeds.

The terrifying whistling sound, was coming too slowly, it was a sound that could cause a person to shiver from head to toe.

The enemy had begun diving down!

As though it was rocks dropping from the sky, pulling along their long fire tails, dragging a might that could devastate the land, not one soldier could maintain calm, all of their faces were pale white, their knees knocking very quickly.


So many saints….

Out of the entire Red Leaf Army, the only one who could maintain his calmness and steadiness was Jones. He knew that their chance of living was already very slim, for they were in a dire situation. But after experiencing the initial fear, his eyes became bloodshot, his heart filled with determination!

The accomplishments we have until today, were all supported by Master Fu Ying.

Then with our lives, we will repay Master Fu Ying’s kindness!

His heart steadied down: “Prepare to attack!”

His voice resonated out in the entire sky, like a leaf that sways in a storm, but it was extremely weak, but it landed in the soldier’s ears, which was their last lifeline they would hold on to.


Jones bellowed, in that moment, he had already forgotten fear, his heart filled only with killing intent.

The general’s determination would affect the surrounding soldiers, the instincts born out from long training, made them all scream out at the same time: “Kill!”

The entire Red Leaf Army suddenly burst off with a light aura with astonishing speed, it converged on Jones.

The light aura around Jones had condensed into a terrifying degree, like a sea of light. Raising his hand up, as though he was carrying his determination, he welcomed the incoming saints and suddenly slashed down!

The surging rain of light suddenly exploded forth!

Tang Tian who was rushing forth, did not have his normal smile and playfulness, his eyes extremely sullen. The steadiness of the opponent’s general did not surprise him much, to him, it was an extremely normal reaction. Because any army of his subordinates would not lose their will facing enemies stronger than them as well.


Tang Tian ordered straightforwardly.


The fire regiment in the sky suddenly broke out like exploding fireworks, transforming into 43 fire regiments, drawing 43 arcs across the sky!

The offensive light pillar missed.

As expected of saints…..

Jones praised in his heart, the strength of saints was truly much stronger than Gold Ranked Martial Artists. At such a high speed dive, they were still able to freely control their direction. Only saints could do that.

The saints in the sky were not laughing or playing anymore, they felt the dense energy, if they were struck by it, even the strongest saint would definitely become dust. Even Li Da who was the most proficient in energy barriers had a solemn look. Even if he had fully enforced his energy barrier, he was unable to survive from that terrifying attack.

To a Bronze Saint, what they are able to utilize is the True Power of their body. That meant that their attacks were naturally limited. Although spirit techniques are more efficient as compared to martial techniques, and their power is stronger, but there is still a cap to its magnification.

When his attack missed, Jones was not discouraged, he bellowed: “Red Leaf!”

Red light aura appeared on every soldier’s body, from a bird’s eye view, it would seem that the army was red light auras moving around, like a red maple leaf The dazzling lights connected every soldier, making it look like the veins of the maple leaf.

A powerful military leader!

Saints naturally had stronger eyepower, the Red Leaf Army beneath them became one entity, which was a powerful war formation. The entire Red Leaf Army’s energy undulation frequency were completely synchronized, making them look like a patch of red lava, accumulating astonishing energy.

Tang Tian was also surprised, the war formation was truly very powerful.

His intuition is much stronger than normal people, and he could feel a strong sense of danger coming from the energy undulation.

Going through the military leader’s control, the entire army becomes one body, which could be said to be void of any dead angles. Regardless of where they got injured, the energy of the entire army would naturally converge towards the attack, and when blocking the attack, they would also counterattack.

A beautiful formation!

A pity, the difference between their strengths was not something a war formation could close up.

“Separate and attack! Be careful when breaking away!”

Tang Tian’s order came from the sky, everyone immediately understood Tang Tian’s intention.

43 Figures unfolded like petals, bringing along their fiery fire tails, striking various positions of Red Leaf Army. They were like a flock of agile birds, attacking the maple leaf at the same time.

Jones face took a change.

The opponent actually did not get tricked, but it was too late for him to change, the sharp whistling sound that could cause anyone to tremble, once again converged together coming in all directions and swooping down on them.

43 Saints, releasing their offensive spirit techniques at the same time!

A myriad of spirit techniques of all different colors landed on the maple leaf from all directions, then promptly leaving after the attack.

The maple leaf formation released many bright light spots, all of the energy of the bright spots suddenly erupting out.

The condensed light beams released like rain, shooting into the sky, as though fireworks were being displayed. Jones face changed again, the Maple Leaf formation was invulnerable, upon being struck by the enemy, they would counterattack immediately. This was originally an advantage, but at the same time, it became a fatal weakness.

To have so many attacks would cause an all direction counterattack.

If they were against ordinary martial artists, the attacks would be considered sharp and accurate, but saints were able to break away and dodge.

With just one turn, the energy of the entire army immediately depleted by 30%!