Undefeated God of War - Chapter 521 – Gui Wu

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Chapter 521 – Gui Wu

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Little Fool closed his eyes, gradually leaving the wonderful state, his heart brimming with happiness. Who created this [Graceful Sword], it is actually so powerful! And he was extremely lucky, merging Saint Sword Ocean Prison inside, this spirit technique actually became even stronger.

Spirit value of 60 points!

A spirit technique with 60 spirit value points, its might was already considerably powerful. Average saints needed to train for a few years to be able to allow a set of spirit technique to reach a level of 60 spirit value points.

Spirit value was not just used to gauge a spirit technique’s might, but also to gauge a spirit treasure’s power. Spirit Treasures did not need to occupy spirit value, but it is still able to release power like spirit techniques, but to be even stronger.

Little Fool’s Ya Ya Umbrella also had a spirit value of 60 points, which was already the highest spirit value for a lower tier bronze spirit treasure, so the Ya Ya Umbrella can be hailed as the apex treasure of the lower tier bronze spirit treasures, was definitely not an exaggeration.

Little Fool who had Ya Ya Umbrella, to be able to have two spirit techniques worth 60 spirit value points, was considered to have a battle ability worth of 120 spirit value points, this kind of battle ability, was already comparable to Meng Ta and the rest.

That was one reason why spirit treasures held such exorbitant prices, with any spirit technique being difficult to train and learn. Yet spirit treasures could immediately be used, of course, spirit treasures also had their limitations, although they did not occupy spirit value, but they were limited to the saint’s largest spirit value.

Little Fool was satisfied, to reach 60 spirit value points upon training, his future potential was immense. Now what he needed to do was to raise his own spirit domain’s spirit value.

Suddenly, he received a strike from the back of his head, the strong force caused Little Fool who was floating in the air to fall head down first into the ground.

“Little Fool! Well Done!”

Tang Tian smacked Little Fool at the back of his head, it seemed like….

He used too much force….

Tang Tian acted like nothing happened, and pulled Little Fool up. He even patted him twice, as though he was sweeping the dust off, he then kindly placed Little Fool back to his original place.

Little Fool’s face was black.

“Such a powerful spirit technique! Little Fool is becoming stronger and stronger! Ya Ya, you need to learn from Little Fool well!” Tang Tian laughed.

Ya Ya stuck its head out in puzzlement, it’s butt still had the piece of rock in it.

Bear with it!

Become stronger secretly!

Little Fool’s mouth twitched.

“The golden skull and Fu Ying’s skull, I want them.” The childish voice was filled with wisdom and experience. The two of them were good stuff, the golden skull was Honorable Martial Group’s famous saint grade treasure, Honorable Martial Crown. Fu Ying’s bone was a saint bone.

The two items were things to increase a saint’s spirit domain spirit value, both treasures were never on the market. Average saints would be greatly limited when absorbing such treasures, and also at an extremely slow pace. But Little Fool was a Form Spirit, he could absorb them without any difficulty.

“Hahahaha. For you, for you!” Tang Tian generously placed the golden skull and Fu Ying’s bone into Little Fool’s hand, oh, the guqin for Magic Flute, the guqin is much more grand than that bronze flute, but what is this bead for?

It was very obvious that Fu Ying viewed the bead as the most important item.

The bead was bloodstained, and extremely unremarkable, if not for its exceptional hardness, Tang Tian might had treated it for an ordinary bead.

Little Fool’s gaze was also attracted to the bead in Tang Tian’s hand. But he did not think that the bead was ordinary, because it gave him a sense of danger, it did not have any qi, but unknowingly, Little Fool felt that it held extreme danger in it.

Suddenly, the bead spun in Tang Tian’s palm, in a blink of an eye, it disappeared into his body.

The dim bloodstain became extremely bright and alive, as though it was a living thing, it drilled into Tang Tian’s body. Before Tang Tian could react, the trace of blood quickly went into Tang Tian’s arteries.


A powerful and fierce qi rushed to his brain, causing Tang TIan’s mind to be jolted.

The blood in Tang Tian’s body seemed to be flaring up, causing Tang Tian’s entire body to be flushed red like a cooked prawn. He arched his body, his face revealing extreme pain.

Little Fool’s face changed.

Forceful Subjugating Bead!

The legendary Forceful Subjugating Bead! In the legends, a few apex blood meridians saints were able to seal their saint spirits into their blood, and upon meeting a suitable person whom they can forcibly enter into, they would be able to replace them!

Pursuit for immortality, every generation apex saints’ final goal. All those who wield heaven devastating power and held absolute authority in the entire Heaven’s Road, the apex powers, the only thing that they feared, was death!

All of them tried various weird and different methods, and on this aspect, the one closest to success was the legendary blood meridians saint Forceful Subjugation. It was considered a legend because nobody had seen it before.

But that ordinary looking bead, was actually a Forceful Subjugating Bead!

But in the next moment, it made him dumbstruck.

Hu, Tang Tian’s body suddenly released a transparent flame, inside the flame, a figure was screaming, filled with intense fear: “No! Impossible! No energy…..why does he have no energy…..Zero Energy Body, haha, so there are truly Zero Energy Bodies….”

The transparent flame, released a terrifying qi causing Little Fool to immediately retreat. The saint spirit that blazed into a flame, if he touched even a bit of it, he would immediately be destroyed.

The Qi of the flames was so horrifying, causing Little Fool’s mind to tremble.

Who was that?

After blazing for half an hour, the saint spirit was almost exhausted, causing Little Fool to be rooted to the ground due to shock. For a saint spirit to actually blaze for so long, how strong could that saint spirit be…..


Tang Tian released a sigh of relief, gradually opening his eyes, his face revealing a look of horror: “So scary!”

His Zero Energy Body had saved his life.

If not for his Zero Energy Body, he would definitely become the target of the person’s forceful subjugation. He did not know that it was Fu Ying’s last try of assassination. Fu Ying had accidentally stumbled upon the Forceful Subjugating Bead and knew of its power. He knew if he let word of it, he would definitely be unable to keep it. Fu Ying kept it inside his silver aquarius cabinet with his few other most precious objects, and if someone killed him, and obtained this silver aquarius cabinet, they would definitely take it to study.

As such, it would be sort of taking revenge for himself.

But Fu Ying definitely did not expect that there would actually be a strange existence such as a Zero Energy Body in the world. Tang Tian’s Zero Energy Body, with such an intense expelling energy attribute, and for saint spirits which had spirit domains which were completely energy related, was naturally expelled out of his body.

That was the scene of the saint spirit in a blaze.

With such power, if it was a regular body, the saint spirit would have long gotten his hands on it.

And, although the saint spirit was exhausted, a few imprints were left behind, but Tang Tian did not think that, the imprints were actually the saint’s memory fragments!

“This person seems to be called Gui…..Wu?”

Little Fool was startled, his eyes immediately enlarged widely, he exclaimed with a lost of voice: “You said his name is Gui Wu?”

“Yea, seems like it.” Tang Tian closed his eyes again, carefully browsing through the memory fragments, from the surface look, he should be called Gui Wu.

“One of Onyx Soul 3 Blood Saints, Gui Wu!”

LIttle Fool’s exclamation caused Tang Tian to jump up in shock as well, he suddenly opened his eyes: “This Gui Wu…is he very powerful?”

Little Fool looked at Tang Tian as though he was looking at an idiot: “Not just very powerful, but extremely powerful. He is one of the 3 strongest Blood Meridians Saints in Onyx Soul’s history, tell me, is he powerful or not?”

“So powerful!” Tang Tian was also shocked, One of the 3 strongest blood meridian saints in Onyx Soul’s history, this name was definitely something that would shock someone half to death.

Tang Tian suddenly thought of a question: “So this thing should be worth a lot of money?”

“You tell me?” LIttle Fool said unhappily: “A priceless treasure!”

“Such a pity!” Tang Tian had a pained face: “If i had known earlier I would had sold it, such a powerful thing, it should be worth at least a few hundred billion star coins!”

Tang Tian felt that his loss was too great this time, Ye Zhao Ge was in his hands yet he could not ransom him, a broken bead, was actually a priceless treasure, which he had ruined himself.

Little Fool was speechless, he was lazy to speak reason to the fool. Sell it? If Onyx Soul Knew that it was in his hands, the entire Onyx Soul would definitely be activated, and even if Tang Tian wanted to die, it would not be easy.

And……thinking about what had happened, his heart suddenly felt a trace of fear, if not for the Zero Energy Body, then….

Was it true that fortune favors fools?

Tang Tian closed his eyes, and continued to flip through Gui Wu’s memory fragments. To be able to become one of the 3 strongest blood meridian saints in Onyx Soul history, Gui Wu’s intellect must be unfathomable, all the content of the memory fragments, were extremely difficult to comprehend, as they were extremely profound.

If any of this information landed in any blood meridians saints hands, it would definitely be viewed as a heavenly book compared to Spirit Laws.

It was just a pity, Tang Tian did not train in blood meridians, and to these profound and difficult to comprehend things, he was not even interested in them. He flipped through them one by one, and suddenly exclaimed out, he had finally found something he understood.

“I believe in the Zero Energy Body existence, but until now, one has not surfaced. I don’t have many experiments, but I’m unable to completely realize one. But if the Zero Energy Body truly exists, then it will definitely have an intense expelling force and repel towards energy, because of this, it will be able to remove the corrosion of energy everywhere around the world…”


“I have thought about it, if there truly is a Zero Energy Body, how would its evolution go? A Zero Energy Body is extremely unique, with its strong expelling energy attribute, maybe this can also be seen as a type of ability. Any ability can be tempered and improved, and that is its evolution. Thinking about it, the evolution of a Zero Energy Body, should also be the evolution of its repelling energy. This thought made me extremely interested….”


“I have been thinking about this for the past few days, if there is a Zero Energy Body, and if there is an ability evolution, then that would be a very interesting hypothesis. Thinking about it for a long time, I thought of a stupid way, which is to use a large quantity of energy, and with progressive training, to continuously provoke it, to allow the Zero Energy Body to keep evolving. My guess, is that the when the repel ability reaches a certain level, it will form a completely different and special spirit domain, I have hailed it as [Origin], it will be the core of the Zero Energy Body….”


“I have to admit, the uniqueness of the Zero Energy Body, allows it to be extremely applicable. Energy cannot do much damage to it, and if truly, a Zero Energy Body exists, and his Zero Energy Body is able to evolve to a great level, he will definitely become the world’s public enemy…”

Tang Tian and little Fool were completely stunned.