Undefeated God of War - Chapter 519 – Fu Ying’s Defeat

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Chapter 519 – Fu Ying’s Defeat

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

With a single breath, Tang Tian unleashed 30 Origin Mark Boxes. His technique of unleashing them was astounding. All of these boxes were released silently.

The descending Fu Ying could feel the impending threat against him as his heart pulsated strongly. It was as if he could see the grim reaper closing in on him as he broke out into cold sweat. This intense danger made his mind go blank.

His fear of death made him unleash his full potential. He screamed at the top of his lungs, like a beast that was nearing its death. He was frantic and despaired.

The radiance from his right palm grew stronger. The strength of this attack captivated everyone in the field.

The battle within the Sea of Clouds had ended. Tang Tian’s saints had achieved victory. But now, everyone was captivated by the impending power force that was about to be unleashed by Fu Ying.

Within the concentrated radiance, the flesh and blood of Fu Ying’s palm seemed to dissolve, revealing his bone structure. Fu Ying did not realize that his spirit domain was expanding rapidly. At the same time, the spirit domain within his Honorable Martial Spirit Slash was also increasing at a rapid pace. The spirit value of his Honorable Martial Spirit Slash had now grown to 270 points!

It had greatly surpassed the highest recorded spirit value achieved by the Honorable Martial Group at 230!

“Die! All of you will die!”

Fu Ying’s desperate cries echoed across the Sea of Clouds and he waved his right palm frantically at his enemies.

Bang bang!

Streams of concentrated light rays burst onto all side. Even the appearance of the Honorable Martial Spirit Slash looked different when it was at a a spirit value of 270 points.

Every blade aura released was as round as a sun, permeating a terrifying power and was surprisingly fast!

All the saints were shocked beyond disbelieve as they ran for cover.

As the round light orbs descended onto the ground, they disappeared. However, within seconds, there was a loud boom as mud and snow were shot up tens of feet above the ground.

Boom Boom Boom!

The Ancient Cold City that was built with Cang Yang Yu efforts was now being decimated. The ground was unstable. Mud and snow pummelled them like rain drops.

A saint who was slow to escape the attack had a light orb struck right in front of him. His energy barrier, that had a spirit value of 40, was not able to stop its force.

A stream of blood spilled out from his body.

He was cut in half by the attack. It happened so fast that no screams came out from him.

In the middle of the Sea of Clouds, the anxious Fu Ying suddenly heard a weird sound. He could not sense any energy aura. He failed to spot that around him, there were 30 Origin Mark Boxs that exploded together.

Boom boom boom!

The Origin Mark Box had no energy aura on them, preventing Fu Ying from sensing them. Each of the boxes had a deadly energy burst that spilled out light rays which pierced through Fu Ying’s body.

Fu Ying was stopped in his track. He opened his eyes wide and was in disbelief. His body was filled with varying sizes of injuries. The weird thing was that none of these injuries had blood flowing out of them.

Two seconds later.

Blinding white rays exploded out from these injuries.


Fu Ying was engulfed by the white lights. Just like ferocious flames, these white lights pierced into the air. Suddenly, Fu Ying turned into ash as he disappeared.

As the white lights disappeared, a skull and a silver aquarius cabinet descended from the sky.

After seeing this, Tang Tian quickly got ahold of the skull. However, it was burning hot, like a red steel bar. Tang Tian nearly threw it away. However, he quickly brought the skull into the silver aquarius cabinet.

Tang Tian was not going let go of Fu Ying’s silver aquarius cabinet!

Only after a while later, Tang Tian finally reacted, they had killed Fu Ying!

The almighty Fu Ying had finally been exterminated by them!

In truth, even Tang Tian was shocked by the last counterattack by Fu Ying before he died. It was a counter attack so powerful that Tang Tian had never seen it before. Tang Tian still got shivers when he thought about the fearsome prowess of the Honorable Martial Spirit Slash. With such a powerful attack, no one would dare to defend against it. You would definitely want to avoid it. With such a high spirit value, its strength was formidable!

No one there was able to block that attack.

Little Fool’s face grew pale. Fortunately, the previous attack from Fu Ying was not that powerful. If not, he would not have survived.

The Sea of Clouds was dispersed.

All the saints looked down at the destruction of the Ancient Cold City. They might have the strength to destroy parts of the city but no one would have thought that there was a person capable of eliminating the entire city.

This city, which was meticulously constructed with a mixture of cold waves and secret treasures, was destroyed by a single guy, Fu Ying.

There was no place that was left untouched in the Ancient Cold City.

Tang Tian’s side lost a total of five Saints. But all of them were killed by the last counterattack by Fu Ying.

A spirit value of 270 points, no one had attained such a value yet, as it was definitely a silver grade attack. Tang Tian was still rejoicing for being able to conceive such a sinister trap. But in the face of the ultimate attack by Fu Ying, he realized that he had no way of defending against it.

Despite the huge victory, his excitement was cut off by the thought of him dying at the hands of Fu Ying.

Little Fool also looked disappointed as his spirit value was totaled at only 80. But Fu Ying’s one attack was able to reach 270. The difference in strength was significant.

What a formidable martial artist…

How strong could a real Silver Saint get?

Then about those legendary Gold Saints?

Tang Tian and Little Fool both clenched their fist. They shared the same feelings in terms of their victories as well as their desire to improve themselves.

I must become much more powerful! Tang Tian swore to himself silently.

I must become much more powerful! Little Fool swore to himself silently.

Everyone cleared the debris off the battlefield solemnly. Only time could make them recover from the shock they had received from witnessing the formidable last attack made by Fu Ying.

But, nonetheless, it was a victory!


The time when Fu Ying died, the Honorable Martial Group would have sensed it. They would be surprised at such a loss. As a member of the Group’s board, his strength and his perseverance in battle was formidable. Despite being born in a less privileged background, he put in more effort than the rest to reach where he was today. It deserved respect.

In fact, within the Group, Fu Ying had always been an idol by martial artists who were not from a privileged background. Even with the most ordinary techniques that he possessed, such as [Honorable Martial Spirit Slash], [Shadow Step] and [Honorable Martial Protection], they were able to make him a member of a panel!

Fu Ying was a perfect example that proved to them, As long as one put in his utmost effort, despite not being born in a privileged background, that person could still rise up to become a saint, or even a member of the Panel!

The victories accumulated by Fu Ying and his battle results were all motivations for fellow martial artists. He was also the role model of the Honorable Martial Group, giving the younger disciples a sense of hope and anticipation that they could also one day be like him.

Sadly, he was now dead.

Some of the higher ups did not even know where Fu Ying died. But once they knew that he was killed at Ancient Cold City, none of them believed it. All the elders had one thing in mind; Leo Constellation. It must be Lion King Lei Ang that had caused this mess! If not, how could the Ancient Cold City be able to kill off Fu Ying!

Despite not having anyone from the Honorable Martial Group being sent to the Ancient Cold City, the news of this battle had spread across to every corner of the Heaven’s Road.

Executioner Ying was killed in the Ancient Cold City!

Besides the shocking news, the image of the battle created a bigger uproar. Fu Ying was portrayed as being arrogant and tyrannical, without any regards for human life.

The independent saints had their own social circle. They were disgusted at those individuals who were born naturally with strong powers. Hence, when the portrayal of Fu Ying was made public, all of them were affected deeply. Furthermore, as Fu Ying had threatened the families of these saints, that angered many people.

“How can such scoundrel be made a member of the Honorable Martial Group’s panel. I do not know what kind of standards he possessed that would allow him to have that seat? Maybe to have that seat, one would just need to threaten another person’s family if he or she does not obey? How many times had the Honorable Martial Group committed such sins over the years? Who would know? No one would since everyone, including their families, would have died…”

A saint of virtue and prestige voiced out his opinion vehemently.

“This is why I will never join the Honorable Martial Group.” Ah Bei Er exclaimed. He was an independent saint that was ranked much higher than Fu Ying.

“We can die. But we will never succumb to such threats.” Another independent saint voiced out as he expressed his displeasure.

The saint who founded the technique, [Streams of Death], who himself was an outstanding sword wielding saint exclaimed: “How can a saint commit such treachery just to win. He who has done that would have already lost the heart of saints. He would just be a pawn in the Honorable Martial Group.”

How could the Leo Constellation miss out this opportunity: “Why did we wage a war against the Honorable Martial Group? Because we cannot continue to tolerate their arrogance. They have already lost their direction thinking that they themselves are gods. They term themselves as the justice of the world, then we would just be victims of their trials should we not fight back.”

Within moments, the Honorable Martial Group had turned into a bullseye for everyone.

The Group failed to react in time as the news had already gone viral.

The Group was now forced to come out to the public and announced that whatever Fu Ying had done, it was his individual act. They would initiate a strict investigation against his acts.

However, having been around for many years, the Group had left a trail of bad reputations. Very soon, a few shameful acts committed by the Group were made public. Among these acts, there were some that involved the killing of people’s families.

The reputation of the Honorable Martial Group was now tainted.

The Group was hard-pressed at the matters at hand. Their internal people also condemned Fu Ying’s acts. Some of the jealous and fierce elders were enraged. The worse part was that it was affecting the morale of the soldiers at the frontline. The soldiers also fe.t that justice and righteousness were parts of their morale. After the news had spread about Fu Ying, the army’s military leaders failed to instill any measures to mitigate their adverse effects. Hence there were now friction between the soldiers and the middle ranking officers.

On the other hand, the Leo Constellation Army morale was high. They were determined to defend against the tyranny of the Honorable Martial Group.

Having witnessed this, the military leaders of the Leo Army, who were all formidable in their own rights, understood that the tide had shifted to their favor. It was time to start the offense.

The Honorable Martial Group had now been forced into a predicament that they had never faced before.