Undefeated God of War - Chapter 515 – Let’s Brainstorm Together

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Chapter 515 – Let’s Brainstorm Together

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Ying’s strength was much stronger than him. Tang Tian could not deny it. That strike from Fu Ying nearly destroyed Little Fool’s Umbrella. Tang Tian had never seen such a ferocious attack before.

Having been a tyrant himself, he fully understood that a battle was not just 1 against 1, It was also possible for a group to gang up on an individual. Even though a gang fight was low, it could be seen how low a bully can go.

And Tang Tian was an exceptionally big bully.

Tang Tian was no match for Bing’s meticulous strategies and complex tactics. However, when it comes to a gang fight, Bing was no match for Tang Tian. Tang Tian had been increasingly using unorthodox methods, which were often effective, to resolve situations. He also possessed extremely ridiculous ideas that would cause Bing to roll his eyes.

Bing would never admit that Tang Tian was actually smart when it comes to battle tactics, but he would admit that Tang Tian’s battle prowess was formidable.

For a gang fight to be successful, it must be deployed to attack the enemy when it least expects it.

Tang Tian took out the intelligence reports given by Bell and told everyone to gather as he distributed the reports to each of them.

“This time, our target is Fu Ying. Let’s not show mercy this time round. We will need to kill him off!”

Tang Tian set the tone for the discussion and was determined to kill Fu Ying.

Everyone was silent. They perused solemnly at the intelligence reports. If they were true, then Fu Ying’s strength was formidable.

Spirit Value of 298 points and with only one offensive spirit technique, [Honorable Martial Spirit Slash]!

Among the bronze ranked spirit techniques in the Honourable Martial Group, the Honorable Martial Spirit Slash was considered the most basic,, with a starting Spirit Value of only 8 points. It was not even comparable to Tang Tian’s Blink. However, Fu Ying spent immense effort mastering this ordinary spirit technique, causing his current Honorable Martial Spirit Slash’s Spirit Value to rise to 210 points. It was only 20 points lower than the maximum 230 points that the Honorable Martial Spirit Slash could go.

After seeing that, everyone took a deep breath.

To have a Spirit Value of 210 points was close to a Silver Saint’s spirit technique!

No wonder Fu Ying’s attacks were terrifying.

Besides this, Fu Ying had also mastered an energy barrier, known as the [Honourable Martial Protection]. He had not spent as much time honing this technique, hence its spirit value was only 20 points.

The other spirit technique, which was a Flight Spirit Technique that took up significant Spirit Value, called [Shadow Step]. The [Shadow Step] was not a spirit technique that was specialised in the Honourable Martial Group, but was a common technique. However, Fu Ying honed this technique to reach a Spirit Value of 68 points.

“A Spirit Value of 68 points from the [Shadow Step] is unbelievable.” Meng Ta exclaimed: “In the past, Fu Ying was not well-known in the Honourable Martial Group, and did not master any powerful spirit techniques.”

“He must have extreme perseverance to be able to master the Honorable Martial Spirit Slash to a Spirit Value of 210 points. That is something unheard of.”

Tang Tian was annoyed as he glared at the crowd: “I have gathered you all here to brainstorm together! Everyone here must come out with at least an idea, no matter how bad it is. Whoever is not able to do this will have his spirit treasure delayed.”

Once they heard the two words “spirit treasure”, the crowd grew solemn.

Meng Ta was a cunning fella. Once he heard Tang Tian’s statement, he knew that it was the best opportunity to rile up the crowd. He continued: “No matter how strong a Saint is, he will always have a weakness. Even though Fu Ying is powerful, he is essentially just a high-level country bumpkin.

Meng Ta’s words caught the attention of the crowd. Even Tang Tian was listening. Meng Ta sure was high-spirited.

“He only possesses three different types of spirit technique. To sum them up, it would seem like a silver-ranked type of attack, an outstanding yet not top grade bronze movement technique, and terrible bronze grade defense. Hence, I say that he is just a high-level country bumpkin with no real spirit treasure. Compared to Big Boss here, a rich tyrant, he is nowhere near him.”

Meng Ta did not forget to praise Tang Tian in his words, but you had to say, he connected them all pretty well.

“Continue on!” Tang Tian was pleased to hear that, as expected of a Meng (deceive), he truly knows how to deceive people!

“Fu Ying will not have any problems defeating a regular Bronze Saint. With just the Honorable Martial Spirit Slash, no one can stop him. His exceptional Flight Spirit Technique will also further augment his offensive power. But, he has a weakness and that was his defence. Furthermore, his Flight Spirit Technique was only valued at 100 points, which was not very strong for such a technique. We shall target his weaknesses.

Meng Ta was equally excited by the prospect of killing Fu Ying. Truth to be told, having the upper hand through the intelligence report without even fighting Fu Ying yet was greatly beneficial to them.

“The starting Spirit Value of the Shadow Step was only five points. He was able to hone it to 68 points and that was an extraordinary achievement. However, this technique emphasized on dodging and its range of escape was short. If that was the case, then our attack radius has to be big to ensure that he had no way to escape. Who here is a master in a large radius Dream Spirit Technique attack?”

Meng Ta turned around as he asked the Saints around him.

A Saint raised his hand: “Me. My technique is [Sea of Clouds] and it has a Spirit Value of 70.”

Meng Ta eyes brightened up: “Good!”

Other Saints expressed their surprise. The [Sea of Clouds] is a massive spirit technique that can create large pieces of clouds to trap enemies. Once an enemy is trapped within it, he would become disorientated. Even when he thought that he was walking in a straight line, he would actually be walking around in circles instead.

This type of spirit technique was often learned by saints who belonged to large powerhouses. It was suitable for large scale battles. As independent saints, very few would learn such techniques, because although it could trap the enemy, it lacked a fatal offensive move.

After seeing everyone’s glare, the Saint was embarrassed: “I have another spirit treasure.”

Now, everyone’s attention was on him. He could use his Sea of Clouds to trap his enemy and use the spirit treasure to finish him off. It was a splendid combination. Some of the Saints were in awe. Even though the Sea of Clouds technique was not particularly useful for saints, now that everyone had joined the Ursa Major Constellation, this technique would become very useful. This Saint would be a major person in all future battles.

“With the Sea of Clouds spirit value of 70, Fu Ying will definitely have no chance of escaping. Then we shall use this technique to trap him and finish him off.” Meng Ta exclaimed: “Remember that our offense needs to be more dispersed so that his attack will not be concentrated on any individual.”

“Can we add something into the Sea of Clouds to attract Fu Ying’s attention? Maybe a Puppet that possesses the aura of a Saint.” Tang Tian asked after he recalled from his battle with Fu Ying: “He had strong senses. Even with my Blink technique, I had a hard time escaping from his senses.”

Meng Ta agreed: “No wonder you are our Big Boss. Your intelligence surpasses all of us!”

The crowd was silently cursing Meng Ta’s actions. They had never seen him throwing out such praises this often before. But today, he was exceptionally talkative and irritating.

“Yes, Big Boss’s plan is indeed splendid!”

“How come none of us thought of using a puppet in the Sea of Clouds?”

“Boss is the wisest and most knowledgeable out of all of us!”


Tang Tian ignored all these comments. He kept thinking about the puppet tactic and that it was a good idea. He kept having this thought that using just the Sea of Clouds would not be able to trap Fu Ying. They would need to add more tactics and strategies for it to be successful.

Hey, how could I have forgotten…

Tang Tian raised his head: “What about poison? I have a lot of poison, such as a poisonous mist or fog that could be mixed with the Cloud Sea, so that it would be masked from detection. This was a good idea. Best is if the poison was white in color…”

Poison…Lots of them…

This time round, everyone was silent.

All of them had goosebumps as they recalled that the first poison warfare was conceived by Tang Tian. The entire Onyx Soul was in chaos and the Heaven’s Road descended into a state of fear. That chaotic scene was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

“I will need to go and take a look. If I’m not wrong, we might have researched on a new poison that is effective against Saints…”

Tang Tian was talking to himself.

Everyone was in shock to hear a poison that was effective against Saints…

All of their faces grew pale.

Tang Tian decided to go to the Three Spirit City to take a look.

Fu Ying opened his eyes, a fierce light flashing across. His left arm was completely gone. What was left was a charred piece of flesh. After two days of recuperation, his fighting strength had recovered.

Once he returned to the Honorable Martial Group headquarters, he would find a way to regrow his arm. But, whenever he thought about the battle that night, he would be filled with rage. After experiencing multiple battles and killing countless fighters, how could he have suffered such a great defeat.

He had decided not to wait for the Red Leaf Army. He flew out of the hole and charged straight towards the Ancient Cold City.

Once he entered the Ancient Cold City and saw the Single Valve Stronghold, Fu Ying glared at it in rage. His previous battle with Tang Tian had made all the independent saints decide against entering the Stronghold.

Fu Ying suddenly had a realization. He sped towards the west side of the city. Within moments, he appeared in front of Ren Ru Hai and his gang.

Ren Ru Hai’s face changed. He knew that he was meeting a formidable opponent.

Fu Ying had the look of savagery as he glared at them: “You have two choices. Either you and your gang be my subordinates or you can die. Once this has ended, I will set you all free.”

Ren Ru Hai and his gang were frightened. Fu Ying’s terrifying prowess made them unable to reject his request. Even Tong Ge knew that they were no match for him.

Fu Ying did not wait for their reply: “We shall now go and find some of the most powerful Saints.”

At Three Spirits City, Old Man Fei did not expect Tang Tian to come and was excited by his arrival. Although the ironware woman was not around, but the current Three Spirits City was focusing more on expansion through mechanical weapons.

After knowing Tang Tian’s intention of coming to the city, Old Man Fei did not hesitate to give him a crystal tube.

“Master, this is the new poison that we have researched, known as the [White Illusion]. Its biggest advantage is that the poison does not enter a person through its air passage, but rather through the person’s energy. Once an energy is infected by the White Illusion and the energy entered into a person’s body, the poison would quickly spread to the entire body and react with the Spirit Domain, causing the person to have illusions.”

Old Man Fei slowly explained: “The Saints are powerful in many aspects. The effectiveness of the White Illusion is short, at only 10 minutes before the Saint’s spirit domain is able to identify this poison and eradicate it.”

“10 minutes is more than enough!” Tang Tian replied.

Old Man Fei also passed Tang Tian a large amount of antidote and told him to apply it before a battle to prevent him from suffering the effects of the White Illusion. If Tang Tian were to get poisoned by it, then they would be in big trouble.

Tang Tian exuded confidence once he got his hands on the White Illusion.

He was prepared to give Fu Ying the battle of his life.