Undefeated God of War - Chapter 514 – Fu Ying

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Chapter 514 – Fu Ying

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bing was giving out orders on repairing the Stronghold. Even though the damages weren’t severe, Bing could not take anything lightly especially when they were now at war.

Suddenly, his face changed as he saw that Tang Tian was attacked!

Who dared to attack Tang Tian?

He sped towards the hidden door he had put in place. He could see Tang Tian staggering into the Stronghold looking exhausted. It had been a long time since Bing had witnessed Tang Tian in such a state. Bing immediately became angered.

However, a cold smile appeared on his face.

Attack the protection barrier?

Ha ha….

Fu Ying, who was floating in mid-air, unleashed his Executioner’s Palm at the Stronghold. The blinding light aura slithered out of his palm and struck directly on the light barrier!

The originally dim light barrier suddenly exploded with light aura as it trembled uncontrollably under the impact. The saints could witness the formidable force of Fu Ying’s attack, which resulted in small shards of lighting forming on the surface of the barrier. These shards of lightning were gathering very quickly.

Fu Ying’s expression changed, a strong sense of danger caused the hair on his body to stand. He immediately deployed his energy barrier, which was the Honorable Martial Group’s [Honorable Martial Protection]!

A soft and white ball of light surrounded him. However, the sense of danger did not decrease at all.


His vision was suddenly blurred by a blinding lightening that was as broad as his arm. It brightened up the night sky as it struck onto Fu Ying’s energy barrier.

It was as if a lightning whip struck onto the energy barrier, igniting the surface into flames, destroying it. Fu Ying was annoyed by this attack as he charged up energy into his left palm. He then unleashed his attack directly at the lightning whip that was pounding on his barrier.


Fu Ying could feel an immense force of energy rippling flowing through the air, his left arm was injured from the impact as it was scorched black by the massive energy released. But this small sacrifice helped save his life as he managed to deflect the oncoming attack away. He immediately retreated!

Fu Ying teleported hundred of meters away from the battlefield. His entire left arm was gone and his white shirt was now charcoal black.

The saints of Ancient Cold City were shocked by what they saw. They were already in awe at Fu Ying’s formidable strength, the name of [Executioner Ying] was not for fun. They respected him as someone who was one of the top 10 strongest bronze saints.

A few eye related spirit technique Saints were even more shocked.

Fu Ying’s Spirit Value was already at 298 points!


Everyone stared at the Single Valve Stronghold’s energy barrier, their eyes filled with fear. All of them were terrified of it. Having been lost for centuries, the Single Valve Stronghold was considered to be mysterious by many. But once they witnessed the strike on Fu Ying by the Single Valve Stronghold’s energy barrier, all these independent saints were now taken aback by its prowess.

Even [Executioner Ying] was a victim of it…

They then realized how foolish they were trying to vie with each other to gain access to the Stronghold. Now, all of them were afraid to enter.

Fu Ying’s figure slowly faded into the horizon as his shrilled voice resonated across the plains: “None of you will be able to escape from this!”

With a single breath, Fu Ying teleported a thousand miles before stopping. He swiped his arm downward. A two-meter-wide hole slowly formed underneath him. He slowly descended into it.

Once inside the hole, he used his Honorable martial Plate to illuminate the dark. A cheery individual appeared from the darkness and was surprised at the exhausted Fu Ying: “What happened to you?”

“I was ambushed.” Fu Ying replied: “I met a Single Valve Stronghold. Ye Zhao Ge has not been rescued yet.”

“Single Valve Stronghold?” the other person was surprised at what he heard: “Where is this place?”

“It is in the Sextans Constellation, Ancient Cold City!” Fu Ying replied in agony.

“I’ll bring some men over!” the other person exclaimed without hesitation.

Fu Ying kept his Honorable Martial Plate and sat cross-legged on the ground. He consumed a pill and started meditating.

Tang Tian received intelligence from Bell on Fu Ying. Only then did he realize what was happening. Fu Ying was a member of the Honorable Martial Group Trial Panel. Every member on the panel were all killing machines and Fu Ying was even more of a passionate combatant. He often found himself in the most dangerous areas for battles. Furthermore, he was involved at the start of the war between the Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation.

Fu Ying possessed formidable strength, someone whom Tang Tian would seldom encounter.

The reason Fu Ying appeared in the Ancient Cold City was because he was entrusted a task by Rong Bo to rescue Ye Zhao Ge. As Fu Ying had just retired from the battlefield, he had the time to make this trip down to help Rong Bo with the task.

Fu Ying would not give up that easily after what had happened.

Another intelligence report attracted Tang Tians attention even more. There was an Honorable Martial Group’s army that was amassing and was stationed near Sextans Constellation. Due to the development of the war, the Honorable Martial Group had realized that most of their armies were not comparable to that of Saints in terms of their prowess. Hence, they have started to further develop and grow their armies.

The amassing army was called the Red Leaf Army and the military leader was a man called Jones. Jones was not born from the Honorable Martial Group and was instead from the Delphinus Constellation. He was recruited during one of Fu Ying’s mission. As Jones displayed exceptional prowess and capabilities as a military leader, he was instructed to lead the Red Leaf Army.

Even though the Red Leaf Army was new, the quality of their soldiers was top notch. Jones also managed to persuade the 10th Golden Palace Hall, enabling him to dispatch a large number of gold ranked martial artist into battle.

This had set the precedent for the Golden Branch Palace Halls to construct their armies individually. Other Palace Halls have also slowly established their armies.

Tang Tian was expressionless as he stared at the intelligence report on his hands.

Bing took a glance at Tang Tian and was worried. Tang Tian was normally loud and raucous. He was seldom solemn.

Tang Tian asked solemnly: “How is the construction of Sky Martial Wolf Academy coming up?”

“It is almost finished.” Bing replied. He anticipated Tang Tian to go crazy anytime soon.

“We shall get them to assemble then!”

“Good!” Bing replied, but he quickly changed his mind: “No wait! If we dispatch our military, it will attract the attention of other constellations and they might retaliate! Furthermore, if we have any conflicts with the Red Leaf Army, we will be digressing from our original plan…”

“Then we will just fight!” Tang Tian interjected.

Bing knew that once Tang Tian acted up, he would lose his rationality. Here he was acting up again!

Tang Tian continued: “Tell Tang Chou to resolve Big Dipper faster!”

Once he finish his sentence, he turned around and made his way to find Little Fool.

Bing opened his mouth but was left speechless. To a military leader who advocated plans, it was reckless to let decisions run on emotions and also to act on his own without consultation from other. However, facing Tang Tian’s lack of rationality, Bing had no way of arguing against his orders.

Moments later, Bing chuckled.

This fella had certainly turned aggressive…

He slowly squinted his eyes and mused. He felt fortunate that despite meeting troubles along the way, Tang Tian did not get into harm’s way. If something was to happen to him, it would have been….

He dared not expect such an ending.

That’s right, let’s give them a fight they will never forget!

Everyone would be expecting to see what the Honorable Martial Group’s army possessed.

Bing entrusted Fu Zi Hong with the task of guarding the area. The young lady’s talent was actually good. With some polishing, she could possibly be very efficient in defending the area. For Bing himself, he entered into Three Spirits City through the Martial Spirit Chamber. From there, he then entered the Ursa Major Constellation. He wanted to meet the rookies in Sky Martial Wolf Academy earlier since he had meticulously cultivated them since young.

When it came to their defensive skills, these rookies had much to learn.

The other saints were in awe by Tang Tian’s performance. In just a few sentences, they were able to witness the bitter and desperate battle of the general.

Little Fool was in a bad state. He looked exhausted from the previous battle.

“Little Fool, are you okay.” Tang Tian squatted down and was worried by what he was seeing.

Little Fool glance at Tang Tian’s action and was not moved by it. He was pissed at Tang Tian and he felt that he was unfortunate to have been injured in the battle. Why was he the one that blocked the attack? If it was the idiot instead, Little Fool would have regained control over his body.

He was even more depressed that he needed to re-congeal his figure after being injured by Fu Ying.

And to re-congeal his figure, he needed to use the Spirit Technique repeatedly and use the energy generated to stabilize the Spirit Domain… All he could do now was to refine more spirit treasures!

He had just repaired Ya Ya’s Umbrella, which was damaged by Fu Ying. He could feel his body starting to congeal, but it was at the expense of greater usage of Star Rocks.

“I want to refine spirit treasure.” Little Fool’s face grew gloomy as he sulked and whined like a kid.

“No way I will not let you refine them!” Tang Tian shook his head fervently and replied: “Little Fool, you need to rest more. What is there to refine now? Don’t worry. I will definitely help you take revenge.”

Little Fool’s let out a grimace: “I want to refine spirit treasures!”

He was saddened by Tang Tian’s insistence. The group of hateful people who surrendered, they were just eyeing for my spirit treasures. Little Fool had decided earlier to not refine any spirit treasures for them, but little did he expect to get injured.

Furthermore, he was now required to use his techniques that were used to refine the spirit treasures to heal himself.

He had an impulse to kill someone right now

“Do you really want to refine?” Tang Tian asked.

“That’s right!” Little Fool did not even look Tang Tian in the eye.

Tang Tian went to gather all the Saints over. All of them were excited once they heard that Little Fool was going to refine spirit treasures. However, the spirit treasures would not be obtained easily. Only those that were willing to join in the fight against the Honorable Martial Group would be awarded.

Tang Tian was surprised that no one hesitated to join him in this fight.

All of the Saints were clear of their objectives. Since they were already in the Ursa Major Constellation, they would have to fight for the constellation one day. Once the constellation waged a war against the Honorable Martial Group, they knew that they would not be let off easily by the group despite not entering the war.

If that was the case, why not just obtain the spirit treasure now. At least when it came to the battle, their chances of survival would be much higher.

They had already secretly told their relatives and friends, to allow them to migrate to the Ursa Major Constellation.

After what had happened last night, no one now dared to enter the barrier. Fu Ying’s catastrophic defeat was in everyone’s mind. The Single Valve Stronghold seemed much more enigmatic to them after that.

Suddenly, Tang Tian calmed himself down after what had transpired.

Upon seeing the large group of Saints in front of him, Tang Tian felt fortunate to have thought of the idea of using them. It would have been a waste to use these Saints in battle.

After the massive defeat, Fu Ying would not take it lightly. And the movements of the Red Leaf Army indicated that a large war was about to happen.

Tang Tian was not scared at all. Instead, he was high-spirited at the prospect of the fight ahead.

If he did not get his revenge, he was not Tang Tian.