Undefeated God of War - Chapter 513 – Executioner Ying

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Chapter 513 – Executioner Ying

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


A loud rumble echoed out of the Light Valve Trap Entrance. The power of the explosions was evident from the significant trembling of the light barrier. Dazzling light auras pierced through the barrier, brightening the night sky.

“How many people have went in?” Ren Ru Hai asked solemnly.

“Nine.” Tong Ge reported.

“How long do you think he can withstand this onslaught?” Ren Ru Hai asked.

“I can’t say for sure.” Tong Ge replied with a gloomy face, he shook his head: “After Meng Ta’s fight, I thought that he should not have any strength left to withstand our onslaught! I did not expect that despite sending three Saints in consecutively, None of them have taken him down yet. This individual is formidable and is terrifying!”

“No matter how strong he is, there will be a point where he will fall.” Li Ruo exclaimed.

“That’s right!” Tong Ge nodded: “However, we need to find more people. If not, once the opportunity arises for us to defeat him, we might not have the strength to overcome him.”

The other two expressed their approval.

Despite losing all of the battles so far, there were waves of Saints that were ready to advance into the Single Valve Stronghold. Each fight that carried on seemed to be lasting longer and longer, up to almost two hours. It could be inferred that the enemy inside the Stronghold was struggling to stay in the fight.

All of the Saints respected that the guardian had lasted for so long battling within the Stronghold. Even a metal man would not last that long under such situations of consecutive battles. They believed that the enemy would be defeated anytime soon.

Hence, everyone was vying with each other to enter the Stronghold. They were all gambling in hopes that they were the ones who could successfully defeat the formidable challenger.

The entrance to the Single Valve Stronghold was now in chaos. Even the Saints were battling with each other to see who was able to enter first. In such chaos, even Ren Ru Hai, a formidable martial artist, did not dare tread lightly.

“Furthermore, we might not necessarily be the ones to be the first to barge in.” Tong Ge replied: “Don’t forget, there are still Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran. Their strengths are formidable too. We cannot underestimate them. If they band together and force out a counter attack, it will be terrifying.”

“That’s right!” Ren Ru Hai nodded and replied: “We will need to find several like minded top martial artists to lead the charge ahead.”

It was then, the Light Valve Trap Entrance suddenly expanded rapidly, covering the entire Groundsmaster Establishment.

“Pity, the person inside has the opportunity to recuperate before every battle.” Tong Ge said. Most of the outsiders were already familiar with the Single Valve Stronghold’s special feature. The Stronghold was able to absorb the massive energy released from each battle, forming a protective layer.

The People around let out a loud sigh. All of them felt that once they send more people in, the guardian would not be able to hold much longer. When they thought that victory was in sight, the protective layer was formed.

The Single Valve Stronghold was a weird Stronghold structure.

Suddenly, Tong Ge’s focus his attention on a figure from the crowd.

He was a youth in white clothes, his expression cold, standing amongst the group and very eye catching. Tong Ge squinted his eyes. He recognized the youth.

The youth sensed his gaze and turned his head, spotting Tong Ge, he walked over.

Ren Ru Hai and the rest also saw the man. When they saw the symbol on chest of the youth’s clothes, all of them were taken aback. He was from Honorable Martial Group.

The white clothed youth walked towards Tong Ge and asked: “Where is Ye Zhao Ge?”

Tong Ge regained his composure: “I did not expect to see you here, Master Fu Ying. However, your question has stumped me. I hope you don’t think that I was the one behind his disappearance.”

“You do not have the capabilities to pull it off.” Fu Ying replied.

“It seems like Ye Zhao Ge is truly favoured by Clan Elder Rong Bo, to even send Master Fu Ying here, I would not dare play tricks around you Master. If I have any news on his whereabouts, I will tell you.” Tong Ge replied.

Ren Ru Hai and Li Rup kept quiet out of fear.

Fu Ying was silent as he turned his back and leave.

“I never expected him to come.” Tong Ge replied: “This is going to be troublesome.”

“He was here for Ye Zhao Ge.” Li Ruo exclaimed with a tinge of nervousness.

Ren Ru Hai turned pale.

Fu Ying had always been at the frontline. He was the spearhead of Honorable Martial Group and was known as the [Executioner Ying]. Among the bronze saints, he was definitely considered one of the top 10. There were countless bronze saints who had died under his sword.

Everyone did not expect to have such a strong person come to Ancient Cold City.

Soon after, Fu Ying entered the Ancient Cold City restaurant. When he left the restaurant, he had an additional Coma Berenices Spearhead in his hand.

He wielded the Coma Berenices Spearhead as he walked around Ancient Cold City aimlessly.

Having endured an entire day in the Stronghold, Tang Tian secretly slipped into the Groundsmaster Establishment. Despite being sealed, the Single Valve Stronghold had a secret doorway that was cleverly built by Bing. Bing constructed a secret entrance to allow Tang Tian to blink in and out of the Stronghold. Even though there was a risk in doing this, but the current Single Valve Stronghold was strong enough to withstand any such infiltration.

Initially, guarding of the Single Valve Stronghold seemed like an interesting job for Tang Tian. However, he quickly grew bored of it.

Anything that involves swindling or cheating, Bing was able to execute them easily. Not all saints have a family to feed; there were some saints who had chosen a solitary path instead. Hence, faced with all these harder to deal with individuals, Bing would use different types of lures to persuade them to join him.

“This Umbrella is pretty right, it was just freshly refined, a Bronze Low-Level weapon? No, no. It definitely is a Bronze Mid-Level weapon!”

“Look at the cute Form Spirit. He is called Little Fool. He is the first Form Spirit to be able to craft a Spirit Treasure!”

“You might not have expected that but he definitely was able to masterfully craft out a Spirit Treasure. He is a talented Spirit Treasure Master!”

Little Fool’s face was as black as a kettle. He was annoyed at being treated like a display item to be shown to everyone.

Damn it…

Why was it always different from his own thoughts? Why was it that at every scenario, it would end up as an unexpected gaffe where he loses control?

What was the problem?

Little Fool was gloomy as he kept musing about what was wrong.

These few days, Fu Zi Hong had been feeling as if she was in a dream. She had never expected to see a day where the Saints of Groundsmaster Establishment would become that concentrated as it was today.

Within a day, nine Saints were recruited to be subordinates. With a force gathering in such swiftness, it was terrifying to watch.

Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran, who were both initially sceptical of Tang Tian, were now completely convinced by him. Right now, there were now 12 Saints within the Groundsmaster Establishment.

This was a formidable force.

While walking along the street at night, feeling the chillness of the night, Tang Tian’s spirit was roused. He was initially prepared to do battle, but did not expect to have not landed any punches thus far. Even the Origin Mark Box he had prepared was not utilized.

As the Light Valve Trap Entrance expanded, all the saints retreated. However, the streets remained quiet.

Tang Tian continued strolling down the path as he mused.

Was that bastard dead or alive? He felt perplexed by his feelings. In the past, he only bore hatred towards him. But as Tang Tian learnt more about him, Tang Tian’s hatred for him had slowly died down. Despite not comprehending the circumstances fully, but he could vaguely sense the huge net behind. The past must have been much more dangerous and complicated than now.

After so many years, is he dead or still alive?

Qian Hui seemed to know something. She knew of the Sextans Eye. I should probably ask her next time.

Tang Tian’s sight turned slightly vague.

Only when he saw a man donning white clothes walking over did he then regained his focus.

“Bring me Ye Zhao Ge.” Fu Ying said indifferently.

So it was the Honorable Martial Group

Tang Tian replied: “Ye Zhao Ge is now my captive. So long as you pay me the ransom, I will give him back to you.”

“Ransom?” Fu Ying glared at Tang Tian with killing intent and raised his right palm: “seeking death.”

His palm suddenly radiated a sharp and glaring light aura that resembled a small sun, no one could look at it directly.

The Executioner Palm!

A chilling blade aura shone brightly like a python as it slithered across the street, charging towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian immediately sensed danger when Ying Fu raised his palms. He immediately shouted: “Little Fool!”

An umbrella appeared in front of the blade light.

A soft radiance permeated from the Umbrella’s surface. Ya Ya’s Umbrella started to whirl aggressively.


The energy radiating from the Umbrella took Tang Tian and Little Fool aback. Both of them were forced backwards by the immense energy.

Fortunately, the slithering python of rays was deflected and was sent straight up into the sky.


The light aura pierced through the sky and created thunderous noises that echoed across the field.

The entire Ancient Cold City suddenly plunged into silence. All the Saints were left stunned by the sharp noise.

The force of the light rays were so strong that even the snow mountain on the Umbrella’s surface had broken in half.

This formidable force immediate shook Tang Tian. He lifted the injured Little Fool, blinked and disappeared.

Blink? Fu Ying was surprised by the disappearing technique by Tang Tian.

Most Saints did not have techniques to counter Blink, but to Fu Ying who had slaughtered many elites before, it was a small matter to him. The range of Blink was short. It was not possible for them to have retreated too far.

He flew to the sky and closed his eyes as he tried to sense them out.

He suddenly opened his eyes and raised his palm, directing it at the area of buildings that were 70m away!

A surging blade aura permeated from his palms. Once it was out of his palm, it disappeared into thin air. Suddenly, it appeared 70m away from Fu Ying as it swallowed the entire house that was within the attack’s range.


Everything within 10m from the attack was scorched. What was left was a burnt pit.

Fu Ying rubbed his eyebrows in dismay. He missed.

In a flash, Fu Ying teleported himself across hundreds of metres in front. He suddenly stopped as he unleashed another attack in front of him!


The fearsome technique tore through the land beneath him, scorching everything in his path. As Saints scrambled out from their houses, they were prepared to rage at him. But once they saw the mark of Honourable Martial Group, they immediately kept their silence.

Fu Ying ignored them as he continued his search. His previous attack failed to hit Tang Tian again.

His opponent had a strong intuition, Fu Ying thought, and furthermore, he was able to deflect Fu Ying’s attack without suffering any injuries. He was much more powerful than Fu Ying thought.

He hovered in mid-air as he tried to sense his targets without any success.


He had locked in on his targets’ qi. As long as they were within Ancient Cold City, they would not be able to escape from his continuous search.

Fu Ying continued his search and a light barrier captured his attention. He realized he was unable to sense what was inside this aura. If that was the case, there was only one possibility!

His targets were hiding in the Light Valve Trap Entrance!

Even though the Stronghold in front of his eyes looked strange, he did not consider the consequence of what might happen if he attacked it.

Since he was hiding in a turtle’s shell, I should blow it into smithereens.

He raised his right palm and directed it towards the Light Valve Trap Entrance. Executioner Palm!