Undefeated God of War - Chapter 511 – A Profound Scheme

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Chapter 511 – A Profound Scheme

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

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“The Single Valve Stronghold is a long lost ancient stronghold and it has not appeared for a long time. I did not expect it to resurface again now.” Tong Ge was surprised: “The strongest point of Single Valve Stronghold is that is forces a 1 against 1 situation”

“1 against 1?” Ren Ru Hai frowned: “How is that possible?”

“Truth to be told, I am unsure too.” Tong Ge shook his head: “This type of stronghold has already been lost for centuries and no one knew its origin. When Brother Li was around, did you hear about it?”

Li Ruo had since recovered from his injuries, as he spoke furiously: “It must be the that old geezer. Looks like he was long guarded against me!”

Ren Ru Hai was curious: “But, where are they getting the confidence from to battle 1 against 1? Fu Zhong Shan might be skilled, but he is not strong enough to fight me.”

“We will find out later.” Tong Ge laughed: “I believe there will be many people who can’t hold back.”

“Is there any news from that mysterious individual and Ye Zhao Ge?” Ren Ru Hai asked.

“There isn’t anything for now. But I can guarantee that Ye Zhao Ge is not dead yet!” Tong Ge exclaimed. He knew that Ye Zhao Ge might be missing in action, but he is definitely still alive.

“We should go and take a look at that Single Valve Stronghold.” Ren Ru Hai said.

The battle between Tang Tian and Ye Zhao Ge had created a huge commotion in the area. By the time people found out that the Groundsmaster Establishment had completely changed, it was already noon. It was obvious to infer from the odd shape was formed there intentionally. Saints were definitely the most knowledgeable group of people, since it took them a short period to find out about the name Single Valve Stronghold, where even some special characteristics of the Single Valve Stronghold were exposed.

One against one?

This surprised many of them.

They did not understand where the Cang Yang Fighting Grounds managed to garnered that sort of confidence. Fu Zhong Shan’s strength was considered good amongst the Bronze Saints, but he was not the top fighter. This sort of trump card should be placed if they had strong martial artists, but where did Cang Yang Fighting Grounds have such martial artists? Could it be Groundsmaster Cang Yang Yu was personally coming out to fight?

This thought spurred excitement among many people.

To have trained 3 Saints was a remarkable accomplishment. No one knew how strong Cang Yang Yu was. But to have cultivated 3 Saint disciples was no small feat, and no one dared to look down on him.

Rumour has it that with the presence of the long lost Single Valve Stronghold and Cang Yang Yu, no one dared to break into the barrier to challenge him.

No one wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Finally, on the third day, someone entered the Single Valve Stronghold, which drew the many people’s attention.

The reasons why the Single Valve Stronghold was able to force opponents to fight in a 1 against 1 situation, instead of allowing the opponents to band together, was due to the intertwined dark caves that the opponents had to venture into. And there was the most important place, which was where Tang Tian was defending, called the Light Valve Trap Entrance!

One gold treasure, 36 silver treasures and 72 bronze treasures had been placed by Bing in this area. This created a light barrier that exceeded 90m in diameter. The treasures coupled with the cold wave and star power created a perfect light trap barrier that only allowed, at any point in time, 2 people inside it.

This, coupled with the rock caves that were strategically placed, made even a Saint have difficulty retreating from a fight.

Sensing someone approaching, Tang Tian opened his eyes.

Having guarded here for three days, Tang Tian was starting to get impatient.

Finally someone came?

Tang Tian took a deep breath and stood up.

At the same time, Little Fool who was inside the Martial Spirit Chamber also opened his eyes. Is someone coming? He was anticipating a battle after successfully crafting his first Spirit Treasure. He could finally put it to the test.

During the few days, he had tried his best to avoid Tang Tian. He suddenly recalled a problem, if Tang TIan found out about his true identity and based on Tang Tian’s personality, Little Fool knew that his remaining days would be hard to get by.

Little Fool knew of Tang Tian’s attitude towards his enemies had always been savage. And he himself was an enemy that slipped in, he would definitely not show any mercy should he find out. Even if Tang Tian could not kill him, he would surely be able to suppress him.

Little Fool knew that he needed to put in additional effort to conceal his identity to prevent such a scenario from happening.


Shi Feng did not want to stand-out of the crowd but he decided to give it a shot as he felt that luck could be on his side. Shi Feng had been living in Delphinus Constellation, which was a constellation from the Northern Sky’s 19 Continents. This time round, Shi Feng wanted to try it out to see if he could achieve success.

He was prepared to flee at the first sign of trouble.

There was no ambush among the dark rock caves as he inched his way until he reached the Light Valve Trap Entrance. He was nervous but at the same time, he knew that how could there be gains if there were no risks involved? He clenched his teeth tightly and stepped into the Light Valve Trap Entrance.

Once he stepped into the Valve Light Trap Entrance, his expression changed. There was something off about this!

He immediately lifted his hand to try to escape from the Valve Light Trap Entrance. No matter how much force he inflicted, he was unable to escape.

Looks like he had to fight his way out of here! He decided.

“Little Fool!”

The sound echoed across, waking Shi Feng to his senses.

This was the first battle and Tang Tian was not about to show any mercy. A good beginning was more important than anything else. Both Little Fool and Ya Ya had rushed out from their hiding as Tang Tian charged towards Shi Feng!

When Shi Feng saw them charging towards him, he was completely dumbstruck as though he was struck by lightning.

This…wasn’t this the mysterious man who took Ye Zhao Ge away…..

Shi Feng could not believe his eyes. Why did he even think of trying to stand out from the crowd and enter into such a predicament?

Tang Tian took a deep breath and shouted: “Come, let’s fight to the death!”

Shi Feng was rooted to the ground. It was a battle to the death…..did Ye Zhao Ge suffer the same fate…..who knows if he was alive or not….

Tang Tian tilted slightly forward as if he was about to charge towards She Feng.

“I surrender!”

Shi Feng straightforwardly asked to surrender, causing Tang Tian to abruptly stop himself just as he was preparing to pounce, revealing a face of shock as he looked at Shi Feng.

“I will follow master from now on and will obey your every order!”

Shi Feng was cautious as he maintained his smile despite feeling nervous.

People outside could not see what was happening inside the stronghold. But those inside the dark caves such as Fu Zhong Shan and the rest witnessed everything clearly. They could not believe what they were seeing. What was happening? Why was this happening?

They did not know that the battle where Tang Tian captured Ye Zhao Ge was the most talked about and discussed event in the entire Ancient Cold City. Despite much discussions, no one knew what was the flame that was on Tang Tian’s fist. It was not a normal Spirit Technique since Tang Tian was able to suppress Glimmer. But no one could explain the origin of this technique. This has made many of the Saints curious of what the technique was.

Besides Tang Tian’s Origin Seal, there were many analysis conducted on Tang Tian’s battles.

All of the analyses shared one conclusion, which was that Tang Tian was a dangerous individual!

He would not hesitate to kill and his techniques were ruthless and cruel. For the sake of his victory in the battle of 20 moves, he was willing to sacrifice both of his hands. He was an individual that no one should provoke. And with his acute fighting intuition during each fight, accompanied with his formidable strength, it made him a dangerous individual to fight with.

During his first encounter with Ye Zhao Ge, Tang Tian only utilized the Form Spirit. There were no mysterious red flame to be seen anywhere. To paralyze Ye Zhao Ge, Tang Tian was willing to sacrifice both of his arms.

But this time, after Rong Bo had left, Tang Tian finally displayed his true strength. He did not even use the Form Spirit when he easily defeated Ye Zhao Ge.

During the discussions, everyone expressed in unison, that Tang Tian was not to be made an enemy! There were some Saints who took the liberty to create a list of dangerous individuals who were not to be messed with. Tang Tian was always at the top spot.

They also gave substantial reasons to not pick a fight with him. It was not just due to his prowess, but also his ruthlessness and cruelty that sets him apart from all other fighters. Once a person offends him, the individual would not know when would Tang Tian strike out at hm.

Hence, when Shi Feng saw Tang Tian, he knew his last strand of luck had just been exterminated. And when he saw Little Fool’s Umbrella, he trembled. Tang Tian still had trump cards! Before today, he had never seen anyone carrying such a weapon before. Shi Feng was experienced in Spirit Treasures and had conducted extensive research on them before. Once he saw the Ya Ya Umbrella, he knew that it was a weapon of exquisite quality.

Tang Tian was indeed similar to the rumors about him….truly terrifying!

The more he thought about it, the more nervous he got. He mused silently about the possibility that the entire Ancient Cold City was set up as a threat? It was definitely possible! If not, why did Tang Tian suddenly appear at the Groundsmaster Establishment. Could he be the true mastermind behind this faced?

What a formidable martial artist. As a normal saint, it was not possible to fight him.


Shi Feng surrendered without hesitation.

The saints outside the Groundsmaster Establishment watching the fight. Only saw the light barrier light aura suddenly become green from its red color that appeared not long ago, everyone took deep breath.

The defeat was too fast already…..

A single swift attack that could have lead to his demise?

There were some special features of the Single Valve Stronghold that was earlier noticed by the public. When the Light Valve Trap Entrance was red, it meant that the battle was not over. Once the color turned green, it marked the end of the battle.

Despite being a small-town Saint, Shi Feng was known to possess strong fundamentals of martial techniques. How could he have been defeated in such a short time?

The Saints who have known Shi Feng and have talked to him before expressed their surprise at what had happened.

It definitely was not Fu Zhong Shan!

Could it be…. Groundsmaster Cang Yang Yu?

Tong Ge and his fellow men did not think that, it was likely. Li Ruo exclaimed: ‘It’s not possible! Not possible! The old man has turned into a martial spirit. There is no way for him to fight anymore!”

“Who could it be then?” Ren Ru Hai wondered.

Tong Ge replied calmly: “Seems like a true master has appeared!”

Soon after, another courageous Saint who did not believe in the devil, filled with killing intent, stepped up to the plate and entered the Single Valve Stronghold. Within 10 seconds, the light barrier aura immediately turned green!

This time round, there was silence among the crowd. No one breathed. Everyone was stunned by it!

Who could be inside there?

It must be a formidable Saint that was guarding the area within!

“Could it be some type of powerful spirit technique?” someone whispered.

Everyone’s eyes lit up. That’s right. Maybe there was a powerful and special spirit technique. This sort of technique, though powerful, would exhaust up a ton of energy.

Another Saint plucked up his courage and entered into the stronghold. Another ten seconds went pass before the light barrier aura turned green again.

Another one entered and the same consequence ensued.

After the fifth Saint entered and the aura once again turned green, no one dared to make a sound. In their perspective, the Stronghold was like a blood-hungry monster who was devouring all these Saints with ease.

“Heh, I would want to see if for myself, what sort of powerful Saint is residing inside!” A strong, courageous voice echoed amongst the crowd.

The crowd was taken aback. It was a guy called Meng Ta. He was one of the most powerful Saints in the Ancient Cold City. His spirit value was at 136 points and had been renowned for years due to his vast combat experience.

Meng Ta calmly made his way towards the Single Valve Stronghold.