Undefeated God of War - Chapter 509 – Doubts and Answers

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Chapter 509 – Doubts and Answers

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


The explosion and piercing light aura that he thought would appear did not appear, the gentle light sword disappeared like a bubble.

Ye Zhao Ge was obviously startled, he was already prepared to take the explosion, although Glimmer looked to be gentle, but when it explodes, it was extremely intense.

The result that happened in front of him was not what he had expected.

To Tang Tian who had an astonishing intuition, for the opponent to reveal such a startled look in times of battle, how could he miss it?

His body disappeared like a ghost, Blink, at the same time his palm extended out from behind Ye Zhao Ge. Ye Zhao Ge seemed to be awakened from a dream, before his energy barrier could be released, his throat tightened, a powerful force caused his Qi to become a mess, the energy barrier that was not completed immediately dissipated, he had already lost any margin to resist.

But, he was not afraid, his face still had the trace of disbelief, with only one thought in his mind.

Just now, what was that….

The surrounding was dead silence, to the point that a needle dropping could be heard. The landslides of saints all had a change of face, which was filled with shock which they could not cover.

They initially thought that the fight would be an intense battle, and to them, Ye Zhao Ge held a higher chance of winning. The last time Tang Tian had won under many eyes, because Ye Zhao Ge was underestimating him.

This time, Ye Zhao Ge definitely did not underestimate him, not only that, but the sword that was displayed proved that Ye Zhao Ge had obviously improved again! Such terrifying talent caused everyone to cry out in shock, and it also allowed them to firmly believe that Ye Zhao Ge would claim victory.

But, the scene that just occurred was caught clearly by everyone.

“What was that?” Tong Ge muttered.

The sturdy man beside him was overwhelmed with shock as well. Although he had previously said that Ye Zhao Ge was one that did not live up to his name, but Ye Zhao Ge’s sword made him change his mind. He had already been a saint for 20 years, due to limited resources, he did not improve, but his knowledge was profound and extensive, which far exceeded the average person.

Ye Zhao Ge’s Glimmer was definitely not weak at all.

But the shock in his heart, was not from the glimmer, but the exchange after that, it was something that he could not even understand.

Those red flames…..

He did not feel the least bit of qi energy in it, what was that…..

People who had stronger eyepower knew that the red flames were weird, but, no one actually recognized it. Everyone had not recovered from their shock, because the one that was broken was Glimmer, Honorable Martial Group’s number 1 bronze tier spirit technique, Glimmer!

Tang Tian completely ignored everyone’s gaze, he was extremely pleased.

Before, he was always grasping on how to use the strange fire, but after that he realized, the flames were extremely special, it could destroy energy. This discovery, was like him gaining the most precious of treasures, and he started to think of how he could use it in battle.

Tang Tian did not really think that the result would turn out so well, but he was initially planning to use it as a surprise, and then catch hold of the opponent’s lapse.

To be able to even destroy Glimmer, Tang Tian had never ever thought about it, but it was his sharp intuition, that allowed him to react instinctively when the opportunity presented itself.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, Tang Tian used one hand to grab Ye Zhao Ge’s throat, and his body suddenly disappeared. Blink!

Ye Zhao Ge only felt the scene before him become dazzled, and he appeared in a room, but before he could react, it was Blink again, after a few more blinks, Ye Zhao Ge was already completely oblivious of where he was. The opponent’s thoughts were deliberate, causing him to be surprised, such a way to escape, was something that had been carefully thought of.

Every time the person blinked, they would be in a room. Blink only had a distance of 500m, but the city’s complicated structure gave him a lot of help. Even he did not know where he was, so how could the people outside ever find them?

Wait a minute…..

This was the Groundsmaster Establishment!

Ye Zhao Ge’s heart was shocked, he had never thought that he himself would actually land in the Groundsmaster Establishment. This mysterious person was actually someone of Cang Yang Fighting Grounds!

“Ye Zhao Ge!” Fu Zi Hong jumped in fright, Fu ZHong Shan and Yang Hao Ran were both startled, they had just heard of motions outside the establishment, but they had never thought that what Tang Tian would do, was to bring Ye Zhao Ge in……

Fu Zhong Shan and the rest were always observing the situation in Ancient Cold City. So how could they not know of Ye Zhao Ge the genius? It was just that they did not expect that Tang Tian would go one whole round, and come up with a captive, furthermore a famous genius.


Ye Zhao Ge received a heavy strike on the back of his head, and his eyes immediately became black as he fainted.

“What do you plan to do with him? Kill him?” Fu Zi Hong pointed to the fainted Ye Zhao Ge as she asked Tang Tian.

Tang Tian started to search Ye Zhao Ge’s body for valuable things, completely ignoring his image, without raising his head, he replied: “KIll? No way! It’ll be a pity to kill him, I have decided to ransom him to the Ye Family. He is worth at least 100 billion star coins.”

After going out for a round, Tang TIan already realized the exorbitant prices of the things in the saint world, and star coins flowed like water. Tang TIan who had not felt the lack of money for a long time already started to sense the pressure.

Tang Tian still understood the logic of rare commodities that were worth hoarding, a genius Saint, such a person, was also worth a sum of money.

The goods on Ye Zhao Ge’s body made Tang Tian extremely disappointed, he was in any case one of the genius of Honorable Martial Group, why is he so poor? Is that even proper of him?

He casually threw Ye Zhao Ge to Fu Zi Hong and the rest.

The battle would not begin so soon, Fu ZI Hong had said before, the Single Valve Stronghold had been lost for so many years, the opponents would definitely not rush over rashly. With this period of time, Tang Tian had many questions he wanted to ask Cang Yang Yu.

He went underground.

Cang Yang Yu was smiling: “You have doubts on your mind?”

“Yes!” Tang Tian nodded his head: “What is Sextans Eye for, exactly?”

“It is a treasure that sets coordinates.” Cang Yang Yu explained: “But it is not a treasure that was passed down outside, but something he left for you, and only you can open the place designated by Sextans Eye.”

“Something he left for me….” Tang Tian was dazed: “Why did he not give it to me directly?”

Cang Yang Yu muttered: “I am not truly clear of his intentions and matters, but from what I saw at that point of time, he was also doing preparations for himself. The reason for not giving it to you directly, an old man such as me, I can roughly understand it. If I have a treasure that is very important yet dangerous, I hope that my child will be able to receive it, but at the same time I am also worried that with his abilities, it would be just sending him to his death. In that way, if you did not have the capabilities, then it would go missing. If you have the capabilities, then you will have the chance to find it. Of course, that is only my guess.”

Tang Tian remained quiet, after a moment, he raised his head: “What kind of person was he?”

Cang Yang Yu revealed a look of recollection: “This, is very difficult for me to describe. Some people said that he was ambitious and ruthless, some said he was sincere, but in my heart, he was a person who saved my life, and a person that gave me the hope to continue living.”

“Or maybe he was intentionally bribing you.” Bing’s voice came out.

Cang Yang Yu laughed: “Any person in despair, will be willing to be bribed like that.”

“What did the spirit general by his side look like?” Bing suddenly asked.

“I am unsure.” Cang Yang Yu continued: “His figure was always covered in black smoke, he rarely spoke but he was very strong.”

Bing was slightly disappointed, he turned and looked at Tang Tian: “Do you have anything else you want to ask?”

Tang Tian suddenly raised his head: “Did he say anything about my mother?”

“No.” Cang Yang Yu shook his head: “At that point of time, he did not look too well, as though he was injured. He said he had to do something very important, and did not really say much else. I thought to myself, he had to drag himself to move, and left straight after setting a few things in motion, it must definitely be dangerous and something that had to be done.”

Cang Yang Yu’s words were like a hammer that struck Tang Tian’s heart, as he clenched his fists tightly without knowing.

Asshole! Who exactly are you?

What exactly did you do…..

Bing looked at Tang Tian and sighed in his heart. Cang Yang Yu’s words had clarified their thoughts, which was a good thing, Crazy Tang’s mind cannot hold things down.

“What’s with your body?” Bing looked at Cang Yang Yu.

“It is Spirit transformation.” Cang Yang Yu explained: “The cold wave in here is too heavy, although it is beneficial for a martial spirit, but to a human, it bodes ill. I might as well change myself through spirit transformation. After spirit transformation, I became something like a spirit general, and can train here instead.”

Bing’s mouth was wide open, he was unable to say a word, after a moment he asked: “Is it worth it?”

Cang Yang Yu laughed: “What is there not worth it about? Just like your comrade, there are things, if you think it is worth it, then it is, if you do not think it is worth it, then there will not be such matters.”

Bing laughed quietly: “That’s true.”

He turned and asked Tang Tian: “Hey, Little Tang Tang, did you buy the things?”

Tang Tian regained his senses: “I did!”

“Alright, let’s try it.” Bing was eager.

Inside the Martial Spirit Chamber, LIttle Fool extended his pudgy hands, a white flame suddenly soared up. The white flame released a cold intent, it was Cygnus Constellation’s [Graceful Cold Flame].

Ya Ya’s eyes became round as it stared at the white flame.

It carefully extended out its palm and touched the flame, a layer of ice rapidly extended over its fingers, Ya Ya trembled, its body started to ripple, and it yelped and jumped further away.

It looked at Little Fool with a face of reverence.

Little Fool is so powerful….

Little Fool had thrown himself to be immersed in the spirit books that talked about refining spirit treasures. Flipping through them, Little Fool would then throw them to a corner. With his knowledge, all the simple content was easily finished.

500 remnant pieces of spirit treasures, he swept through all of them once.

Little Fool was already sure that he was extremely suitable to refine spirit treasures. With his extremely pure spirit, it allowed him to have an inconceivable control over energy. The process of refining spirit treasures, included control flames, establishing revisions to the internal composition of star treasures required extremely meticulous controlling ability, and this was coincidentally what Little Fool was most expert in. If he could gain more understanding and comprehension toward laws, he would be able to become a powerful spirit treasure master!

Prior to this, the Coma Berenices Spearhead was already shallow in his eyes. And after going through all the cramming of information once, he became even more disgusted by it. Actually the [Graceful Cold Flame] was also weak to him, but it only required 10 spirit value. An entry grade refining spirit technique, to require 10 spirit values, meant that spirit treasures was not easy to refine.

Little Fool decided to refine its first spirit treasure.