Undefeated God of War - Chapter 508 – Enemies on a Narrow Road

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Chapter 508 – Enemies on a Narrow Road

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ever since Elder Rong Bo left, Ye Zhao Ge had been maintaining a low profile. Although he was a genius from Honorable Martial Group, amongst the saints, he was but a newcomer. If his enlightenment on Glimmer was complete, then amongst the bronze saints, he would definitely be invincible. But for now, the most important thing he needed to do was hang on at the back.

He did not have much ambition for the Spirit Law, but the clan elder was right, Martial Group had accumulated resources far more than anyone could complete, as long as he could maintain his fast progress of improvement, the Martial Group would definitely not be stingy with him.

He treated this trip more of a chance to polish himself. It was rare for so many saints to gather together.

Flowers that remained in the greenhouse were definitely unable to mature. In the past, he became famous due to his crazy fighting streaks, but after being bestowed as a saint, although his berserk and crazy temper became more reserved, he was not the least bit afraid of any battles.

He was already thinking, of going to the front lines after Ancient Cold City, experience the tempering of blood and flames, to increase his speed of improvement.

He was very respectful of Clan Elder Rong Bo, but he did not agree to all of the Clan Elder’s ideals, for example killing without using blades. His Clan Elder liked trickeries, but that was not what he was good in, his future dao was to kill with his blade!

That belongs to him, Ye Zhao Ge’s dao!

To someone who was forever chasing after strength, would never waver in this point.

Suddenly, he had a strange feeling and raised his head, but when he saw a person in the distance, his entire being became stunned.

He looked blankly at Tang Tian.

He’s not dead! That brat actually did not die!

How is that possible….how is that possible!

His expression was as if he had seen a ghost.

Ever since the clan elder told him that the imprint was William’s, he had already sentenced the mysterious youth who beat him the death penalty. That was William, the notorious Red Devil William!

William’s hands were fully tainted with Honorable Martial Group’s blood, the number of elites and extraordinary people who died in his hands were plenty, with even more than 10 saints. The Martial Group used a lot of manpower to finally grab hold of him, but, regardless of what methods they tried, they were unable to obtain any valuable information from him.

After being imprisoned for 15 years, with countless hours of torture, the red haired man, who was like a devil, had eyes which were brimming with cold ridicule.

The Martial Group was infuriated, they removed his saint spirit, but even then, his eyes were still filled with the ridicule that never changed. His body that was put on a pillar for trial, never had an indication of decay.

The martial spirit that was torn from him was extremely powerful and pure, but no one in Honorable Martial Group dared to use it, a notorious murdering devil, definitely would not let go any chance of vengeance. Even after death, he would not give it up.

He was a tyrannical and ruthless devil that had no weakness!

So Ye Zhao Ge thought that the boy was already dead. In the entire Honorable Martial Group, no one believed that anyone who swallowed William’s saint spirit would be safe.

But…..he had appeared!

He did not die!

Tang Tian sneered at him, and Ye Zhao Ge was 100% sure, that smile definitely did not harbor any kind intentions.

Of course, Tang Tian did not have any kind intentions, he thought he had cheated them, but in the end he was the one who got cheated, that feeling was definitely the worst. When Clan Elder Rong Bo was around, Tang Tian was already behaving so unscrupulously, now that Clan Elder Rong Bo was not here, heh, truly….when enemies meet face to face, their eyes would blaze with hatred!

Tang Tian did not even wave to greet him, releasing strength from his legs, his figure disappeared as he broke the speed of sound.

Ye Zhao Ge felt the hairs on his body stand, the sense of intense danger floating in his heart, the guy wanted to kill him!

The last time they encountered each other, the mysterious man actually displayed obvious fighting intent towards him, although the killing intent was not strong. But today, the obvious killing intent was leaking out, as though it had become a substance.

The opponent definitely must know of the strange sitution of the saint spirit!

Ye Zhao Ge treated it as if he was facing a big enemy, swiftly slanting the sword in his hand, ding, the sword edge seemed to have struck a figure, causing the sword blade to suddenly bend. Such strength! He felt a heat in his palm, but he did not dare be distracted, as he concentrated fully on his opponent.

Ding ding ding!

His eyes lit up with a faint light aura, the afterimages in his eyes suddenly became slower. But, they only became slightly slower, he still needed to concentrate to be able to follow up.

His sword moved so quickly that it seemed to have disappeared into the air.

The both of them were extremely fast.

The Fist and Sword clashed continuously, causing small explosions and ripples after ripples to appear, with speed as fast as they were producing, they disappeared, the aftermath caused by the dispersal was as sharp as swords, bringing forth incessant sounds of the air ripping.

Everywhere they passed, everything that the air ripples passed through would break down into fragments and shatter, objects and walls breaking everywhere they flew.

The battle between the two roused the saints in Ancient Cold CIty. Although the energy ripples were not strong, the aura was relatively shocking. Especially when everyone saw who were the two fighting, they immediately became excited.

The battle that occurred outside the city, was a feast for their eyes.

The two of them were like blood meridian saints, using the simplest and most direct forms of attack without any fancy moves.

Very quickly, Ye Zhao Ge felt that something was amiss.

The energy in his body was depleting very quickly, although he had blood meridians, but after being bestowed as saint, he walked the Honorable Martial Group road, and did not have any progress in his blood meridians.

He quickly felt fatigued, and knew what the opponent was trying to do, which was to use a very fast tempo, intense barrage of attacks, causing him to be unable to activate Glimmer.

No, if this continues, I will be exhausted of my strength, then things will not be good.

His body started to light up with dots of light aura.


Nearby, everyone was also observing the battle, one of them was Tong Ge, and the sturdy man beside him spoke: “Do you think that person can be roped in?”

Tong Ge replied: “Difficult to say, but that person should have a strong background, just that we did not check clearly.”

“Ye Zhao Ge doesn’t live up to his reputation.” The sturdy man shook his head, his eyes revealing disappointment: “Is that Glimmer?”

Tong Ge explained: “He has not even entered the basics. [Glimmer] was able to become the number 1 spirit technique of Honorable Martial group, it definitely has its reason. The initial training spirit value required for Glimmer is 25 points, and in Honorable Martial Group history, there were saints who trained glimmer to its most profound state, and in the end, the highest value ever recorded for glimmer, was 544 points!”

“544 points!” The sturdy man sucked in cold air, his face took a great change.

A spirit technique that required 25 spirit value points from the start was already considered strong, and to be able to expand up to 544 points, that was enough to say that the law accumulated in this spirit technique was very high level. Because only a high level spirit technique had such an expansive space.

He was initially looking down on Ye Zhao Ge, because he had the qualifications, as he held a high spirit value of 124. Even the number of saints in Ancient Cold City whose spirit value exceeded his could be counted with one’s hands.

But the spirit techniques that he had, none of them could compare to Glimmer.

He became envious, but it was expected of the number 1 bronze spirit technique of Honorable Martial Group, and he asked: “What about their physical strength? Did they follow the road of the blood meridians saints?”

Tong Ge shook his head: “Ye Zhao Ge has blood meridians, but I am not sure about the mysterious boy. He is slightly stronger, but there’s something weird about him, I don’t feel any ripples of saint blood in him. He is not a blood meridians saint.”

Blood Meridians Saints were different from other saints, their blood meridians would have gone through a qualitative change. This type of brand new blood meridian, holds an astonishing power, hailed as the saint blood, which itself was a special type of spirit domain.

For a blood meridians saint to increase their strength, they had to keep evolving continuously.

Let’s say, for a saint with a spirit domain to promote, he needs to expand his spirit domain, so a blood meridians saint’s promotion, was to continue evolving his saint blood. Saint blood evolution had two ways, one was through pure transforming, the other was to engulf.

Saint blood is the source of a blood meridians saint, and the saint blood’s power connects to every cell in the blood meridians saint’s body. The saint blood is originally considered a type of spirit domain, so when used, even if it was a little, there would be a ripple, and thus Tong Ge had that suspicion.

“Maybe it is a more special saint blood.” The sturdy man laughed, he was only joking, the mysterious man had a Form Spirit.

Saint Blood was considered a fantastic oddity of all varieties, especially for the blood saints meridian that walked the path of engulfing, the saint blood would become even more weird.

Tong Ge only nodded his head but did not refute, He came from Onyx Soul, so his understanding of blood meridians were naturally not comparable to the big sturdy man. Whether or not there were saint blood meridians that did not give off ripples, he could not be too sure, but he knew of a few types that were all completely different.


Tong Ge’s attention was roused, the big sturdy man beside him also kept his smile and exposed a serious look.

Tang Tian saw that Ye Zhao Ge was activating Glimmer, and became even more excited. The last time he used Glimmer, he had sacrificed his hands to earn the victory. Tang Tian is 100% a fanatic for battles, and on this point, he and Ling Xu were no different. He would not use his brains for many things, but when it came to battle, his focus was extremely high, far higher than any ordinary martial artist.

And the battles that he had to suffer through were the ones that made him even more unconvinced. His hatred for failure had seeped deep into his bone marrows.

He had replayed the last battle in his mind countless times already.

So you became impatient already huh….

Tang Tian did not call Little Fool out, but fiercely rushed towards Ye Zhao Ge.

Ye Zhao Ge’s pupils turned cold, the energy around him started to blaze up quickly.

Under the effects of glimmer, Ye Zhao Ge’s senses were all raised, Tang Tian who was previously too fast for him to react to, could actually be seen by him extremely clearly.

His sword blade trembled, countless light dots formed a light needle, and like a needle that was fine like hair, it flowed along the sword.

His movement was not fast, but it gave people an extreme feeling of comfort, without a trace of ruthlessness and savageness.

The spectators all revealed looks of surprise, Tong Ge’s eyes suddenly revealed a bright aura, Ye Zhao Ge had improved!

Such terrifying talent!

The light dots were like rain, dripping into the sword blade, but instead of forming a dazzling light aura, only a dim and faint light aura was formed.

Although the light is weak, but it can light a small area of darkness nonetheless.

Ye Zhao Ge’s face did not reveal any expression, he remained calm and collected, as if he had comprehended something, even the sword light was gentle and sharp.

Tang Tian’s heart shivered, he could sense an intense and dangerous qi, facing Ye Zhao Ge was like facing a regiment of light, although it was warm and weak, but in that moment, he felt as if his life was disappearing.

It was so pretty!

But, I am also prepared!

Tang Tian’s eyes became stern, without any suspicious movements, he shot forward like an arrow, raising his fist up, bringing along a scream through the air!

An ice cold devilish red flame suddenly coiled around his fist.

Like a raging and combusting meteor falling from the sky, it brought forth a rumble that caused people to tremble, suddenly arriving before Ye Zhao Ge!