Undefeated God of War - Chapter 507 – Remnant Pieces of Spirit Treasures

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Chapter 507 – Remnant Pieces of Spirit Treasures

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian quietly left the Groundsmaster Establishment.

He looked at the Groundsmaster Establishment and smiled, its outer appearance was completely different, between the front, east and west courtyard, there was an additional crisscross cold wave rock cave, and most importantly, Bing had attracted the cold wave beneath to the outer wall, causing their defensive capability to rise multiple folds.

Bing took out the defense layout map from Fu Zi Hong, and actually connected the Groundsmaster Establishment and Ancient Cold City. Tang Tian still remembered Fu ZI Hong’s expression, which was completely dumbfounded.

Alright, Uncle Bing truly does have some standard, this godlike young lad will reluctantly admit.

Tang Tian muttered in his heart, but Tang Tian did not think that, Bing’s goal was on the imprints on his hands.

“I have seen those things before, but I only remembered about it when I saw Screw, Screw used to meddle in that. It has two usages, one is to help you comprehend laws. And, it is very suitable for you, as you are a Zero Energy Body person. These imprints that do not have energy in them, are also hailed as Origin Imprints. Screw reckoned that they are the source of laws, so he was always trying to unravel them, and merge them into the mechanical weapons, but was not successful. Because the Origin Imprints are considered a whole and are very hard to deconstruct. Not only that, it’s destructive ability is very strong, when sealed in metals, it would very quickly break them down. Only after that when he researched out 09 Bronze, did he finally manage to seal an Origin Imprint and managed to make something special, called the Origin Imprint Box.”

“Of course, for the Strong Southern Cross Army, they naturally had no use of such a small play thing. But you now, it would be useful for you.”

Uncle Bing ran to Three Spirits City and made a few boxes. Although Sai Lei and the rest had shifted out from Three Spirits City, the Mechanics Workshop still had a few people inside to fix the base mechanical spirit weapons, and he had no problem ordering a few custom made boxes.

And currently, Sai Lei and the rest had made big breakthroughs on metal formulas, and were far more advanced in every aspect. After the Generation of the Three Great Armies, mechanical techniques declined substantially, but after that all the mechanical engineers who were at a loss did not give up and worked hard, and managed to have great improvements in a few areas, and metal formulas were one of them.

When Sai Lei absorbed the bronze formulas of the old army, she had an even greater breakthrough in this aspect, and Sai Lei had already begun testing creating spirit metal and secret treasures. This so called spirit metal was the integration of martial spirits and metals, while the star metal was even more astonishing, which was extracting the purest metals from the matured treasures.

The current Mechanics Workshop was rich and imposing, adding a couple of maniacs, it had created an environment of zealotry.

The past Origin Imprint Box was limited to a few metals, and was unable to seal higher grade Origin Imprints. Now Bing was extremely anticipative of Origin Imprints.

For Tang Tian, to be able to buy objects that had the Imprints in them, don’t even hope for saint bones, for the price was definitely too high to accept. But when Bing said that Screw had researched on them in the past, he definitely did not use saint bones.

The two of them flipped through spirit books, and found it. Remnant pieces of Spirit Treasures. When refining a spirit treasure, one had to leave behind their own imprints, and inside these imprints accumulated the law comprehension of the martial artist.

The main materials needed to refine Spirit Treasures were star treasures, and any star treasure as a whole, was formed through countless years of nurturing. This stable state was the formless barrier, and to break the star treasure’s barrier itself needed a large amount of energy. And to merge different star treasures together not only required a lot of energy, but also required a deeper comprehension towards laws.

Comprehending laws were more important than power, because the more profound the comprehension was, the easier it would be to break the star treasure’s barrier with no difficulty. With a superficial level of comprehension, no matter how much power anyone tried to use, it would still lead to failure. Even if they were successful, they would not be able to release the true might of the spirit treasure.

Through the process of refinement, the comprehension decoded into the spirit treasure would be the imprint. Of course, these imprints could not be compared to saint spirits, but to Tang Tian and them right now, it was completely sufficient.

The price of spirit treasures was sky high, but the price of the remnant pieces of spirit treasures was more reasonable.

Tang Tian thought back to the battle with Ye Zhao Ge.

Compared to martial artists, saints were more affluent, and when truly stepping into the saint realm would one know that if their families were not well off, the saints would have difficulty going day by day as well. All these free saints did not have rich backers behind them, so they had to live frugally day by day.

And there were many saints in Ancient Cold City, and a few of them that thought of making a living, started to do their own businesses. On a daily basis, everyone would stay in their own areas and refrained from meeting, for them to all be gathered together, they started to exchange things that they had but did not need for things they needed.

Many saints became interested, and started joining in, causing the businesses to do well.

Tang Tian reached Ancient Cold City’s restaurant, and there was already a saint called Qian Sen who had rented the place to do transactions. The hall of the restaurant hung many wooden plates, on them wrote the names of the items they possessed, and things they wanted to change for, while the owners stayed in the rooms. It was the first time Tang Tian witnessed the transactions of the saints, and became interested.

Seeing Tang Tian’s arrival, Qian Sen’s eyes lit up, a rich nouveau riche!

The price that Dawn was sold for was extremely high, which was passed around in the streets of Ancient Cold CIty very quickly. In Ancient Cold CIty, a complete spirit treasure, even if it was the lowest grade, lower tier bronze spirit treasure, its price could be sold for 50 billion star coins. Low grade spirit treasures refining techniques were not profound, but its difficulty was not low, and exhausted a lot of energy. Average saints, find their own star treasure, but spending 2-3 years of time to refine the spirit treasure.

The price of a saint spirit was even more priceless.

When everyone gathered to analyze it, they all felt that a mysterious person had purposely set it up and dug a deep hole in Honorable Martial Group’s pocket. By doing so, it made everyone happy, but the mysterious person had dug so deep and effortfully, making everyone else jealous.

“Oh my, I was thinking in the morning why today is going to be special, so it’s because of the arrival of this noble guest!” Qian Sen rushed forward to greet: “This small shop has many good items, there is a bronze spirit sword, its grade is at the middle tier, and is extremely outstanding, at only 200 billion star coins….”

Only 200 billion star coins….

Tang Tian repeated in his heart, he had just spent a large sum money on the Saint Unit, and that was enough for him to feel that it was too exaggerated, now hearing that one spirit treasure was 200 billion star coins, he had a thought, is the money of saints not money anymore? In that moment, Tang Tian was sad why he was not an Aquarius Saint, he had heard that Aquarius Saints had bottles filled with star coins.

Tang Tian coughed: “Do you have remnant pieces of spirit treasures?”

Qian Sen was startled, remnant pieces of spirit treasures?

“You don’t have it?” Tang Tian frowned, he was merely acting on instinct, but to other people, he was filled with an imposing ferocious aura.

Qian Sen’s heart shivered. He was an expert in examining people, a scholar had the aura of an intelligence, and a strong martial artist had the aura and might of a strong martial artist, everyone had their own qualities. To have such an imposing and fierce aura on those higher ups were not weird, for example Clan Elder Rong Bo, but for this person to have it….

It must be a wrong feeling….

“Yes yes yes!” he immediately replied, alright, the rich people were all weird tempered people, to come here and buy cheap products.

Remnant pieces of spirit treasures were considered cheap goods, and normally, only the saints who could not buy spirit treasures but were planning to refine their own would buy them. They wished to go through the remnant pieces of the spirit treasures to have a grasp on how to refine a spirit treasure, and expand their own road of research.

Does this guy like to refine spirit treasures?

Qian Sen thought, saints who were good in refining spirit treasures were saints that traders liked the most. Spirit treasures were expensive goods, but still the supply did not meet the demands, as there were too many rich tyrants.

Thinking about that, Qian Sen immediately became passionate, and immediately flipped through his records: “ we have a pile of remnants from spirit treasures placed in my shabby shop to sell, please follow me.”

Qian Sen brought Tang Tian to a room, and then from his aquarius cabinet he took out a chest, inside the chest it was filled with all sorts of different colors of pieces, their light aura were dim, bringing forth a strange scene.

“Inside here are all remnant pieces of spirit treasures, it costs 100 million for one.” Qian Sen pretended to be generous and said: “You must be clear of the market price, and usually no one can selectively pick the remnant pieces. But when I saw you, i felt that it was like kindred spirits, so you can pick them yourselves.”

So expensive!

For the remnant pieces to cost 100 million starcoins for one, saints were truly meant to burn star coins!

Tang Tian felt his heart ache, he looked around: “How many pieces are there here?”

Qian Sen’s spirit was roused, he truly was a nouveau riche!

Thinking about it, this nouveau riche that wanted to buy remnant pieces of spirit treasures was different from other people, that aura, that style, without saying another word he extended out five fingers: “510 pieces, I can treat it as 500 pieces! 50 billion!”

Tang Tian nodded his head, then took out Coma Berenices Spearhead: “How much is this Coma Berenices Spearhead worth?”

Qian Sen took the Coma Berenices Spearhead and checked it carefully, then replied professionally: “This spirit treasure grade is not very high, a lower tier bronze grade, but its craft is seasoned, and is made of superior quality, it is an exquisite in the lower tier bronze grade, its worth should be around 80 billion star coins.”

“I’ll sell it to you for 70 billion.” Tang Tian said straightforwardly. After letting Little Fool play for it for two days, he threw it back disdainfully at Tang Tian, and said it could be sold.

Qian Sen accepted without hesitation: “Deal!”

He had reported it at 80 billion, it was a rather conservative price, but he had the confidence of selling the Coma Berenices Spearhead for roughly 100 billion, to purchase it at 70 billion now, and earning 30 billion of profits. 50 billion worth remnant pieces of spirit treasures profits were not high, but it also reached around 5 billion star coins, in that way, he had made 35 billion worth of profits!

Doing business with a tyrant truly was awesome!

“Do you want me to give you the remaining 20 billion to you in star coins?” Qian Sen asked.

“Do you have spirit books for refining spirit treasures?” Tang Tian asked.

Qian Sen almost choked: “Don’t tell me you don’t know how to……”

Upon saying that, he immediately regret, oh my, I better not offend this tyrant, if not my 35 billion worth of profits will fly!

“Oh, I just thought it was rather interesting, and wanted to give it a try.” Tang Tian said without caring.

Qian Sen was extremely happy, to be called a tyrant, because he wishes to play with refinement, he instantly threw down 70 billion. He became even more passionate: “Yes yes yes! That’s right, playing with refinements, can cultivate one’s mind, it is very elegant! You are just starting, so I advise you to purchase the whole set, from the basics to the high tier refinement spirit books, in total, it should be about 12 billion. If you want to refine, then you need fire spirit techniques, and just nice i have a good set of fire spirit techniques card, Cygnus Constellation’s [Graceful Cold Flame], coincidentally at 8 billion!”

“Deal!” Tang Tian said instantly.

Qian Sen was extremely happy that he could not conceal his joy, his business was doing well, but it was a consign sale, so he had to fork out his own money first. A business deal close to a 100 billion, it was the first for him. Most importantly, the majority of the profits could land in his pockets.

Tang Tian was rushing for time, after obtaining everything, he threw them all to Little Fool inside the Martial Spirit Chamber.

He was leaving all the refinement of spirit treasures to Little Fool.

Under Qian Sen’s courteous send off, Tang Tian left the Ancient Cold restaurant, when he just exited, he stopped.

Looking at a person in the distance, he smiled.

It truly was enemies will always meet on a narrow road!