Undefeated God of War - Chapter 506 – Single Valve Stronghold

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Chapter 506 – Single Valve Stronghold

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ten thousand years ago, we fought side by side, ten thousand years after, we meet again, I am still well, but you have been damaged for ten thousand years.

I was not able to die together with all of you in the last battle, I am not happy at all, I truly am unhappy. Compared to the fear of death, I am more afraid of leaving all of you.

This little brat has grown up, and is even braver now.

In the past, you guys did your utmost to protect me, now it is finally my turn to protect you.

Screw, I want to bring you back to the army, I want to heal you, I want to bring you to meet Ah Xin, we want to bring you to find Commander, if we did not die, how would the monster-like commander die?

Just like ten thousand years ago.

We will gather for a drink!

We will sing our battle song!

We will battle side by side!

No one can stop us, no one, not even the ten thousand years can stop us!

Bing wiped off his tears, he gazed at the ice coffin, the badly damaged and crazy madman inside shouting up and down. His name was Screw. His gaze became firm, in his heart the endless desire to fight raged and burned.

Everyone was quiet, everyone was stunned by Bing’s reaction, only Tang Tian thought about something, and asked with concern: “Uncle……”

Bing’s expression returned to normal, his face not revealing any traces of losing control.

“I am okay, I became a laughing stock, he was my comrade-in-arms, I didn’t think I would still be able to see him.” Bing said calmly.

Everyone was emotionally moved.

“Why didn’t you guys leave?” Bing asked suddenly: “If you guys want to leave, there would definitely be other ways to.”

“Because it needs star power, especially Sextan Constellation’s star power.” Cang Yang Yu explained: “Only with Sextans Constellation’s star power can we let Sextans eye finish its transformation, this was what he instructed me to complete.”

“How many more days does it require?” Bing asked.

“20 days.” Cang Yang Yu said: “Upon completing its tempering, Sextans Eye will have an additional capability, it can create a temporary Star Door, the range of it will be within Sextans Constellation, we can use it to leave.”

“I have an idea.” Bing said slowly.

Everyone’s spirits were roused, the critical situation has led everyone to feel an immense pressure. Everyone felt that they were at a dead end, they had never thought that Bing would actually have an idea.

“Change the Groundsmaster Establishment.” Bing said deeply: “We followed Zi Hong and saw the entire Groundsmaster Establishment, when it was first built, it was referenced to plenty of stronghold structures, if this is the case, we can change it into a Single Valve Stronghold.”

This unfamiliar name, made everyone confused, only Fu Zi Hong had an astounded expression: “Single Valve Stronghold?”

“What is this Single Valve Stronghold?” Yang Hao Ran asked.

Fu Zi Hong looked at Bing, and immediately explained: “This so called Single Valve stronghold, is a type of very high end stronghold, this stronghold’s structure is very extraordinary, it is formed by intersecting many levels of dark caves, its defense is very strong, however, this structure leaves a very obvious weakness, which is its only one valve entrance. This weakness, will become our enemies only point of attack, hence we need a very powerful martial artist to stand guard.”

“That’s right.” Bing said in a low voice: “The Single Valve Stronghold’s consideration, is to forcefully separate the opponent, which will then create a 1 against 1 situation. However, that would result in the valve entrance of the stronghold to constantly be under immense attacks, and with frequent battles, it requires a powerful person to defend.”

“I’ll go!” Fu Zhong Shan said deeply, he was the strongest amongst all these people, he stood Up to take up the responsibility.

“No, Tang Tian will defend.” Bing said deeply: “I only trust him.”

Bing’s words made Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran feel hurt, Yang Hao Ran was about to say something but was stopped by Fu Zhong Shan, Fu Zhong Shan replied: “If it can’t work out, we can change another person.”

“No need.” Bing said: “Single Valve Stronghold still has another function, it can gather the energy dispersed from the battles, and once the energy gathered reaches a peak, it will form an energy layer, which will then seal the valve, gaining the chance to rest.”

Fu Zi Hong saw that everyone became a little stiff, and immediately asked: “what about the materials?”

Bing pointed to beneath his feet: “Cold Wave ice bricks! We can use the cold wave ice bricks to construct it, our martial artists cannot fight, but to use them to create the ice bricks, will definitely not be a problem. This stronghold’s structure is very suitable to change to the Single Valve Stronghold, if we are fast enough, we can finish it in one night!”

Fu Zhong Shan and the rest glanced at Cang Yang Yu, Cang Yang Yu looked at Tang Tian: “You decide.”

Tang Tian was a little surprised of Cang Yang Yu’s trust in him: “Me?”

“Yes.” Cang Yang Yu smiled: “They will follow you in future, please do not decline.”

Fu Zhong Shan and the rest were shocked by their master’s words, everyone looked at each other in dismay, but no one made a sound.

Tang Tian did not decline, although he still harbored some suspicions in his heart, but he could hear that Cang Yang Yu and that person’s relationship was shallow, he nodded his head and said: “Good, that’s what we will do! I will be the guard!”

The situation at a critical state, the suspicions could be discussed when there was time, after they got through the incoming attacks. The enemy would attack anytime soon, and it was of vital importance to quickly finish the stronghold.

The entire Groundsmaster Establishment begun to work, every single disciple was deployed to work. The ice bricks underground were brought up faster than they were used, especially after hearing that once the stronghold was fixed, they could avoid the battle, everyone could not help but cheer and became enthusiastic.

Once daybreak and the sun rose, the entire Groundsmaster Establishment was completely changed beyond recognition.

Fu Zi Hong noticed the odd shape of the stronghold, and glanced at the middle aged man who had a cigarette in his mouth, she now knew that the one who set up the defense that day was Bing. She knew of the Single Valve Stronghold, but did not know how to build it, the design and layout of the Single Valve Stronghold had been lost for many years, she did not expect him to actually know it.

She suddenly remembered what Bing had said about the damaged spirit general, who was his comrade-in-arms, could it be that he also came from ten thousand years ago?

In her mind, the scene where Bing knelt on the ground and cried in anguish replayed itself, she had never met such a man that would cry so painfully, the shock she received at that moment was extremely intense.

He did not trust her father, not in the least bit, but followed Tang Tian blindly. She acknowledged Tang Tian’s strength, however, being honest, compared to her father, there was a very obvious difference in strength.

Bing did not notice Fu Zi Hong’s gaze, his heart was not as calm as what he was displaying, as Tang Tian and him stood side by side. He bit on his cigarette: “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” Tang Tian nodded his head with force.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t wish to ask why I let you defend?” Bing suddenly asked.

“Why?” Tang Tian was startled, he shook his head: “I didn’t think of it, I trust Uncle. Also, this is originally my problem, why should others risk their life for me? I thought about it, I should be working harder, since I must get it, then I must risk my life. If not, isn’t that lying to myself?”

Tang Tian’s words were direct and straightforward, not with the slightest leeway.

Bing puffed a smoke ring and laughed: “Hehehe, godlike young lad, you’re really filled with passion!”

He paused, and said solemnly: “However, I did not say anything false. Fu Zhong Shan’s strength is truly stronger than you, but his potential and endurance is not as good as yours. I believe in your endurance and support capability, this is a gamble even to me, but is also the best chance.”

Tang Tian listened intently, Bing would not lie to him, Bing definitely will have his considerations.

“The spirit domain that you have formed, is a rare Form Spirit, now there’s nobody who knows how to control it.” Bing said: “but I trust that as long as you do not stop fighting, you will definitely find a way. This is a very special training, and also very dangerous, but I believe you will definitely do it, because you have a battle instinct that is extraordinary.”

Tang Tian smiled: “Really really? Hahahaha, so I am so strong! It is a pleasure to hear it! The way you put it, I feel that it is very reasonable!”

Bing guided patiently and systematically: “You think about it, when will you be able to find so many saints to train with you? This is an extremely rare chance, if you miss it, it will be the regret of your life!”

Tang Tian patted his chest, filled with confidence: “Don’t worry! This godlike young lad will be able to beat the crap out of them!”

Bing warned: “However, we will still need to use this opportunity before these bastards react to prepare.”

“Prepare what?” Tang Tian was a little confused.

Bing laughed mysteriously: “You will know by then.”

Fu Zi Hong who was not far away listened to their conversation, and was dumbfounded. Isn’t that murder? Could it be that that Uncle was also an undercover sent by the enemy. Which subordinate would instigate his leader to take such a risk? And which leader would be so dumb to charge into the most dangerous of places?

Fu Zi Hong stared at the two abnormal people blankly.

Fu Zhong Shan and Yang Hao Ran who were in a distance looked at each other in dismay, so the reason to let Tang TIan stand guard, they actually had that motive….

“Should we advise master?” Yang Hao Ran mumbled blankly, to have such a boss, no matter how you looked at it, he was not dependable at all.

Fu Zhong Shan also felt helpless, that Bing looked like he was of some standard, but with such a risk, and to let Tang Tian take the risk, was it worth it? But he knew whatever he said now, they would not take heed, so he could only say: “We will rouse our spirits, as long as we see something wrong, we will take action.”

Yang Hao Ran also had a helpless look as he nodded: “We can only do that!”


In the Martial Spirit Chamber, Little Fool floated blankly in the air, deep in thought.

Everything that had happened today, had a huge impact to him. Cang Yang Yu, Sextans Eye, he was not aware of all of this. He used to think that he knew many things, but he realized now the things he knew were pathetic. He had too many suspicions and doubts in his mind, and wanted to ask Cang Yang Yu, although he knew Cang Yang Yu may not have the answer as well.

Ya sya jumped around Little Fool.

Its heart was incomparably anxious, Little Fool had stopped playing with it, he scooped and scooped, scooped out a star rock, eagerly taking it to Little Fool.

Little Fool was surprised by the noise Ya Ya was making, he was a little angry, but with Ya Ya’s eagerness to favor him, the rage in his heart vanished.

Little fool could vaguely remember the friendship he had with Ya Ya when he had just awoken.

Ya Ya held the star rock in front of Little Fool, its chubby face filled with anticipation.

Little Fool hesitated for a moment, then took a piece of star rock, fine, just to not let this fellow disturb him, he would do it reluctantly.

Crunch, he helplessly bit the star rock.

Ya Ya was so excited that it performed a somersault, it exclaimed out ‘Yi Yi Ya Ya’ and shook its butt, Little Fool was playing with it again!

He happily took the star rock and chewed on it.

Truly helpless….

Little Fool chewed on the star rock, and rolled his eyes in his heart, when will this life end.