Undefeated God of War - Chapter 504 – Laying the Defense

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Chapter 504 – Laying the Defense

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Zi Hong looked at the disciples of the outer fighting grounds, the worry in their eyes growing, but only when she saw Ding Chen’s class, whose expressions were rather relaxed. The class spirit and appearance was slightly more outstanding, so she arranged Ding Chen’s class to a more important position, it was coincidentally where Tang Tian repaired the bricks of the wall.

It was chaotic in the groundsmaster establishment, and it took time for everyone to familiarize themselves with their respective areas, Tang Tian was surprised to find Fu Zi Hong was rather experienced with what she was doing, as she directed everyone clearly and orderly.

Tang Tian continued to act while familiarizing himself with the environment, it was not a training camp, it could not provide him with a specialized training area. This made Tang Tian a little annoyed, as he had been trying to learn about the weird devil fire for the past few days.

Of course, it was a completely different thing from William’s Devil Fire, but Tang Tian was too lazy to give it a new name.

However, Tang Tian did not dare to slack off, although he had managed to mix into the Groundsmaster Establishment, judging from the situation the day before, there could be a sneak attack by the saints at any time. Those saints would not let them go, if he was not careful and threw away his life, then that would be bad.

The Groundsmaster Establishment was completely built upon the accuracy of a foothold, there were defensive installations everywhere. Seeing that Fu Zi Hong was not there, Bing seized the chance, and directed Ding Chen to start preparations. To Bing, one look at the installations and he knew how to make use of them. Bing still had extra time, so he commanded Ding Chen to bring everyone to run through a mock exercise twice. But everyone knew that if they did not work hard now, when people attacked at night, then it might cost them their lives, so everyone had to be strong.

The process of the mock exercise was naturally not dependable, hoping on two practises to be able to feel like the real thing was not possible.

Fu Zi Hong was busy from dawn till dusk, she was in charge of arranging the defense, but having seen the power in her hands, she could not help but sigh. In the past, there were still gold ranked martial artists, but now, it had changed to become outer fighting ground disciples. Using such Cannon fodder to defend against a bunch of saints, sounded like a joke. However she knew that this was Ancient Cold City’s last bit of strength, and thus she did not have any other choices.

Although her father and second uncle both were very powerful individuals, but directing battles was usually outsourced to others.

She roused herself up, displaying steadiness and calmness, dragging her fatigued body to observe everywhere to and fro. Every defensive position still had problems, and she was bitterly laughing to herself in her heart.

This is the limit to manpower, we should just obey Heaven’s will. She had no say in the matter. Since many years ago, she was deployed to this place to stand guard, Ancient Cold City was built solely by her hands, she was very familiar with every corner here.

She used to think that no one would ever attack such a place, but with the sudden attack last night, she knew her thoughts were naive and laughable. Saints were much stronger than what she thought, and had very large qualitative differences compared to gold ranked martial artists . If not for her father and second uncle’s all out counter-attack, the Groundsmaster Establishment would have already been taken over.

No one blamed her, everyone was consoling her, she smiled like how she normally did, with the same steadiness, but in her heart, it was filled with the bitterness and sadness from the failure. She was not fearful of death, if this was fate, then she shall accept it.

Reaching the western courtyard, she suddenly stopped in her tracks, her gaze suddenly giving off a glimmer of light aura.

The disciples here were having a mock exercise, although it looked very messy, but she still saw the relevance in it. She watched meticulously, her heart was quietly surprised, every point of importance was fully utilized. Not only that, Fu Zi Hong had even passed through a few preparations, and had already simulated a few battle strategies in her mind.


Definitely an Expert!

“Ding Chen!” Fu Zi Hong suddenly shouted highly.

Ding Cheng who was so confused by the mock exercise that he became dazed suddenly heard someone shout for him, he subconsciously stopped, he blankly turning his head, and reacted only after a moment: “Big Sister!”

“Who arranged this?” Fu Zi Hong’s gaze was as sharp as a sword: “Don’t tell me it’s you, you do not have the capability!”

Ding Chen’s expression changed, he quietly knew it was trouble.

Tang Tian saw that they had been seen through, he stood up and replied said: “It’s me!”

Fu Zi Hong saw Tang Tian’s unfamiliar face, and was a little surprised: “Who are you?”

“I am Bi Ah Chou.” Tang Tian looked in the direction of Fu Zi Hong’s gaze without fear.

Fu Zi Hong nodded her head, she did not have any expression because of Tang Tian’s ugly appearance, and simply pointed to the sentries: “Why did you arrange as many as seven men?”

Tang Tian froze, just at that moment, Bing’s voice sounded from inside his mind: “You calculated and came up with it.”

Tang Tian who was initially lacking with confidence was suddenly brimming with it as he replied: “I calculated and came up with it..”

“Calculated and came up with it……” Fu Zi Hong repeated, she slowly pondered about it, after some time, her eyes lit with a strange light aura. She was already proficient in it, having been reminded by Tang Tian, her mind quickly found a result, the number was a good fit.

She was very familiar with every corner of the place, and this courtyard, was the one in which she placed more importance and studied it, its deployment, its arrangement of defensive measures, she had made countless simulations. So the current heavy emphasis on the number of hidden sentries, was always overlooked by her. With the current deployment, in her eyes, birthed countless changes.

Combining with the mock exercise she witnessed earlier, her heart had a realization.


A true expert!

At this point, Fu Zi Hong was already completely impressed, the other party had deep understanding of how to utilize the advantages to their greatest extent, his attainments were so profound, exceeding her imaginations.

Her first reaction suddenly immediately cautious, for him to be mixed into the establishment at such a time, could he have another motive? Is he a mole?

Fu Zi Hong’s face did not change, using a treasure to check him out, she judged Tang Tian’s True Power, and secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Bi Ah Chou’s True Power was truly too low, for a martial artist with such low true power cultivation, could not possibly be a mole.

Every year, the Fighting Grounds would recruit such a group of outer fighting grounds disciples, majority of them were due to relations, and hard to refuse. These people who entered with relations had bad standards, with average talent and a young master’s temper. Once in awhile there would be a few who would not have sufficient strength but still wanted to be disciples.

Fu Zi Hong had previously seen one outer fighting grounds disciple, his drawing talent was extraordinary high, and even she had to praise, his drawings were full of Qi. It was just that the disciple was unable to persuade his parents and was sent elsewhere to continue training, but once he reached the training grounds he insisted not to train, and sunk immensely into his drawings.

Concerning such disciples, the Fighting Grounds did not interfere too much.

In Fu Zi Hong’s eyes, this ugly Bi Ah Chou was such a disciple.

Fu Zi Hong bowed: “I did not expect Ah Chou to have such beautiful talent, Zi Hong is impressed. Ah Chou’s talent, wins me a hundred folds! I humbly invite Ah Chou to deploy the formations for the entire establishment, I wonder if Ah Chou is willing to help?”

“Accept her request!” Bing silently said in Tang Tian’s mind.

“Why? I want to train!” Tang Tian said unhappily: “Then again, we are here for the Sextans Eye, why should we help her?”

“If you don’t help her, the establishment will be broken through tonight.” Bing laughed: “You think you can snatch it before the rest? You are now in the establishment, the rest are all outside, what are you scared of? You can just stall them outside, you are the nearest to it, and furthermore, you will have earned their trust, wouldn’t you have an even bigger advantage?”

“Wa, Uncle, you are very cunning!” Tang Tian cheered in his heart.

Fu Zi Hong saw that Tang Tian wasn’t speaking, so she bowed again, and spoke sincerely: “If the whole nest suffers, not one egg will be spared! Ah Chou, I beg you, no matter what, please help us this once!”

(TN: It means that no matter how well he protects the west courtyard, if the whole establishment falls, he would also fall)

“This girl is good!” Bing commented “at least her eyes are good.”

Tang Tian felt that Uncle Bing’s words were filled with self-happiness, but his words were filled with reason as well. If a chaotic battle were to occur, then the hope of getting Sextans eye would be extremely low.

Tang Tian had seen Fu Zhong Shan’s strength, and was definitely stronger than him, but he was injured too, as well as Yang Hao Ran, obviously the attack last night was too intense!

Sign, we have brought too little people….

Tang Tian regretted in his heart, if he had known earlier, he would have brought everyone along, and trample the entire Sextans Constellation…..

Okay, Tang Tian also felt his thought was not very logical. He nodded his head, said loudly: “Then I would have no choice but to promise you!”

Fu Zi Hong was extremely happy: “Thank you Ah Chou!”

She did not mind the arrogance in his tone, as the Master of the city, she had wide experience in management, she knew that all the talented people, would have a strange temper.

Tang Tian was still thinking about training, and said: “Before the sky turns dark, let’s finish the job.”

Fu Zi Hong definitely did not object, she personally accompanied Tang Tian and patrolled around again.

After a few hours, Fu Zi Hong was completely convinced, if not for Ah Chou’s seemingly young age, she would have mistaken him for an experienced old general. After going through a few changes, their might had increased, lots of deployments looked careless, but in detailed sight, it was impressive.

Fu Zi Hong followed behind Bi Ah Chou, just like a small follower, she could not stop raising questions, and was completely awestruck.

Facing such a scene, all the martial artists were shocked.

“Did I see wrongly, isn’t that Ah Chou from Ding Chen’s class?”

“Yes that is him, that face is hard for you to not recognize!”

“It can’t be! Big Sister’s taste is a little weird……”

Oh gosh, I cannot accept it, I cannot accept it! Big Sister, my fairy……”

“I didn’t think that Ah Chou still had this ability, I feel that he is very capable, the deployment place just now, don’t you feel it was very perfect?


Having spent a full 2 hours, they finally redeployed all the formations, Tang Tian had talked till his mouth was dry. Being the messenger was very dry and boring. The topics that Fu Zi Hong and Uncle Bing discussed, were all unknown to him, he was just like a robot repeating everything.

“Finally it’s over!” Tang Tian repeated.


Fu Zi Hong’s gaze was filled with brilliance, with only two hours, they actually corrected the entire establishment’s defenses. Everything that happened today had impacted her greatly. Wherever Ah Chou walked, after glancing for a moment, he would casually give a few pointers, and all the loopholes and overlooked areas immediately became clear.

Ah Chou’s every correction, was praised by everyone, and even at a few areas, Fu Zi Hong could only secretly grasp.

“Okay, I’m going back.” Tang Tian waved his hand at Fu Zi Hong, not waiting for Fu Zi Hong’s attempt to make him stay, he swiftly disappeared.

Are there truly geniuses in this world?

Fu Zi Hong felt that knowledge she had accumulated the past few years, was completely toppled.