Undefeated God of War - Chapter 502 – Red Devil William

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Chapter 502 – Red Devil William

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The crazy and relentless attacks continued for a full 5 minutes before stopping.

The net was long broken apart, the three devastated bodies fell from the net and smashed onto the ground. The three bodies were already unrecognizable, pure jet black, without any life in them.

The field was silent, only the coarse gasping sounds could be heard.

For 5 minutes, everyone gave it their all, who knew that the saints who barged into the army would end up being destroyed like that. When Tang Chou suggested that crazy idea, almost everyone wanted to refuse, if they placed the saints at such a close distance, that was simply playing with fire! Any mistake that occurred would most probably mean the end of the armies.

In the end, after Tang Chou’s continued persistence, the crazy plan was implemented.


Everyone stared blankly at the three charred bodies, their minds in a blank. Ta Dun who was covered in blood, Magic Flute who was gasping for breath, Huangfu Hong in his mechanical spirit weapon, were all staring at the three charred bodies blankly.

Success…..it was a success!

They had killed 4 saints…..they have truly killed 4 saints!

It was day where the 4 saints fell, Alioth City was overrun, the remaining people surrendered, causing a shock in Big Dipper.


Tang Tian’s hand extended into the mist, woosh, the mist engulfed Tang Tian as well. Tang Tian only saw his vision turn black, and then he was pulled into a void, a skinny youth with red hair, black eyes and a pale face with a devilish look standing in front of him.

“I am William.”

He said quietly.

Tang Tian let out an ‘ah’, and said: “I am Tang Tian.”

“Do you have grievances with Honorable Martial Group?” William looked at Tang Tian with interest.

“Eh, how do you know?” Tang Tian was surprised.

“Because they gave you my saint spirit.” William wiggled his eyebrow, with a look of ridicule: “They took my saint spirit from my body but did not dare use it, but gave it to others to harm them.”

“Those assholes dared to cheat me!” Tang Tian became enraged.

“Actually I am a saint spirit, so I am quite tasty.” William scoffed: “Of course, the prerequisite is that we come up with a deal. To let those assholes from Honorable Martial Group get away with it, is truly insulting me.”

“What deal?” Tang Tian was cautious: “You better not think of cheating me!”

William waved his hand: “Hey hey hey, stupid Honorable Martial Group is our common enemy. I can swallow your spirit domain, but I cannot take over your body.”

“You’re not swallowing anyone.” A cold figure walked out from the dark void. With his blue Tang Suit over his well proportioned tall and thin body, he stood straight up, giving off a heroic look, other than his cold face.

Tang Tian was startled, the person actually looked exactly like him, with only one difference, his expression was extremely cold. But very quickly he realized something, and wailed out: “Little Fool! Little Fool! Why did you grow so big already?”

Little Fool……..

Should I tell him my true identity?

But…..I want to use my sword and cut this fool in half!

The cold youth did not even look at the foolish Tang Tian.

William whistled, and laughed: “Seems like, the stupid Honorable Martial Group provoked some good people.”

Tang Tian who was holding onto a sword said coldly: “You’re really something, Red Devil William.”

“Ah ah ah, Little Fool, you actually know him! How do you know him? Why are you able to recognize him? Is he very famous? Why don’t I know him?”

Tang Tian who was holding onto his sword retorted back, he could not take it anymore: “Shut up!”

Tang Tian became angry: “Hey Little Fool, don’t think just because you grew up, you can rebel! Come, you want to fight right! If I don’t take care of you today, I will take after your last name!”

William laughed: “I can be the judge.”

Take after my last name….

Tang Tian who was holding onto his sword did not say a thing, he knew if he continued to quarrel with the fool, there would be no end. Anyway he did not have any hope towards the fool. He slowly retrieved Saint Sword Ocean Prison from the void, the black flames flowing along the sword blade, as if it had a life, and he said coldly: “All this trouble, I just have to kill you.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian was startled, he turned to face William, and nodded his head: “Since Little Fool said that, I think he is right, you seem like a bad person.”

William raised both of his hands in protest: “Hey hey hey, why don’t you guys listen to my deal first? I am truly harmless.”

“A bad person can say anything, but is still a bad person.” Tang Tian retorted confidently.

William was stupefied, seeing that the two of them were closing in on him, he started to mumble to himself: “as expected of…..the stupid Honorable Martial Group, to actually hand me over to you guys, hahaha, interesting, too interesting, somehow I am eager about it”

He suddenly shook his head, and laughed: “Right, my body, is still at the hands of Honorable Martial Group, remember to help me look for it, don’t bother burying it, just burn it. I want to see what expression Honorable Martial Group will have when they realize who you guys are. Hahahaha….”

Along with his wilful and reckless laughter, William suddenly opened up his arms, his body suddenly transforming into black flames, suddenly entering Tang Tian and Little Fool’s body.

The void around them disappeared, suddenly Tang Tian opened his eyes and realized Tang Tian that was the same as him, was quickly becoming smaller right in front of him, and once again became the cute and adorable doll like Little Fool.

“Wa, Little Fool, you became small again! So awesome!” Tang Tian gaped with his face full of shock.

Little Fool’s pudgy fists clenched tightly, his face was dark.

I actually…..actually became smaller right in front of this fool…..

And why……where is this sense of humiliation coming from…

Little Fool became very gloomy, and directly turned and floated to the corner.

“Little Fool, Little Fool, so mystical, you can actually change in size!” Tang Tian followed him and shouted.

LIttle Fool continued to float, his head drooped down as he thought. His mind was crying, they could have actually fought, and the fool would definitely be injured, and I would be able to take the chance to take control of the body, but who knew, it would end like that!

Are you really Red Devil William?

You’re supposed to be the tyrannical murderer that slaughtered over a thousand lives!

Why did you just surrender just like that?

How can you live up to your name?

Truly an idiot…..and I have to be mocked by the fool for changing size….asshole….

Little Fool quietly floated along, bringing along his coldness and distress, his current spirit value reached an astonishing value of 80, but it was still unable to bring him a shred of happiness.

Red Devil William was definitely an infamous evil person, he had killed so many people in his life that he himself did not know how many. His history was extremely mysterious, no one knew where he was bestowed as a saint, and what he did. But after he became a saint, the first thing he did was to terrorize Heaven Road.

With a spear and a horse, he killed his way into a department of Honorable Martial Group, swept the entire department by slaughtering all of them cleanly.

After that, he went to various large constellations, and continued to kill many Honorable Martial Group martial artists. He was very cunning, when Honorable Martial Group expert’s went out and laid out traps, he was able to escape from them.

William’s most eye catching characteristic was his red hair, and he was cunning, cruel, and murderous like a demon, and that was how the nickname of Red Devil came about.

He became famous through his murders as a saint, while not many ordinary martial artists knew about him.

Tang Tian had never heard of a Red Devil before, so it did not give him any stress. Little Fool maintained a calm and fierce position, but the pressure and stress in his heart was relatively big.

For Honorable Martial Group to have taken William’s Saint Spirit and not use it on themselves, proved William’s tyrannical character, that even Honorable Martial Group did not dare to treat lightly. Little Fool had already made preparations, but he never thought that William would suddenly give up on resisting, and even helped them instead.

Such a turn of events, it was too weird, unless….there was some trap somewhere?

Little Fool could not grasp it, but he definitely did not dare look down on William. All the experts who had been famous for so many years, especially the notorious saints, who had lived for so many years, were definitely not easy to handle.

“Eh, what’s this?”

Tang Tian who was behind him suddenly found something new, and his voice was filled with curiosity.

Little Fool turned and looked expressionlessly, this fool, what did he do now? When his gaze landed on Tang TIan’s palm, he was stunned.

In Tang TIan’s palm, there was a red imprint, resembling a flame.

Little Fool’s gaze expanded out, that was…..William’s mark!

Little Fool suddenly appeared in front of Tang Tian, that adorable face was dark, he meticulously checked Tang Tian’s body, but very quickly, his expression became weird.

This is clearly William’s mark, but, there already not a bit of William’s Qi in it, it’s totally clear!

This….is not normal!

Tang Tian was already starting to become amused by himself, he realized inside the imprint stored a message, which was cryptic and profound. He could faintly sense a violent and cold scent, but it was hard to describe, because it did not have any trace of energy.

Tang Tian started to ponder.

Suddenly, he opened his palm, and a pretty ball of red blaze floated out from the imprint, and quickly extended around his whole hand, in the blink of an eye, Tang TIan’s palm was wrapped in the flame.

Little Fool’s eyes looked straight, and he blurted out: “Devil Flame!”

“Devil Flame?” Tang Tian was curious, although his palm was wrapped with fire, but he did not feel any heat.

“Devil Flame was William’s famous self created Spirit Technique.” Little Fool introduced: “This flame is extremely special, it can burn anything, and it is said that at its peak state, it can even burn space.”

“So powerful!” Tang Tian jumped up in fright.

“But it should not be your…..”LIttle Fool’s expression was weird, as he muttered to himself: “You have a Zero Energy Body.”

Suddenly, Little Fool seemed to have thought about something, as he continued to talk to himself: “That’s right, you are a Zero Energy Body….”

“Could it be…” His eyes lit up: “Try this!”

After ingesting the saint bone the last time, it contained an extremely weak imprint . The imprint was extremely weak, but Little Fool realized, it was extremely high level, in a short while, it became hard to comprehend.

His mind had a brazen guess, and if proven….

Without saying a word, Little Fool’s pudgy little hand pressed on Tang Tian’s neck, the weak imprint was pressed into Tang Tian’s body.