Undefeated God of War - Chapter 499 – Because You Have a Lot of Money

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Chapter 499 – Because You Have a Lot of Money

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian spent a great deal of energy and pushed apart all the passionate people. He was feeling extremely happy, truly a godlike young lad, to be able to attract so many eyes everywhere he walked.

When Tang Tian who enjoyed the fame appeared at the restaurant, the restaurant immediately plunged into a short period of silence.

His gaze swept through the entire crowd, before quickly finding his target and walked towards the two people.

“Welcome, Sire.” Tong Ge stood up and bowed.


“You are the ones who want to buy Dawn?”

In the quiet restaurant, Tang Tian’s voice could be heard everywhere. Everyone was initially surprised, but immediately revealed looks of excitement, they then remembered that the spoil of war was exactly that [Dawn].

In just that short sentence, who knew how many hearts it stirred.

[Dawn] was also a product of Honorable Martial Group, amongst the bronze saint spirit technique cards, other than [Glimmer] that could suppress it, no other cards were able to beat it. It was a top existence amongst the bronze spirit technique cards, who didn’t want such a spirit technique card? For a spirit technique card such as [Dawn], it was something that would never appear in the market, as even in Honorable Martial Group, it was not something everyone could obtain.

They finally had an opportunity to obtain such a precious spirit technique card.

Who wouldn’t be moved? The only people who were in fear was the Honorable Martial Group people, causing them to be annoyed, such a result was not something anyone could bear. But out of the group of people, they were naturally not fearful of Honorable Martial Group.

“Yes.” Tong Ge replied happily.

“Only an exchange, I am not selling.” Tang Tian said straightforwardly: “Do not discuss with me about star coins.”

Tong Ge smiled as he took out two objects: “This saint bone, is not like the broken saint bone that Old Yu had, this came from the silver sword saint Zhao Zhi Fei from Aquarius Constellation, the second joint bone of the middle finger on his right hand. In his life, Zhao Zhi Fei was hailed as the [Sword Investigator], this saint bone inside has his imprint. Other than that, it can also provide your Form Spirit to increase his spirit value by at least 10.”

The Saint Bone was exquisite like porcelain, as flawless as jade, with a faint silver decorative design on top of it.

“This Umbrella Handle, is also very extraordinary, before the Ancient Leo Constellation fell, a saint had the originality to obtain the Leo’s spear as a handle, Libra’s Bronze Whip as its keel, Scorpio’s Bronze Thin Silk as the umbrella surface, creating a spirit treasure. Who knew that, this saint would meet upon an unfortunate disaster, and only remained with Leo Constellation’s Bronze Spear that was tempered into this umbrella handle. Although a bronze treasure is in its embryonic form, but after experiencing 20 years being tempered and nurtured by the spirit domain and carefully carved, it has become something extraordinary, and can only be discovered and not sought.”

The deep red umbrella handle was like coral, its blood red mixture, was like the anger of a lion, it’s passionate and tyrannical qi leaking out.

Everyone in the restaurant turned their gaze to the two treasures, they could not stop looking from their attraction, their heavy breathing audible.

A treasure that was formed into an embryo, tempered by the spirit domain and becoming a spirit treasure.

Spirit Treasures were birthed through constellations, and naturally brought a few fragments of laws. The spirit birthed from star power, could only be used by martial artists who were not saints, they could not transform it. But after being bestowed as a saint, wielding a spirit domain, they could then change it through the martial spirit furnace.

Tempering a spirit treasure was also an extremely profound skill. Everyone had absolutely different spirit domains, and that meant every furnace was different, so changing a treasure into a spirit treasure would naturally yield different results.

But, the present age of martial technique systems had developed to the current age, the tempering of spirit treasures had also developed out a few methods, and its system was extremely large.

Tang Tian was very foreign to these kinds of things. But….although he did not understand, it sounded as though it was very impressive and powerful….

“Accept him!”

Little Fool’s childish voice sounded in Tang Tian’s heart, it was excited and firm.

Tang Tian was about to open his mouth, when suddenly a voice came out from behind: “Hold up!”

Everyone’s gaze in the restaurant was immediately attracted to the person who shouted “Hold Up”, and all turned to look behind Tang Tian, all of them immediately becoming quiet.

Impressively, it was Rong Bo and Ye Zhao Ge!

“Onyx Soul elder is buying our [Dawn], that’s not too suitable.’ Rong Bo laughed, as though he was an affable old man.

All the people with greedy eyes were immediately flushed of their greed. The two people were actually Onyx Soul Elders! Thinking about how they thought of wanting to deal with the two Onyx Soul Elders, their hearts all started quivering.

Tang Tian’s heart was also taken for surprise, so the two of them were from Onyx Soul. But he did not have any feelings, everyone had restraining fear for Onyx Soul, but he did not have any feeling for them, just slightly moved.

As expected of tyrants, to casually take out two objects which were treasures!

But for Rong Bo to bring Ye Zhao Ge here, caused Tang Tian to immediately become cautious, his face was filled with prudence, were the two of them planning to seize their things back?

He had made plans to escape the moment something was not right.

“Everyone knows of Onyx Soul’s interest in Honorable Martial Group. Taking Dawn back to study it awhile, who knows maybe we can learn some light spirit techniques.” The middle aged man said without hiding from the taboo topic, raising his face up, he sneered: “Don’t tell me Clan Elder Rong is regretting it?”

“Regret? Hehe!” Rong Bo laughed upon hearing it” Elder Mu is looking down on me. A loss is a loss, it isn’t a big deal, when i was young, I lost so much i almost lost my pants as well.”

He immediately laughed towards Tang Tian: “Little brother do not be too anxious, in any case I am an elder from Honorable Martial Group, giving me some face is not something you will regret.”

“Then is elder Rong here to drink some tea?” Elder Mu said sarcastically.

“Haha, I am here to stop my Group’s spirit technique cards from going into my enemies hands.” Rong Bo laughed towards Tang Tian: “Since Onyx Soul Elders have already set a price, then I as an Honorable Martial Clan Elder should also be able to set a price.”

Oh my, Tang Tian was happy: “Of course you can.”

Please fight….please fight…..

Little Fool could hear Tang Tian’s whisperings, and could not help but roll his eyes, how can someone as noble as me mix with such an asshole?

Elder Rong Bo laughed: “Elder Mu is willing to spend his hard-earned savings, then I won’t be unpresentable too.”

Oh my!

Give me a high price…. A high price…..

Hearing Tang Tian’s excited shouts in his heart, Little Fool rolled his eyes again, he was already beginning to think, where did he fail at, to actually be in such a crappy person’s body.

“I only have one thing, a Saint Spirit!” Elder Rong Bo threw out his words slowly.

Little Fool who was currently rolling his eyes with a face of arrogance, suddenly shouted frantically: “ACCEPT HIM!”

Tang Tian was not shocked by Rong Bo’s reply, but jumped in fright from Little Fool’s shout: “Hey, Little Fool, who are you siding with?”

“Quickly agree to him! That is good stuff!” Little Fool impatiently shouted.

Tang Tian laughed: “Little Fool, be obedient, see what I do.”

Clan Elder Mu looked at Rong Bo in disbelief, and said coldly: “You’re crazy, how is Dawn worth a Saint Spirit?”

“It isn’t valuable to you, but it is to me.” Rong Bo laughed, and waved his hand: “What can I do, I have so much money, what can I do?”

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, looking at Rong Bo with passionate eyes, I like customers like you!

“What about it? Little brother.” Rong Bo noticed Tang Tian’s passionate gaze, he did not dare believe that Tang Tian was someone who could be able to reject such an offer.

“I like it, but, you have to add something else!” Tang Tian spoke in an unquestionable tone: “I also want a spirit treasure.”

Rong Bu could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows: “Do you know what a Saint Spirit is used for?”

“I do not know, but it seems very powerful!” Tang Tian shook his head honestly.

So it was like that, seems like i met someone who does not know, it’s fine, as long as he knows the worth of the Saint Spirit, he will definitely not reject. Rong Bo smoothened his eyebrows and laughed: “This Saint Spirit is a spirit domain left behind by a saint, its biggest use, is that it can increase your spirit value. His saint bone there, can increase your spirit value by 10. This Saint spirit on the other hand, can increase your spirit value by at least 50 points. You understand it now?”

“So it was like that!” Tang Tian realized, and strangely became even more firm: “But you still must give me more!”

Rong Bo’s face darkened: “Little brother, a person must not be too greedy, to know when to stop and not damage a relationship is better.”

Tang Tian pointed at the umbrella handle and asked Rong Bo: “How many times is a saint spirit worth more than the umbrella handle?”

“10 times more!” Rong Bo arrogantly replied.

“You have even gave me 10 times more, if you gave me 1 more, what does that matter?” Tang Tian said boldly and confidently, as though the other party owed him or something.

Little Fool was dumbstruck, this, this….can this even work….

“Just for one, you don’t even want 10?” Rong Bo’s face was gloomy.

“You can even give me 10 now, that means it is worth more than 10.” Tang Tian shook his head: “Now I do not want just one more, I want 3 more!”

“Does Little Brother think that my Honorable Martial Group is so easy to be bullied?” Rong Bo said coldly.

Tang Tian extended five fingers: “5 more!”

Rong Bo stared at Tang Tian for half a day, and suddenly laughed: “Deal! Little Brother clearly understands the intentions of people, admirable admirable! But, if you treat me like this, it is not fair.”

Tang Tian spoke with confidence: “It’s eecause you have a lot of money!”

The smile on Rong Bo’s face froze.

Clan Elder Mu laughed at the top of his voice, his reckless laughter was like a blade that cut Rong Bo’s heart.

Ye Zhao Ge looked quietly at Tang Tian, he was not in the least bit angry, he was not surprised by the other party’s actions.

In the last battle, he had displayed extraordinary powerful control over his strength, so he knew that the other party was not a good person.

To personally witness such a haggle, he was even more sure of the deep schemes of the other party. The elder had taken out a Saint Spirit, but not only did it not make the other party give in, but instead it made the other party even more firm and slowly forced the Elder to give more. It was the first time Ye Zhao Ge had seen the elder be caught in a hopeless situation, as the Elder’s knowledge of people’s intent had reached an inconceivable level.

What a terrifying opponent!

Little Fool was completely dumbstruck, he watched in shock as Rong Bao took out another spirit treasure, and then brought Ye Zhao Ge and left.

Rong Bo’s back view, why did it look like it had a hint of being out of practise and escaping? Little Fool shook his head in his mind, impossible…..Honorable Martial Group Clan Elders are all unfathomable, all of them are extremely intellectual….how could he run away from that….

Tang Tian was already admiring the spirit treasure in his hands, it was a delicate little spearhead, smaller than the size of his palm, pitch black and simple, forming the shape of a crow’s beak, it did not have ornaments and looked to be of the highest quality. On the spearhead were two vermilion seals, written “Coma Berenices”.

Clan Elder Mu who was by the side said: “He did not cheat you. That Coma Berenices Spearhead is good, it is a complete spirit treasure. A Star Treasure From Coma Berenices Constellation, it’s strongest point is that it can become as thin as a thread, a whip type weapon, and it’s quality is good. With this bronze whip as the main body, scattering it into threads and permeating into Corvus Constellation’s Crow Spear, it can become a complete spirit treasure. It is something you can use now, my incomplete item, although its quality is more outstanding, but it is not something you can use in the short term.”

Clan Elder Mu’s voice was filled with delight, to be able to see his arch-enemy eat a loss, there was nothing more joyful than that.