Undefeated God of War - Chapter 495 – Enemies on a Narrow Road

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Chapter 495 – Enemies on a Narrow Road

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian landed with reluctance, the feeling of flying in the air was simply too excellent, as fast as lightning, under the clear cold moonlight with boundless clouds and ocean, if he had brought Qian Hui to this place to play at this time, she would definitely be very happy!

When Tang Tian landed on the ice plain, he was immediately surprised. On the ice plain, there were many figures around.

“I never expected that this cold wave could have such a magical effect!”

“Cang Yang Yu really has quietly gained a big fortune……”

“Good is good, but it is a pity that it is a little too thin.”

Listening to the words that travelled into his ears, Tang Tian understood slightly, so it turns out that everyone was looking for the cold wave. He thought of the day Little Fool and the rest were eating, and Tang Tian started to laugh happily.

Little Fool was not happy at all about this, he was scheming deeply with plots after plots, he was thinking about how he could seize back control over the body.

Kill the fool?

Impossible! The two people were in one body, the fool could only be suppressed and not erased. His heart could not wait for someone to beat up Tang Tian, if Tang Tian suffered from some severe injury, maybe he could have a little chance.

However, the strength of the fool seemed to be improving pretty quickly……

Little Fool’s petite face was as gloomy as water, just like a kid who was having difficulty with his parents.

“Eh! A Form Spirit!”

An old man scream out loud, causing Tang Tian to freeze, he turned, an old man and another martial artist who had a cold expression stood side by side.. The old man looked at Little Fool, his eyes gleaming.

But Tang Tian’s gaze landed on the other martial artist who had an ice cold expression.

Tang Tian squinted his eyes and grinned, it truly was enemies on a narrow road, an inevitable clash!

Ye Zhao Ge!

Ye Zhao Ge’s gaze also fell on Little Fool, his expression ice cold as usual but his pupil flashed a hint of astonishment. Form Spirits, such an ancient spirit domain, someone was actually training in it? Many years ago, Form Spirits were already eliminated, and no one trained in it ever again.

The spirit domains in the current generation were more efficient, as there was a limit to a spirit domain’s capacity, it also had a limit on the number of spirit techniques able to be contained, how to be more efficient was the ultimate goal of the current generation’s spirit domains.

Form Spirits were the product from the ancient chaotic and messy ideas, the ancient saints felt that the sky and earth could join as one, felt that life was basically chaotic and dirty. The nurture of a Form Spirit was usually associated with a great random probability, because it could not be meticulously and directly controlled.

These were two entirely different thoughts, but there were no comparisons between them. But to anyone, being bestowed as a saint was extremely difficult, having stepped into the saint level with much difficulty, and having to gamble qualities, the saints were of course unwilling. They were more willing to choose, not necessarily more powerful, but a more obvious road that could be controlled.

This was the current generation spirit domain’s origin of development, and following the current generation’s development of martial techniques system to today’s standards, streamlining was already at its peak.

For example, to be able to quantify the size of the spirit domain, they suggested a concept on spirit value. Not only could the spirit domain be able to use spirit value as a measurement, every spirit value that each spirit technique needed was also laid out by them. With this, they could accurately determine the spirit technique that can be trained, and what they should train in.

Such a spirit domain like the Form Spirit, had long been eliminated.

Hence Ye Zhao Ge was a little surprised, at such an age, there were still people using such outdated methods to train?

With regards to the surprise of the old man beside him, he was not surprised, as the old man had a strong ancient train of thoughts. Ye Zhao Ge’s heart scoffed at this point, those things that were long ago eliminated, were all already proven to be outdated and useless, were totally not worth the effort and strength.

But Old Yu’s status was very high, he had Elder Rong’s trust, and he was always given guidance on a day to day basis, so Ye Zhao Ge held down his feelings. Old Yu was very interested in the cold wave, things that could nurture spirit generals, are not extinct, but every piece had sky-high prices. Like the cold ancient ice land, its value was extraordinary.

The two people turned and stopped with a little disappointment. Cang Yang Yu did not give anyone else a chance, the origin of the cold wave was deep in the Ancient Cold City. The cubes of ice in the cold wave in the air, in their opinion, were too thin and did not hold much value to saints.

Unexpectedly, they had bumped into a Form Spirit here.

Little Fool also noticed Ye Zhao Ge, when everyone put it all on the line and fought irreconcilably that time, to meet once again, he was naturally angered by the appearance of Ye Zhao Ge.

However, he was even more curious about the fool’s reaction.

“Hey fellow, you actually trained out a Form Spirit, not bad not bad.” Old Yu praised : “What about it? Are you interested to come to Honourable Martial Group?”

“Honourable Martial Group!” Tang Tian revealed an excited expression : “I heard that the people from Honourable Martial Group are all very powerful!”

Little Fool slanted his face, he could not bear to look, can your expression be even more fake?

Old Yu was on the contrary enjoying the praise: “Honourable Martial Group has had a long history, we have all sorts of ancient books, as long as you are willing to work hard, then you will definitely be better than the rest.”

Tang Tian put on an act and nodded his head: “But, there is no proof just by talking, everyone says Honourable Martial Group is very powerful, I don’t believe it.”

Old Yu was completely engrossed with him: “Then what do you want to do, to believe it?”

“Fight with him!” Tang Tian pointed to Ye Zhao Ge: “As long as he wins, I will join you guys.”

Old Yu laughed after a while: “You deserve praise for your courage, Zhao Ge, go give the young fellow a few strokes, do not be too ruthless.”

In Old Yu’s eyes, the young fellow in front of his eyes definitely recognised Ye Zhao Ge, the thought of displaying his strength through the fight with him, to be able to receive good treatment. It was a good thing that the young fellow had a competitive heart, Ye Zhao Ge is a widely known genius, and naturally would be compared to other people.

Old Yu had encountered plenty of such situations, as for the other party not willing to join Honourable Martial Group, he had absolutely not thought of it before. It was cool to stay under a tree, and Honourable Martial Group was fully deserving to be hailed as the Biggest Tree, who could reject them? As for the young man, how powerful is he, Old Yu did not bother, he was only interested in the Form Spirit. If the Form Spirit was not a spirit domain of a saint, he would have snatched it earlier on.

Even if it attracted the opponent, he was only an experiment.

Ye Zhao Ge remained unconcerned, he stood up, he had encountered plenty of such situations, it was already normal for him to be challenged.

Tang Tian became famous after a battle with him, but with that battle, his limelight soared, for the strength of one person, he suppressed Tang Tian, Jing Hao and the rest. Today Tang Tian’s reputation was on a skyhigh, Ye Zhao Ge also had changed with the overall trend, countless people had thought of stepping on him for fame, but none had succeeded.

“Wait!” Tang Tian shouted: “If I lose to him, then I will leave, what if I win?”

“You win?” Old Yu froze, he laughed involuntarily, he never thought of Ye Zhao Ge losing before, he laughed and said: “Young fellow has great self confidence. Even so, I will place my bets, this saint bone, is one of my kept collections, it is useless for others, but for your Form Spirit, it is considered very beneficial. You need not win, I only need you to sustain 20 strikes by him.”

A piece of unremarkable bone, appeared in Old Yu’s hands. This item was only his collection and not worth any money.

The piece of bone was only as big as a finger, covered with dust, it looked to be a small pieces of mud, extremely unremarkable.

Little Fool’s eyes suddenly brightened up, the smell that the piece of bone is giving off…….

Tang Tian was said unhappily: “Hey, old man, don’t take a piece of lousy bone and say it is some saint bone. Are you really from Honourable Martial Group? Are you lying? People from Honourable Martial Group are all extremely rich!”


Ye Zhao Ge’s expression became weird.

Old Yu’s expression turned a little ugly, he controlled the rage in his heart, if not for the extinction of Form Spirits, just by the words earlier, he will not hesitate to kill the boy. Wait till you fall into my hands, you will definitely become a dried specimen, in my collection, another piece. Form spirits in this generation, is not a bad collection.

Having thought to this point, Old Yu said patiently: “This is indeed a saint bone. When Ancient saints pass away, there is another term called fade away, their body and soul will be extinguished completely, not leaving a trace on earth. Only a very few saints will have their bones not completely vanished, these bones left behind are saint bones. Legends say that the saint bones are the best nourishment for Form Spirits.”

Tang Tian did not believe him, he muttered: “I can pick up a few bones at the cemetery which look better than that, still saint bones, who are you bluffing? Where is the saint?”

“……” Old Yu’s face cramped up, he muttered through his gritted teeth: “Then tell me how?”

If only there were not much people here……

No! Just by hanging dry, it cannot get rid of the hate in my heart, wait till you fall into my hands, see how I will brew you……

“Spirit technique cards, add on another spirit technique card.” Tang Tian lifted his finger: “Hey, you are a big shot from Honourable Martial Group, don’t take out all those trashy roadside stuff!”

At this point of time, many saints were attracted to their movements and conversation, and observed from afar.

Tang Tian used a suspicious look and judged Old Yu: “Hey, I truly am suspecting whether you are from Honourable Martial Group? Are you a cheater!”


Old Yu was so angry that the wrinkles on his face were trembling, like a layer of ripple, he was lazy to speak nonsense, and immediately took out a spirit technique card: “This piece of spirit technique card, [Dawn]!”

Ye Zhao Ge was moved, [Dawn] was one of the most famous spirit technique cards in Honourable Martial Group, it was regarded as the bronze saint level’s strongest spirit technique card. He knew the value of the spirit technique card, even when sold inside Honorable Martial Group itself, the price could reach 200 billion! It was not something that could be bought just because.

For Old Yu to actually take out the spirit technique card, Ye Zhao Ge knew that the situation was not as simple as he had thought.

The stranger in front of him, did not look to be worth 200 billion star coins.

He immediately felt a strand of pressure. If he let Old Yu lose the spirit technique card, it was a loss of around 200 billion star coins, to Old Yu, it would definitely be painful.

His eyes flashed with caution.

The surrounding cries of alarm immediately let Tang Tian know that the spirit Technique card was definitely something good.

Without a second word, Tang Tian promised: “Okay! But, you give me the items first, in case you back out later on. Anyway you guys won’t be afraid about me running.”

The killing intent flashed through Old Yu’s heart, his face expression did not change, he threw the spirit technique card over: “Hehe, fine! Young boy you’re quite clever, however, prove to us with your strength, there is now no more room for regret.”

He wanted to make it clear to the audience, that the other party did not have any chance to regret, Honourable Martial Group’s regret was not so easily given.

So what if we are in Sextans Constellation? As long as there is reason, Killing till rivers of blood flow was not something he was afraid off.

Tang Tian kept the items.

People who received the news increased, Ye Zhao Ge was not some nameless person. Although he had the most shallow experience amongst the saints, but to step into the saint rank at such a young age, he was definitely a genius!

The battle was definitely worth seeing.