Undefeated God of War - Chapter 494 – The Secret of the Silver Transformation

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Chapter 494 – The Secret of the Silver Transformation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“We’re not waiting for Ling Xu and Crane?” Jing Hao was a little surprised.

Tang Chou shook his head: “nope.’

So many days have passed, he had already finished replenishing and adjusting the army in Alkaid City. Most of all, he had replenished his army by integrating the survivors from the three Cetus Armies that had fully recovered. These people who withstood Tang Tian’s whirlpool storm previously, in that critical moment, many of them had breakthroughs. Subsequently they were injured by the whirlpool sword storm, but after treatment, they have basically recovered, this was where medicine saint Ding Man had the biggest contribution.

These people did not capture Ursa Major Constellation’s attention, but Tang Chou held them at quite a high value. Old soldiers who have encountered the cruel battle and survived, were not ordinary compared to what ordinary martial artists were capable of. Moreover, having made breakthroughs during battle, showed that they have strong wills to survive, a quality that was rather rare.

The Cetus Constellation today had long merged with Ursa Major Constellation, Gong Qing had escaped, yet Tang Tian did not massacre and cleanse Cetus Constellation, their families lived very well, all this caused the Cetus martial artists to have contradicting feelings. Since they were still alive, then naturally they have to consider a more realistic problem, everyone had a family to feed, Tang Chou’s enticing lure also allowed them to heave a sigh of relief and something to look forward to.

The current Tang Tian today was like a sunny day, his reputation had flourished, although the time for his emergence of power was short, but it was enough for him to be a tyrant.

Almost every Cetus warrior who had recovered from their injuries chose to join in.

With the participation of the Cetus martial artists, it raised the army’s capabilities. Their strengths were already quite good, also having gone through the war of cleansing, their personal strength had breakthroughs, their strengths were already very close to Gold Ranked Martial Artists, within them there were over 10 people who had already reached the standard of Gold Ranked Martial Artists.

In Tang Chou’s plans, for the deployment of the army in the future, Gold Ranked Martial Artists will become a sturdy core, the backbone of the army.

Jing Hao was intelligent, his personal strength was powerful, but with regards to directing a battle, he was extremely naive. He nodded and said “what am I required to do?”

Tang Chou took a look at Jing Hao, his heart had a little admiration for him, indeed a trustable person. His tone was still ice cold: “Magic Flute will follow me along, Alkaid City will be passed to you, sire.”

“Good!” Jing Hao said without bullshitting: “Hand Alkaid City over to me.”

The big army advanced with a bang.

Magic Flute floated beside Tang Chou, he asked in a gentle voice: “Why the rush? Saint level martial artists are not easy to go against, the road to become a famous general is also not to be rushed.”

“Do you think I am doing this for the fame of a famous general?” Tang Chou sneered: “I know the capabilities of saints, but we have to beat them. Because all of our future enemies are fated to be saints.”

Magic Flute was extremely witty, he replied with a short grunt, but he clearly understood Tang Chou’s opinion, he said: “You wish to use these battles to look for ways to defeat saints?”

“Thats right.” Tang Chou replied coldly: “The battle in Three Spirits City, gave me quite an enlightenment, but I want to confirm my thoughts. Every battle strategy must have a real battle to experiment.”

Magic Flute sighed faintly: “Only that with this, the casualties……”

“To find the way to battle against saints, no matter what sacrifice it requires, it is worth it.” Tang Chou’s tone was cold as ice, almost without any temperature.

Magic Flute looked at Tang Chou and sighed: “Ah Chou you are too cruel.”

Tang Chou’s expression remained cold as ice, not saying a single word.

It was the best opportunity, without fear of the number of casualties, but with the current Ursa Major Constellation, it could be sustained. If they could not finish upgrading of the army within this time, if they cannot find the way of defeating saints, then in the next phase of battles, Ursa Major Constellation will fall into becoming completely passive, losing the will to fight.

This is what Tang Chou could not tolerate, Master had created a startup with so much difficulty, how could they stop like that?

The most direct method of upgrading the army was to battle, where the survivors of Cetus Constellation were the perfect examples. Because only in the moment of life and death, was the easiest to display potential, easier to fulfill the breakthroughs as the will to survive is an instinct. If not for the Whirlpool Sword Storm, these Cetus Constellation martial arts martial artists would have to spend an unknown amount of time to want to breakthrough, and the majority of them would not achieve the breakthrough in their whole lives.

This was also why every time during big battles, the number of experts would not get lesser, but would increase rapidly.

Tang Chou’s eyes flashed with a hint of color, the limit of his next battle was only a quarter. As long as they are left with a quarter, the skeleton and core of the invincible army would then be able to form.

All the real armies that left their names in history were not trained, but they were all hardened and baptised from battles, using every victory in battle and the piling of bones to be carved out.

Tang Chou was even clearer, with such huge casualties, Master would definitely flare with rage, he would also lose the Master’s trust, and might even be punished.

However, mercy does not benefit soldiers, for Master, for the entire army, his own life was not important.

He was an evil person himself, there was no one more suitable than him to serve as the cold hearted murderer.

Tang Chou did not speak these thoughts to Magic Flute. Magic Flute was different from him, and everyone had their own mission.


Ling Xu leaned on the tree trunk, the tree trunk filled with moss and the humid air. His body was trembling, he was gasping for air with a pained expression, the corner of his mouth had remnants of blood, but his orange pupils continued to blaze with fire.

The drilling pain in his right arm made his mind go blank.

Wei Wei An looked at Ling Xu’s state, she bit her lips tightly, without saying a word. That heroic spirited face, was twisted and hideous, filled with sweat, his thick and heavy panting, contained endless pain.

She had asked Ling Xu, but Ling Xu did not tell her.

The thoughtful and delicate Wei Wei An, notice that the frequency of the breakout was getting higher. From the start every few days, to almost everyday. Her heart filled with worry, Ling Xu’s body was deteriorating.

She knew why.

It is because of the battle, the battle that shook her spirit, she had never seen such a crazy and stubborn martial artist. The brave fighters in her clan, compared to Ling Xu, were lacking greatly.

Just In this forest, seven battles had already occurred.

Seven battles, in every battle Ling Xu would take on two enemies. Wei Wei An could not understand at the beginning, because fighting two enemies, Ling Xu had no chance of winning. Moreover as what she had expected of the battle, Ling Xu was steadily suppressed, without any slight chance, he was always in a difficult and dangerous situation.

Ling Xu paid a hefty price, and escaped.

Wei Wei An thought that the battle would allow Ling Xu to understand the difference in strength in the two parties, but unexpectedly, just resting for a day, Ling Xu went back to fight again, lost again, injured himself and escaped again!

The same mistake, made twice, that was stupidity.

But the same mistake, made seven times?

Wei Wei An could not say the word “stupid” no matter what, no matter how stupid the matter is, when it was so messed up, without hesitation and still without a care for anything.

Hence, such his stupidity, was actually very strong and pulsating, it had a burning and crazy passion, it had an obstination that the world could not understand, it had prejudice and beliefs which was as sharp as a spear!

Wei Wei An’s gentle heart, was pierced through by this belief which was a sharp as a spear.

This person is really a regiment of sharp burning flame…….

The panting gradually stopped,the twisted and hideous face gradually smoothened out, the trembling and rigid body gradually loosened and steadied itself, the orange pupils slowly began to regain its focus.

“How long has it been?”

Ling Xu’s voice sounded completely tired, the weight of his body completely pressed on the tree trunk, without moving, the sweat on his face flowed willfully.

“One hour.” Wei Wei An replied.

Ling Xu did not say a single word, he recovered his strength. Through the battles from the past few days, he had greatly raised his strength, other than having a greater understanding of the use of the spear techniques, the other biggest discovery was the secret of the silver transformation.

Fighting would will increase the frequency of the silver transformation, the pain from the silver transformation was increasing non-stop, but as long as he could pull through, his arms would produce a strand of clear flow, when it entered into his spirit domain, he could feel his spirit domain growing stronger!

In the past when he did not form his spirit domain, he had never realized the secret of the silver transformation.

After an hour, his physical strength recovered completely,

The wind blew on the young man’s silver hair, that heroic and masculine face, made Wei Wei An lose focus.

She suddenly asked: “Big brother Ling, why did you save me?”

Ling Xu looked at Wei Wei An, this little lady’s performance the past few days made him satisfied, she had quieted a lot, moreover she became more sensible.

Ling Xu did not reject her this time, he said: “I saw it from Master’s diary, he was saved in his early years, that person had the same white colour crescent imprint.”

Wei Wei An was shocked, she pointed to the white crescent mark below her earlobe: “Big brother Ling, is it this?”

“Mm.” Ling Xu nodded his head

Wei Wei An had an expression of thought, suddenly shouted: “Ah, could it be Grandfather?”

“Grandfather?” Ling Xu froze.

“Mm!” Wei Wei An nodded his head strongly: “Grandfather left big dipper in his early years, we did not know where he had gone, but he came back after many years, he even brought Xiao Bai’s mother back. Grandfather once said, he saved a good friend, his friend let him bring back a mount, which is Xiao Bai’s mother.”

“Xiao Bai’s Mother?” Ling Xu’s eyes were blank, this weird address, immediately made his limited intelligence dizzy.

“Xiao Bao is a very handsome Sword Horned Snow Sheep.” Wei Wei An explained: “I have not seen Xiao Bai’s mother, she died when Xiao Bai was just born.”

Sword Horned Snow Sheep!

Ling Xu’s mind was in shock, his pupils expanded rapidly. A Sword Horned Snow Sheep, was the perfect mount of Silver Frost Mount, it had gone extinct a long time ago, now the Black Feathers Mounts had the Black Feathered Antelopes.

Silver Frost Mount!

Master was indeed from the Silver Frost Mounts……

Ling Xu could not help but grasp the silver spear tightly in his hands, he had such a guess in his heart in the past, but he never had evidence. But now, this guess has become a reality.

Ling Xu suddenly thought of something, his breathing suddenly became chaotic, he strongly withstood the excitement in his heart and asked Wei Wei An: “When did your grandfather leave Big Dipper?”

“Grandfather is the person with the longest life in the clan, he is now already 330 years old.” Wei Wei An held up his fingers and counted: “When grandfather left, he was about 30 years old, that should be 300 years ago.”

Ling Xu’s guess was once again confirmed, he calmed down.

Master, are you Gu Nan?

“Roughly 300 years ago, the Silver Frost Mount had two spear geniuses that appeared, Gu Nan and Lian Yu…… Gu Nan perished, his body never found……”