Undefeated God of War - Chapter 492 – Blink and Little Fool’s Change

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Chapter 492 – Blink and Little Fool’s Change

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

After spending three full days, Tang Tian finally learned how to fly, and the cost of it was astronomical. If not for the fact that the Zero Energy Body was extremely durable and strong, Tang Tian suspected that he would not be alive.

But, I have finally learned how to fly!

Tang Tian was feeling ecstatic , the young lad could finally travel in the sky. Thinking about that, he became extremely eager, and waited until the sky turned dark before going out to try it out.

It was not difficult for a saint to fly, it was like a thin layer of paper that was between the land of flight and the saint, the saint had never seen the land of flight, and without any guidance, the saint would use his own experience to simulate light body techniques and fly, easily breaking the thin layer of paper.

But it was thanks to Little Fool, if not for him bringing Tang Tian to fly, Tang Tian would not know that saints could fly like that as well.

Comparing the majority of saints who were considered as new entrants to the saint level and the saints after gaining their spirit domains, it is really a shame. None of the saints under Tang Tian knew how to fly.

From that, anyone could clearly distinguish the gap between a saint with inheritance and a saint without any. But the current Ursa Major Constellation could be considered a small tyrant, with its immense wealth, even if they did not know, it was fine, but if they knew about it, their mobilization power is not one to look down upon either.

The number of saints in Ursa Major Constellation was growing day by day, and Ursa Major Constellation began to establish a special Saint Unit, gathering materials to cater to the saints training. Liang Feng and the rest were all invigorated, truly having a big backer was awesome, although Ursa Major Constellation could not be compared to the Ecliptic Palaces, but it definitely was not something small like the old Draco Constellation. Even Draco Constellation lacked strength to gather the saints, so how would the other scattered saints be able to do it?

So when Tang Tian gave the order, they were all surging with passion. They themselves all had methods of doing things, but it was just that they lacked the funds to do so in the past.

Even the simplest saint flying technique could go as high as 10 billion star coins.

10 billion star coins, to many small constellations was an astronomical and unattainable number, but to the saint level, it was not worth much.

So when Tang Tian saw that in just a few days, the bill spent by the Saint Unit, his face immediately turned green, 340 billion!

Hand Towel and Pi Pa had already tried and pleaded to stop the expenses on the Saints Unit, [Project Big Dipper] was already a bottomless pit, and by giving the army the reducing energy transformation, it already consumed a lot of money. If not for Ursa Major Constellation having Fornax Constellation’s gold spitting weird beasts, they would not be able to sustain such a heavy expenditure, but despite that, it still made Hand Towel and Pi Pa who were in control suffer an immense pressure.

Tang Tian agreed to Hand Towel and Pi Pa’s request without hesitation, the old fellows from the Saints Unit, were all basking in happiness, they were able to have an abundant harvest, they were extremely satisfied.

But when Tang Tian found out about the harvest, he immediately understood, the 340 billion was not spent on nothing.

Below the saint level, techniques were hailed as martial techniques, and upon reaching the saint level, methods of battling would go through a qualitative change, and hailed as spirit techniques.

Flight spirit techniques might look ordinary, but there were levels to it, and different price flight spirit techniques, there would be great differences in terms of speed and mobility. And for example, energy barriers, were the most commonly used defense spirit technique used by saints, but it’s protective properties and speed of brandishing the technique also had differences.

If we were to say, training martial techniques was the path towards being enlightened on the spirit domain, then spirit techniques were the result of deducing and comprehending the laws.

To the saints under Tang Tian, this was definitely a feast. Even if there were a few spirit techniques they could not train in, it would still be able to provide them with motivation.

Spirit Techniques encompasses the laws, and is unable to be explained with words but only comprehended by experience, so the product was hailed as spirit technique cards.

340 billion, was unable to upgrade the saints of the Saint Unit by a whole new boundary level, but it was able to increase qualitatively, the fighting abilities of the entire Saint Unit.

Of course, there were two exceptions, who were Tang Tian and Jing Hao. One had the Form Spirit, and another a Sword Spirit, which were rarely seen. Jing Hao was slightly better, he had a proper route which was identified, and did not need to think too much and only required to be persevering. But Tang Tian was much more of a headache, he and Little Fool could communicate, yes, but the communication was extremely difficult.

There was only a single spirit technique card that reached Tang Tian’s hand, and was the only card that cost them over 100 billion, and was the famous [Blink]!

Liang Feng was truly a bootlicker, he met up with Bell by specially travelling through the night with his fastest speed, and then brought it over.

Blink involved touching upon the laws of space, its price was naturally sky high, furthermore its usage was extremely practical, it could allow a saint to completely blink around in a scope of 500m.

That was definitely a powerful killing technique!

But, how would Little Fool use a spirit technique card?

Tang Tian looked at the spirit technique card in his hand, he was anxious, but suddenly thought about when Little Fool ate the spirit technique card, and then he passed the spirit technique card over to Little Fool.

Little Fool picked up the spirit technique card, and without hesitation, it went into the mouth.

Crunch Crunch.

His cheek started to swell, then using strength to chew, Little Fool’s expression was focused, its black eyes started to give rise to a light aura.

When the last piece was in its mouth, Little Fool quietly stopped.

Tang Tian kneeled in front of Little Fool and asked eagerly: “How is it, how is it?”

Suddenly, Little Fool disappeared in front of him, that’s right, it was a sudden disappearance, it did not show any signs of disappearing, no wind movement, it was complete disappearance.

Almost at the same time, a gust of wind blew behind his neck, causing the hair on Tang Tian’s back to all stand.

Turning back, Little Fool was floating behind him with his umbrella.

Is this blinking….so scary…..

Tang Tian suddenly extended his hand and grabbed Little Fool, banging Little Fool on the ground, he scolded: “What are you bragging about! Asshole, I have had enough of you! Throwing me so many times, hahahaha, you’re finally in my hands, today I will let you understand what is pain…”

The pitiful Little Fool, was smashed by Tang Tian upside down, causing him to see stars, and the originally blank face became even more dejected and depressed, its face at a loss.

After releasing the anger, Tang Tian felt much better, scratching his chin, he started to ponder, what would happen if I were to meet a saint that can blink?

Oh, thinking about it, when Little Fool disappeared, I actually had a slight reaction to it.

Tang Tian’s focus wavered, thinking about it, how can there be anything that is undefeatable? Martial techniques or spirit techniques, there will definitely be ways to defeat them.

“Little Fool, Little Fool.”

Tang Tian shouted, but Little Fool remained motionless on the ground, Tang Tian frowned and spoke angrily: “If you do not get up i will beat you again!”

Woosh, Little Fool immediately floated up, the beating it received earlier definitely had shown its results.

“Blink two more times.” Tang Tian shouted.

Woosh, woosh, Little Fool obediently blinked twice.

“If i never say stop, don’t stop!” Tang Tian said.

Woosh woosh woosh….

Little Fool’s body appeared all over the room, his movements were extremely fast, without the slightest amount of carelessness.

Tang Tian focused on his senses and felt around, oh, there was a reaction, when Little Fool disappeared, I will always have a trace of reaction. This reaction is different from energy ripple, oh, is it the undulation of the air? Yes! Blink cannot be completely silent and motionless, because it relied on disappearing in the air, and goes through the change in space to materialize.

As long as my Intuition reaches a certain level, I will be able to feel the fluctuation of space. Not only intuition, but definitely there are a few types of treasures, or maybe some probing related spirit techniques will be able to sense it.

Blink’s power lies in speed!

A reach of 500m, that meant that, as long as the enemy was within a distance of 500m from him, it would mean he had entered his attacking space, and he could casually and suddenly attack. Other than that, he was able to escape out of any circumstance, and was extremely useful in escaping.

And Tang Tian realized, Little Fool was unable to blink twice consecutively, there must be a pause of 5 seconds. 5 seconds of time would not mean much on a normal basis, but in battle, it was enough for the enemy to kill you countless times.

Just as Tang Tian was pondering, Little Fool suddenly stopped.

“Eh, why did you stop?” Tang Tian looked, and suddenly realized: “There’s no more energy.”

Tang Tian very quickly realised another issue, which was the problem of energy. Other saints naturally had energy in their bodies, and spirit domains used the energy in their bodies. But Little Fool’s body did not have energy, and without energy, all the spirit techniques would be deemed useless. Tang Tian’s current way to get across this was the idea he came up with in the ice cave the last time, which was using star rocks.

Tang Tian had many star rocks, and being a constellation master, how could he have a problem with mere star rocks. The problem was, in an intense battle, the crux of battles were often in a split second, and how much time would he have, to be able to break star rocks in the middle of battle?

Tang Tian looked at Little Fool who was in a daze.

Suddenly, he took out a star rock and gave it to Little Fool.

Little Fool quickly took the star rock and chewed on it. Seeing that, Tang Tian continued to feed him. Little Fool did not reject, and continued to chew at a very fast rate.

One after another, in the blink of an eye, Tang Tian had fed over 10 star rocks, but Little Fool did not seem to have the intention to stop.

Tang Tian was dumbstruck, could the little brat’s stomach lead to another world?

But Tang Tian was also very curious, Little Fool had eaten so many star rocks, but there were no changes at all?

The feeding time lasted for an hour.

Little Fool finally did not accept anymore star rocks from Tang Tian, causing Tang Tian to immediately become roused.


Little Fool’s eyes suddenly lit up with a light aura.

The light aura in Little Fool’s eyes gradually dimmed down, the pair of black eyes were very clear and filled with intellect. In the next moment, Little Fool’s delicate face became stiff, then suddenly growing a few expressions, as though he used to be a statute that became alive.

Little Fool originally used have a striking resemblance to Tang Tian, his facial features were fine, but lacking some anger, and caused people to think it was a spirit general.

But that pair of energetic eyes, caused Little Fool to look very lively.

He raised his head, then looked at the umbrella in his hands, then looked down on at his palms, then looked at the Tang suit on his body, then lowered his head and looked at his legs.

His gaze, then once again landed on Tang Tian who was dumbstruck with his mouth wide open, the flaming anger in his eyes was clearly seen by Tang Tian.

“You did this nonsense?”

The question was brimming with anger, but the voice was like a toddler crying out for milk.

Tang Tian was even more stunned.

Little Fool’s body froze, his expression became extremely dark, his eyes filled with alarm.

This…..this is my voice….