Undefeated God of War - Chapter 490 – Cang Yang Yu

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Chapter 490 – Cang Yang Yu

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The sound of cutting air converged together, as the sky filled with a dazzling grass green dense light aura, the desire to kill was intense.

A burst of light flashed in front of Tang Tian, with Little Fool appearing above his head, opening up the Stars Umbrella, spinning and whirling it, all the gras figures were immediately absorbed into the umbrella.

The sky filled with grass green images was swept clean.

Tang Tian became joyous, who said our Little Fool was not powerful?

Just at that moment, a snort suddenly came out from not far away: “Thinking of running away?”

Straight after he spoke, a boom sound came out, and a dazzling light aura as bright as the sun blossomed out from the west courtyard, the terrifying energy ripple swept everything like a hurricane.


Other than himself, there were actually other people sneaking in, and it was another saint!

Just at that moment, an unimaginable ripple undulated out from the main courtyard, causing Tang Tian’s mind to shiver. It was as though he was being stared by something, the feeling that caused his entire body to tense, making him completely frozen.

It was a strange ripple, it flew by very quickly, if not for Tang Tian being extremely sharp, he would think that it was a wrong feeling of his. But he knew it was not wrong at all.

The Groundsmaster establishment was built upon a mountain, and its deepest part was the mountain….

Seeing that development, Tang Tian knew that his plan was busted.

As expected, the stern warning that came from the Ancient Cold City sounded out in all directions, causing a light shroud to slowly rise out, which represented the defensive energy barrier of Ancient Cold City.

Bad news!

If he did not run out at this time, he would have to fight his way out….

When he thought about that, Little Fool suddenly grabbed onto his clothes, spinning the Stars Umbrella, wooosh, Tang Tian only felt a strange energy transmitting from his neck, and then his eyes became bedazzled, as he shot up like a fire arrow straight into the sky.

This was…..

Tang Tian was dumbstruck, Little Fool…..

They flew higher and higher, and in the blink of an eye, Little Fool had brought Tang Tian past the clouds. Leaping out of the clouds, they were welcomed to another world. The cool moonlight had shone on the sea of clouds brightly, the endless and limitless sea of clouds, and a big bright moon hanging high up in the horizon, with the tranquility and absence of air above the layer of clouds, it was a beautiful sight.

Tang Tian was captivated by the beautiful scene, and in that moment, he had actually forgot to speak.

Bing floated out and praised: “Little Fool is so powerful! This beautiful scenery, the last time i saw this, oh, how long had it been, ten thousand years ago?”

Tang Tian finally regained his senses, his face became pale, such a high altitude….

He had learned light body techniques in the past, and flew up into the sky, sat on carriages, and the feeling of overlooking from the sky was extremely enjoyable. But…. Tang Tian swallowed his saliva, he was currently at an extremely high altitude, and it seemed…truly a little too high….

We are going to fall….

Tang Tian’s mind started to imagine being turned into mashed meat, somehow causing him to feel pain. Suddenly, Bing’s face changed, and he bellowed: “Quickly go, the old man is chasing up!”

He rushed back into Tang Tian’s body, Little Fool spun the umbrella handle, and like an agile fish, it formed an arc across the sky, flying into the sea of clouds. Tang Tian was immediately bedazzled again, as he was suddenly plunged into the white mist.

A figure rushed out of the sea of clouds, it was Li Ruo, his eyes swept around quickly like lightning.

He was like a fish, quickly soaring above the clouds and inspecting around for a time, seeing that he could gain nothing from it, he dived into the sea of clouds and returned to the City.

When Tang Tian returned to the training camp, it was already in a hubbub, everyone was awakened by the sounds of explosions, and all crawled up. Seeing the energy barrier being erected, they were all in discussions.

Ding Chen saw him, then tension on his face calmed down. He did not ask much, he knew there were some things not meant to be asked.

Tang Tian did not say much, and quickly went back to his room. The battle had struck him immensely. He used to feel that a saint was nothing much, since he had killed a few saints. But he had just realized, to be able to go through that, was definitely a bout of luck, the opponent obviously did not expect him to be such a freak.

To be more direct, the flight of a saint was completely different from a martial artist’s light body techniques. The light body technique is the process of raising qi and releasing the qi, able to propel the martial artist forward, when the power is exhausted, it will turn into sliding. And the flight of a saint was truly flying, able to break through the height of clouds, its speed astonishing, and extremely agile like a fish.

Just based on that fact, a saint could outrun a martial artist. And that was an ordinary saint, the saints that were bestowed through light body techniques, were even more terrifying.

If he did not have Little Fool, when the opponent had struck at him, he would immediately have no idea on how to dodge.

And, how could he use Little Fool?

Little Fool’s performance had surprised Tang Tian, it was definitely breathtaking, but he could just rely on Little Fool to suddenly outburst each time. Form Spirits were also a type of spirit domain, and there would definitely be a method to use them.

The atmosphere in Ancient Cold City was extremely tense, as if they were waiting for an assault from a large enemy.

The Groundsmaster Establishment was bright like daytime, the security tight.

Fu Zhong Shan and a few others were inside the big hall, all of them were listening to Jiang Yang’s detailed explanation of the battle.

“Disciple was meditating, when I suddenly sensed a person barging into the grassland. Disciple was extremely shocked, before the person had entered the grassland, disciple did not sense the intruder at all. Disciple was determined to hold the intruder back, and activated [Impetuous Grass Needle Shadow]. Disciple thought it was stabilized, and when the circle of grass released the [Impetuous Grass Needle Shadow]. But the opponent was definitely a disciple of a saint too, I did not expect him to have a method to dispel my technique, and it surprised me. A spirit general holding onto an umbrella suddenly appeared above his head too. This spirit general looked to be a 3 to 4 year old infant, and the stars on the umbrella floated out, upon spinning the umbrella, all my grass needles were completely absorbed in, causing me to lose contact. And just then there was an explosion, the opponent seemed to have realized he had failed, and used the spirit general to fly him up into the air.”

Fu Zhong Shan’s face turned darker, and suddenly asked: “You said the spirit general flew him up into the air?”

“Yes!” Jiang Yang revealed a look of recalling: “That spirit general suddenly grabbed onto his neck, spun the umbrella, and soared into the air, and this disciple was unable to catch up.”

Li Ruo said in a low voice: “When I reacted, he was gone without a trace. From the looks of it, the person should not be a saint, and the spirit general is the odd one! A child using an umbrella? Senior brother do you recall any strong martial artist that has that?”

Fu Zhong Shan shook his head: “I never heard of that before.”

He wavered for a moment, then said: “The one that I fought with, was a blood meridians saint, and he should have sustained some light injuries.”

“Blood Meridians saint?” Li Ruo’s face changed: “Onyx Soul!”

The two words caused everyone in the hall to have a change in expression. To them, that was undoubtedly the worst case scenario, Onyx Soul’s strength was unfathomable, and when they had set their sights on something, they were unstoppable.

“Seems like someone already saw through our act.” Fu Zhong shan said: “Since they have entered and investigated, we have already been exposed.”

“What do we do now?” Li Ruo asked.

Fu Zhong Shan’s eyes turned to look at his daughter Fu Zi Hong who was seated quietly at the side: “Hong’er, you have more ideas, tell us what you think.”

Fu Zi Hong was gentle and refined, a composed and stylish girl, her appearance was beautiful. She said: “If Onyx Soul wants to cut in, then our situation is not good. If that is the case, daughter has an idea, we can publicly sell to everyone.”

“Publicly sell?” Fu Zhong Shan frowned.

“Yes.” Fu Zi Hong continued: “From the looks of it, we cannot avoid the hoorah coming out from it. Why not just assume the stance of wanting to sell for a good price, and attract even more buyers to enter.”

Li Ruo was enlightened: “Hong’er’s meaning is to cause them to contend against each other?”

“No.” Fu Zi Hong shook her head: “We are trying to delay time, and only by enduring this time can we succeed. So we need to broadcast to as far as possible, and attract even more attention, so the more buyers there are, at least Onyx Soul will be restrained. We can think of a few ways to delay, for example we are not lacking in case, and the opponent must provide something that can move us.”

Fu Zhong Shan and Li Ruo looked at each other, nodding their heads in unison.

“Good! That is what we will do!” Fu Zhong Shan smacked the table as he came to the conclusion.

When everyone dispersed, only Fu Zhong Shan and Li Ruo remained, both of them keep silent. After a long while, Fu Zhong Shan spoke: “Let’s go, we shall go see Master.”

The ice cold stone steps, led them down deeper and deeper, an indescribable ripple flooded the passage. Although the two of them were saints, but they still shivered uncontrollably.

The two men walked through the long passage for over a minute before reaching the end.

A gigantic stone room appeared in front of them. Inside the stone room, a cold qi leaked out. The four walls were covered with a dense ice layer, the density of the cold wave was astonishing.

A frail old man sat cross legged in meditation, his face was covered with wrinkles, his appearance serene.

“You both came.”

The gentle and warm voice sounded out, the old man opened his eyes.

“Master!” Fu Zhong Shan and Li Ruo shouted in unison, this was their master, Cang Yang Yu.

“You have worked hard.” Cang Yang Yu said warmly: “I already know of everything that is happening outside. Do not worry too much, there are some things that are unavoidable. Hong’er’s suggestion was good, just go along with it.”

“Master, how long more do you roughly need? Us disciples cannot keep it down much longer!” Li Ruo asked respectfully.

Cang Yang Yu extended his hand out, a treasure appeared in his hand, it was snow white with six extensions, at the tip of every extension were moving eyeballs.

It was the popular Sextans Eye.

A treasure that had never been heard before at all, was just a silver star treasure.

The current Sextans eye was 80% golden in color, and only the center piece of it still silver.

Sextans Eye continued to spin in the air, it was like a snowflake, the six eyeballs releasing different sets of light aura, with an unspeakable pressure emitting out from it suddenly filling the entire stone room, causing Fu Zhong Shan and Li Ruo to tense up, as if they could not move.

“One more month.” Cang Yang Yu said warmly: “I only need one more month, and Sextans Eye can become a gold treasure.”

Li Ruo hesitated for a moment, then asked carefully: “Master, is the rumor circulating in the market true?”

Cang Yang Yu sighed softly, his eyes becoming dimmer: “You are all looking down on it. Unknowingly, so many years have past. There are some things that are difficult for you all to understand.”

Fu Zhong Shan and Li Ruo were stunned, Cang Yang Yu’s sentence of “You are all looking down on it”, caused them to look at each other involuntarily.

Could it be….that it was even more powerful than what the market was saying?

Both of them could see the shock in each other’s eyes.