Undefeated God of War - Chapter 487 – Bing’s Guess

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Chapter 487 – Bing’s Guess

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The low whistling coming from above the head slowly faded far away, everyone’s tensed state of mind finally relaxed. When there was totally no movement, everyone dug open the ice layer, and climbed out from under the ice cave, the ice plain had changed beyond recognition from earlier on, as far as they can see, every tree, rock, small hillside, had all disappeared. The originally flat snow plains today had become filled without thousands of holes.

Bing thought for a while, and then exploded the ice cave, removing the evidence of the star umbrella.

Suddenly, Little Fool floated down to the ground with the umbrella, he picked up a piece of blue crystal, crack crack, he bit into it. Tang Tian noticed a type of blue crystals scattered across the snowy ground, the shape of the Crystals were not consistent, they were just like broken pieces of blue ice, if not for the colour difference with the snow, mixed in the snow, one would not be able to differentiate them at all.

“What is this?” Tang Tian stretched his hand to pick it up.

Ding Chen’s expression changed, urgently stopped him: “Master, No!”

Tang Tian stopped, turned and asked in surprise: “Why?”

“These are the Cold Wave Crystals!” Ding Chen said urgently: “Every time after a cold wave, some part of the cold wave will form into crystals, it has the power to erode true power, stronger than the cold wave in the air by a hundred times. Weak martial artists, upon touching it, even the dantian will be frozen, so by no means should you touch it, you cannot step on it either.”

These words immediately made everyone’s expression changed.

“Cold wave crystals exists for a very short time, after a day, they will become active again, and mix into the air.” Ding Chen urged: “Everyone must remember not to touch it out of curiosity.”

Ding Chen looked at Little Fool, he could not figure out, it was his first time meeting a spirit general that could eat the Cold Wave Crystal. Little Fool was a martial spirit, its qi was very similar to a spirit general, so Ding Chen wrongly recognized it as a spirit general. But he did not utter a word, Little Fool’s valiant performance earlier, had completely shocked him, such a strong spirit general, was definitely not ordinary.

Bing suddenly perked up, he picked up a piece of cold wave crystal, like Little Fool, ‘crunch crunch’, he started biting it. He closed his eyes, feeling it properly, after a while he suddenly opened his eyes and commended: “Good stuff!”

“Can I eat?” Tang Tian was eager to try after watching them, with Ya Ya beside him having the exact same expression.

“No you cannot.” Bing answered straightforwardly: “This is a good supplement to Spirit Generals, but, if the quality of the Spirit General is not high, he will not be able to withstand it.”

Ya Ya cheered, picked up a piece of crystal and ‘crunch crunch’, it started to bite, enjoying it.

Bing looked at the vast ice grounds, a strange expression flashed past his eye, isn’t this place a perfect place to groom spirits?

To a martial artist, the cold wave was a deadly poison, but to a Spirit General, it was the best nourishment. In other words, the snow plains were a very good training ground, and was extremely suitable to be a place to groom spirits.

Bing’s heart begun to stir, as the cold ancient snow was a superb spirit grooming area, and to Ursa Major Constellation, would be a good replenishment. Tang Tian had a large number of Spirit Generals under his command, and if they could nourish here, they might be able to improve further.

Should we deploy the army to trample……

Oh no, I must be influenced by that fool, hence my thoughts shifted to the army. Bing quickly got rid of the idea which was violent and without any considerations.

People with high intelligence, must think intellectually.

In some sense, this piece of snow plains should be a strategic ground.

Did Cang Yang Yu realize this point?

This thought made Bing’s eyes flash, but he immediately rejected the guess.

The gold ranked martial artist might not realize the miraculous use of the cold wave, but a saint will definitely realize it, because a saint trains in the spirit domain, so their understanding of a Spirit General, was something no ranks of martial artists could compare to.

Cang Yang Yu will definitely see through this, if he can see this, why would he not make use of this snow plains?

Bing suddenly spoke to Ding Chen: “In this big snow plains, other than a training ground, are there any other places?”

Ding Chen nodded: “Yes, not very far from the training camp, there is a city called Ancient Cold City. It’s under the watch of the Master’s daughter, Fu Zi Hong, Li Liang Qiu and the others are garrisons, in the jurisdiction of Ms Zi Hong. Ms Zi Hong is a very nice person, everyone respects her.”

“Is there something inside that there needs garrison?” Bing asked.

Ding Chen was startled for a moment, he shook his head: “I do not know.”

Bing’s gaze flashed, as if he thought of something.

Little Fool twisted the stars umbrella in his hand, one by one, the ice crystals on the ground started to get attracted, flying towards the spinning umbrella. Every crystal knocking into the umbrella, turn into a sparkling and translucent blue powder, that was absorbed onto the surface of the umbrella.

Ya Ya was startled for a moment, and started to increase its speed in sucking, but compared to Little Fool, it’s productivity was worse.

Stars umbrella suddenly stopped as Little Fool stared at Ya Ya blankly.

Ya Ya opened its eyes wide, showing displeasure, its heart was filled with unknown envy.

Little Fool suddenly waved to Ya Ya.

Ya Ya froze for a while, immediately howling in happiness, opened its legs, it happily charged towards Little Fool, at the end of its sprint it used strength, he flew high, into the sky and did a few somersaults.

Little Fool coincidentally turned his body.


Ya Ya laid flat on Little Fool’s back like a jelly, hugging Little Fool’s neck, it started to cheer.

Little Fool figure stayed stationary, with its expressionless and blank face, he started to spin the stars umbrella again.

Whoosh, Little Fool was like a blue tornado, flying from the ground ground, everywhere they passed, all the ice crystals would get absorbed into the stars umbrella.The dense cold wave, similar to a blue mist, continuously entered their bodies.

Bing’s eyes grew red, he stopped smoking and shouted as he charged to the tornado: “Little Fool! there’s still me, there’s still me……”

Whoosh, the blue tornado, as if it was shocked, floated far away in a moment.

“Bastard! You guys are actually not bringing me along! You guys better not be caught by me……” Bing’s howls of anger could be heard from far away.

Everyone looked at each other, the image right in front of them, the vulgar Uncle Spirit General, was the same Spirit General that gave off an oppressive feeling just now?

Tang Tian turned, he could not bear to look.

It’s a pity he could not eat the ice crystals, by the looks of it, Little Fool and Ya Ya looked like they were enjoying themselves….

After around 10 minutes, Little Fool stopped, the crystals in the surrounding were all swept clean. Little Fool and Ya Ya’s body had obvious changes, Ya Ya’s skin became more exquisite and smooth, the small flag stuck to his butt became blue. The tang suit on Little Fool became even more exquisite, and the originally delicate face, now became like a porcelain doll, with its eyes black and bright, the star umbrella handle in his hands was sparkling and translucent, like an ice sculpture, it was covered in fine and meticulous carvings. The body of the umbrella was as transparent as a crystal, between the boundless stars on the umbrella, there was now a dim blue layer of nebula.

The surrounding ice crystals were swept clean, empty, from a bird’s eye view, the snow beneath that were covered in blue dots, only the area around Tang Tian and the rest were empty without the blue spots.

“Little Fool, take the surrounding few ice crystals and bring it here.” Bing quickly reminded.

Little Fool this time, as if it had become smarter, the air he blew became a whirlwind, sweeping the surrounding cold wave ice crystals all over, bringing everything over.

Suddenly, Tang Tian perked up, shouted lowly: “Someone is here!”

Little Fool, Ya Ya and Bing immediately disappeared.

Ding Chen said softly: “Let me deal with it, everyone calm down.”

A few black dots appeared in the sky, in the blink of an eye, they landed in front of everyone, the leader was a black faced burly chap.

Ding Chen’s faced flashed with surprise, with a crying voice: “Master!”

The black faced burly chap glanced swept across everyone, everyone were in a sorry state, obviously they had just experienced a disaster, the faces still remained shaking with fear. He spoke gently : “Ding Chen, you little fellow, you have quite the luck! Good that you’re alive! Where did you bring them to hide?”

Ding Chen pointed to the ice cave which had collapsed behind him, his voice was with a little tremble: “Does Master still remember there was a ice cave here? Luckily we were not far from the ice cave, if not……”

The black faced burly chap thought that Ding Chen was frightened, he sighed: “It was really good luck.”

He looked at the collapsed ice cave, plenty of people knew about this ice cave, usually people patrolling will be here to hide from the wind and snow.

“Have you seen Li Fu’s team” the black faced burly chap suddenly asked.

“No I have not.” Ding Chen shook his head, suddenly alarmed, he said in a trembling voice: “Could it be that Li Fu’s team…….”

“Hopefully he had some good luck too.” the black faced burly shook his head and sighed, then he said: “You bring them to the training camp, recently it has been just a mess, we are having some troubled times, so it is best for you to stay at the training camp. This time the scale of the cold wave was unprecedented, Master and Instructor Li will reach tomorrow. Go back quickly, I’ll continue finding again.”

Ding Chen exclaimed: “Thank you Master!”

The black faced burly chap turned to leave abruptly, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Ding Chen said softly: “The master just now, is the guard of Ancient Cold City, with Master Long Hai Yu, they are master’s disciple, also big sister’s senior brother, he is very powerful.”

Tang Tian nodded: “Even stronger than Li Liang Qiu. Also there were four gold ranked martial artists beside him.”

Bing floated over, said: “We will go to the training camp.”

“Why? aren’t we going to inner fighting grounds? we do not have much time!” Tang Tian was puzzled.

Bing shook his head: “This cold ancient snow plains, definitely has something to it. Two saints have come, don’t you find it weird? Li Ruo’s appearance was normal, his son had met with a problem. Fu Zhong Shan? To see his daughter? If it was common then it is pardonable, but Sextans Constellations are moving in the dark, so many people have begun to stir, how would he have time to leave?”

Bing suddenly asked Ding Chen: “When was the last Cold Wave?”

“There will be cold waves every year, but the scale will not be big, this time the cold wave was the largest, the previous time when it was bigger was six years ago, that time three masters came too.” Ding Chen tried to recall.

Bing laughed coldly: “One outer fighting grounds, what kind of place is this to be so worthy for three saints to come over? There is nothing worthwhile here, that’s what’s strange! Even so, it is just a barren land, why would it require so many experts to defend? What is there to defend?”

Tang Tian shook his head: “but, the worthwhile thing might not be related to……”

Bing interrupted, he was afraid the fool Tang Tian would say out the words [Sextans Eye], he said sincerely: “No issue, we are in no hurry these two days, we will just listen to any new news.”

He waved his hand with high spirits: “Little Fool, Ya Ya, quickly go pick the ice crystals!”