Undefeated God of War - Chapter 486 – Little Fool, Open the Umbrella!

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Chapter 486 – Little Fool, Open the Umbrella!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The cold wave behind them released a horrifying screeching sound, along with the non-stop crushing noise. Tang Tian watched with his own eyes as the few dead bodies, even the shattered pieces of treasure were all stirred till they shattered, becoming blue powder that was as fine as flour.

It caused all the hair on his body to stand.

The quality of the treasures were all outstanding, plus with the accumulation of years and months of nurturing with star power, treasures were very difficult to destroy. But seeing the angry wave formed by the cold wave being like a monster that ate everything, even the treasures were easily shattered into blue powder, Tang Tian’s heart immediately trembled.

Whatever thought of trampling Sextans Constellation, had all vanished, if his small frame were to enter the wave, he would still become blue powder.

So scary!

Quan Hui definitely will not like a pile of blue powder!

This thought gave Tang Tian a burst of energy from nowhere, wooosh, dragging the seven people, he actually rushed ahead of the group.

He turned and shouted at Ding Chen: “Where is the ice cave?”

“Right in front of you!” Ding Chen did not dare to turn his head, he screamed, lowering his head and sprinted.

The blue cold wave got closer and closer, bang, a small stone that was swept up by the cold wave, shot Ya Ya’s buttock like an arrow. The defenseless Ya Ya suddenly catapulted out, but Tang Tian was quick and sharp, his hand as quick as lightning, he held Ya Ya, without bothering to check Ya Ya, he placed it back on his head.

Ya Ya was dizzy, with only the thought to hold onto Tang Tian’s hair with all its might.

It was so painful that Tang Tian’s face warped, you asshole, wait and see how I take care of you!

Ding Chen shouted crazily in excitement: “In front, it’s just in front!”

An ice cave roughly 10 meters in diameter appeared in front of everybody, to say it was an ice cave was not suitable, it was actually an ice plain that had a crevice, with the obvious cracks, it stretched out to both sides.

Everyone who seemed to have recovered from the seemingly impossible situation, all had looks of happiness, one after another they jumped into the ice cave.


Everyone’s forehead darkened, the cold wave rushed like flowing water, brushing past the top of their heads.

The shattering noise that made people’s scalp numb, crushed above them, destroying the ice cave above their heads non-stop, causing the thick ice layer to produce scary cracking noises. Tang Tian who was inside saw the 10 foot high ice layer on top of his head, with countless cracks were spreading in shocking speeds.

If such a thick ice layer collapsed, these people will definitely be buried alive…..

In the emergency, Tang Tian’s hands were full of star rocks, he could not care to see the amount of star rocks, his palms was full of force, Pa, all the star rocks were shattered by him.

Dense energy, permitted the entire place

Tang Tian shouted angrily: “Little Fool, Umbrella!”

Little Fool who was floating above Tang Tian’s head heard him, shifting his right hand that was holding the umbrella to his chest, his small left hand also held onto the umbrella, both hands pulling and gently twisting.


The dispersed energy, as though they were being attracted, they floated at high speed towards the umbrella covered with stars.

The dazzling light aura, following the spinning umbrella, scattered around. Little Fool raised his head, the bright and black obsidian eyes lit with an indescribable light aura. That face that resembled Tang Tian yet delicate and blank, revealed a rare serious expression. He opened his arms, both legs closed tightly, his body forming a 十 figure, the blue tang suit on his body moved without the wind, making cracking sounds, releasing a strong qi aura.

In front of him, the star umbrella expanded at a fast speed.


The star umbrella that became bigger, was like a blade full of energy, penetrating deeply into the ice walls.

Bang, the snow that dropped from the skies, brought along terrifying noises, fiercely striking the umbrella, the bright stars on top of the umbrella started spinning, ka, the umbrella depressed downwards.

Tang Tian saw that something was wrong, he once again caught a bunch of stars rock fragment, as he urgently shouted: “Little Fool!”

Energy was permeating the whole place.

Little Fool’s delicate face was again filled with a blank expression, his figure slowly vanished, almost at the same time, he appeared in front of Tang Tian. He glanced at Tang Tian, without any expression, but Tang Tian was sure, that Little Fool had stared at him!

In the emptiness, he did not leverage on power, his knees slightly bent, closely followed by fire arrows flew towards the sky, his opened his arms, his body rotated non-stop.

The energy dispersed, crazily flying towards both of his palms.

Little Fool that was spinning upwards, opened both his arms, bringing along two curled up light belts, his speed becoming faster and faster, just when he was about to fly towards the umbrella he became a straight light arrow!


The light arrow entered the umbrella handle, and the star umbrella’s radiance increased dramatically, the stars on the umbrella lit up, just like the boundless starry sky, even the nebula could clearly be seen, big and small stars numbered to millions, attracting the attention of everybody.

The stars on the umbrella slowly circulated, that thin light umbrella, suddenly came out with a thick profound scent.

Little Fool held onto the umbrella, quietly floating in mid air.

The delicate face, lowered his head and looked down, blankly with a little cuteness.

Bang bang bang!

Everyone’s body fell to the ground, crying out in pain, they were shocked by Little Fool’s extremely valiant performance, including Tang Tian.

This son of a bitch…… is actually quite capable……

Why did I not realize it in the past, so Little Fool was not really a fool……

Compared to Tang Tian, the faces of others were of shock, completely scared stiff. They had never seen such a crazy, frightening martial technique!

The snow flowing down from the top, was dropping in huge numbers, but that thin light umbrella, did not move.

“Yi Yi Yi!”

Ya Ya’s anxious scream broke the silence, Tang Tian jumped in shock, immediately grabbing the Ya Ya who was gripping his hair, he looked at him, and suddenly held his stomach in laughter.

“Hahahaha, Ya Ya, you are too pitiful!”

A small stone, was actually deeply embedded in Ya Ya’s butt. Ya Ya’s butt was originally quite meaty, just like jelly, but now there was a stone, similar to pressing a thumbtack inside, even the meat surrounding of the stone was flattened, it was very obvious, and funny no matter how you see it.

Hearing Tang Tian’s heartless laughter, Ya Ya immediately became anxious, placing its butt in front of Tang Tian and shaking nonstop, trying to let Tang Tian help take the stone out.

“Hahahaha, Ya Ya, this is called having toughness even in softness, and also called flowery buttocks, or a butt dimple , this is called a butt dimple, others have dimples on their cheeks, Ya Ya has a dimple on its butt, hahahaha!” Another heartless uncle, laughed till he could not stop.

Tang Tian also laughed till his tears flowed out, but he still struggled to stand up, holding onto Ya Ya, warning it at the same time: “If you dare release gas now, I will kill you for sure!”

Ya Ya’s butt was meaty, not knowing where to start, Tang Tian found a dagger, thinking of prying out the stone. The dagger was a treasure, but he did not have other tools in his hands, and could only make do with whatever he had.

Unexpectedly, no matter how much force Tang Tian used, the rock was firmly stuck into Ya Ya’s butt, no matter how he pried, he could not pry it out. Tang Tian felt a little strange, no matter how much force he used, Pa, the dagger in his hands broke.

Tang Tian was stunned, Bing who was smoking a cigarette was also startled.

Although the dagger was just a bronze treasure, but it was still a treasure. It was normal that Tang Tian could break it, but for it to break because of a rock, it was not normal at all.

Bing rushed over and said astonishedly: “Unusual, Ya Ya, you have an explosive amount of good luck, this rock seems special.”

Tang Tian called Ding Chen over: “Have you seen such a stone?”

Ding Chen looked closely, it was a piece of black stone, it had a blue design just like a ripple, touching it, it felt extremely sturdy. he shook his head: “Master, I’ve not seen it before.”

He had also seen it when Ya Ya was struck, and said: “Master, this stone is definitely something unusual, it did not shatter into powder in the cold wave, this subordinate has never heard of it before. Treasures which are gold and below, in the cold wave, will be smashed to powder completely. This piece of rock can even withstand the crush of the cold wave, it is definitely not simple!”

Tang Tian spread out his hands: “Ya Ya, you picked up treasure! Oh no, I’m wrong, you are chosen by the treasure! No wonder you’re our Ya Ya, this luck that no one can compare to!”

Ya Ya pouted its lips, lying on the floor like a caterpillar, sticking out its butt, its eyes filled with tears as it looked pitifully at Tang Tian.

Seeing Ya Ya’s expression, Tang Tian felt quite sympathetic with it, he then pulled the small flag stuck on Ya Ya’s butt, blocking the sight of the stone.

“Well, it isn’t too obvious like that. Ok ok, be a man, how can you be disheartened because of a little butt dimple, a godlike bud spirit general, it’s just a small stone, how can it defeat you?

Ya Ya changed from crying to laughing, it jumped up from the ground, followed with a jump along the ice wall, just like a squirrel, in a blink of an eye, he jumped as high as where Little Fool was.

Ya Ya turned his butt, twisting it around, showing off to Little Fool its new display piece.

Little Fool shot a cold glance, then recovered his blank expression.

Everyone slowly recovered from the shock, the whistling on the top of their heads still continued, but because of the separation from the thick ice and snow, it was not that scary.

The Light aura from the star umbrella shot down from above, just like a night sky full of stars, it was surprisingly bright.

Bing summoned Ding Chen over: “Let me ask you something.”

Ding Chen quickly said: “Please ask away Master!”

“I heard about the energy ripple of the fighting grounds appearing recently, do you know anything about it?” Bing asked in a low voice.

“There is indeed this matter.” Ding Chen’s mind suddenly became focused, he said seriously: “This happens in the inner fighting grounds, every certain period of time, there will be a very weird ripple, everyone is saying that the Groundsmaster has something special. But no one has seen anything, the security of the inner fighting grounds is very tight, where even our outer fighting grounds disciples cannot enter.”

Bing was blank for a while, his heart felt a sense of foreboding, he asked anxiously: “Wait, you said something about the inner fighting grounds and outer fighting grounds?”

Ding Chen explained: “The disciples of the fighting grounds are split into three types, personal disciples, inner fighting grounds disciples and outer fighting grounds disciples. The outer fighting ground disciples are all stationed in the training camp outside, where they carry out the basic learning and training. Our cold ancient training camp is one of the most important outer martial ground.

Which also means, the ripple is not here?” Bing’s poker face was stupefied.

Yes that’s right, in the inner fighting ground, it’s very very far away from here.” Ding Chen explained.

Pa da, the cigarette fell from Bing’s fingers to the ground, he was stunned.