Undefeated God of War - Chapter 485 – Cold Wave

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Chapter 485

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Then I will bring the big army to flatten the entire Sextans Constellation!”

Bing imitated Tang Tian’s speech: “Hehe, so tyrannical, those who didn’t know, will think we are from the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, listen, this is sweeping the whole world, obey me and prosper, or go against me and die!”

Tang Tian tilted his head, listening to Uncle Bing’s lecture, he calmed down, he then realized he was truly rash.

“What’s the plan now? Ah, We wasted so much effort, for the plan, and now it’s wasted! Wasted so much energy, to go one big round, but you’re truly good, to directly get rid of other people’s son! If we’d known earlier we should have deployed the army, anyway you’re the Human Slaughterer, you don’t really have a good reputation……”

Bing’s saliva flew all over the place, he was angered and frustrated.

“By doing this, what are you going to make us, the ones who fight the war, do? Ah, it’s only a small matter, and you have to kill until you form rivers of blood? If you’re unhappy, then just bring people to come back and kill them ah, why do you trample when you feel like trampling, and destroy everything! He is the son of a saint, you are a Master of a Constellation, the Bear King, hey, please, can you be more aware of your position? He is just a small ant, you can smash him dead anytime, why are you revealing everything of yours to them casually? Simply offer a bounty, anyone to kill him in the dark, who would know it’ll be you who killed him?”

Tang Tian’s face was filled with innocence: “I did not think so far ahead, what!”

(TN: 嘛 is like a nuance, ma, it expresses the feelings across.)

Ya Ya sat on Tang Tian’s left shoulder, it’s sitting posture was exactly the same as Tang Tian, his plump face filled with innocence.

Faced with the one big and one small innocent face, Bing did not know what to say.

Little Fool held its umbrella, diligently swivelling the umbrella, every rotation of the umbrella would produce a ray of martial spirit contract. In the past when Tang Tian used and sign the martial spirit contract, it required some energy, but now having passed on to Little Fool, it did not need his focus at all.

Bing was indeed treacherous and cunning, he thought of a cunning idea, requesting everyone to sign the martial spirit contract, from there, no one would dare to reveal any news about the incident.

The people who witnessed everything, who were shocked by Tang Tian’s terrifying display of power, obediently signed the martial spirit contract.

Bing thought of the fool in front of him, and spoke in a gentle tone: “Don’t be like this, a leader must be flexible, no matter what, you are now a master, and must uphold the bearings of one. If you don’t even have a bit of patience, how can you pacify the world next time?”

“Why do I need to pacify the world?” Tang Tian asked with a curious face.

Bing became sluggish, thinking about the fool’s ideals that did not even link to becoming a tyrant, he only could change the subject: “Alright, how’re you going to find Qian Hui!”

“You’re saying I can’t find Qian Hui?” Tang Tian was suddenly filled with rage, he jumped up: “Uncle, want to fight?”

I said the wrong thing! Bing saw that it was not looking good, so he raised both hands, and said with strong assurance, resolutely and decisively: “Qian Hui is yours!”

Tang Tian immediately relaxed: “haha, Uncle, you also can tell? Tang Chou said you are a famous general, he truly is right.”

Bing thought that the initial plan was simply too bad, bringing a the fool who was in disguise, he should have known earlier, even Cen Yu’s own disciple might be a little more dependable. Looking at things, he had overestimated the fool, and that was the plan’s greatest failure.

Bing blamed himself deeply, as the commander, he should not be making such mistakes.

“Now what?” Bing decided to throw the question at Tang Tian, to let the fool figure it out himself, how to obtain to Sextans Eye, it was a rather difficult task.

Tang Tian slanted his head and thought for half a day, before speaking: “Bring the army to trample and flatten the entire Sextans Constellation.”

Bing: “……”

“Uncle, don’t you feel this method is good? “ Tang Tian said eagerly: “They have only three Saint level martial artists, we have so many people, capture the Cang Yang Yu, wouldn’t we get the Sextans Eye?”

“Big Dipper is still fighting, where is the army, where are Ling Xu, Crane and Jing Hao? Where will we get the army from?” Bing counter-questioned.

“That’s true.” Tang Tian gave a worrisome glance.

Bing guided patiently: “Think carefully again, are there any other ideas?”

Tang Tian thought for awhile, his eyes lighted up suddenly: “Yes I have one!”

Bing spirits lifted, his heart silently said, you finally understood, the plan I set, is the only one that is possible to fulfill, he maintained a poker face: “You thought through already?”

Tang Tian’s battle intention was high spirited, both eyes filled with light: “We bring a small army to trample on Sextans Constellation!”

Bing: “……”

“Me, you, Ya Ya, Little Fool, we can get Uncle Magic Flute over, pull Liang Feng over, we will be a small army, rush straight to their front door, three bronze saints are definitely not our match!” Tang Tian pointed his thumb at his neck and did a killing action, he could not wait to immediately go for a massacre.

“Then what about the other people, there are many people observing like tigers in the darkness.” Bing said weakly.

“That’s right!” Tang Tian scratched his head, after a while, his eyes brightened again: “Oh yes! we will just do it before them, that’ll be fine!”

Bing looked at Tang Tian, speechless, this fool, is a real pain in the ass.

The item is in other people’s hands, what to do? Snatch!

What if the opponent is very strong? Bring people along to snatch together!

What there are other people eyeing the same item? Bring many more people to snatch before the others do!

It was crude and violently easy, without a single element of technicality, with no strategic warfare involved, there would be no other questions to consider at all.

Okay, going round in circles with this fellow is really giving me more trouble.

“I’m really stupid!” Big shook his head.

To discuss in an intellectual conversation with the fool, I truly am a self-disgrace.

Bing had thought much further than Tang Tian, to seize forcefully was the worst idea, and the last choice they would pick. The current Ursa Major Constellation needed time to resolve the internal strife regarding Big Dipper, and required time to absorb, and only by completing that could Ursa Major Constellation’s power rise by another level. and it was not a good time to display a strong offensive persona, as it would cause the other constellations to feel uneasy, and cause Ursa Major Constellation to quickly be isolated by everybody.

We still have to do it ourselves….

Bing shook his head, his gaze became deep and profound.

With a total of 79 people, the martial spirit contract was completed, everyone all had different expressions, some were of shock, some were of unease, some were of anticipation.

The Gold Ranked Martial Artists were cut apart like vegetables by Tang Tian, Tang Tian’s strength was definitely that of a saint. Submitting to a saint, was not only not a humiliation, but to many people, without a doubt an opportunity.

They were all disciples of the outer fighting grounds, regardless of talent or background, they were no match for those disciples in the inner fighting grounds, and their future was also limited. However after what had happened, it let them see new hope.

“Two Masters, what about the bodies?” Ding Chen’s face was pale with fear, as he asked weakly. He was clear, that he had truly boarded the pirate ship, and there was no possibility of getting off.

He had not gotten clear of the two master’s background, but it was clear, the two of them had huge influence. His only relief was, Master Ah Chou’s heart was much kinder than Li Liang Qiu. After witnessing Ah Chou’s behavior through the journey, in his eyes, with Master’s Ah Chou’s strength and status, he need not bribe or pay for loyalty, and everything that he did was entirely from his heart.

Bing looked at the bodies on the whole floor, his brains thinking very quickly. Although there was a huge change to the plans, but with the martial spirit contract and gathering of the people, there would not be any information leak of whatever had happened.

The biggest problem now, was the bodies.

Getting rid of evidence was necessary, but even if the evidence is gotten rid of, it will still lead to suspicions. This type of undercover mission, once the other party had suspicions, it would mean that the other party would be even more cautious, and thus disadvantageous to them.

How can they get rid of the suspicion?

Must we truly listen to the fool and use the army to trample and flatten Sextans Constellation?

Tang Tian did not think too much,he could see that Uncle Bing did not agree with his idea. With regards to being treacherous and being cunning, Tang Tian knew he could not compare to Uncle Bing, Uncle Bing’s brain was much smarter than his.

He knew he was only responsible to fight, Tang Tian sat down calmly, and suddenly being stirred, he stood up and looked towards the direction of the mountain peak.

Bing noticed Tang Tian’s weird look: “What happened?”

“There’s a weird noise.” Tang Tian muttered, rose up in the sky, and jumped up the mountain peak.

Without saying anything, Bing followed and jumped up.

Ding Chen face changed, could it be backup? He hesitated, gritting his teeth and jumped up the mountain peak.

“What is that?” Tang Tian pointed to the blue strands in the distance and asked curiously.

Ding Chen who just gained his ground, looked towards where Tang Tian was looking, his expression turned pale, with a shiver he said: “Cold……Cold Wave…….”

Tang Tian and Bing were also stunned, Cold Wave? This was the cold wave that made people change their expression whenever they hear it?

Must it be so coincidental…..

The blue strand flew very quickly, in the blink of an eye, from a fine thin line, it had transformed into a blue angry wave, and the training grounds and cities in the area of 30 li were in chaos.

Tang Tian and Bing were dumbstruck, they finally understood why Ding Chen and the rest were so fearful of the cold wave.

The blue cold wave, like an angry tide, advanced forward by the snow plains, destroying everything in its wake. In the blue angry wave, the dense cold wave, crystallized into blue ice beams, spinning and revolving inside the wave with astonishing speed.

The trees and rocks that were swallowed by the angry wave, were all frozen into ice, and then broken into parts, fragmented, crushed, turning into blue powder, spinning in the angry wave, become even more azure.

Everyone watched blankly at the strange and frightening blue angry wave, destroyed everything in its path.


Tang Tian’s first reaction, the beastial’s instinct, displaying its advantage to its pinnacle, he turned and ran towards the bottom.

Bing also woke up from his dream.

Ding Chen who was already frightening pale, was stunned there for a long time, before he rolled and crawled out, he hurriedly said: “Master, there is an ice cave there!”

“Lead the way!” In mid air, Tang Tian having not reached the ground but gave the order without hesitation.

The moment he touched the ground, Tang Tian held the rope on the ground tightly “Which side!”

Ding Chen looked at Tang Tian, he swallowed what he wanted to say, pointed in front: “There!”

“Everyone run towards there! Quickly!” Tang Tian howled, his eyes filled with anger, his whole body’s muscles flexed, exhaling loudly, holding the rope tightly, he dragged the seven people and dashed madly.

The Seven people’s eyes turned red, as they held tightly onto the ropes.

The cold wave’s howl, was getting closer and closer, the sound that made everyone’s scalp numb, sounded like the sound of death.

Everyone knew they had to push themselves, gathering all of their strength, they charged crazily towards the front.

The cold wave got closer, casting a giant shadow, it slowly enveloped them.

Chapter 485 – Cold Wave