Undefeated God of War - Chapter 484 – King Bear’s Fury

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Chapter 484 – King Bear’s Fury

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bing immediately felt that something was wrong with Tang Tian, and hastily reminded: “Young lad, calm down!”

The shadow in front of him had suddenly disappeared, causing Xiao Jin’s hair all over his body to stand, the unprecedented feeling of danger, immediately enveloped him.

Tang Tian was expressionless, but his eyes were blazing with an angry flame.

He thought about himself, thought about him in Andrew Academy, thought of the faint hope he had, and gambled his most precious five years of time, but he did not regret it, because that was hope, that was the dream!

Nothing is more important than that!

Because that is the last honor of a life, because that is the air that you breathe on earth, because that is sunlight that can break through the haze, because that is the only reason to prove that you are still alive. No matter how much you are ridiculed by the cold eyes in the world, no matter if you are fated to go through a tough life of hardships, no matter if you are struggling to look up for something hopefully in hell, the thing that can give you the courage to persist and not get beaten down, is the little ideal that you have in your heart, the faintly discernible hope that seems to be in the clouds!

Why threaten it? Why play with it?


Holding their dreams and hope and playing with their lives, that cannot be forgiven!

Absolutely…… unforgivable!

The intense hatred and killing intent, caused Tang Tian’s eyes to be filled with visible veins, looking at the panicking Xiao Jin, he did not have any sympathy. He blinked right into Xiao Jin’s bosom, his speed as fast as a demon. Xiao Jin subconsciously extended his arms outwards to push, but both of his arms felt acute pain, it was as if he was knocked by a charging monster.

Ka cha, both of his arms broke.

Tang Tian’s charge did not slow down the least bit, rigidly charging into Xiao Jin’s arms. At the instant where the two made contact, Tang Tian’s body shook slightly

Collapsing Arts!

Xiao Jin’s body shuddered, he suddenly widened his eyes, pupils suddenly filled with fear and despair.

Everyone only felt their eyes going momentarily blind, and Bi Ah Chou had produced an extremely fast afterimage, barging into Xiao Jin’s arms, as if he was struck by a hammer, Bang, and Xiao Jin immediately flew out.

That dull “Bang” made everyone’s scalp become numb, enough for them to imagine how scary the force of impact was.

Xiao Jin’s body had not even hit the ground yet, but everyone had already clearly seen, his pupils had already lost focus, his body was softened like a snake, bent in strange angles, and it was very obvious, the bones in his body had already turned to fine powder.

“Seeking death……” before Mu Lao San’s terrifying voice had finished, Tang Tian used the recoil of the attack, while tiptoeing, pa, the snow on the floor suddenly exploded, filling the sky full of snow, where Tang Tian’s figure shifted about, bringing forth many afterimages, he pounced at Mu Lao San.

A dazzling devilish dagger aura, suddenly lit up in front of Tang Tian.

The dagger aura split into two, two into four, four into eight……

In an instant, countless dagger auras formed a big net, Tang Tian was like a moth attracted to fire, rushing into the huge net.

Mu Lao San’s face revealed a ruthless smile, Tang Tian’s strength had shocked him, his first attack was already a killing technique, there was not a bit of mercy in his heart.

[Weaving Blades of Dreams]!

He had never lost using the technique before.. Furthermore, this time, he had used all the True Power in his body without hesitation, the surging true power, flowed into his curved blade.

The curved blade in his hands, although it was not a gold treasure, it was still an extraordinary item, it was the Ecliptic Grade silver treasure, Pisces Constellation’s [Arced Fish Fin].

Golden level’s secret silver treasure, was the top silver secret treasure. A surge up in true power once pierced through the body, the knife will slightly tremble, similar to a fin in the water.

The dense and clustered dagger auras, quickly trapped Bi Ah Chou tightly, those dagger aura were like fishe in the water, extremely agile without exposing any holes.

Pa pa pa!

Explosive sounds similar to frying beans rung from the dagger auras net, Mu Lao San’s smile froze on his face.

“Not good……”

Before he could finish speaking, the brilliant net formed by the clustered blade auras, exploded like snowflakes. Amongst the floating snowflakes in the sky, a blurry figure, similar to a demon, appeared in front of Mu Lao San.

In Mu Lao San’s stunned and fearful eyes, Tang Tian gave a simple and stray punch, his body became like a spring, his fists striking Mu Lao San’s curved blade crudely.

Even though it was an Ecliptic Grade silver treasure, it could not withstand the strength of the punch, cracks like spiderwebs forming and covered the entire body of the blade, Bang, the body of the blade shattered completely, pieces as big as fingernails fell like rain, entering Mu Lao San’s body.


Hundreds of fine blood spurts shot out of Mu Lao San’s body at the same time.

“Damn it!”

Bing was flustered and exasperated, cursing in rage, at this time, he knew that the situation was beyond redemption, so Bing and Ya Ya flew out of Tang Tian’s body at the same time.

Little Fool who was holding the Ursa Major Stars Umbrella, flew out from Tang Tian’s body like a wisp of smoke, the Ursa Major Stars Umbrella in his hands twirling around, causing the countless stars to slide and transform into an indefinite flickering light gravels, flying towards the martial artists that were preparing to escape.

Ya Ya flew towards the ground, then cried out, upon hitting the ground, just like a freshly fired artillery shell, he whooshed and vanished in mid air. In the next moment, it appeared behind the back of an escaping martial artist, looking up, it released its small fist.

Swallowing Light Steel Fist!

The martial artist who was escaping for his life, instinctively revealed his defensive martial skill, as blue light shield appeared behind him.

Ya Ya’s fist that was shrouded in darkness, not emitting any noise, the darkness gobbling up and penetrating the light. Ya Ya’s pathetically small fist struck the opponent’s back, it was a comically ridiculous sight.

However, followed closely was a low resounding “Bang”, just like a thick bronze plank being pierced through, the martial artist’s body froze, his back revealing a big bloodied hole that was bigger than Ya Ya, one that pierced all the way through to the front of his chest.

That martial artist’s expression froze, his body became frozen on the spot.

Little Fool’s star light gravels, like a swarm of beautiful fireflies, silently entered the bodies of a few martial artist, pa pa pa, their bodies all burst like balloons.

Tang Tian’s gaze was fiercely fixated on Li Liang Qiu, he sneered in an awe-inspiringly frightening manner.

Li Liang Qiu’s hands and feet went ice cold, he knew he had an iron plank, he forced himself to be composed: “Sire, this is an misunderstanding, I’m willing to compensate you, no matter the terms!”

“Compensate?” Tang Tian’s face was did not conceal the contempt and disdain: “What rights do you have to discuss about compensation with me?”

He flexed his body and moved forward, the simplest thrusting punch!

Li Liang Qiu’s hand suddenly had a sword, the sword tip cold aura burst forth, the sword tip releasing an explosive sound, as he released a storm of sharp sword aura that shot towards Tang Tian. He did not use his killing technique, as Mu Lao San’s killing technique, had already let him understand that the opponent’s strength far exceeded his imagination.

Only when his sword aura clashed into Tang Tian’s fists, did he know how scary the ugly boy’s strength was!

Damn it!

He then regretted why did he not send out a signal for support just now……

The dense, sword aura which was able to pierce through steel, upon contact with the opponent’s fists, was like the waves that slapped the bedrocks, instantly crumbling. Li Liang Qiu realized he simply could not send the signal for help!

He knew he was in real danger, when the corner of his eyes glanced to a figure, instantly becoming joyous, he raised his voice and shouted: “Ding Chen, go and find backup!”

The distance from training grounds was only 30 li, once he released the signal for backup, backup would come very quickly!

Ding Chen was the martial artists that led the group, his face was extremely pale without a trace of rosiness, he knew that things had become extremely problematic. Bi Ah Chou was definitely not a normal person, he came as a disciple, but instead with another motive. If Li Liang Qiu died, the consequences were beyond his imagination, against the entire Cang Yang Fighting Grounds, it was a big earthquake, he was but a small character himself, and would definitely perish.

His hands trembled, and was about to request for help…

“You better think clearly!”

An ice cold voice filled with ridicule exploded beside his ear..

Ding Chen’s hand trembled, he raised his head, only to see a spirit general floating near him, looking at him with a smile that was yet not a smile.

Once Bing came out, he did not join in the fight, and instead observed the bunch of new disciples, preventing anyone from escaping. With crazy Tang’s strength, defeating the bunch of people was a piece of cake, and he did not need to even help out.

Li Liang Qiu’s face turned ugly, under Tang Tian’s torrential offense, he was in grave danger.

Tang Tian was completely unregulated, his chest was filled with a raging fire, he had completely bloodshot eyes, the techniques in his hands were simple, it was all foundation martial techniques, but every move contained astonishing strength, adding it’s extremely fast frequency, Li Liang Qiu was giving it his all, but only could barely hold on.

Li Liang Qiu’s strong knowledge in his foundation was being displayed to saturation.

But the more he fought the more shocked he was, the more he fought the more fear he felt, the opponent did not even use any True Power, and he was already completely suppressed by him, in this world, how could there be such a scary fellow!

Will I die here?

The fear of death constantly ate at his soul, the wails of his companions around made him to be even closer to breaking down. His face turned ugly as he screamed sharply: “Ding Chen, you don’t want to live anymore, if you still do not call for help, I’ll kill your entire family……”

Ding Cheng trembled uncontrollably, but that spirit general was a figure with an aura that was choking and stifling him, completely ensnaring him, he did not even have the strength to move a finger.

Tang Tian bellowed angrily: “Let’s see whose entire family you can kill!”

The strength in every punch, surged even more , just like a blacksmith repetitively swinging his heavy hammer, like rain striking Li Liang Qiu’s sword screen.

Li Liang Qiu suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, he was close to death, and he completely went berserk, his hair waving around: “hahahaha…… when I’m dead, your plan will be spoilt, you coming here, is definitely for a purpose, haha!”

His sword aura frantically surged, he started to revolve his true power without a plan.

“My dad will definitely look for the real killer, you can’t escape! Your plan is finished! Finished……”

Punch after punch, with frightening frequency, striking the sword screen, causing it to tremble, Li Liang Qiu’s body trembled like a sieve, mouthful after mouthful of fresh blood flowed out from his mouth and nose, it was an indescribable horror.


The sword blade broke, and the sword screen disappeared.

The fist struck Li Liang Qiu’s heart, and a surging power, rushed into Li Liang Qiu’s body, Li Liang Qiu’s body trembled, his dishevelled hair waved around, his whole body was bloody, as he looked at Tang Tian blankly, seemingly unable to believe the outcome.

Just like a wooden board, he slowly fell backwards.

Tang Tian looked at the fallen Li Liang Qiu, the rage on his face had already faded, only left with determination, he said one word after another slowly and clearly, facing the sky filled with snow.

“Then I will bring the big army to flatten Sextans Constellation!”