Undefeated God of War - Chapter 483 – Scoundrels

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Chapter 483 – Scoundrels

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“This is my most anticipated period every year! Teaching new people, is the duty of our older generation!” The man who spoke had a full head of gold hair, his face had a devilish smile, the cloak on his body fluttering heroically.

“Xiao Jin, seeing from your posture, I know you like to bully the rookies, truly aimless.” The man who spoke had a huge stature, with a long and thin curved blade in his hand, his face revealing a disdainful smile.

“Sheesh, Mu Lao San, don’t you like it? Why don’t you join in?” Xiao Jin refuted.

Mu Lao San scoffed: “Without me, how are all of you going to teach them well?”

“Let it go, Mu Lao San!” Someone shouted: “With or without you, it’ll be the same, since when was any battle decided by you?”

Seeing everyone being so enthusiastic, the young master in the lead revealed a proud and cold sneer, he lowered his head and looked at the snow white squirrel in his hand. He was the leader of the group, Li Liang Qiu. His status was special, as the son of Li Ruo, one of the three saints, his strength was extremely profound.

(This Li Liang Qiu is not the Liang Qiu of Beast Academy, they have the same english translation but different in the way they are written, 李梁丘 and 梁秋. LLQ’s Qiu means a mound or grave, while Liang Qiu’s Qiu is autumn)

Li Liang Qiu has outstanding strength despite being young, adding his backer was extremely strong, in the snow plains, very few people dared to go against him.

A figure flashed forward like lightning, he was extremely excited: “They are coming, around 20 li from here!”

Everyone started to stand, their gaze all fixated towards their leader who was teasing the snow squirrel.

“Seniors or not, is not shown with words, but taught with fists!” Li Liang Qiu said coldly without raising his head: “How much respect they will give you, will depend on how much you guys have taught them. You guys better not be like last year, almost an embarrassment.”

The words at the end caused all of them to blush.

Every year, for the new disciples, the senior generation would prepare a surprise attack to “Teach” the new disciples. The snow plains were the traditional setting for the training grounds. They were garrisoned there, and with each passing day being extremely boring, to have a program to disturb the new disciples, naturally everyone was hyped up. And, the cold wave labor was also Li Liang Qiu’s most problematic issue, but with their plan, they were able to perfectly resolve the issue.

Li Liang Qiu’s powerful backer caused the training grounds to turn a blind eye.

The new disciples, facing against the Cang Yang disciples’ surprise attack, with their strength which was profound and connected, would be utterly defeated. But the previous year was an exception, as there was a very strong disciple inside the new disciples, and was known famously as Bai Yi. In the end, they had spent a relatively large force to win the battle.

Li Liang Qiu did not attend that battle, and after returning he flew into a rage, and “Taught” Xiao Jin and the rest a lesson.

Bringing up the old matter, Li Liang Qiu wanted to make them feel ashamed.

“Let’s move out.” Li Liang Qiu did not bother looking at them, his expression indifferent.


The entire group took a deep breath, many of their faces had ugly expressions. While Using their True Power to block off the cold wave, and then activating their light body techniques, to them, it was definitely not an easy thing to do.

“Everyone do your best!”

“Persevere to the end, and victory will be yours!”

“Don’t fall behind!”

“Godlike young lad, go go go!”

Bi Ah Chou’s encouragements continued to sound out.

Xiao Ming Ji clenched his teeth and persevered, his mind was starting to draw a blank, and only Bi Ah Chou’s voice would somehow reach his mind, and as a focus, it reminded him to persevere on.

At the start, when Bi Ah Chou started to shout encouragement, everyone was surprised.

Xiao Ming Ji was still thinking, being ugly was fine, but to enjoy showing off, and so clumsy at that. Is he retarded? The rest were all thinking the same thing at that time, many of them rolling their eyes. Not only was that brat ugly, but his brain was also malfunctioning…

But as time went on, no one mocked him anymore.

They had no strength to mock him, Ah Chou’s loud and enthusiastic shouts were no longer about to move their hearts, but when they were extremely exhausted, the shouts would cause them to persevere.


Xiao Ming Ji glanced at Tang Tian. At that moment, Tang Tian was completely half naked to the waist, and pulling on a bunch of ropes, every rope’s end was tied to a martial artist that had lost his consciousness due to the loss of strength.

His entire body was perspiring and vapouring madly, his muscles were tensed as he pulled the seven people.

A trace of respect flashed past Xiao Ming Ji’s eyes, the conversation between Tang Tian and the leading Cang Yang disciple was overheard by them completely.

“You do not need to help them, these trash do not have the qualifications to enter the training grounds, just let them die on the road.”

Ah Chou looked at him, and only said one word: “No.”

After that he dragged the fainted martial artists and continued to run wildly.

No one had any hostility towards Ah Chou anymore, Tang Tian’s actions caused everyone to feel a slight warmth inside the snow plains. Everyone was thinking, even if we faint, we will not be forsaken right.

The leading martial artist was praising endlessly towards Ah Chou’s beastlike physique, he truly was unable to die from the running.

Tang Tian did not think too much, to him, it was a normal gesture. He felt that it was a pity for them to die halfway.

His bare body, had perspiration wriggling down his body like snakes along with the vapour rising, with every single muscle on his body trembling like steel wires. The current Tang Tian was like a moving statue, filled with intense offensive stature with an aesthetic strength.

After pulling them consecutively for 200 li, he had consumed a lot of his physical strength, his breathing had become deep, but he was still encouraging loudly: “We are reaching soon! Everyone persevere!”

In their challenging times, we must help each other.

Suddenly, Tang Tian sensed something amiss, his entire being became cautious, he stopped instantly and shouted loudly: “Stop! There is an ambush ahead!”

Everyone stopped in their tracks, they were at a loss. Even the leading Cang Yang disciple exposed a surprised look, how did he find out? But he did not say a word. He could not say anything or warn them, for Li Liang Qiu was someone he could not offend.

“Hey, if you guys do not come out, then don’t blame me for being rude!” Tang Tian pointed to the blank space in front of him, his eyes opened wide as he shouted.

The people behind the mountain all looked at each other, they could not understand or figure out how they were discovered.

“Interesting.” a trace of light aura flashed past Li Liang QIu’s eyes, and he said arrogantly: “Then let us go say hello to those rookies!”

Everyone’s fighting intent immediately soared as they stood up.

Black figures started to appear on the mountain, causing surprised sounds. Every single person was releasing strong auras, brimming with a choking and pressuring aura, making it as though the sky had darkened.

Those who were not as brave felt their legs go soft, and immediately fell seated on the ground.

“Don’t expose too much strength.”

Bing muttered softly in Tang Tian’s heart, forcibly stopping Tang Tian as he was prepared to rush forward.

The opposing side had 12 people, 2 of them were Gold Ranked Martial Artists, the rest having the strength of half-step Gold Ranked Martial Artists. With such a force, to other people, it might cause fear, but to Tang Tian, they were merely side dishes. Uncle Bing was right, it was not hard handling them, but upon getting rid of them, that would expose his strength, and even an idiot would know that he had a purpose for coming in.

What do I do?

Act as if i do not know anything and get beaten by them? That idea was immediately discarded by Tang Tian. They did not look to be good people, when he was in school, the higher grade students frequently enjoyed bullying the new students, and called it “Teaching”.

They look to be exactly the same….

Tang Tian clenched his fist, staring unkindly at Li Liang Qiu and the rest, and said: “Guys, who still can fight here?”

The martial artists who were still standing all gathered around Tang Tian, all of their faces showing their anger towards their common enemy.

Xiao Jin whistled; “Yo, ain’t you guys a fierce lot! Rookies, why, are you all not happy?”

Mu Lao San laughed: “They were not happy from the start.”

Li Liang Qiu’s gaze looked at the entire group, and said indifferently: “Xiao Jin, tell them our rules.”

Xiao Jin laughed, then took out a large stack of papers: “A wise man submits to his circumstances, over here in my hand, I have a stack of papers for you to sign to say that you are willing to submit to the cold wave labor, upon signing it, there will be no harm to our relationship.”

“Everyone must not do it!” Xiao Ming Ji’s face changed, he subconsciously blurted out. When he finally realized, his face was white.

Tang Tian’s gaze landed on Xiao Ming Ji: “What’s this Cold Wave labor?”

Xiao Ming Ji was already regretting it, he initially did not want to say anything, but when he saw Tang Tian’s cold gaze, his heart shivered, and he said: “Every year, the snow plains will have a large scale cold wave, and at that time, there are a certain places where they need people to be stationed there, and that is the cold wave labor. Five out of ten will die in the cold wave labor.”

The martial artist’s faces immediately changed.

“Eh, I didn’t expect an expert to be here.” Mu Lao San laughed: “The cold wave labor is rather scary, but that is a thing of the future, and who knows there might not even be a large scale cold wave. It is fine if you do not sign it, that means you will not come within 30 li of the training grounds. Oh, if there are anyone willing to turn back, we will not make it difficult for you.”

The martial artists by Tang Tian’s side all turned pale, despair appearing in their eyes.

“I never expect that the Cang Yang Fighting Grounds will be like that.” Tang Tian’s gaze turned colder and colder.

“Cang Yang Fighting Grounds would be like that? Ha ha, everywhere is like that!” Xiao Jin’s face revealed a disdained look: “Whoever’s fist is bigger, will be hailed King, understand? Ugly brat!”

The martial artist leading the group saw Tang Tian smile, and his heart shivered, he immediately said: “You can only use your fists and legs, no weapons involved, and murder is not allowed!”

Tang Tian’s gaze landed on the martial artists who had fainted, and the martial artist who was leading them was sitting on the wall by the side observing, and an indescribable anger blazed in his mind. They had brought their dreams and hope here, spent so much effort to come here, but all of you, are using their hopes and dreams to compel them into doing things!”

Truly a 100% group of scoundrels!

All of your hearts must be black.

Tang Tian turned a deaf ear to the martial artist who led them, killing intent soaring in his chest, he started to nod: “That’s right.”

“But” Tang Tian laughed, showing an extremely ugly face, filled with killing intent: “How do you know your fist is bigger?”

Before his words had finished, he had already disappeared.