Undefeated God of War - Chapter 482 – Bi Ah Chou

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Chapter 482 – Bi Ah Chou

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Zhong Shan had a square face, his complexion was as red as a date, eyebrows sharp as a blade, his stature was big. The matters of Cang Yang Fighting Grounds were basically managed by him, and naturally he had an imposing aura.

Li Ruo looked at Fu Zhong Shan and said with worry: “Big brother, the matters this time are not simple, and there are many people watching us. Are we still going to select disciples this year? There are definitely people who would mix in!”

“We stick to the plan.” Fu Zhong Shan said: “Especially at this time, we cannot change things around.”

Yang Hao Ran nodded his head, thinking and speaking: “Those people with ill intentions, will definitely think of ways to enter, in this case, they will only succeed by mixing in and joining the fighting grounds. We will place our attention on them, and our scope will naturally become much smaller.”

“Hao Ran is right!” Fu Zhong Shan nodded: “Everyone must be careful.”

The three of them discussed very quickly before heading in their own directions.

It was a tough time squeezing through the vast crowd, even for Tang Tian, he looked exhausted as well as surprised: “Wa, there’s so many people!”

“Your…..Ah Chou does not about this.” Cen Yu almost slipped his tongue and leaked the secret, and was calling The Majesty “Ah Chou” really fine?

His heart was beating like a drum, but he patiently introduced: “Cang Yang Fighting Grounds is the largest fighting grounds of Sextans Constellation, and with saints as its backer, every year, the number of people who would come would be substantial.”

“Bi Ah Chou?” A disciple from another fighting grounds sized Tang Tian up with his eyes and said: “Truly a name befitting the person.”

(TN: Ah Chou means ugly)

“Junior brother shut up!” Another disciple immediately shouted, and bowed to Cen Yu: “I never expected Groundsmaster Cen would personally send someone here, my apologies, my junior brother is stupid, I hope Groundsmaster can excuse us.”

Cen Yu dared not look at Tang Tian’s face, but he so badly wanted to kill the person who said “Name befitting the person”, and he could only force a laugh: “Ah Chou is my distantly related nephew, and his heart is purely on the martial dao, his talent is not too bad, I did not want him to be wasted, so sent him here for Master Li to teach.”

The older disciple immediately replied: “Since he was personally sent by groundsmaster, then we naturally will not doubt his ability. Just that, the fighting grounds is very chaotic today, and Master is too busy to receive groundsmaster, I hope groundsmaster can forgive us.”

“No matter, no matter.” Cen Yu immediately laughed.

“Then we will bring him in, Groundsmaster can rest easy.” the fighting grounds disciple said.

“Thank you for your trouble: “Cen Yu saw that more people were coming, and knew they had to attend to others.

Cen Yu walked out, and met with Bell not far away. Bell saw Cen Yu’s depressed face, and asked: “Did anything happen?”

Cen Yu looked at her and shook his head: “No, it went smoothly.”

A matter such like Bi Ah Chou was a name befitting the person, how could he bear to say it out?

“I heard that the disciples inside the fighting grounds are differentiated between inner and outer fighting grounds, can the leader enter the inner fighting grounds?” Bell asked.

Cen Yu’s spirit was raised: “Don’t worry, the inner fighting grounds disciples standard are half-step gold rank martial artists, and if they already wield the strength of gold rank martial artists, then they will definitely be able to enter. With Leader’s strength, entering the inner fighting grounds is a definite.”

He also learnt from Bell and called him “Leader”.

Hearing that, Bell calmed herself down. Crazy Tang was someone who killed saints, so entering the inner fighting grounds was definitely not a problem.


“Junior brother was overly rash today!” The older senior brother sternly scolded the junior brother who ridiculed Tang Tian.

The junior brother replied: “He truly is very ugly that I could not hold back.”

“Nonsense!” The senior brother stared at him: “Groundsmaster Cen is also a famous teacher, with he and Master’s relationship, you better be careful not to get punished.”

“Junior brother is wrong!” Upon seeing his senior brother being so angry, he immediately admitted his mistake, he also knew that he had spoke wrongly, and immediately changed the topic: “Senior brother, how do we arrange for Ah Chou then? Groundsmaster Cen said that his talent is good, so is it his strength or talent? I took a look at his True Power, he has not even reached the eighth level, and is only at the sixth. I could not even feel any blood meridians. With that talent, I do not know what to say.”

The senior brother had also used a star treasure to check Tang Tian, and knew his junior brother was not lying, and could not help but frown: “We can only arrange him to be in the outer fighting grounds. If he was at the eighth level, even if he did not have the strength of a half-step Gold Ranked Martial Artist, maybe we can think of something to place him in the inner fighting grounds. Sixth level, and no blood meridians, he can only be in the outer fighting grounds.”

“Should we inform Master?” the junior brother asked.

“No need, master has a lot of things to worry about recently, we will not further disturb him. We will see for ourselves, if Bi Ah Chou’s talent is truly good, we will focus more grooming on him.” the senior brother thought and said.

“Alright, then I will bring him straight to the outer fighting grounds.” The junior brother said.

Tang Tian stood blankly in the crowd, he was very relaxed. There were many probing type treasures, which would periodically sweep the place. Bing was afraid of being caught, so he and Ya Ya had stayed in the martial spirit chamber.

All around him were all youths, passionately discussing, which Tang Tian had not experienced for a very long time, feeling very refreshed. He could not help but think about the days in Andrew Academy, but he was the tyrant then, and no one was willing to get close to him, so he dissociated himself from the groups.

And currently, he was even more of a tyrannical lord, with a very heavy killing authority in his hands. Other than Little Crane and a few others, the rest would be cautious and show modesty in front of him, they were very careful of him. While people like Hand Towel, a good kid with good manners, was even more scrupulous and clever, annoying Tang Tian like crazy.

In the current place, no one curried favor with him, everyone was just discussing very naive and simple things.

“Wait until I become a gold ranked martial artist, I will go back and marry Ah Jiao.”

“Not farsighted enough, my dream, is to be a saint!

“Please don’t brag, say you want to be a saint, if you can even become a gold ranked martial artist, you can light incense and thank Buddha already.”

“You dare to look down me….”


Hearing the empty yet vigor conversations, Tang Tian’s heart was moved, this was true youth!

Suddenly, a voice sounded out: “Alright, stop quarreling and follow me!”

Tang Tian looked up and saw a fighting grounds disciple with people following him. Seeing that, he immediately caught up. Very quickly, the fighting grounds disciple brought them to a carriage and shouted: “Everyone go up, and find yourself a seat.”

Tang Tian followed the flow and went up the carriage. Randomly fighting a seat, he sat down.

A young man who was beside Tang Tian looked at him, shocked by Tang Tian’s looks, he stayed in a daze for a moment before asking: “What is this brother’s name?”

“Me?” Tang Tian pointed at his own face, seeing that the person who asked nodded, he ‘oh’, and replied: “I am Bi Ah Chou.”

Truly a name befitting the person…

The young man thought, but his face maintained his composure, and he introduced himself: “Let’s get to know one another, I am Xiao Ming Ji.”

Xiao Ming Ji was a chatterbox, upon being opened, he could not stop. But to have such a person to travel with, was much more relaxing.

After flying for a few hours without any signs of stopping, Tang Tian was surprised: “Where are we going? Is Cang Yang Fighting Grounds really so big?”

Xiao Ming Ji was astounded, and proudly exclaimed: “Of course! Our Cang Yang Fighting Grounds is Sextans Constellations strongest fighting grounds, and naturally the biggest. Cang Yang Fighting Grounds entire training grounds area added together, is bigger than a planet, tell me, is it big or not?”

“So powerful?” Tang Tian was taken aback.

Xiao Ming Ji saw Tang Tian’s shocked look, and became even more excited: “Of course! Cang Yang Fighting Grounds have been constructed for a few years only, but have expanded exponentially and fiercely, and are definitely unmatched. The entire Sextans Constellation is influenced by our fighting grounds. And with regards to our Groundsmaster’s background, there are many stories. Some say he is an inheritor of an ancient sect, someone said that he was from one of the 12 Ecliptic Palace, and has a strong backer. Since its formation, no one has ever found trouble with our fighting grounds, tell me, is that strange or not?”

Xiao Ming Ji’s discussion attracted a large group of disciples, and all of their faces became curious.

XIao Ming Ji became even more excited, and started to talk non-stop, even for Tang Tian who was initially interested, he fell asleep the more he listened.

“Get down get down!” The fighting ground disciple shouted loudly, waking Tang Tian up from his dream.

He immediately opened his eyes and looked out of the window. Outside the window, it was pure white, a snowland with no end.

Leaving the carriage, the cold air immediately aroused Tang Tian’s spirit.

Oh woah, I have not come to such a place before!

“Everyone follow me!” The fighting ground disciple shouted: “there is still a rough distance of about 800 li to our training grounds, and we need to rush. Everyone follow closely, remember, no matter what, always maintain your True Power’s rotation. This is an ancient cold snowland, and the air here is filled with cold waves, which is able to erode your True Power. If your True Power is completely corroded, you will all turn into statues, and even the gods cannot save you.”

The faces of every disciple changed, and they immediately actively revolved their True Power.

Tang Tian was also shocked, but upon checking himself, he calmed down. The True Power in his body was formed by Little Fool. But Tang Tian also felt that the cold wave that the disciple spoke about, was a fine trace of transparent energy. This energy was completely different from the energy Tang Tian had seen before, it was extremely cold, and with a trace of poisonous properties.

If True Power was not revolved at a speed fast enough, the poison would coil around the True Power.

But Tang Tian did not expect that Little Fool seemed to love the cold wave, and purposely revolved its True Power very slowly, attracting the cold wave to erode in, then it would absorb the cold wave into its body.

Will he have a stomachache?

But after staring at Little Fool for half a day, he did not seem to have any changes.

Truly a foodie, after eating so many spirit cards, and not having any changes. Eating the cold waves also did not cause any fluctuation on the blank face.

Tang Tian lost interest in Little Fool, a foodie that only ate and not producing anything, what good would it provide?

Xiao Ming Ji noticed Tang Tian’s difference, and exclaimed: “Your body is very good!”

The fighting ground disciple had also noticed Tang Tian’s peculiarity, everyone was using light body techniques and using their qi to fly forward quickly. But only Tang Tian alone, was fiercely sprinting with his leg, oh, he is using light body techniques, but fundamental light body techniques….

But, Tang Tian’s speed actually did not slow down at all, and even looked to be very calm and composed.

His physique is good!

The fighting ground disciple was moved, he quietly activated his True Power, and gradually increased his pace. The originally compact group immediately stretched wide.

But, Bi Ah Chou did not fall behind at all.

The fighting ground disciple’s eye flashed a joyful look, his gaze swept across Tang Tian’s body up and down, he became extremely passionate.