Undefeated God of War - Chapter 481 – Cang Yang’s Fighting Grounds

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Chapter 481 – Cang Yang’s Fighting Grounds

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Along the way, Tang Tian was constantly working hard on communicating with Little Fool, he badly coveted a spirit domain. Having a spirit domain meant that he had improved, and other than that, Tang Tian also had no other ideas.

His Zero Energy Body already had no way of improving, his martial spirit was so pure that it became Little Fool. He had no idea on how he should continue training and improving.

Little Fool had become Tang Tian’s toy in the past few days.

Lucky for Tang Tian, Little Fool was quite stupid, so no matter how Tang Tian tortured it, it had not much of a reaction. It was a pity he did not make much progress, but he did make a few refinements.

Little Fool was proficient in controlling energy, it was born with the ability to attract and converge energy. For example when Tang Tian broke a star rock, Little Fool could control the energy that was released. Little Fool’s meticulous degree of control over the energy caused Tang Tian to be astonished, it could actually attract the energy to imitate Tang Tian’s meridians and Dan Tian. When Tang Tian punched, it could still mimic a fist aura.

Of course, imitation was still fake, and did not have much use.

Tang Tian played with it for awhile before losing interest, and started to teach Little Fool other techniques. Little Fool was truly stupid, like a block of wood, it made Tang Tian feel helpless. Tang Tian usually had ideas, and would excitedly spout out a load of words, but little fool would just look at him blankly, completely not comprehending anything.

Other than Little Fool, the Zero Energy Body also had a few advantages, other than his body being extremely powerful, Tang Tian’s control over it was also very fine.

“Hey, Uncle, quickly look, quickly look!”

The muscles on Tang Tian’s face were changing continuously, in the blink of an eye he had transformed into a stranger’s face.

Bing took a look, puffing out smoke, he praised: “A useful side martial technique, but, your ugliness has already seeped deep into your bone marrows.”

At least the road was not lonely, so time passed very quickly.

When Cen Yu saw Tang Tian and Bing arriving, he was dumbstruck, and immediately probed to ask: “Your Majesty, why did you and Master Bing come here first? Where are the rest?”

“There’s only the two of us.” Tang Tian looked at Cen Yu, then stopped. Staring at him: “You think we cannot do it?”

Bing stood by the side puffing out smoke, his aura was gloomy.

Cen Yu felt the hair on his back standing, and immediately replied righteously: “This subordinate means, it only requires either Your majesty or Master Bing to come! For both of you to come, it is double the insurance!”

To offend the two biggest heads, is a stupid thing that I Cen Yu will not do.

“Haha, as expected, you truly have foresight!” Tang Tian praised Cen Yu loudly.

“Explain the situation to us.” Bing puffed out smoke and said, which was where Cen Yu felt the cold chill on his back disappearing, and he managed to heave a sigh of relief. He also found it weird, Master Bing’s strength was very ordinary, why would he make me so nervous?

Bell looked at them quietly, she was long used to Tang Tian’s unreliable manner, she had even seen much worse situations.

“The situation is rather complicated.” Bell spoke professionally when it came to work, and immediately used her trained manner of speech: “[Sextans Eye] is in the hands of Groundsmaster Cang Yang Yu of Cang Yang Fighting Grounds, and it is in one of his collections. Cang Yang Fighting Grounds is the largest fighting grounds of Sextans Constellation, and Cang Yang Yu’s business is extremely low profile, no one knows of his strength. In this aspect, Master Cen has the right of speech.”

Cen Yu spoke in a deep voice: “Normally, there will be intense battles between fighting grounds. Defeating other fighting grounds is a common occurrence, but no one ever dares to fight with Cang Yang Fighting Grounds. Cang Yang Fighting Grounds is therefore hailed as the number 1 fighting grounds of Sextans Constellation, due to Cang Yang Yu’s three famous disciples, Senior disciple Fu Zhong Shan, second disciple Yang Hao Ran, third disciple Li Ruo. They are all saints.”

“All of them are saints? So powerful?” Tang Tian opened his eyes wide, he was surprised.

Cen Yu’s face darkened as he nodded: “One family with three saints, basically no fighting grounds dare to contend with Cang Yang fighting grounds. With three saints supporting it, who dares to? Not only the fighting grounds, even the entire Sextans Constellation, with three saints, from the very start, there are no bandits, and whenever foreign martial artists come in, they dare not be too over the top. Therefore Cang Yang Fighting Grounds is famous in Sextans Constellation. Cang Yang Fighting Grounds’ rules are also the most strict in all the fighting grounds, where there was once a disciple who was guilty of adultery or rape, and was beheaded in public personally by Fu Zhong Shan.”

“So fierce!” Tang Tian’s mouth was wide open, his face full of shock.

“It’s not only that.” Bell said: “When we were investigating, we found out that Cang Yang Fighting Ground’s strength is far stronger than we thought. Other than the three saints, Cang Yang fighting grounds have around 16 Gold Ranked Martial Artists. With that power, they are already stronger than many of the Equatorial Palace Halls already.”

“The deeper we went with our investigation, the more unfathomable Cang Yang Yu becomes.” Bell glanced at Tang Tian: “And, we found many same professions.”

“Same professions? What’s that?” Tang Tian did not understand.

“People who are also investigating like us.” Bell’s face became darker: “There’s Onyx Soul, and Honorable Martial Group. Their goal is most probably the [Sextans Eye] as well, because recently someone has heard matters about it. If not for Master Cen, we would not be able to obtain such information.”

Cen Yu immediately replied: “Your subordinate has a few reports, but dares not take credit. The information is very slight, we only know that Cang Yang Yu has the Sextans Eye, but we are unable to even find out what is it for. And there is one thing that is very queer, every half a month, Cang Yang fighting ground will release a very strange ripple.”

“A very strange ripple?” Bing suddenly turned.

“Yes.” Cen Yu explained: “It started around four months ago. Master also knows, Sextans Constellation produces many types of treasures that can probe and take readings, and many people have checked out the ripple. But everyone thinks that it is most probably someone in Cang Yang Fighting Grounds is going to be bestowed as a saint, but after that nothing happens, and instead after half a month the ripple would come out again. This subordinate was thinking, could the strange ripple come from the Sextans Eye and is related to it?”

“Most probably.” Bing nodded his head slowly, a strange look flashed past his eyes.

“Should we sneak in tonight?” Tang Tian was excited, to have so many leads on the first day, it truly was a good sign.

Cen Yu revealed a complicated look.

“Is there a problem?” Bing noticed Cen Yu’s expression, flicking his cigarette ash, he asked straightforwardly.

“Master, Cang Yang Fighting Grounds has tight security, and from what I know, they have a few people with treasures that can sense. In the past few days, we were also outside prepared to sneak in, and when one Onyx Soul scout went in, in less than half an hour, he was killed.” Cen Yu thought about that night, and his heart turned cold.

“That’s not a good idea.” Bell said and immediately carried on: “There are many scouts there, once there is movement, we will be exposed. And the opponent has three saints, without even knowing what Cang Yang Yu’s strength is, and with the number of Gold Ranked Martial Artists, if we were to make a move, we do not have any advantage.”

“Yes, your majesty, why don’t I send a disciple to sneak into the Cang Yang Fighting Grounds.” Cen Yu immediately suggested: “Every year at this time, Cang Yang fighting grounds will open to select disciples. The good thing about Cang Yang fighting grounds, is that they do not reject other fighting grounds disciples from entering. For fighting grounds like ours, every year we will definitely be able to obtain the recommended quota. That is also the most important aspect of accepting disciples, all these quotas are worth a lot of money.”

Bell added on: “Cang Yang Fighting Grounds uses that method, and to an extent controls the other fighting grounds, and thus control Sextans Constellation.”

“A brilliant method.” Bing praised.

“We don’t need anyone else, I will go!” Tang Tian said without hesitation.

Cen Yu’s expression froze, and after a while, he said with difficulty: “Your majesty is joking right, your majesty’s status is so honorable…”

“I am not kidding.” Tang Tian shook his head: “How many times do they choose disciples every year?”

“Once.” Cen Yu replied.

“So if we fail this time, we will not have a chance anymore?” Tang Tian shook his head violently: “No, I will go!”

“But….”Cen Yu was still trying to advise him.

“Let him go!” Bing suddenly said: “He has his own methods of self protection.”

“And, I can also change my face.” the muscles on Tang Tian’s face started to wriggle, and quickly changed to a completely different face, without any flaws.

The complacent energy was also grown deeply into his marrows.


At the same time while Tang Tian was prepared to mix into the Cang Yang fighting grounds, Ling Xu was in the forest searching bitterly.

“It seems to be here?” He could not be sure.

Looking around, one tree, two trees, tree tree tree….

“Eh, where did it run off to?” Ling Xu muttered: “How can it run, I didn’t even stab it yet.”

Wei Wei An who was on his back with her mouth stuffed, had an extremely queer expression.

So Brother Ling is actually an idiot with poor sense of direction….

The location where Ling Xu previously fought with the Mizar City Lord had two figures standing there. Mizar City Lord was obviously there, his clothes still bleeding, his face pale white.

“Since his spear was able to harm you, this brat’s strength is not weak.” The person who spoke was Alioth City Lord, he looked to be around 30 years old, with his white skin and free and easy composure, his mouth even had an evil smile.

An angry look flashed across Mizar City Lord’s eyes, as he replied coldly: “You will know when you try it.”

“Eh, from the tracks, he went back?” Alioth City Lord was surprised.

“Should be a diversion.” Mizar City Lord said coldly: “He is also injured, and wishes to delay.”

Alioth City Lord laughed out loud: “Seems like his situation isn’t good either, to even use such a shallow and stupid plan, naivety is truly enjoyable, I can sense he is at the end of his road already.”

“Stop bullshitting, quickly chase!” Mizar City Lord said coldly.

The two of them flew out like smoke, they were extremely fast as they headed towards Ursa Major Ridge.

Ling Xu did not know the sense of an exhausted path, but he knew the sense of being lost. He became so angry that he started to bellow and roar in the forest, scaring countless of birds.

“Hey, where are you guys!”

“COME OUT! Let’s have a duel to the death as men!”

“Scaredy Cats! Cowards! Trash!”

“Aren’t you all chasing me? I’m here, i’m here, the holy maiden is here too!”

“Assholes! Why are you all so stupid!”


After half a day, he still felt the same wind blowing at him, still stuck in the same forest, the crows and birds were still the same crows and birds. Ling Xu was stupefied.

Wei Wei An had her eyes closed during the entire process. She was in despair, and she suddenly suspected, was she able to return to Ursa Major Ridge?