Undefeated God of War - Chapter 480 – Let’s Just Do That!

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Chapter 480 – Let’s Just Do That!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Hey, I am really going already!” Tang Tian shouted out loud.

“Can you be faster?” Crane was also helpless: “Without you holding us back, we will definitely be even smoother.”

Jing Hao laughed out loud, then waved his hand: “Let’s go, let’s go.”

“Everyone must definitely give it their all!” Tang Tian grinned, raising his hands up high and shouting, encouraging the rest then turned to leave. Sextans Eye was already investigated, time was of the essence, and he had to rush to the Sextans Constellation.

Seeing Tang Tian’s back view, everyone could not help but laugh.

“Truly a simple guy!” Crane sighed: “How did this guy actually live until today?”

“This is the so called pure and innocent heart I guess, let’s just do it his way.”

“For Honorable Martial Group to suddenly withdraw, it is truly surprising.” Crane’s gaze was in the distance.

“You do not need to test me.” Jing Hao said straightforwardly: “I am more familiar with how they do things. To attract the enemy, they will kill off their own subordinates, such a matter, only they are able to do it. They like to be in control, and will always think they are in control. When they go back they will mention me to my teachers. They love to treat people as puppets.”

Crane chuckled: “Seems like they will go through the trouble to dawdle.”

“And, they like to look down on people.” Jing Hao laughed out loud: “especially Crazy Tang that fool!”

Crane also laughed, then immediately became serious: “This fool that seems to always be looked down on, also seems to always attract enemy firepower, playing with our enemy’s wariness level, that is how we have always been winning.”

Everyone laughed.

“But I suspect that Honorable Martial Group’s schemes, are against Ling Xu.” Crane coughed: “With one fool, we are already helpless, if you have two fools, then that is truly tiring.”

“You go.” Jing Hao replied: “There is sufficient manpower here, you do not need to worry.”

Alkaid City’s strength was truly sufficient, where they could lie on their sides and fall asleep. The current Ursa Major Constellation was not just a minor power anymore, the other six cities did not have any intention to surrender. So Bing’s method was very simple, to use the army to pressure them.

The one stationed in Alkaid City was Tang Chou, the spirit military leader bent on becoming a famous general, soaring with killing intent. The chance to command the army alone was hard to come by, and Tang Chou was willing to go all out.

“Then I will have to trouble you!” Crane bowed, turned with his sword in hand, he leaped into the sky, and like a big black crane, he disappeared into the horizon.

Jing Hao retracted his gaze, his light body techniques were not strong, it was impossible for him to catch up with Ling Xu.

Tang Tian returned to Ursa Major Constellation to meet Bing.

“Just the two of us?” Tang Tian was puzzled: “Shouldn’t we bring a few more people?”

“We do not need so many people.” Bing continued smoking on his cigarette and puffed out smoke: “Bell and Cen Yu will pick us up at Sextans Constellation, you are a godlike young lad right, a rather low IQ brat should leave the staffing to other people, not everyone is as powerful as you.”

“That’s right.” Tang Tian was confident of himself, waving his hand like a generous man: “Then we will leave the manpower to other people.”

Ya Ya, like a gelatin dessert, crawled up flexibly to Tang Tian’s left shoulder and yawned. Little Fool held onto his umbrella, blankly floating on Tang Tian’s right shoulder.

Pi Pa and Hand Towel looked at each other, understanding each other’s thoughts.

IQ…..where did you get that strange self confidence from….

But the two of them did not say a word, they had a feeling, Sextans Constellation was going to be in an unfortunate plight.


The speed of the Treading Snow Spirit Horse gradually slowed, after sprinting for days and nights without stopping, no matter how strong it was, it would also become tired. Ling Xu who was on the horse sensed Ah Xue’s fatigue, and jumped down. He had an innate emotion for mounts.

“Brother Ling, where do you come from??”

“Brother Ling, were you so powerful in the past?”


Wei Wei An, with only her head exposed, kept on talking non stop, she had struggled out of her fear, and regained her usual liveliness. Ling Xu’s face was black, every time she spoke, his face became darker.

So noisy…..

The veins on Ling Xu’s forehead started to throb.

“Brother Ling….”

Ling Xu could no longer tolerate it anymore: “Shut up! If you continue to be so talkative, I will use my spear….”

He forced himself not to say the last words “to death”, as he suddenly remembered that she could not die. Asshole, how can there be such people still living in this world!

Silence, it was silent for 2 minutes, when Wei Wei An started to talk again: “Brother Ling, what happened to you?”

Ling Xu was quiet as he continued to advance.

“Did I say something that you don’t like? I already told you to tell me, you must tell me, I really did not mean it, Brother Ling, I….”

Ling Xu’s face was worn out, he rolled his eyes, weakly moving forward.

Suddenly, he stopped.

“Shut up!”

This time, Ling Xu’s berating immediately turned Wei Wei An quiet, she could hear the killing intent in his voice. After that, she felt the world spinning, as Ling Xu somersaulted up the horse.

Ahead of them on top of a tree, a black lonely figure stood awaiting them.

“Mizar…. Mizar City Lord!” Wei Wei An stammered, her face filled with fear. Every single City Lord had unfathomable strength!”

The black robed Mizar City Lord looked at the two of them, his eyes filled with killing intent. With their deaths, their task to cause the two forces to clash would be complete, and their plan would be 50% done.

Then, Die!

He bent his knee, shooting into the sky like a fire arrow. The black robed Mizar City Lord was like a black bat, blocking out the sun.

Saint, huh?

Ling Xu looked up, his orange pupils blazing with fire, he patted Ah Xue’s neck, clearly sensing it’s fighting intent, the corner of his mouth revealing a sharp arc.

Suddenly pressing down on the horse’s stomach, Ah Xue, started to breath deeply, and its legs suddenly applied more force, its figure instantly becoming a blur, the scenery around them flying past them in a blur, bang, as though it was free of restrictions, its body became extremely light.

An explosion and afterimage were left from breaking the sound barrier behind them, the silver spear that was placed horizontally straight, did not deviate at all.


Ah Xue soared into the sky, the silver spear in Ling Xu’s hands started rotating, transforming into a silver aura, flying straight towards Mizar City Lord.

The air around the spear tip suddenly became black, but it was actually the silver aura that was becoming even more dazzling and bright, like a star.

Mizar City Lord’s eyes contracted, his body transformed into a black blade aura with a whistle, with a faintly discernible faint purple demonic aura on the blade.

The spear tip and blade aura crashed into each other.


A dazzling light aura suddenly burst out, like a sun exploding. Amidst the intense explosion, the Mizar City Lord flew out like an injured black bat in a panic, half of his body was covered with blood.

Ling Xu did not give chase, he wiped the blood from his mouth, the blaze in his pupils gradually dimmed.

His mind was filled with excitement, so this is the Aries Spear of Stars….

So powerful!

Chi, a ray of blood exploded on his arm, causing him to groan, his face immediately changed. A silver liquid mixed into his blood, which was extremely bizarre. The unbearable toxin started to spread from his arm.

So you truly are unable to stay in hibernation huh?

The internal injury in his body was completely cured by the reducing energy transformation and with Ding Man’s help, but the silver liquid formed from him training his spear technique was unable to be rid of. Even Ding Man did not know what the silver liquid was, as she had never heard of silver transformation. But using her medical knowledge and martial techniques, she helped Ling Xu seal and suppress the silver liquid in his right arm.

It should originally be able to be sealed for 8 to 10 years, but who would expect that after the first battle, it would become aroused.

Riiiip, Ling Xu straightforwardly tore his sleeves off.

Wei Wei An covered her mouth, looking in fear at Ling Xu’s right arm. The entire arm was actually silver in color, releasing a metal luster, as though it was entirely made up of silver. The silver metal arm had bloodstains flowing, revealing a bewitching sense of beauty.

Seems like teacher had the foresight when he gave me the bandages….

Teacher…..that is the mark right…..

If it’s wrong…..then what can i do.….

You don’t need to worry, Little Xu will accomplish your dreams.

Although this little brat is noisy and annoying, but Little Xu will definitely send her back to Ursa Major Ridge.

Yes, definitely.

“Hey, I want to use the bandages.”

Ling Xu shouted to Wei Wei An, and then while she was still dumbstruck, he took off the bandages from her body and wrapped around his right arm.

It hurts….

Ling Xu’s eyelids were twitching. His entire arm felt like it was being pierced by countless needles. The silver liquid’s tyrannical assault was far beyond his expectation, even the sealing of the medicine saint could only hold it back for a short while.

What exactly are you?

Ling Xu muttered in his mind, then slowly wound his entire arm. His movements were fluid, the bandage wrapped around his entire arm, even his five fingers were completely wrapped, before ending the wrap by using his teeth to tie a knot.

Stretching his hand out, he tested his arm. Although the pain was still there, it did not hinder his movements.

At the very least, oh, it is the familiar feeling I have always endured through…..

“B-brother Ling, your arm…” Wei Wei An’s face was filled with worry.

IT HURTS! And I still need to endure this brat’s incessant voice….

Teacher, whatever grace or favor you have received before, please, at the very least choose the right people!

Suddenly, Ling Xu found another rope and tied Wei Wei An up.

Brother Ling. wuuuu wuuu…”

Wei Wei An was about to speak, but her eyes suddenly enlarged, her face was startled as a cloth was stuffed into her mouth.

The world is finally quiet!

Ling Xu was extremely happy with himself for thinking up of such a good idea, noisy women, no matter how old they were, were much more terrifying than saints!

He suddenly turned to look ahead, at a nearby place, there was flickering qi, quickly heading towards his direction.

The light aura from the battle had exposed my position.

Heh, that’s not one person, how can it be, how can it only be one person?

Seems like this route will not be good to take…

I need to quickly leave this place….

But….I really wish to pierce them all to death… what do I do?

This truly leaves me with no choice, this brat makes me so immobile….sending her back to Ursa Major Ridge first is the right thing to do….I need to consider my plan calmly….

A-alright…. Let’s just do it!

I! Will! Pierce! Them! All! To! Death!

That crazy thought immediately caused the blood in his body to boil, fighting intent soared, his silver hair started to fly up, dancing along with the wind, as though it was a silver flame.

He clenched his teeth and pulled back his lips, the flames in his orange pupils floated fierily.

This, is my, Ling Xu’s, pursuit of martial dao!

Flipping up on his horse, he patted Ah Xue’s neck, turning the horse around. He flew towards the location of the Qi.