Undefeated God of War - Chapter 478 – The Hands Hidden Behind the Scenes

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Chapter 478 – The Hands Hidden Behind the Scenes

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bai Si Si looked at the incoming enemies, she was not prepared at all for the fight. She looked at Tang Tian, her mind was puzzled, how is it possible that this guy attracts fights wherever he goes?

Tang Tian stood atop the city gate tower, ignoring the martial artists that were sweeping about like lightning, he asked: “Little Crane, tell me, did Little Xu Xu fall for that little girl?”

Crane ‘oh’, then replied: “Wei Wei An should be very pretty when she grows up.”

“I think Qian Hui is still prettier!” Tang Tian said straightforwardly.

“If Wei Wei An grows up to be pretty, he won’t fight with you over Qian Hui.” Crane said without faltering.

“That’s right!” Tang Tian nodded his head, and then changed and became angry: “Little Xu Xu actually dared to hit on Qian Hui, wait till he comes back, I will take care of him…”

Ding Man set a note in her heart, to never offend Master Crane in the future, for he was too sinister.

Suddenly, Jing Hao’s face changed, he looked up: “Careful, there are people from Honorable Martial Group!”

Honorable Martial Group!

Their faces changed, for Honorable Martial Group’s people to actually be here, their minds shook thinking about that, looking at each other, seemingly knowing there was some hidden conspiracy behind the matter. Only Tang Tian bellowed in rage: “For Honorable Martial Group to actually dare to try and reach for my place with their claws, KILL THEM!”

An old voice sounded out across the entire field, filled with a powerful qi.

“Jing Hao, the martial group groomed you, but we never expect that you would turn your back on us.”

Jing Hao’s expression was indifferent: “We walk on different paths, and thus Ii cannot work with you.”

“What a good excuse, walking on different paths!” A white robed old man floated in the sky, his voice was heavy: “Let us see your capabilities then!”

Crane calmly observed the martial artists that were swarming like bees, his mind quickly thinking.

For Honorable Martial Group to appear, was definitely not a coincidence. It was obvious, Big Dipper 7 Cities were originally in an agreement with the Ursa Major Race, and for the six cities to suddenly break the agreement and kill Alkaid City’s City Lord, he definitely believed that Honorable Martial Group did something.

For Honorable Martial Group to reach their feelers out to Big Dipper, they definitely have a goal, to handle Ursa Major Constellation.


Big Dipper’s star power concentration was much higher than the outside. That also meant that the standard of the martial artists were most probably not low. Looking at them, Crane realized many of them had the strength of Gold Ranked Martial Artists.

Honorable Martial Group, truly a despicable soul that lingers everywhere, I’d be damned if they were not dead!


Bai Si Si’s Zither sound suddenly burst forth, containing a biting cold attack.

The sunlight dimmed, the zither’s music enveloped the entire field, all the martial artists with weaker True Power felt the blood and qi in their body boiling. They immediately turned sluggish.

Sound type martial artists were born to be in the battlefield, although their attacking abilities were not strong, but when it came to area of effects, other martial artists could not compare to them.

Sound type martial artists had the best methods to deal with cannon fodder.

From amongst the group of people that were being restrained, a few figures shot forward, a few archers shot out consecutive arrows out, the bowstring sounds that were ear piercing, produced 10 light auras that whistled forward towards Bai Si Si.

As a saint, Bai Si Si naturally was not disturbed by such attacks, her empty hand lightly strummed on the zither again, and the arrows that were approaching towards her were destroyed inch by inch, as though they had struck onto an invisible shield, scattering everywhere.

The distance between both parties got closer and closer.


Tang Tian roared, like an artillery shell, he suddenly flew into the enemy’s ranks.

Breaking the sound barrier, before his silhouette disappeared from the city tower gate, he had suddenly appeared beside a martial artist, with a simple fundamental fist technique, he destroyed the opponent’s shield. The other party was overwhelmed with shock, after the shield broke into pieces, Tang Tian used his other hand and pressed down on his chest.

The martial artist felt as though a raging wild beast had struck him, flying back at an even faster speed.

The enemy behind him did not expect his teammate to be unable to withstand Tang Tian’s punch, and only when his teammate flew into him did he reacted, immediately extending his hand out to catch him. When his hand touched his teammate’s body, his face changed, crack, his wrist broke, and his teammate’s body flew right into him. As though he was struck by a hammer, he spat blood out and fainted immediately.

Tang Tian’s rush was extremely fierce, adding Ya Ya’s Swallowing Light Steel Fist and Little Fool’s Ursa Major Stars Umbrella by his side, the three of them, one big and two small, could not be contained.

Crane was of a totally different bearing, he danced like a black crane, with unspeakable agileness, one after another black afterimages appearing everywhere, which were actually attacks. Wherever the black afterimages passed by, the enemy would be blown away and be unable to stand.

In the blink of an eye, the east gate entrance was cleansed by Tang Tian.

“Little Xu Xu!”

Upon Tang Tian’s shouts, the city gate exploded, and a white robed young man wielding a silver spear on a mount suddenly burst forth.

The Treading Snow Spirit Horse beneath Ling Xu was strong, and its speed was as fast as lightning. With a sprint, it broke the speed of sound, and before the explosion of the speed had dissipated at the city gates, Ling Xu was already far away.

“Not good! The Holy Maiden is on his back!”

“Catch him!”

Someone shouted, and immediately a large group of martial artists rushed over.

Tang Tian’s eyes locked onto one of the people, his intuition was extremely sharp, and immediately realized that he was a saint!

He was taking advantage of the numbers to creep in.

The other party originally wanted to sneak an attack, but he did not expect Tang Tian’s tactful advances, and was caught off guard, immediately being battered. Upon allowing Tang Tian to seize the first strike, even if it was a saint, they would immediately be flustered.

Bang bang bang!

Tang Tian’s punches were extremely fast like a torrential rain, his fists directly striking the opponent’s attacks.

Countless shattered auras scattered in his surroundings.

No one had noticed that Little Fool had quietly floated into Tang Tian’s body.


The shattered auras around Tang Tian’s body continued to gather, spiralling at an astonishing speed, forming an energy spiral that wrapped and covered Tang Tian up completely. Tang Tian extended out both of his arms, the spiralling energy gathering at his palms, converging and changing into a sharp spiralling drill.

He gathered his body strength, activating the spiralling energy and pounced forth towards his opponent.

His face changed, countless red lights started to light up in his surroundings, like rain, they all entered his fists, causing his fist to become extremely red, like two red suns.

[Red Sun Fist]!

The astonishing spiralling energy brought forth a sharp whistling sound, clashing into the opponent’s red sun fist.


Dazzling light auras suddenly erupted, like a miniature sun exploding in the center of the battlefield, the astonishing force caused all the martial artists in the area of 60m to be swept away.

The saint’s face became pale white, with blood trickling down his mouth. Tang Tian did not look well either, all the clothes on his body were filled with holes, and his arms were smoking.

In that exchange, Tang Tian held the advantage, but to win was not so easy. A Saint’s life force was extremely strong and not easy to be extinguished.

But a black figure actually appeared beside the bronze saint, following beside him.


The Red Sun Saint did not expect Crane to sneak an attack, Crane extended out his hands, causing the Red Sun Saint to sense something amiss, he felt as if his entire body had dropped into glue, which was getting harder and harder to budge.

What is this spirit domain?

The red sun saint started to panic, it was the first time he had met such a strange spirit domain. The air around him was filled with a sticky and sluggish feeling. He looked at the sword in Crane’s hands. This guy’s spirit domain is actually not a sword related spirit domain!

So treacherous!

At this time, he had not even noticed Ya Ya who was on his leg.

Seeing that chance, Ya Ya immediately jumped up, releasing 7-8 punches in a breath, Swallowing Light Steel Fist!

The air and even the light around Ya Ya’s fist seemed to be engulfed, where Red Sun Saint did not even expect that he would suffer damage, although he was able to block the attack, but the intensity of the attack made him reveal his weakness.

The moment Ya Ya made its move, Tang Tian took action as well. When he revealed his weakness against Ya Ya’s Swallowing Light Steel Fist, his killing technique had quietly approached.

The terrifying frequency bombarded the Red Sun Saint’s weak spot, causing his defense to be completely wrecked, and Tang Tian’s fists poured down like rain drops on his body, causing him to vibrate like a sieve, in a moment he was void of breath.

It was like a rabbit being picked up by a falcon, upon the saint’s death, the surrounding martial artists were all frightened to death, and in the next moment they all scattered in different directions.

Ling Xu took the opportunity to increase his speed, his figure quickly disappearing into the horizon.

With Ling Xu gone, Tang Tian could focus more on battle. No one had any preparations for the battle, but Tang Tian had actually found what he was looking for. In the period of time, he had been working hard to break out of his predicament, but had not found the proper requirements, and thus looked for more battles. Liang Feng and the rest were all tortured by him continuously already.

The feeling in the battlefield and training were completely different.

But, Tang Tian preferred to be in the battle field!

Such enjoyment!

Tang Tian howled, and rushed into the group of people.

“Sword Spirit! You actually have produced a sword spirit!” The clan elder of Honorable Martial Group was in disbelief, his right arm was gone, his wounds were all extremely straight cut, perfect and neat, and the wounds were all pouring with blood. But he did not realize, his face was full of shock and disbelief, as he was completely in shock of Jing Hao’s sword aura.

He was perfectly clear on what having a sword spirit meant.

Such a terrifying spirit domain, actually appeared in the body of the traitor of Honorable Martial group!

No way!

Such a person, we must definitely get rid of him!

If we allow him to grow, he will definitely be a dangerous entity for the Honorable Martial Group.

He had heard of Jing Hao’s talent, but always dismissed it with a laugh, but to personally witness it, he then knew Jing Hao’s talent was unknowingly several times stronger than the rumors. And…..Jing Hao, Tang Tian and his few friends, all of them were not simple beings.

He shook his head, then throwing all the unnecessary thoughts to the back of his head, he stared intently at Jing Hao.

I cannot let Jing Hao grow up, because to the Honorable Martial Group, he is a disaster.

Ding Man was frantically running, she was a medicine saint, and the might and threat she could produce in a battlefield was very pitiful. She had returned back to convey the message, ever since Jing Hao had exposed the identities of Honorable Martial Group, Crane had sent Ding Man to immediately call for rescue.

The battle was extremely intense, Ling Xu rode on the horse and rushed out of Alkaid City, but there were still countless martial artists swarming towards him from Alkaid City.

We cannot lose Alkaid City!

Because the Star Door was in Alkaid City, upon losing the Star Door, it would prove fatal to Ursa Major Constellation.

It was lucky that the Star Door was only a few km away from the new Bear Head City, to a saint, that distance was nothing. But Ding Man knew, the danger in Alkaid City, so her heart was extremely tensed.