Undefeated God of War - Chapter 477 – Alkaid City

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Chapter 477 – Alkaid City

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The surrounding area was pitch black and the air murky.

“What is this place?” Tang Tian muttered under his breath, he did not think that behind the Star Door would be pitch black.

Little Fool floated onto Tang Tian’s shoulder, and gently waved the Umbrella of Stars. The countless star lights started to slide down the umbrella, like they were dewdrops, floating around the surroundings, every star light released a gentle light aura, lighting up the surrounding area.

“Little Fool is so good!”

Ding Man could not help but exclaim. Upon appearing, Little Fool immediately conquered Ding Man and Bai Si Si’s heart. It stood there straight up with its blue tang Suit, its face was extremely adorable with its seemingly blank expression as it continued to blink its eye, it made people adore it. Ya Ya, upon seeing it, became extremely unhappy with the situation, it started to squeak “Yi yi ya ya”. Causing people to laugh.

“This is a private room.” Crane looked around, his tone confident.

It was an extremely huge standard squared private room, it’s width was over 60m, the surrounding walls were built by laying large rocks over large rocks. It is a private room, but it resembled a treasury.

“Private room?” Tang Tian was suddenly energetic: “Are there any treasures hidden around?”

His gaze immediately looked around everywhere, the floor was covered in dust, the corners had piles of items, but when Tang Tian ran over and lightly touched them, they transformed into dust. It was obvious that with the flow of time, they had all disintegrated.

Tang Tian was unhappy, he looked everywhere, but there was nothing.

“Hey, what we should be doing now is to look for an exit, and not secret treasures!” Ding Man could not hold back anymore, she had never met such an unreliable Constellation Master. How did he live until today?

“Here.” Crane suddenly gently strode forward, like a nimble big crane, he flew over to the wall that was over 45m tall, and pushing with his strength, a rock gradually went in deeper.

Crack crack crack!

The heavy mechanical sound came from underneath, and the wall in front of them suddenly lowered down, becoming a flight of steps heading upwards, exposing light. Without saying a word, Ling Xu took the lead and rushed forth.

Everyone who saw that followed along.

Upon coming out, Ling Xu was immediately startled. In front of him was a young little girl with a panic-stricken face looking at him. She was roughly 11-12 years old with a full head of brown hair and blue eyes. Although she was still young, she was clearly a potential beauty.

Ling Xu’s eyes landed at her ears, where there was an extremely small white moon shaped imprint.

The two of them looked at each other, stunned in place.

Suddenly, behind the little girl were sounds of footsteps, causing the panic and fear on her face to deepen.

“Search! Search this place carefully! Do not miss a single spot!”

Suddenly a martial artist shouted: “In here!”

Woosh, a big group of people appeared behind the young girl, and the leading martial artist’s eyes lit up: “Catch her!”

A few martial artists laughed sinisterly as they pounced over.

Ling Xu’s face darkened, his figure flashed, causing everyone’s eyes to blur, and the few martial artists flew out like sandbags.

“Who are you guys?”

Ling Xu stood in front of the young girl and asked coldly.

The leading martial artist was surprised, then immediately flew into a rage, but the people in front of him were foreign to him, and they were all not to be provoked, so he relaxed his tone of speech: “I am the commander of Mizar City’s guards, and have been ordered to arrest this sinful rebel, I hope these few masters can make it easy for me.”

“I am not a rebel!” The little girl suddenly said loudly and clearly, with a jade ornament with light aura circulating in her hand: “I am Wei Wei An, the holy maiden of Ursa Major Clan, it is Big Dipper that betrayed the contract of alliance!”

When the young girl took out the jade pendant, the face of the leader of the martial artists changed, and he bellowed: “To dare shelter a rebel, kill all of them without discussion!”

All the martial artists suddenly rushed up.

Ling Xu’s eyes turned cold, the killing intent suddenly surging in his mind, he was not a good person in the first place. Not retrieving his spear, his right palm grabbed the air, as though there was a formless spear in his hand, he stepped forward and pierced!

Chi chi chi!

The throats of the martial artists all suddenly burst open with blood, exposing a chicken egg’s size hole.

The leader’s face changed. Ling Xu did not have any intention to let go of him, in a flash, Ling Xu thrusted out and caused the leader’s throat to explode, and he fell to the ground.

Ding Man exposed an annoyed look, Ling Xu’s killing intent was too heavy.

Wei Wei An looked blankly at Ling Xu.

After a while, she suddenly seemed to awake from a dream and urged: “We must quickly run! The saints from the other cities will be here soon!”

“Saints? From other cities?” Ding Man asked.

“Yes!” Wei Wei An nodded her head vigorously: “Every City Lord of Big Dipper is a saint!”

Everyone looked at each other with caution in their eyes, to them, having a number of saints was definitely not good news.

Crane said gently: “Please do not worry, we will protect your safety, But may I ask, where is this place?”

“This is Alkaid City.” Wei Wei An looked up and said: “This is the furthest city of the 7 cities in Big Dipper, are you all not from here?”

“No we are not.” Crane exposed a smile: “Can you tell us about Big Dipper?”

Wei Wei An’s expression became more relaxed: “The rulers of Big Dipper have 7 cities, designated as Dubhe City, Merak City, Phecda City, Megrez City, Alioth City, Mizar City and Alkaid City, and Alkaid City is the seventh city. Every City has a City Lord ruling the place, and Alkaid City’s City Lord is my brother, but to save me, he was…..was killed by them.”

Tears started to fall from Wei Wei An’s eyes continuously, she started to wail.

Everyone revealed sympathetic looks.

“Please send me back to Ursa Major Ridge! They have already betrayed the alliance set in place last time! They want to capture my grandfather! Please!”

Wei Wei An suddenly knelt down, and kowtowed multiple times in front of everybody.

Everyone became emotionally moved. Ling Xu stopped Wei Wei An and asked: “Where is this Ursa Major Ridge?”

“It is very far, we need to walk for 2 months!” Wei Wei An cried like a cat.

Everyone’s faces turned ugly, two months was too long. Tang Tian had actually prepared half a month to resolve Big Dipper, but he did not expect Big DIpper to be so complicated.

He and Qian Hui had promised to meet in 3 months.

“I will send her there.” Ling Xu suddenly said.

Everyone was surprised, all of them looking at him with disbelief. Ling Xu was definitely not a person who would do good deeds, if it was Crane, they would not find it surprising.

Ling Xu did not explain anything, and asked Wei Wei An: “Do you have any mounts?”

Wei Wei an Looked up at Ling Xu, with tears dropping down, she bit her lips: “They will definitely send people to kill you….”

Ling Xu was lazy to argue, he picked her up and put her on his shoulders, and said: “I will send her there, then come back and find you guys.”

It left the rest dumbstruck.

“Little Xu Xu, what are you doing..?” Tang Tian muttered under his breath.

“Did he find his conscience?” Crane was equally surprised: “Why would he have a conscience?”

“Let us help him out abit.” Jing Hao said.

Tang Tian nodded his head: “Since we cannot go to Ursa Major Ridge, we will go to the remaining 6 cities! Once we level all of them, then Little Xu Xu can become the knight in shining armor!”

“We need people to stand guard here.” Ding Man reminded Tang Tian.

“Call Liang Feng and the rest over.” Tang Tian said straightforwardly: “We will engage in quick battles and quickly resolve this! We will level the the entire Big Dipper Palaces or what not, since Big Dipper is ours! They dare to fight with us over it, we will smash them into pieces!”

The Big Dipper Palaces were considered an opponent to Ursa Major Constellation that needed straightening.

Suddenly, shouts of anger came out from outside.

Everyone all flew up the steps, all of their faces changing. In the distance, countless martial artists were surging in like the tide.

Tang Tian’s face changed: “Not good! Little Xu Xu is not out of the city!”

Ling Xu carried Wei Wei An on his shoulders: “Where is your mount?”

Wei Wei An stopped crying, her expression becoming strong, she pointed to the right: “That side, Big Brother’s mount is there, it is called Ah Xue, it is a Treading Snow Spirit Horse.”

Ling Xu flew forward like a big bird, passing through countless bodies, it was obviously an intense battle.

Very quickly with Wei Wei An’s guidance, Ling Xu found the Treading Snow Spirit horse.

“Ah Xue!” Wei Wei An’s eyes turned red upon seeing the horse, as she thought of her brother. The Horse was neighing in sorrow, as though it knew it’s Master was dead.

“Ah Xue, can you bring us to Ursa Major Ridge?” Wei Wei An touched Ah Xue’s neck, sobbing with it.

Ah Xue caressed Wei Wei An’s face, as she could not control as her tears started to flow from her eyes again, before turning to Ling Xu: “It has agreed to bring us….”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was pulled up by Ling Xu and placed on the back of the horse.

Ling Xu took out his bandages, after the reducing energy transformation, all his past injuries had disappeared, and he had no more need of the bandages. He did not think that, it would be needed on scene. Ling Xu shook his head and laughed at himself, patiently tying Wei Wei An on his back, tying her up like a mummy, exposing only her head. He then tightly wound her on his back.

“Don’t move about.”

He took out his silver spear and flipped up the horse.

Wei Wei An was quiet when he was tying her up, until then that she suddenly asked: “Why are you helping me?”

“No whys.” Ling Xu casually said.

The shouts from outside were quickly closing in.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s voice came out from above him: “Little Xu Xu, which gate are you going by?”

“Which gate Ling Xu asked Wei Wei An.

Wei Wei An Replied: “The East gate!”

“Good! We will cover you!” Tang Tian said and instantly disappeared.

Ding Man anxiously asked Tang Tian: “Why didn’t you stop him??”

“Why should I?” Tang Tian looked at Ding Man.

“We do not know anything about that girl…”

Tang Tian interrupted Ding Man: “Although I do not know why Little Xu Xu is helping her, but I know, he definitely had a reason for doing so. I trust him!”

Ding Man looked at Tang Tian’s determined face, and did not say anything else.

Ling Xu’s expression was calm, carrying Wei Wei An on his back and riding on the Treading Snow Spirit horse, he quietly stood behind the East City Gate.

“Will we die?” Wei Wei An asked in a whisper, tis terrifying experience, to a 11 year old girl, was a horrible nightmare.

“We won’t.” Ling Xu said, his expression was calm, only his orange pupils were deep. An orange blaze burned passionately in his eyes.