Undefeated God of War - Chapter 475 – Three Saint Bestowals

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Chapter 475 – Three Saint Bestowals

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

With the merging of Cetus Constellation, Ursa Major Constellation’s star power concentration rose sharply, to a current high of a surprising 39%, which was the peak of Equatorial Palace Halls grade constellations.

Although the star power concentration was unable to immediately bring large quantifiable benefits to Ursa Major Constellation, but looking at the long term, it was actually a foundation. The dense star power, would attract even more martial artists, and greatly cutting down the training period for the local martial artists.

These were all long term benefits, so Ursa Major Constellation swallowing Cetus Constellation did not induce too big a ripple, just that people were mocking Gong Qing who had to suffer the bitter consequence of his own actions from the past.

To Ursa Major Constellation, the unprecedented dense star power quickly stabilized the hearts of the people. Even so much so that many martial artists all hoped to continue opening up new territories, and when the star power concentration reaches the Ecliptic Palace Grade, which was 50% and above, they could then begin constructing a Treasure City.

A Treasure City was a city with the protection of star treasures. Such a city, regardless of star power concentration, or the safety and defense would all receive a substantial upgrade.

The reason why the 12 Ecliptic Palaces were capable of remaining majestic and unwavering was closely related to the Treasure Cities. The Saint Treasure controlled all the star power of the constellation, but in truth, every saint treasure of a constellation was a part of a huge system. And a Treasure City uses that point as an advantage. The Saint Treasure was the central hub of star power, gold star treasures, were the important nodes to the saint treasure, while silver star treasures were the medium nodes, and bronze treasures were the branches.

By constructing the Treasure City, it would be able to exploit the star power to its maximum degree, and when encountering attacks, not only would the Treasure City use the surrounding Star Power, it could also obtain the definite support through the huge star power network.

That was the important reason why the 12 Ecliptic Palaces were much stronger than the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls.

Of course, the higher ups of Ursa Major Constellation were very clear, the fruits of the many victories needed a very long time to slowly digest. If the digestion was not done well, there would be too many dangers and would cause trouble. Luckily, they had Long Shou Jing and Pi Pa, they were all patient and meticulous people, under their comb, Ursa Major Constellation continued to grow stronger.

When Tang Tian returned to Ursa Major Constellation, he brought along a seven year old kid, Elder Lin’s grandson, Ah Cao. Elder Lin adored Ah Cao deeply, Ah Cao had displayed extraordinary talent since young, so Elder Lin had allowed him to follow by Tang Tian’s side to learn.

Elder Lin could clearly see, for the Lin Family to have done such a huge service to Ursa Major Constellation, but at the same time, they had completely offended Gong Qing and his group.

He was appointed by Tang Tian to be the City Master of Safe and Sound City, and he knew, regardless of his strength, or his position in Onyx Soul, they were all negligible. The appointment was because of Tang Tian cherishing the friendship between them. To the Lin Family, it was an immensely large opportunity.

A group of Saint grade famous masters were gathered around Tang Tian, so for Ah Cao to follow him, he would definitely be able to learn much more than in the Lin Family.

The Safe and Sound Saber had a place to return to, and to be able to meet with Elder Lin again, and even bringing his grandson over, Tang Tian felt extremely happy.

But, as time was of the essence, once the problem of Cetus Constellation was resolved, it was time to investigate the Big Dipper.

He returned home with speed.


“It’s such a strange feeling.” Jing Hao moved his limbs, his body giving him a very unfamiliar feeling. He was a swordsman who was not good with strength, other than Ye Zhao Ge that maniac, there were very few swordsman who relied purely on strength.

He could feel the unprecedented power in his body, his sword in his hand feeling extremely light. He tried to lightly let out a thrust, chi, the sword moved like lightning.

So fast!

Without using any True Power, the speed of him casually thrusting his sword was much faster than before. But Jing Hao frowned, his sword techniques focused much more on precision and control, although the sword’s speed was very fast, but he did not control it well.

Chi chi chi, very quickly, he immersed himself into training, he needed time to familiarize himself with his brand new body.

He was completely absorbed into it.

Slowly, a light aura started to luster on his sword, the light aura was gentle and not dazzling at all. After the reducing energy transformation, his body, did not have a bit of True Power, the dim light aura, was actually his sword itself absorbing the star power from the surroundings.

The sword light was extremely straight without a single bend, as though it was drawn by a ruler.

The sword light became more fine, and in the end, what remained of it was a fine drawn pencil line light, as though it was a thread. The fine thread sword light remained in the air without dissipating.

The sword lights became more numerous, criss crossing vertically and horizontally, it was like the air in front of him was being cut with many scars remaining.

Jing Hao’s martial spirit, following along the changes of the sword auras, and continued to change.

The people witnessing by the sides all exposed emotional faces, as Jing Hao’s martial spirit actually continued to contract.

An unspeakable sharp intent floated out of Jing Hao’s body.

“That is….a sword spirit!” He Yu Ming muttered, a fervent look surfaced in his eyes.

“Sword spirit!” The other saints were all startled at first, then immediately changed.

A sword spirit is a rarely seen and extreme spirit domain, because the spirit domain was a sword! The martial spirit changed into a sword, and became a sword spirit. Upon forming the sword spirit, it meant that the martial artist had begun interacting with the base essences of the sword. Only the purest of swordsman could probably form sword spirits. Sword Spirits were the spirit domains that all swordsmen yearned for day and night!

Focusing only on the sword, abandoning everything else!

Jing Hao actually produced a sword spirit, how could it not be surprising?

In history, the number of swordsmen who had produced sword spirits could be counted with one hand, but every single one of them were the apex existences in their generations, and were history’s most feared and strongest sword saints.

The one who had the strongest attack was He Yu Ming, he was a swordsman himself, and no one was clearer than him on how difficult it was to form a sword spirit.

Jing Hao opened his eyes, his pupils were sincere, but no one would dare to look down on him. From the birth of his sword spirit, it meant that as long as he did not die, he would definitely become one of the strongest martial artist in the world.

Jing Hao was filled with joy, he did not think that the reducing energy transformations, would actually allow him to form his sword spirit. Without true power, although it was very unfamiliar to him, but it also made him unrestricted, free of the regulations and restrictions, and that made him calm down, reflecting on what was the true essence of the sword.

“Congratulations Brother Jing!” Bai Si Si was the first to congratulate him, before the rest going up. A sword saint with a sword spirit, to receive so much respect was not a crime.

Jing Hao laughed: “thank you, thank you!”

“Why a sword spirit?” He Yu Ming suddenly asked.

The faces of the rest immediately changed, He Yu Ming was touching on a taboo topic, the enlightenment of other people should not be so casually inquired.

Jing Hao looked at He Yu Ming, he could clearly see the passion in He Yu Ming’s eyes, the passion for the sword, and he replied in a calm, gently voice: “A Sword is not energy, a sword is a sword.”

Jing Hao’s words were light, but it made the saints to reveal pondering expressions.

Suddenly at that moment, two entirely different waves of Qi came out from behind, causing them to be shocked.

Crane’s calm room was filled with the color of sunset, A black crane was spiralling continuously, the bright crane cry could be heard, the clouds and mist lingered on, it was a mysterious yet simple, like the mysterious sages of the ancient east.

Ling Xu’s room was entirely different, a light pillar soaring into the sky, with stars revolving around, brightly dazzling and lighting up the room, the sound of wind bells could be heard in the wind, and a battle song resonated along: “Silver spear should be as soft as snow, and be as pure as the clouds. Sheep Horn Wind Bells, the cool breeze will never capture your sound….”

Everyone was stunned.

Saint Ranks!

The two of them were actually promoting to the saint rank!

How is that possible?

How is that possible!

Did the saint rank already become as common as vegetables growing on the streets? In a day, in the same place, three martial artists were all being bestowed as saints! And the saints present were all knowledgeable people. For some reason, they could not see through Crane’s spirit domain, but the light and qi made them know that it was not any ordinary spirit domain.

And Ling Xu’s spirit domain, how could they not recognize it? It hailed from the true inheritance of Aries Constellation, Aries Spear of Stars!

Prior to it, there were many rumors about Ling Xu’s spear techniques, but at that moment, everyone could definitely confirm that what Ling Xu trained in was the Aries Spear of Stars!

They knew for sure, because there was a reaction from Aries Constellation, which suddenly appeared in the sky, which meant that the Aries Constellation had definitely obtained the news.

The sharp ones were already thinking, what would Aries Constellation’s reaction be? Kill their way in? Crazy Tang was not easy to be provoked, and the current Ursa Major Constellation was even harder to be provoked. And furthermore, Aries Constellation had declined for over 100 years, the roots of Black Feathers Mounts were rotting, how many people were reminiscing about the graceful bearings of the Silver Frost Mounts? It would definitely be interesting!

“Ah ah ah! You are all saints now!” Tang Tian suddenly appeared, he looked extremely happy. He did not expect to receive such good news upon returning.

“Did your majesty’s operations go smoothly?” Ding Man seized the first speech, and smiled.

The other saints then suddenly reacted, they were secretly pissed, the chance was stolen by the woman. Jing Hao, Crane and Ling Xu were bestowed as saints, Ursa Major Constellation’s strength had erupted once more, furthermore, all three spirit domains were extraordinary.

If you were to think that Everyone else had the pride of their identities as saints, now, none of them dared to use it as their advantage. Although they were saints, but there were also disparities between saints. Their strength might be stronger than the three of them who had just become saints, but they already had no more space for improvements, and Jing Hao and the other two had unlimited potential.

10 years later, they would definitely not be comparable to the three. And what’s more, it might not even take 10 years.

“Haha, I met an old friend, it went smoothly!” Tang Tian did not find it embarrassing that he had caused such a scene, but was instead very happy.

Crane and Ling Xu still needed a period of time before they could leave the room, and Jing Hao also needed to stabilize his domain. Tang Tian then went ahead to prepare first.

He planned to investigate Big Dipper after Crane and Ling Xu came out.

Time was of the essence, and he did not want to waste any time.

“Ya Ya! Little Fool!”

Before entering the courtyard, Tang Tian shouted out loudly, this time, he was prepared to bring the two brats along to Big Dipper.

Ya Ya’s Swallowing Light Steel Fist might was extraordinary, and he was also very deceitful. When Little Fool was not in his body, Tang Tian realized his intuition had declined substantially. Who knew what he would meet at Big Dipper, and thus was prepared to be careful.

More importantly, Tang Tian did not want to waste any time, getting injured was a small matter, but if injuries were to delay him in meeting Qian Hui on the arranged date and time, he was not willing to sustain any.

When he barged into the courtyard, he became stunned after seeing Little Fool.

Floating in the sky, Little Fool was dressed in an exquisite gold threaded blue tang suit, with black cloth shoes, adding on its extremely cold and cool face, the 10cm little fool looked extremely adorable.

But Tang Tian’s gaze, was attracted by the umbrella that was covered in stars in Little Fool’s hands.

That….that was…U-Ursa Major Stars Umbrella!