Undefeated God of War - Chapter 470 – The Big Dipper Star Door Opens

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Chapter 470

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


The Moon Blade Aura Current fiercely struck onto the light belts around Tang Tian.

The light aura was as dazzling as the sun.

Even the saints, could not look directly at the dazzling light aura, as it swept the entire place blank white. The intensity of the ripple caused their hearts to waver, similar to a sweep caused by a hurricane. Their faces turned pale, a few saints immediately blocked the front of the blood meridian experts, activating their true power shields, ding ding ding ding, the broken flows of qi struck onto their shields, igniting sparks to fly everywhere!

True power shields were the most commonly used defense technique utilized by saints, once obtaining their spirit domains, true power shields became easy and practical.

When the aura completely cleared, an amazingly huge hole appeared in front of everyone.

Tang Tian’s clothes were torn and tattered, he was covered in the black smoke, standing in the hole, he continued to shout: “How stupid are you! I said not to turn like that! Why are you still doing it? If you cannot even turn, what else could you do? What’s the use of having you…….’

Thank goodness nothing happened……

Everyone sighed, but they were confused.

What was Tang Tian scolding?


Feng Yue who was not far away, had forced himself too much, so he collapsed stationary on the ground, he had fainted. Ding Man appeared beside him in a split second, checked around, and raised her head: “Nothing serious, just exhausted and burned out.

Tang Tian heard Ding Man’s words, and relaxed, and continued to educate the martial spirit little man : “If you had turned correctly, we could have won……”

He jumped out from the hole in a bad mood.

“I am going to take a shower.”

He had a dark look, and left angrily.

Seeing Tang Tian’s back view, everyone settled down, two saints had fell in front of Tang Tian, it was obviously not a coincidence. The stubborn saints could not help but wonder how profound Tang Tian’s strength was.

Bing had an unlit cigarette between his lips, he said,”Alright, let’s speak our minds freely since that fool is not present.” He was the most suitable person to take charge of the situation.

Ding Man looked at him and secretly thought in her heart, this guy has quite a bit of a gentleman elegance in him.

She cleared her throat and said,”I’ll go first, judging from the current situation, Tang Tian’s strength is truly able to contend against saints, with his outstanding physical capabilities, and the amazingly sharp instincts and judgement due to his pure martial spirit. With these two combined, his might is extraordinary. Just now, Tang Tian displayed another use of his martial spirit which was the control over the surrounding energies. I have two questions, firstly, Tang Tian’s physical capabilities were due to the Zero Energy Body, or is there something we do not know that is inside him. Secondly, Tang Tian’s martial spirit, how is it able to control energy.”

Everyone nodded.

Liang Feng spoke with his low voice,”His Majesty seems to only be able to control the energy that was crushed, and can not directly control the opponent’s blade aura. And His Majesty seemed to still unable to fully control it with ease.”

Such a boot-licker!

Everyone silently criticized in their hearts, whether or not the saints still had their self esteem or not, they were much older than Tang Tian, to use the phrase His Majesty was not easily done, but Liang Feng spoke so freely.

Ding Man nodded: “For now, let us treat the Zero Energy Body as reducing energy transformation. The way Tang Tian controlled the energy, was definitely not through the spirit domain, so can we call it reducing spirit domain transformation?”

Everyone became silent.

Although reducing energy transformation was another name, but after all it was more frequently used for ordinary martial artists. Fights between saints, unless it was close quarter combat fighting, the reducing energy transformation of a fleshly body was nothing much to a saint.

However reducing spirit domain transformation, sent a chill down everyone’s spine.

What made saints powerful was their spirit domains, to control energy without using spirit domains would cause their advantage to plummet.

Everyone had differing thoughts, but one thing was for sure, Project [Big Dipper], with the two discoveries was already extremely amazing.

“With regards to the problems about the Zero Energy Body, I think we can give it a try.” Bing muttered: “From Tang Tian’s experience, it was the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Method, then could we assume that, the sword auras have the capability of reducing energy? If yes, then what about other auras? Blade aura? Also, the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Method was very effective, but could we reduce its intensity? Making it more universal? I think we should give it a try.”

Jing Hao Stood up,”I can try it, I am also very curious.”

Ling Xu raised his eyebrows,” Me too.”

Crane also stood up,”I also want to try.”

Bing was obviously more interested in the first question regarding the reducing energy transformation and reducing spirit domain transformation. The way Bing structured things was different from other people, saints pursued the apex of human power, and Bing was more interested on the upgrade of the entire body strength. If reducing energy transformation was effective, it obviously possessed the ability to be universal and can spread to other people.

As a result, they were split into two groups, one conducted research on the reducing energy transformation, where most of them were blood meridian experts, whereas the other group conducted research on reducing spirit domain transformation, where it consisted of all the saints.

Tang Tian was unaware of the division of labour, he was communicating with the martial spirit little man.

For the sake of teaching the martial spirit little man on how to turn, he was thinking of ways to torture it. Thus, he had many new discoveries, for example the martial spirit little man could fly out of his body but not disappear.

But the most shocking fact was that: his martial spirit little man could eat spirit cards!!

When he saw Martial Spirit Little Man holding spirit cards in its tiny hands and chewing on them like biscuits, crunch crunch crunch, and one of the spirit card was gone, he was astonished.

After a while, Tang Tian then regained his thoughts.

This thing……can eat spirit cards!

He tried feeding the Martial Spirit Little Man one spirit card, where it finished it easily, then looked at Tang Tian blankly.

Tang Tian gave another one.

Crunch crunch crunch.

Tang Tian gave another one…..

They played for half an hour, the little man ate countless of spirit cards, before Tang Tian stopped, he checked on martial spirit, there were no changes, the little man’s stomach was not even bloated.

“Only eats but don’t shit, why are you like Ya Ya?” Tang Tian mumbled.

Squeaky came from behind Tang Tian, Ya Ya ran over lively, but it became stunned at the sight of the martial spirit little man.

The Martial Spirit Little Man tilted its head and looked at Ya Ya, Ya Ya just looked blankly Martial Spirit Little Man.

Tang Tian saw what happened and laughed,”You guys are actually brothers right!”

Ya Ya and Martial Spirit Little Man were about the same height, martial spirit little man and Tang Tian looked extremely alike, although martial spirit little man looked prettier than Ya Ya, similar to a doll, clad in a neat attire and did not have much expressions. Ya Ya was more meaty, with short arms and legs, and a fat buttock.


Ya Ya’s eyes were sparkling, making a long “Ey” sound, overwhelmed with excitement and joy. He searched through all his pockets, finally took out a piece of Star Rock and handed it to the Martial Spirit Little Man.

The Martial Spirit Little Man crunched on the star rock as well, then took out a piece of spirit card and passed it to Ya Ya.

Ya Ya smiled brightly, it also crunched on the martial general card.

Tang Tian was stunned beyond words.

This……what was happening……

Ya Ya became even happier, woosh, he took out a set of drums from somewhere and began to beat on it.

The Martial Spirit Little Man looked blurred, all of a sudden, his eyes became slightly brighter, he clenched his fists tight as if he wanted to crush something in his hand. The surrounding qi in the air started to spiral, in the blink of an eye, a bright halo formed around him and it started to spin faster and faster.

The halo spun rhythmically to the drums.

Tang Tian was stunned, it was a jaw-dropping sight to him.

What…. Was going on…..

Ya Ya was hyped up, he jumped up and down, slammed the drums even more fanatically, the flag on his butt fluttered in the wind with extreme weirdness.

The Martial Spirit Little Man slowly floated in the air, along with the halo, it spun around Ya Ya, faster and faster.

Suddenly the drums stopped.

Tang Tian grabbed Ya Ya’s feet in one hand and Martial Spirit Little Man’s feet in the other, dragged them in front of him, he looked angry

“Ya Ya, I have not settled with you about the thing at Bear Egg!”

“Little Man, I told you not to spin this way, and you still have not mastered it yet!”

Tang Tian’s face was distorted as he viciously gnashed his teeth,” Are you guys fooling with me!”

Ya Ya bowed his head, Little Man had no reaction, just staring at Tang Tian with his eyes wide open.

Tang Tian was becoming desperate, what can teach the little man to comprehend the Spiralling energy? Why was this guy so dumb?

Tang Tian looked at Ya Ya suddenly, an idea struck his mind, he deliberately remained calm,”Ya Ya, I will give you one day’s time, to make this fool, oh, let’s call you Little Fool from now on, you need to teach little fool what is spiralling, do you know the simple Spiralling Energy?”

Ya Ya nodded profusely when he saw Tang Tian’s sullen face, it had swallowed Swallowing Light Steel Fist, it definitely knew the simple Spiralling Energy.

“Alright, I will count on you then! Oh, this is your task, and I will check on the progress tomorrow! If Little Fool have not learnt it, you two will get it from me.”

Tang Tian was amazed by his fantastic idea, and he left proudly.

What was left, was a dumb-looking Little Fool with his eyes wide opened, and Ya Ya in distress.

The most worrying question was gone, Tang Tian felt refreshed and relieved. Nothing could make him more happy other than his strength increasing, and after Project Big Dipper had concluded, he would continue his journey to find Qian Hui.

Together with seven saints no one would dare to stop him.

Tang Tian left the room, he stopped outside and was taken aback, eh, the star power concentration of Ursa Major Constellation seemed to have increased.

Long Shou Jing and Angelina stood side by side, both of them had a stern expression, obviously something had happened.

Both of them brought the Saint Treasure from their own Constellations.

“Your Majesty, it is unsuitable for Saint Treasures to be kept with us. I think, Your Majesty should merge the treasures, in order to give peace to everyone.”

Long Shou Jing spoke with deep meaning.

Angelina added: “Well said by Master Shou Jing.”

In order to merge constellations, it required the fusion of the Saint treasures from all the various constellations to be completed.

Tang Tian thought for a moment, nodded,”Alright!”

It was on the day, when Draco Constellation and Andromeda Constellation were merged into Ursa Major Constellation. Ursa Major Constellation’s light aura was extremely magnificent, the new Ursa Major Constellation and the various constellation’s star power concentration had all increased.

In such a chaotic time, the news of Ursa Major Constellation did not draw much attention.

No one knew that, the Big Dipper Seven Stars which was sealed and unused for many years, would reopen its Star Door.

Chapter 470 – The Big Dipper Star Door Opens