Undefeated God of War - Chapter 468 – Fixated on the Spirals

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Chapter 468

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian’s body had become the rarely seen Zero Energy Body, but his martial spirit was still as pure. This was in everyone’s eyes, extremely unfathomable.

Although until now, the martial artists had not come to fully understood the essence of the martial spirit, but without a doubt, there was a profound connection between the martial spirit and energy. For example a saint level’s spirit domain, was actually the martial spirit replicating natural laws and mimicking the energy.

And what made everyone feel puzzled was, how was Tang Tian going to fight? No matter how pure the martial spirit, without energy, it could never form a spirit domain, then what was the use?

However, Tang Tian quickly showed them through fighting, his frightening battle capabilities.

The first to suffer the under his evil hands was He Yu Ming.

A sorry figure after being chased for so long, he lost his prestige, and when He Yu Ming heard Tang Tian wanted a sparring partner for actual combat, without saying further, he rushed over.

Other than proving himself, Sword Saint He had his own plans. Since there were so many saints, how was he to prove himself, it was a question that required thought. The easiest way was to let young lad Tang recognize his own capabilities.

Since it was about revenge, and to be able to gain an advantage, He Yu Ming truly wanted to fight well and show himself off.

Although Tang Tian was very weird, but He Yu Ming still believed firmly, being a saint was the apex of a martial artist’s life.

He Yu Ming trained in sword techniques, his spirit domain, called the [Wind Obedience]. Once the spirit domain was activated, he could feel any single fluctuation in the air, in the surrounding within five hundred feet. And his sword technique, was called [Wind Obedience Sword]. He could find his opponent’s weaknesses from the minute fluctuations of the air.

His sword technique was able to unleash an astonishing might as long as there was air.

He did not dare to be careless, activating his spirit domain to the maximum, he pointed his sword at Tang Tian, his expression congealing.

Tang Tian was extremely eager, he was recently tormented by everyone, and all the weird tests made him feel like he was a circus animal. There were many tests, all of them were dry and dull. Most importantly, going through the tests, made him even more familiar with his new body.

His desire to fight, was increasingly strong.

What was going on with my desire to immediately fight a battle……

He stared at He Yu Ming zealously, his fists kneaded with cracking noises, he shouted: “I’m coming!”

Before his words was finished, the air in front of him abruptly exploded, and a circle of white mist dissipated out with a loud explosion.

Breaking through the sound barrier!

Although everyone knew that Tang Tian’s speed had broken through the sound barrier, but to directly face the strong feeling of oppression, it still caused He Yu Ming to squint his eyes.

So fast!

Those crazy and chaotic streams of air, in He Yu Ming’s eyes, became incomparably clear. He could clearly judge Tang Tian’s weaknesses. His wrists shuddered and was about to brandish his sword.

Although Tang Tian did not have true power, making him unable to create a spirit domain, but his pure martial spirit made his intuition and judgement reach an unimaginable condition.

He Yu Ming’s wrists had just moved, before the sword had even thrust out, Tang Tian’s gaze increased drastically. He also saw where the sword would land, he changed his pace and crouched down.

Tang Tian’s change made He Yu Ming speechless, this sword had not even made its move!

However, he was still a saint and had an abundance of experience in fighting, and managed to stay calm. Tang Tian had many weaknesses, did not have a spirit domain, his whole body was full of loopholes. He Yu Ming’s wrists shuddered again, the sword tip trembled and was about to strike!

Tang Tian’s gaze lit up further, his body became like leaves in the wind, swaying with exaggeration.

Regardless of what angle one looked from, it was not considered a good retaliation. In real battles, the bigger the actions usually meant revealing more loopholes, for Tang Tian to do that, was…..

The weakness on He Yu Ming’s sword tip’s vanished.

He Yu Ming felt the difficulty of bearing it, simply shook his wrist, the direction of the sword tip changing once again.

Who knew Tang Tian was like a man made of spring, he recovered his posture, and as though he was a seer, he predicted the next move. He Yu Ming’s Sword Tip had just stopped, Tang Tian’s body coincidentally had completed moving.

In a short period of time, the two of them were as quick as lighting, they changed their techniques in the consecutive five exchange, perspiration appearing on He Yu Ming’s forehead, the sword in his hands could actually not thrust forward.

Tang Tian charged in front of him, without any fancy tricks, he attacked with a punch!

He Yu Ming’s expression changed, he held the sword vertically to block, the fist fiercely hit the sword.

He Yu Ming felt as though he was withstanding the rampage of a wild beast, he finally felt the power that was able to strike a 12 cm thick No. 13 bronze target.

His body flew out.

Tang Tian suddenly slammed on the ground, bursting forward with an even faster speed. Bang, he broke the sound barrier again, Tang Tian produced afterimages, swiftly appearing in front of He Yu Ming.

Punch and Kicks!

They were all fundamental martial techniques, but they were produced at high frequencies, in which He Yu Ming’s eyes could not capture. The most annoying thing was that every strike was strong and heavy, He Yu Ming felt that his body was being trampled upon by a herd of crazy charging wild beasts!

Trampled on…….

A wave of pain travelled from the chin, before losing consciousness, He Yu Ming still did not understand how he had lost.


He Yu Ming flew out like a sandbag, in an elegant arc and smashed hard on the floor, losing consciousness.

It was dead silence all around.

Everyone were dumbstruck, their mouths were wide opened as they stared blankly at Tang Tian, it was so silent you can hear a pin drop.

Wang Xuan’s watch clearly showed the duration of the battle: 6.8 seconds!

Nobody understood how Tang Tian won, they only saw He Yu Ming’s wrist tremble as if it was in spasm. Then without moving, he was like a wooden pole that got punched by Tang Tian.

Beating a saint in 6.8 seconds, no one had ever heard of such a matter before, it must be the He Yu Ming who was the problem.

Everyone’s gaze turned towards Dou Yong and Bai Si Si.

“Old He……”Dou Yong thought of a possibility, his face revealing a pitiful expression: “Maybe what happened the last time had left a deep psychological effect on him……”

Everyone suddenly realized, Dou Yong’s explanation was reasonable.

Thinking about it, if they were chased by the Whirlpool Sword Storm for a few days and nights, followed by witnessing the Whirlpool Sword Storm devastating and destroying everyone into a bloodbath, no matter how tough and durable the person was, he would be left with psychological trauma.

Tang Tian was nevertheless all the more excited. He suddenly realized that he did not seem to have changed much from previously. He suddenly thought of the previous time getting rid of the saint – brainless ravage of attacks!

Although he had no true power in his body, but the quality of his fleshly body had become much more powerful. With the brainless fighting method, his power on the contrary, became stronger.

His blood was immediately boiling: “Who’s next?”

A silhouette carrying a blade stepped into the arena: “Let me!”

Blade Saint Feng Yue who was invited by Liang Feng immediately attracted everyone’s interest. Saint level martial artists were not familiar amongst themselves, and everyone was filled with curiosity about other people’s spirit domain.

Feng Yue stepped into the arena, beneath his legs was a dazzling moon blade, it was like a circular full moon. One after another, fine bubbles started to emit from the full moon and float around his surroundings, just like boiling water.

Feng Yue’s spirit domain was extremely unique, named [Boiling Moon].

The other saints all revealed surprised expressions, the energy in Feng Yue’s surrounding space became dense and active.

The blade in Feng Yue’s hands was very short, roughly about 5 chi (166cm), shaped like a crescent moon.

Once Tang Tian saw that Feng Yue was prepared, he shouted loudly: “Let’s Start!”

He broke past the sound barrier!

Tang Tian’s figure became blurred.

Feng Yue did not panic, the crescent blade in his hands moved slightly, the bubbles around him immediately became attracted to his crescent blade, the crescent blade brandishing towards Tang Tian!


The dazzling blade aura current, suddenly surged out from Feng Yue’s hands and pounced onto Tang Tian.

Everyone was shocked, the blade auras were palm sized, but they were uncountable, every single one of them sharp and cold.

Tang Tian was also shocked, but immediately after, his reaction, caused everyone to be taken aback.

In mid air, Tang Tian suddenly put his fists to his side, his body shaped like a bow, his eyes, dazzled like they were burning, without dodging, he charged towards blade aura current.

At the moment of contact between the two, Tang Tian suddenly bellowed, and threw a punch!


Like knocking into the reef, the blade aura shattered in a flash.

Peng Peng Peng!

It was the most simple fundamental fist technique, but it was at its fastest, ravaging out like a torrential storm, shattering in front of Tang Tian, forming a transparent shield. The blade aura current crashed into it, splashed loudly, but it was unable to break the shield.

Feng Yue did not feel surprised, the moon blade beneath his feet was increasingly bright, the blade aura became even sharper, and started to spiral intensely, surging even more fiercely towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian immediately felt strained, every blade aura, brought forth with a strong spiral, caused its power to suddenly increase.

Tang Tian released his fists crazily, but he was unable to stop his figure, as he was pushed slowly by the blade aura. No matter how he put in effort, his figure was slowly pushed back.


You think you’re the only one who knows spirals?

Tang Tian was agitated and angry, seething with anger. This young lad’s spiralling energy was also his expertise ok! Suddenly being in a difficult situation by the method he was expert in, caused Tang Tian to become unhappy and the fury in his heart started to multiply increasingly. When he created the spiralling energy back then, he was immeasurably self satisfied and became complacent for very long.

No Way! I want to spiral too!

Once this thought came to mind, Tang Tian’s mind swept out all the other thoughts.

But he was now a Zero Energy Body person, without even an ounce of True Power inside his body. Without true power, how can he have spiralling energy?

Tang Tian had not thought that from the start, such thoughts were not realistic. Whether there was a theoretical basis, whether it could be fulfilled or not, he had only one thought, he must spiral!

And it must spiral stronger than Feng Yue’s!

If Feng Yue knew Tang Tian’s thoughts at the moment, he would definitely be between laughter and tears.

However, Tang Tian had already started to apply his thoughts. He started it out by trying to bring out the spirals along with his fists, but the effect was not good, because it would cause the frequency of his punches to drop drastically. He tried other various methods, and very soon realized, without true power, spiralling energy was basically impossible to form.

No true power…… no true power…..

Tang Tian waved his fists instinctively, blocking Feng Yue’s blade aura current, mumbling many things, suddenly, his gaze froze.

Shattered aura……

Those brilliant shattered auras, in his surrounding, seemed to form a mist, which were formed by him striking the blade auras. Shattered auras, Shattered auras, were also energy……

A bold thought started to form in his mind, as though lightning had struck hard in his heart.

Chapter 468 – Fixated on the Spirals