Undefeated God of War - Chapter 462 – The Moving Whirlpool Sword Storm

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Chapter 462 – The Moving Whirlpool Sword Storm

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


The vague voice, in the air, seemed like it was a whisper.

With his trembling body, he took his first step, causing the figure in the eye of the storm to stagger.

The whirlpool sword storm trembled like a pile of toy building blocks that suddenly got struck, it shuddered, as though it could collapse at any moment. Jing Hao who was standing nearby, was able to see clearly the countless layers of sword auras that seemed to flow like an avalanche, causing the hair on his skin to become numb.

That fellow….what exactly is he doing?

Jing Hao’s mind surged with a dangerous feeling.

Rumble rumble.

The whirlpool sword storm swayed around like a drunkard, slowly moving towards a direction.

Jing Hao was stunned, that thing can actually move….

T-this this this…. Is that truly the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique?

He was dumbstruck, he knew about the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, as a swordsman, he had some understanding in the different sword techniques of the different sects, and Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique being the most ruthless spirit tempering technique, how could he not know about it? Not only did he know about it, he had specially researched it for a period of time, for someone who was bent on creating his own sword dao, he was very interested in all techniques related to the sword.

Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, I have never heard that it could move before….this thing is meant to temper the martial spirit…. Not used to run amok all over the place….

Only after a few minutes did Jing Hao regain his senses. Alright, anything that had to do with Tang Tian, if they did not change to look abnormal, if they did not change to become strange and perverse, then that would be the real weird thing!

The worth of that kid, is meant to make the world abnormal.

But….please be safe!

Worry flashed past Jing Hao’s eyes, with sword in hand, he flew forward and followed the moving whirlpool sword storm.

The three saints on the hill were dumbstruck.

“Is it coming towards us?” Dou Yong asked.

“It seems like it.” He Yu Ming’s expression was sluggish.

Bai Si Si was stupefied watching the rumbling Whirlpool Sword Storm going towards them, and only managed to say: “what kind of freak is he?”

That sentence struck the other two in their hearts.

The whirlpool sword storm was very big, rumbling towards them, the sound was very imposing. Even for the three people who were saints, facing such a terrifying might, it caused their minds to sway.

That is the true might of heavens…..

“What do we do?” Dou Yong asked straightforwardly: “That freak is definitely coming towards us!”

“RUN!” He Yu Ming said straightforwardly as well.

“RUN!” Bai Si Si repeated after him.

Dou Yong looked at the two of them: “Like that, it is a bit embarrassing, the three of us are saints hey!”

“Then do you want to go and test it out first?” He Yu Ming’s eyes was brimming with encouragement.

Bai Si Si’s beautiful eyes also looked at Dou Yong.

“Let’s run!” Dou Yong dropped his head and ran instantly.

The three of them sprinted, their speed extremely fast, but then the drunkard whirlpool sword storm also picked up speed, the rumbling sound behind them did not become further, but instead sounded closer and closer.

The three of them were pressured to increase their speed.

“Si Si, use your zither!” He Yu Ming shouted.

Bai Si Si was shaken, and immediately took out her white jade zither, ignoring her image, singlehandedly holding onto the zither, her right hand started to pluck at the zither strings.

Zheng Zheng Zheng!

The zither sound brought forth a soothing strength, as though the entire world had calmed down. It was the tune [Calm Consideration]! It was Bai Si Si’s famous tune, she had merged her singing along with her playing, a tune for the spirit which could calm people’s mind.

Even a berserk ninth level star spirit beast, under the tune, would become calm.

Damn it…. The whirlpool sword storm is chasing us faster and faster!

Bai Si Si bit her lips, the zither playing changed, from the calming [Calm Consideration], it suddenly became very melodious, enchanting to the point of causing the blood to boil, with reference to [Demonic Chant], she had created the [Beautiful Angel], it was extremely confusing and created illusions.

Even for Gold Ranked Martial Artists, under the tune, their meridians would erupt, their hearts will become agitated and would die due to the combustion of the body!

Damn it…. The whirlpool sword storm is still increasing speed!

The three of them could already feel the flow of the storm of sword auras behind them, crazily attacking and cutting the air, creating ripples. The might, even as saints, caused their backs to turn cold.

“Split up and run!” He Yu Ming shouted.

The three of them suddenly split, flying in three directions.

The three of them could immediately feel the whirlpool sword storm halt for a moment. Ha ha, let’s see what you will do next! The three of them all heaved a sigh of relief. After the next second, the whirlpool sword storm suddenly flew after He Yu Ming who took the middle path without hesitation!

He Yu Ming’s face became white, the hair on his skin turned numb. He could not care about his image in the way which he flew anymore, and activated all the True Power in his body, discharging it from his feet, he sprinted with all his might.

Seeing that He Yu Ming had attracted the whirlpool sword storm and disappearing across the horizon, Dou Yong and Bai Si Si returned back, both of them had a look of joy.

“Will Brother He die?” Bai Si Si was worried.

“I will pray for him and light up joss sticks for him!” Dou Yong swore.

Bai Si Si stopped talking.

“You want to save him?” Dou Yong asked after seeing her act that way.

Bai Si Si shook her head: “No, I was thinking where to offer him joss sticks.”

The two of them were speechless.

The wind blew over, causing the two of them to feel a slight chill.

Dou Yong looked at the desolate wilderness, and said suddenly: “I have a bad premonition.”

Bai Si Si remained silent.

“His majesty’s decision, is most probably a mistake.” Dou Yong muttered: “I have never seen such a weird guy before. I think, if Tang Tian does not die now, will he become like Lion King Lei Ang.”

“Most probably.” Bai Si Si said: “If Tang Tian does not die under that powerful whirlpool sword storm, his martial spirit will definitely be tempered to a terrifying stage. Him becoming a saint is only a matter of time, but it will be very soon. As soon as he enters the saint rank, his martial spirit will be far stronger than anyone else, and that will make him even more terrifying.”

Dou Yong looked at Bai Si Si, he was taken aback, Bai Si Si’s character was cold, and it was the first time Dou Yong had heard her talk so much.

But her words caused him to become quiet.

After a moment, he raised his head and looked at Bai Si Si: “ Then what do we do?”

The two of them were quiet once more.

If Tang Tian did not die, then Cetus Constellation would definitely fall. Although they were saints, but that did not mean that they did not think for their future. The actions of winning and forgiving the other party, such a benevolent Monarch, only existed in books, as more of the heroic Masters liked to settle their debts. In the past, there were three saints, who caused many deaths and injuries to Lei Ang’s army, and after they were defeated, the three saints wanted to escape, but they were ultimately caught and killed by Lei Ang’s army.

There were very few solitary saints, as majority of them had families as backings. Those that did not have families were disciples who had taken up mantles.

The wind, seemed to become even colder.


Three Spirits City.

The battle in the corner had surprised many people. Everyone was stunned by Wen Jiang’s strength. 20 high leveled martial artists had surrounded him and were fighting with him, but Wen Jiang was still able to hold his own.

The seemingly ordinary martial techniques, in Wen Jiang’s hands, became extremely powerful.

20 People, were actually unable to do anything to Wen Jiang. Many of the mechanical martial artists who were training were prepared to act as support, but very quickly, everyone received orders from above, that they were not allowed to help!

The order sent down made them feel weird, but they all stood by the side to watch in the end.

Tang Chou’s position remained the same, watching every detail of the fight. His eyes were lit up with a strange light aura, his entire focus was immersed in it, and the pen in his hand was flying at an astonishing rate as he continued to write in the book.

The saint was being deconstructed in his eyes, being analyzed down to every fine detail. Every detail, every resistance in the fight, were all in his mind, all being broken down into data.

The gaudy and shocking attacks were being peeled off layer by layer like clothing, transforming into their most primitive states in his eyes.

The white paper in front of him was filled with all sorts of patterns and designs, and every corner was filled with writing.

His strange gaze, frantic writing, filling up the paper with words and drawings, was quickly completed.

Magic Flute had quietly appeared behind Tang Chou, not disturbing him.

Tang Chou suddenly stopped, dropping the pen in his hand, he asked without turning his head: “Why are you here?”

“It’s over?” Magic Flute asked.

“Yes, it’s finished.” Tang Chou stretched his waist, the strange look in his eyes had regained the coldness: “I have obtained sufficient data, and I want to study it well.”

“Do you have something against the same rank?” Magic Flute chuckled, his laugh was refreshing.

“I am set to become a famous general rank military general, and the saints are my opponents whom I need to suppress.” Tang Chou then reminded: “You must be more careful. We have allowed Honorable Martial Group to become so vicious, they will definitely think of ways to defeat us. To have such a good opportunity, they will not miss it.”

When Tang Chou finished speaking, another intense fighting sound rose up from another direction of the base.

“Ah Chou, you truly have incredible foresight.” Magic Flute praised.

“Although I do not wish to trouble you, but this time, we need some time.” Tang Chou said coldly: “It’s best that you perform more beautifully, and intimidate them.”

Magic Flute advised with warmth: “Your killing intent is too heavy.”

“A general is only successful upon reaching thousands of bones, and I want to become a famous general, how can I not kill?” Tang Chou did not even raise his head, keeping the stack of papers: “Not only do I want to kill, I want to kill a lot of them.”

Magic Flute helplessly laughed, then floated away.

Tang Chou’s promotion had made his personality even more of a bigot and even more determined, compared to last time, he looked to be more lofty. And Tang Chou was right, everyone’s dao was different.

He leaped to the tallest tower of the base, overlooking the entire place, caressing the shiny bronze flute in his hand, his warm pupils revealed a tranquil look.

I never expected that, after dying for so many years, I still have the chance to become stronger.

Life is truly undetermined.

The wind blew in his face, blowing up his hair and robes.

He looked to be a noble man from a painting, facing the wind, his white robes fluttering with the wind.

All the vague memories surfaced up in his mind, becoming emotional and exhaling slowly, all the confusion of his youth poured out.

If it was that time, if it was in that period, I would have played to my heart’s content, my songs would flow through the years.

But suddenly today, but suddenly today, I stand alone in the wind, once again playing my seven Tunes of Death.

He exhaled slowly, the noble man looked to be holding back, his eyebrows frowned, he placed the bronze flute to his lips.