Undefeated God of War - Chapter 460 – 4 Weeks

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Chapter 460 – 4 Weeks

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Cetus Constellation Palace. The atmosphere was gloomy.

Every single battle report in front of them was written with red numbers, all dripping with blood, it was a shocking scene.

In the first week, they already had over 4000 Cetus martial artists dead, Honorable Martial Group had a smaller number, especially for their high level martial artists, with only 67 deaths, but the blood meridians specialists were 70% wiped out.

In the second week, the death rate had already exceeded 12 thousand, Honorable Martial Group had only increased the number of blood meridians specialists, with the number of supporting crew sharply declining. The opponents had a myriad of poisons, and they kept on changing them, causing the Honorable Martial Group’s blood meridians specialists to be unable to react.

In the third week, Honorable Martial Group used a huge sum of money to invite the renowned and famous blood meridians grandmaster Ah Jin Sen. But who knew that would instigate all the onyx soul blood meridians specialists’ blood boiling passion, as all of their latest and newest poisonous agents were all sent into Old Man Fei’s hands.

What could be better than trampling a grandmaster under the stares of a thousand eyes?

A hero would still be unable to bear the pressure of many people, Grandmaster Ah Jin Sen who was prepared with gold ranked treasures, finally fell to a no name poison. The poison was named “Grandmaster’s Kiss”, which became extremely popular. The one who created it was Huo Er, one that truly became famous after the battle, and was immediately absorbed by Onyx Soul to become a clan elder, and the price for a bottle of “Grandmaster’s Kiss”, from a price of 10 thousand star coins in which no one bothered about, instantly flew to 1.5 billion star coins.

Countless people wrung their hands and sighed, countless people were extremely jealous, and countless people were tempted to try as well.

But at that moment, not even the powerful Honorable Martial Group could hire blood meridians grandmasters. No one was willing to become the butt of public criticism, as Ah Jin Sen used his life to become Huo Er’s stepping stone. In the dark, countless people were waiting to become the new Huo Er, all of their eyes were showing green with envy.

Even the most outstanding of blood meridian grandmasters, had all become hungry wolves wanting to prey.

The battle at Ursa Major Constellation was stuck in a stalemate, as over 80% of Cetus martial artists had all returned back to Cetus Constellation. Although the three years free of star power usage was attractive, but compared to their lives, how could they possibly compare?

In a short span of two weeks, the death count had reached over 20 thousand people, it was a number that caused many people’s heart to turn cold, with the idea of retreat giving birth in their heads. A large group of 1000 people had suddenly died without making a sound, cut apart like wheat, never standing up again. The induced fear immediately caused the tide of people to rush back to their constellation.

Over the many years later, whenever any person talked about the scene, their eyes would still be full of fear.

Cetus Constellation was no longer in their joyous mood, everyone realised that, the battle had already slipped beyond their control. Those who were prepared to receive large sums of money, had all dejectedly returned back. At that time, Cetus Constellation was already caught up in a slump.

“Three Spirits City!” Elder Zhang clenched his teeth and said: “We need to first cleanse Three Spirits City! Without them, Ursa Major Constellation will not have a fulcrum, and we can focus on defeating Ursa Major Constellation!”

Gong Qing’s face seemed to have aged.

Although they had not lost contact with the three armies, but their losses were immense.

The poison strategy used by Ursa Major Constellation was so devastating which no one had anticipated. Now, in Onyx Soul, the poison research blood meridians specialists were all mighty figures that no one dared to approach, their status had soared, and many large powerhouses had extended their symbols of peace. Everyone knew, it was no longer possible for them to engage in a poison war anymore, but if anyone wished to hoard the few poison research blood meridians specialists, they would get wiped out.

The scene of the silent deaths in the video, caused people to tremble with fear.

And the poison research blood meridians specialists who were proving themselves in the battle, all saw a soaring increase in status.

The powerhouses observing the battle were all thinking hard, how to handle the situation. There were no absolutes in the world, although poison was powerful, but there was definitely a way to counter it.

Honorable Martial Group had profound information surface at that moment.

King Kong Wall, an unorthodox and shallow martial technique, was able to form an airtight True Power cover that formed around the entire body, preventing the majority of the poison from entering. It was found out that it could effectively block of 90% of the different types of poison. After being suggested by an elder, it was immediately perfected. Especially for the armies, under the military general’s control, they could easily form up a King Kong Wall.

Although the King Kong Wall formed for the army was insufficient to defend against attacks, but it was extremely effective to be used to stop poison.

In the fourth week, the death count of Cetus martial artists sharply declined, and the three armies that were unable to move could finally advance again.

The small idea, caused the entire battle momentum to turn and instigate a huge change.

Without the help of poison, Lupus martial artists banditry harassment power sharply declined. Although the three armies still suffered from injuries, but it reached an all time low.

The entire Cetus Constellation regained their confidence.

The three armies had simply gotten rid of the cities, seemingly having a mutual agreement to advance forward. Their goal was obvious, to pounce straight on Tang Tian who was at Bear Egg!


Bronze Base at Three Spirits City.

Old Man Fei and his group were all depressed, before the battle, they were all riding the wind of victory, but they did not expect to collapse in the blink of an eye. The King Kong Wall technique that defeated them was not at all profound, it was just a layer of True Power cover forming around the body preventing the poison from interacting. Compared to other True Power covers, it was even more of a substance.

If one does not train the King Kong Wall to a profound level, it’s defense was basically chicken ribs. Although the King Kong Wall was durable, it lacked strength, whereas a strong defense would cause others to be unable to attack. But the weak layer of King Kong Wall, was extremely useful towards poison.

Bing specially came to console them.

“Everyone’s task is already completed, they have been delayed for four weeks, and these four weeks are extremely precious to us!”

“Our poison is useless now.” Old Man Fei was demoralized.

“That is very normal in wars, a powerful single might method, definitely will have a countermeasure. And, all of you have already accomplished your task, four weeks! That is sufficient!” Bing’s eyes flashed a cold light.

Old Man Fei knew what Bing said was reasonable, but his emotions were still not good, so he replied meekly: “I will go and research for a bit, I want to see if there are any methods to break the King Kong Wall?”

Finished, he turned and left.

Bing did not stop him, to have a motive was a good thing. Wars were meant to display strength and discipline, and also required new methods of doing things, and thus the advantage usually laid in the foundations.

For example, four weeks.

The Mo Family were settled down inside the base, creating not housing first, but the Mo Family’s workshop. The Mo Family were able to become a mechanical aristocratic family, naturally was due to their mechanical techniques specialties, and Mo Family Workshop was one of it.

The Mo Family Workshop had a unique method of manufacturing mechanical weapons, allowing them to be able to control the grade and standard. Using that, even though the Mechanical techniques generation had declined, and every mechanical aristocratic family felt the hit, the Mo Family were safe and sound.

The Mo Family’s predecessors already understood, that the mechanical weapons declining generation could not be stopped, creating low end mechanical weapons and mechanical beasts were the mainstream products, and the controlling the manufacturing costs was undoubtedly controlling the life or death thread. The Mo Family had gone through countless years of accumulation and research, to finally create their own manufacturing method, and that was the Mo Family Workshop.

The Mo Family workshop was lit with fire, with a lot of hubbub, mechanical weapons rumbling, sparks flying everywhere, with scarlet red molten iron flowing, the air was filled with the sense of metal. The artisan with his bright muscles, activated his True Power to cause his entire body to be covered in a light aura, holding onto a metal hammer that was bigger than him, every strike accurately struck the metal. Other artisans had focused and rigid expressions, holding on to fine blade tools, they cut the bronze components, the bronze threads forming like wood shavings out while the blade cut down straight lines….

All the experienced artisans were the most precious assets of the Mo Family.

Mo Wei Tian had personally supervised them, he rarely appeared, but currently, with his stern expression, he patrolled around to do inspections.

The Mo Family had not been this busy in so many years, ever since the Mo Family workshop was constructed, it had never been truly used with full force. But the Mo Family people were not angry, since it was their first war, and even concerned their life. Furthermore, seeing the scarlet metal fluids, seeing the blood boiling and invigorating scenes, every Mo Family member was filled with the will to fight.

When Mo Wei Tian witnessed the newly manufactured latest model mechanical spirit weapon, and marked it with the Mo Family Workshop symbol, he almost shed tears.

How many generations has it been, the Mo Family Workshop has finally produced the strongest mechanical spirit weapon in this generation!

The dream of so many generations!

He caressed the crude black greenish mechanical spirit weapon, it still emitted a bit of warmth from the manufacturing process, the barbs on the surface were not polished evenly yet, there was no paint, no beauty. But in Mo Wei Tian’s eyes, it was like the most perfect piece of art, causing him to be deeply infatuated with it.

The somewhat ugly mechanical spirit weapon, beneath the warm metal covering, Mo Wei Tian could feel its powerful pulse!

Heh, this is the newest generation’s pulse!

Mo Wei Tian suddenly felt extremely heroic, I will let all of you have a taste, the full power of the Mo Family Workshop!

After four weeks, the 20 martial artists were extremely in awe of Tang Chou. Spending only three days of time, Tang Chou had confirmed their pairings, 20 people forming 5 small groups. That was nothing, but what made them feel inconceivable, was that in a short two days, Tang Chou had given every group at least 60 pages of tactics training manual.

Every group’s tactics training manual was completely different.

The 20 people almost cried.

They were all martial artists born in the hard lands, and finally experienced deeply what was called professionalism. The so called grandmaster tacticians which they met in the past, the tactics that they had designed, were crude and simple compared to Tang Chou’s.

And the following training that they received made them feel even more deeply.

Their strengths were all rather outstanding with abundant experience. When they started the joint training, they could immediately feel the power of Tang Chou’s tactics!

Every tactic was designed through careful considerations and planning, even the weaknesses and pitfalls were carefully designed in them.

Because it was specially designed for them, their coordination was quickly familiarized, training the various tactics, they felt as if they were fish swimming in water. What they needed to improve now was the mutual understanding and rapport.

After four weeks, they had finally established the initial rapport, although Tang Chou was still extremely unsatisfied, but they were all eager to test things out.

The situation Ursa Major Constellation was like wildfire, why was it so quiet here?

Suddenly, the sentries all around quivered, and silently gave everyone a signal.

They were all startled, with lights suddenly glowing in their eyes.