Undefeated God of War - Chapter 459 – The Noble Masterpieces Descends

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Chapter 459 – The Noble Masterpieces Descends

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The blood meridians specialists of Three Spirits City were all mobilized to the different cities of Onyx Soul.

In the short time, it was definitely difficult to research out a new poison, but that did not mean they had no ideas. After over 10 years of being in the blood meridians industry, who did not have a few friends?

Old Man Fei and the rest all came from Onyx Soul, and had deep connections with Onyx Soul. Maybe it was because of their character, that they did not feel accomplished in Onyx Soul, but they still had contacts within.

When they were all mobilized everywhere, it caused all the blood meridians specialists in the entire Onyx Soul to become disturbed.

Especially when they heard Honorable Martial Group confidently saying that “Honorable Martial Group holds a powerful and resourceful Blood Meridians Specialist Group”, Onyx Soul immediately went into an uproar.

Honorable Martial Group’s blood meridians specialists?

Upon hearing that, they all started to sneer.

Ignoring the fact that both sides were mortal enemies, fighting in the light and in darkness, to have such a good opportunity, if they were to let it go, it would be letting the heaven down. With those words, the blood meridians specialists of Onyx Soul could no longer resist.

They are treating us as dead people right?

Onyx Soul Blood Meridians Specialists all became eager to test things out.

Till the point where Bing passed on a handwritten announcement happily, allowing Old Man Fei and the rest to spend money at Onyx Soul various cities to disseminate without restraint, all of the cities which were working under cover immediately exploded.

“…..All of you have worked your hearts out, neglecting sleep and forgetting food, with your talents, you have all accomplished masterpieces! You believe it can change the world, you believe that they are priceless, and believe they will be left in history books. But they are all quietly lying in the dusty corner where no one cares, you are unable to confirm whether it truly works or not, you worry about not knowing how to reveal its worthiness! Come, join this important battle! History’s first poison battle! The most cruel battle of them all, the peak showdown, is about to begin, the prestige of being the worthy poison, Ursa Major Constellation waits respectfully for your noble masterpieces to descend!”

After the awe-inspiring and jaw dropping announcement was made, all the blood meridians specialists almost went crazy.

The research on poison, was not a mainstream research of blood meridians studies, and the usage of poison was never truly recognized. There was a lack of employing the use of poisons, causing their usage to have never been convincing. Also in the market, the price of high level poisons were not high, causing the blood meridians specialists who researched poison to be much poorer.

No name, no money, no position, that was the situation of the poison research blood meridians specialists.

So when the announcement was spread to the Onyx Soul cities, it immediately impacted their hearts. Who did not want to be recognized? Who did not want to be rich? Who did not want to be respected wherever they went?

The war in Ursa Major Constellation had attracted the eyes of Heaven’s Road, using such an opportunity to become famous, that was multiplying their worth!

And being a serious battle, comparing to what convincing ability, what better chance would there be?

Old Man Fei and the rest admired Master Bing’s method, if the words were put in any other way, the result would have been different. They were immediately surrounded by countless Onyx Soul Blood Meridians Specialists.

“I can join in the battle, my poison, has a unique technique to be used, and I am an expert in various poisons….”

“Do I need any cost? No, for free! I promise that I can obey any orders! As long as you let me join in….”

“This is my special compound made up of 30 different agents, and I am a highly experienced poison research blood meridians specialist, I have plenty of fighting experience, and am able to adapt to all sorts of situations…”


Old Man Fei and the rest were going crazy, and had no choice but to carefully and tactfully decline the passionate and almost crazy blood meridians specialists. Finally, the few of them could only leave unhappily, leaving a big amount of poison agents.

In the blink of an eye, every Onyx Soul City’s poison agents were compiled and formed a small mountain. There were many blood meridians specialists from Onyx Soul, although not many of them researched in poison, but in the end they still had a large number.



“This is called the Ash Spore, 100 times more fine than ash, they are extremely convenient to use. By dispersing into the air and wind, it can be sent into the clouds. One bottle of it is enough to cover the range of a 100 li. There are 200 bottles, keep them well!”


“This is the concealed toxoid developed from our collaboration, it’s does not flare up quickly and violently, but any ordinary poison distinguishing treasures cannot recognize it. I hope that you all will be able to test it in this battle…”

Not everyone had named their poisons, there were some people who just wanted to test their product’s capabilities. Poison was an alternative type of manufactured goods, especially the large scale poisons, the utilization of them were complicated in battles, and with different levels of True Power, mental cultivation techniques, their application and uses were very hard to determine. And the poison research blood meridians specialists dare not use live subjects, as it would pile up bodies.

Only with real battles would they be able to realize and authenticate their works.

Many of the poison research blood meridians specialist who were ambitious and chasing a goal were all aiming for that point, they wanted to take action. It would be difficult to have a second chance like it!

“Uncle Bing is so cunning! So wretched!” Bell’s face was full of praise: “I suddenly have this feeling, maybe we can actually win.”

Pi Pa glanced through the report very quickly, without raising her head: “I never thought that we would lose.”

“Eh, why do you have so much confidence?” Bell was surprised.

“Because everyone is so hardworking!” Pi Pa’s tone of voice was very determined, she did not take her eyes away from the report, the exhaustion of materials in the month from the mechanical weapons laboratory had reached an all new high figure. Pi Pa knew that the mechanical engineers were giving their all, everyone worked through days and nights.

Countless historical facts have told her, regardless of any powerhouse, as long as every single one of them were united with one mind, they were extremely difficult to be defeated!

Suddenly, an explosion of joy sounded out from the mechanical weapons laboratory, causing Pi Pa and Bell to raise their heads, looking at each other, they sprinted towards the mechanic weapons laboratory.


Ursa Major Constellation Star Door.

“So this is Ursa Major Constellation.”

The flock of Cetus Constellation martial artists all curiously looked around at their surroundings, as it looked no different from any other place The current influx of Cetus martial artists into Ursa Major Constellation was an astronomical sum, because over the past few days, Gong Qing had publicly announced that as long as they could kill 50 Lupus Martial artists, they would not need to pay 3 years of fees for using star power.

With that, all the Cetus martial artists could no longer sit around. Previously, the bounty of 10 thousand star coins per Lupus martial artist head only caused movements to a few cetus martial artists. But with the void of 3 years of fees, it made all the Cetus Martial artists make a move without hesitation, as compared to 500 thousand star coins, it was more worth it.

With too many people, it caused the Star Door to become stuffed.

The majority of the Cetus martial artists had never been to Ursa Major Constellation, and they all looked around curiously, since the latest battle reports were also disseminated to them.

But many of their gazes were more fixed towards the blood meridian specialists wearing their Martial Group robes.

Beside every blood meridians specialist, were high level martial artists who were following them tightly, they were cautious and prepared, to block off any sudden sneak attacks.

These blood meridians specialists were allocated with specialized identifying treasures, the most common was Microscopium Constellations treasures, practically every one of them holding onto the silver ranked [Microscopic Eye]. Microscopic Eye was shaped like a silver colored mirror, once putting True Power in it, the Microscopic Eye would shoot out a light aura. Anything that the light aura is on, miraculously, would surface small red words on the mirror.

Honorable Martial Group did not go back on their word, they had truly sent out a large blood meridians specialist group, a complete size of 100 men, every intervals of a couple of meters, there would be one blood meridians specialist. All these blood meridians specialists, formed a net pattern, like a white chain, they advanced.

Cetus Martial artists were all content and calm, seeing the scene in front of them, they were rather relaxed. No matter how powerful the opponent’s poisons were, under such thorough investigation, it would not be so dangerous right.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past.

The front few blood meridians specialists suddenly all fell together, and the martial artists beside them all turned pale white, struggling to use True Power to expel the poison. The other martial artists beside the blood meridians specialists all activated their True Power shield to protect the blood meridians specialists inside.

After a moment, the Honorable Martial Group’s martial artists who were struck with the poison became better and recovered. But the three blood meridians specialist who fell, had stopped breathing.

All the Honorable Martial Group martial artists faces became ugly.

Behind them, the Cetus martial artists who were pouring in like currents all became restless. Many of them exposed hesitation and intention to retreat, they suddenly realized that the situation was much more ruthless than they have thought.

Every Onyx Soul City’s central plaza was shooting a big screen video, able to clearly witness everything that was happening at Ursa Major Constellation. Every central plaza was filled with people, regardless if they were blood meridians specialist or martial artists, they were all curious on the battle. a large scale employment of poison agents such like that had never happened before.

And they never thought that Tang Tian’s faction would actually automatically broadcast the battle progress, immediately attracting everyone’s attention. The blood meridians specialists who had already sent out their poison agents were even more focused and devoted, they were personally witnessing the battle, as the battle would provide maximum assistance for their next step of research.

Inside the group of people, a middle aged man watched the video attentively, somewhat nervous. When he saw the three blood meridians specialist dropping onto the ground, his face became joyful. But following that, when the other martial artists started to use their dense True Power to clear the poison, the smile on his face froze.

He stood there rooted to the ground, and after a short moment, he muttered to himself.

“Seems like facing high level martial artists, the lethality of the poison is not strong enough, oh, I need to think of something, do I raise the concentration? It is already too high, maybe I can add in a composition to corrode True Power….that is a good idea…”

The middle aged man seemed to have thought of something, his face revealing an excited look, and he quickly ran home.

He could not wait to test out his new idea, and…..he must definitely take the chance before the battle ends, to create a new product….

Honorable Martial Group’s discipline was rigid, all the martial artists looked at each other, but did not retreat. They once again formed up their positions and continued to advance.

In the current battle, the order sent down was a death order.

It basically did not allow them to retreat.