Undefeated God of War - Chapter 458 – The Respective Speeches

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Chapter 458 – The Respective Speeches

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Yan’s cry for help reached Cetus Constellation, and at the same time, Black Whale Army was also seeking help.

The report caused an uproar, no one expected that Ursa Major Constellation would be so shameless, to use such despicable and underhanded methods. Tang Tian’s previous fights were all straight on and direct battles, causing people to admire his bravery. But the current fight, immediately caused the winds to turn direction.

“This also means Ursa Major Constellation is at a dead end, and have exhausted their abilities! They have no other way of stopping us, Brave soldiers of Cetus Constellation, victory is just ahead, as long as we just have one more large push, Ursa Major Constellation is ours! Any brave heroes that break new grounds for Cetus Constellation, will receive a fair reward! They are attempting to use bandits to stop us, but they do not know, those lowly Lupus Bandits, will only become the grindstones for our Cetus Martial Artists! Our ally, Honorable Martial Group, will be sending out powerful blood meridians specialist to aid us in victory! I will now issue a reward, any Lupus Martial Artist’s head obtained will be rewarded with 10 thousand star coins! My brave soldiers of Cetus Constellation, what are all of you waiting for?”

Gong Qing’s speech was a morale booster, causing every Cetus Martial artists to have light in their eyes. Lupus Bandits? They are martial artists rumored to be birthed from a poor and barren land with 1% star power concentration, further, 10 thousand star coins bounty!

That immediately made many of the not well to do martial artists become eager, that’s right, their strengths were ordinary, but compared to the cannon fodder Lupus Constellation, they were much stronger!

And with the blood meridians specialist group sent by Honorable Martial Group, everyone was set.

Cetus Constellation was boiling with excitement.

Gong Qing, finished with his speech, drank water to moisten his throat.

Elder Zhang praised: “Your Majesty’s speech, was truly spectacular! 10 thousand star coins for one head, that is truly a wise and farsighted idea, only your majesty could think of that! With only 10 billion star coins, to get rid of 1 million lupus martial artists, I truly am convinced by you.”

Gong Qing was feeling pleased, and exposed a reserved smile: “He wants to play the number tactics with me, we can only accompany them. Who knows, if the Lupus Race will be exterminated, it really makes me feel somewhat difficult.”

“Your majesty truly is kind and benevolent!” Elder Zhang immediately praised.

“The matter of the blood meridians specialists, I will have to plead Elder Zhang for your hard work!” Gong Qing said.

Elder Zhang immediately replied: “Rest easy Your Majesty, the Martial Group’s blood meridians specialist group has already set out. These are the Martial Group’s highly experienced blood meridians experts, their strength is unparalleled!”

Gong Qing exposed a smile: “Then I can rest easy.”


Three Spirits City.

“I only managed to recruit these people.” Bell said, somewhat helplessly.

Tang Chou glanced at the martial artists behind Bell, roughly 40 men, all of them exposing their qi and strength, all of them unfathomable. The current world was in chaos, and the martial artists’ positions were also developing according to the situation. More importantly, it was very difficult to recruit, as there were many rich people in recent years, and as long as you had the ability, people would be able to afford no matter how expensive it was.

The bases’ defense was always a problem. Although they had set up layers of mechanisms, and with troops garrisoned inside the base, but against experts, they were still having a problem. If not for Tang Yi managing to arrive in the nick of time, they would have had to suffer a bitter battle.

Due to that, Tang Chou’s proposed submission to reorganize the bases’ defense was quickly passed through. The current Three Spirits City’s importance was very obvious, and although there were many martial artists in Three Spirits City, the majority of them were mechanical martial artists. In the past years, the mechanical martial artists were all weaker, and even with the increase in strength after forming the army, facing against the experts, it was still difficult.

Everyone thought, that they needed a stronger defense, and recruiting was handed over to Bell.

Bell who was in charge of intelligence had a vast network of friends, and even used her intelligence channels, but after all of those, she still only managed to recruit 40 people.

“They are all famous Heaven’s Road List martial artists, but no Gold Ranked Martial Artists. Very few of the Gold Rank Martial Artists are free now. Within the 40 people, there are 13 ranked between 4000 to 6000, and the remaining 27 are all ranked after 6000. This is all their information, I will hand over the rest to you.”

Bell passed the martial artists information to Tang Chou, in which he politely thanked her.

Bell looked at Tang Chou in a weird way, as an intelligence person, she was very sensitive to changes, and could roughly feel that Tang Chou had some substantial change, although Tang Chou was always very polite.

Did something happen to him….

That thought quickly fleeted past her mind, but she did not ponder too much about it. Tang Chou was a bookworm to her, completely unlike a military general, daily giving lessons to the mechanical martial artists, doing things in which military generals should not be doing.

Master Bing said that Tang Chou was a Staff Officer type military leader, could all staff officer type military leaders be like that? But Pi Pa had praised Tang Chou before, although the two of them were more frequently fighting.

If Tang Chou became strong, that would be a good thing. Although currently, all the dangers faced by the base were relatively weak, but it still caused Bell to worry. Especially that Three Spirits CIty was getting more and more important, and the different types of groups of people that Three Spirits City was involved with were quickly increasing.

Three Spirits City was like a delicious cake, everyone wanted a taste of it, although in the eyes of Heaven’s Road, Three Spirits City’s strength was not considered strong.

Bell had always been paying attention in secret, so when Tang Chou’s proposal was passed, Bell quickly took action, and was able to recruit 20 strong martial artists in the short span of time.

During the period, to be able to recruit strong martial artists in a short span of time was outstanding. Of course, the salary of the experts were astronomical as well. All of their’ settling down fee was already over 1 billion, 20 people meant 20 billion. But it was relatively safe as the current Three Spirits City was also considered a small tyrant.

“Please follow me.”

Tang Chou did not look at the materials in his hands and led the way. Bell was curious on how Tang Chou was going to instruct the martial artists, so she followed along.

The martial artists did not display arrogance, even when their professional achievements were rather accomplished. More importantly, before arriving, Bell had let them watch the videos of the battles with Flowing Wind Group, and even told them, the one leading the army was Tang Chou.

Flowing Wind Group’s name and prestige was well known, and this caused the martial artists to look up to Tang Chou.

Tang Chou brought them to the training grounds and started to conduct extremely complicated and meticulous tests. The tests were all varied, many of them never heard of before, allowing the martial artists to be interested, and they all completed every test with piqued interest.

Very quickly, Tang Chou allowed them to directly observe and feel his ability.

“Xu Lei, your most proficient attacking area, is at your right side, the area between 2m to 10m further than arm length. Your primary attack is of 75%, and you’re accustomed to this area. Your style of releasing might, has a probability of 83% striking this area. And your left rib and below is your weakness.”

“Wang Bo, your rod technique is very severe, but your problem is that as long as you are consecutively beaten for more than 6 times, your rhythm starts to become erratic. And the lapse between your rod techniques has an obvious halt, which becomes your weakness, and your lower plate is too low, although it allows your center of gravity to be more stable, but it restricts your attacking area.”


Bell could clearly see that every martial artist all had an uncomfortable look on their faces, a few of them even perspiring in cold sweat, tightly holding onto their weapons. Bell was very surprised, could it be that Tang Chou actually saw through each and every one of the martial artists through the tests?

She felt that it was too inconceivable, as in her eyes, the tests were all messy and random, and she could not understand their usage at all.

Tang Chou’s point by point commentaries completely shocked the martial artists.

Martial artists who were able to train to where they were, how could they be dumb?

They were initially shocked and angry, shocked by the fact that Tang Chou saw through them completely. Angry by the fact that their weaknesses were all publicly announced, causing them to feel danger.

Tang Chou knew what they were thinking, and one sentence from him immediately caused them to quieten them.

“Every single one of you has already signed the martial spirit contract, from today onwards, all of you are teammates. It is much more important for your teammates to understand your weaknesses than for them to know your advantages. Because your front mate can determine your life and death, and your back mate can help bring forth your victory.”

After signing the martial spirit contract, there was no possibility of them backing out and betraying, so the eyes of the martial artists immediately became more warm.

“For the sake of achieving better battle results, we need to test out an entirely different grouping, and even need to formulate a corresponding strategy.”

Tang Chou’s voice was very calm, and even giving off a convincing power.

All of the Heaven’s Road List martial artists stood in front of him listening like obedient students.

He….seems to have truly become even more powerful…..

Bell looked at Tang Chou, pondering deeply.


In the blood meridians workshop, Bing’s idle and frivolous speech resonated, causing hearty laughters from time to time.

“He he, blood meridians specialists group oh! Honorable Martial Group’s most experienced blood meridians specialists, listening to that news, I almost became stupid. After that, I suddenly came to my senses, eh, they seem to be from Honorable Martial Group….eh, does Honorable Martial Group have blood meridians specialists? Eh, Honorable Martial Group actually wants to compare with our blood meridians experts….so terrifying!”


The old men and old timers below were all laughing wildly thoughtlessly. The majority of them came from Onyx Soul, and upon hearing that Honorable Martial Group actually wanted to compete with them as blood meridians specialists and poison, they were ecstatic.

“I truly do not discriminate against the Honorable Martial Group, really!”

“But if we really let their blood meridians specialists survive, that truly is embarrassing, hey hey, I am not stirring anything, but, if you want me to endure it, I truly am unable to…”

“Kill them!” Someone shouted out loud.

The beasts stirring and getting restless in their hearts, all started to emerge, they started to scream, their faces sinister, killing intent soaring!