Undefeated God of War - Chapter 456 – Fire Beacon Lights

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Chapter 456 – Fire Beacon Lights

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bing was busy from dawn to dusk.

He was the only one able to bring the mechanical spirit weapons from Sky Martial Wolf Academy to Three Spirits City, 5600 mechanical spirit weapons, even with the silver aquarius cabinet, Bing was as tired as a dog.

Tang Yi rushed back to Ursa Major Constellation, to prepare the matters on arranging the expansion of Lupus Army. Tang Chou, with the funds, immediately began his strategy on Fornax Constellation, and began to continuously pick out outstanding mechanical martial artists to join the army.

Under the excitement of money. Bing erupted with an inexhaustible stamina, finally completing the delivery of the mechanical spirit weapons.

Three Spirits City was also in a mess, the Mo Family had started moving into Three Spirits City, dragging in many complicated matters, causing Pi Pa and the rest to be be extremely fatigued.

With the matter of collaborating with the Grandmaster Association, it made Mo Wei Tian set his resolve, taking the opportunity to move into Three Spirits City. the Mo Family’s surrounding situation was not safe, with many unfamiliar martial artists appearing. But to send down his decision, Mo Wei Tian had to summon his courage, as it meant that the Mo Family was completely joining with Tang Tian, and not remaining a neutral stance as before.

Mo Wei Tian knew, compared to collaborating, the Grandmaster Association’s resources were obviously more abundant, and their strength was much stronger. If their relation continued to remain stationary, the Mo Family’s use to Three Spirits City would become smaller and smaller, and that was not beneficial to them at all.

So to join Three Spirits City at such a time was basically declaring their position.

The Mo Family’s merger increased Three Spirits City’s strength substantially, as the Mo Family already had countless mechanical aristocratic families, and the number and standard of the grandmaster engineers were relatively good.

Furthermore, they had Mo Leng who was a mechanical grandmaster engineer. From then on, with two mechanical grandmaster engineers seated in Three Spirits City, without question, Three Spirits City was truly the number one Mechanical Weapon City.

With the Mo Family joining them, it also allowed Sai Lei’s new model to quickly improve.

At this critical juncture, a battle report caused Bing to rush back to Ursa Major Constellation.

Cetus Constellation was beginning their attack towards Ursa Major Constellation!

The sudden news immediately broke Bing’s plans, as he rushed back to Ursa Major Constellation through the night. Only when he reached Ursa Major Constellation did he realize the situation was far worse than he thought.

“The three saints of Cetus Constellation have suddenly disappeared.”

Long Shou Jing’s face revealed shame, he knew that in the war, three saints could form a destructive force. With the three missing saints, it was like a hidden dagger that could surface up any any time.

“Hand towel, don’t be too hard on yourself. If the saints were so easily tracked, they would not be saints already.” Bing consoled Long Shou Jing, his face not revealing any panic.

Because Tang Yi had already led his Lupus Army out.

Tang Yi was now a Major, and his commanding power had suddenly risen to 2500 troops. And with Magic Flute stationed in Three Spirits City, Bing sent Tang Yi back to Ursa Major Constellation, to manage and prepare the expansion of Lupus Army.

They did not expect that they would succeed by a lucky stroke.

Towards the enemy, Bing could not help but secretly praise Cetus Constellation for the choice of time. Tang Tian’s Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique was not over, and Bear Egg’s special training was most probably found out by them, and that was undoubtedly the best time to strike. The armor of the mechanical army were all sold to Libra Constellation, so the students of Sky Wolf Martial Academy were unable to battle.

If Tang Tian’s spirit tempering was completed, the special training being concluded, the absorption of the almost 500 billion star coins, the release of the new model of mechanical spirit weapons, then that would be the nightmare of Cetus Constellation.

To Tang Tian’s side, they only needed to draw out the time, and their advantage would increase.

“Where is Tang Yi?” Bing asked.

“Bei An City.”

Bei An City used to be one of Ursa Major Constellations strategic towns, with good star power concentration, and thus they produced a few King Bear martial artists in the past. But with Yan Yong Lies last mobilization, it made practically all of the martial artists in this city enter Orion Constellation. The current Bei An City was bleak and cheerless, losing its luster from the past.

Tang Yi did not enter the city, his troops were cavalry, and the landscape of the city was not suitable for them. And the citizens of the City did not welcome them.

The mark Yan Yong Lie left in Ursa Major Constellation could not be erased in such a short time.

Tang Yi did not care, he was a military leader, and only cared about bringing his troops to war.

It was not only Tang Yi who did not care, even Crane and the rest could not be bothered, because they knew Tang Tian did not even have the slightest bit of interest in ruling a constellation. The fool’s only wish was to instantly force his way into Crux Constellation.

If not for the road to Crux Constellation being reduced to a battle path, Tang Tian would not even bother staying at all. Master Bing did not have much interest in Ursa Major Constellation as well, as to Master Bing, Ursa Major Constellation was just a temporary training barracks. It was temporary because Master Bing did not like that Ursa Major Constellation’s star power concentration was not high enough.

So even when Cetus Constellation took over Bei An City, Tang Yi could not be bothered.

The army that was occupying Bei An City was Cetus Constellations Blue Whale Army, one of the three armies of Cetus Constellation, the other two being White Whale Army and Black Whale Army. Blue Whale Army was the weakest army of the three, but even with this army, their number far surpassed the Lupus Army.

Blue Whale Army was comprised of 3000 people, while Lupus Army only had 200. The disparity in strength was very obvious, and it was lucky for the special training the army had in the Bear Egg, all of their True Power breaking to the seventh level, allowing the Lupus Army to have a great increase in strength.

Tang Yi had tried different ways of attacking, but the opponent’s military general was very cautious, and did not reveal any weakness. The opponent’s formation was too dense, and Tang Yi did not dare to rush in deep.

The opponent had come prepared!

Blue Whale Army did not have a choice against Lupus Army, Lupus Army came and went like the wind, and Blue Whale Army did not have mounts, capable of chasing. What was worse, was that Lupus Army could become invisible, and their charge was extremely sharp. If they sent too few people, they would definitely lose.

Lupus Army kept appearing and disappearing around them, causing the mental state of the Blue Whale Army to be stretched taut, their speed of advance becoming slow like tortoises.

The chief commander of Blue Whale Army was clear, that as long as he could stall Lupus Army, then he would have already accomplished his task. The entire Ursa Major Constellation currently only had them as the able fighting army.

For Andromeda Constellations Plateau Army, a fourth tier constellation army, what use would they be?

With the same thoughts, White Whale and Black Whale army were irresistible forces, besieging and sweeping everything forth.

In a blink of an eye, the brilliant and renowned Ursa Major Constellation quickly got caught up in the unprecedented danger, fire beacons lighting up in all directions with the imminent danger.

“Imminent danger?” Bing sneered, he straightened his back.

Bear Egg’s special training was forced to cut short, as Bing listened to Adrian’s quick summary regarding Cetus Constellation’s attack.

“Speaking Overall, the results are very good. Lupus martial artists proved to obtained the best results, because their average level of True Power is very low at the fifth level. After going through the special training, their True Power standards were entirely raised one and a half levels, and some of the Lupus martial artists who were originally already at the sixth level, with their good talents, had already reached seventh level True Power. If they were able to complete the special training, there will definitely be some who will break through to the eighth level.” Adrian’s tone was filled with regret.

Bing did not express any opinion, turning and speaking to Ta Dun: “How’s the Plateau Army?”

Ta Dun said solemnly: “Most of them have broken through to the eighth level, but there are still about 30% of the soldiers at the seventh level.”

His mind was filled with worry, Plateau Army soldiers used to be around the seventh level, while the Cetus Constellation’s army were all at the eighth level. It was a huge gap, although True Power did not directly relate to strength, but there was still a disparity between both parties.

For Tang Yi, a unique military leader, with his specialised strategies, along with his soldiers that have the awakened Ancient Wolf Blood Meridian, they were able to fight against the mid tier armies.

He knew that his own standard was definitely not comparable to Tang Yi.

But Bing was very satisfied, he had achieved his own goals. That was why he dared to pull all the armies for special training, and dared to sell the 5600 sets of mechanic spirit weapons, all of this was according to plan. Other people might think that he was losing his head through greed, but they did not know, for an experienced veteran like him who was well versed with wars, how could he not have trump cards in his hand?

Bing’s trump card was the 1 million Lupus Martial Artists.

Bing said: “Of course, we are not going head to head with the Three Fish Armies, they are ultimately still too powerful.”

Ling Xu looked at Bing, and corrected him: “Whales are not fish.”

Bing acted like he did not hear that, coughing slightly, he continued: “For us, the most important thing is to delay. Since it is about delaying, then that would be easy. Our Lupus Race, other than being cannon fodder, what are they good for? We are bandits, he he, 1 million bandits ah, or should i say 1 million sixth level bandits with awakened Wolf Blood Meridians!”

Bing confidently and “Righteously” said: “A frontal War? Ai ya, such a no brainer skirmish, why would we do it? We will do our old work, which is to plunder!”

The Lupus Race Elders all looked at each other, all of them shocked by Bing’s suggestion.

“Of course, all of you are not going to plunder in front of their faces, that’s just going to die! So what are we doing to do? We will divide and conquer, mainly focusing on harassing. No matter how strong they are, they are also humans, and will get tired. And at that time, will be our chance. If we have the chance, we will poke them twice, if not, we will cry out loud at one side, and when they chase us, we will run. Simple.” Bing said with a calm face.

After a moment, a Lupus Race Elder asked with a stammering voice: “Will that be effective?”

“Of course not!”

Bing completely ignored everyone’s murderous gaze, and said: “So I have prepared some small toys for everyone. They are all good products from the blood meridians laboratory, some kinds of poison, some kinds of incapacitating drugs, some self destructive beasts, everyone must bring some along with them. Relax, they are easy to use, any water source, to bury them, or throw the poison into the clouds…”

Everyone listened with pale faces, all of them shivering, but not from cold.

“All these ideas are ultimately thought of by people. There is afterall a tactic in the art of war called fortifying defenses and razing the fields, so ours is Banditry and poisoning the fields.” Bing’s poker face smiled happily, his finger pointing and drawing a huge circle on the map: “Oh, if Banditry and poisoning the fields is too small, there won’t be any meaning to it, so let’s play it big shall we.”

“From here to here is the only road to Bear Egg! So all the Lupus Martial artists, break into smaller groups, scatter into these areas. My request is simple, transform this entire place into a bandit wetlands!”

Everyone understood Bing’s thoughts, all of their eyes lighting up with a strange light. Although the plan was vulgar, but it was a good plan for delaying.

Bing smiled happily.

“Let us greet them in a good manner!”