Undefeated God of War - Chapter 455 – The Big Business

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Chapter 455 – The Big Business

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Libra Constellation, one of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces. But it was not like Scorpio Constellation who declined, and not like leo Constellation who was thriving, its history in the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, belonged in the middle of the constellations, not improving or declining.

But Libra Constellation was the most open-minded constellation recognized in the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, where whatever theory was discussed, it would never be dismissed as heresy, so many grandmasters of Onyx Soul liked to live in seclusion on Libra constellation.

With such a benefit, it immediately had a good atmosphere, thus Libra Constellation became the place with the most artisans, and held all sorts of martial artists holding different professions. Libra Constellation had many associations, the artisan association, the martial artists association etc. The strongest association, was undoubtedly the Grandmaster Association. 80% of Libra Constellation core associations were the affiliated subordinate associations of the Grandmaster Association.

The qualifications to enter Grandmaster Association was extremely rigid, and only the apex genius were able to join. But most of the grandmasters were all immersed in their own research, and were not interested in other matters, so the association had placed many elders. The elders were responsible for the daily work, and they themselves had profound attainments on martial techniques,so they held immense authority in the association.

Elder Xiao was one of them, and the grandmasters he was responsible for, included mechanical Grandmaster Engineer Guan Zhi Mo. Before Sai Lei was given the title of Grandmaster, there were only two recognized grandmasters in the mechanical techniques world, and they were two Mos, the Mo Family Mo Leng and Guan Zhi Mo.

Mo Leng was reclusive, focused wholeheartedly on creating his own mechanical weapon in the Mo Family.

Guan Zhi Mo, on the other hand, had gone to Libra Constellation to work on his own research. But, although Guan Zhi Mo was a mechanical grandmaster, in the Grandmaster Association, his position was not that high, because of the decline of mechanical techniques.

Sai Lei created the mechanical spirit weapons, but it did not influence much on Libra Constellation, until the war in Ursa Major Constellation, where the performance of the mechanical army was too outstanding, causing mechanical techniques to immediately become a hot topic, and Guan Zhi mMo’s position instantly soared.

There are many grandmasters inside the Grandmaster Association, although their knowledge on the mechanical techniques domain was limited, they were profound and had deep comprehension towards the world and towards other works.

Many of the elders were sharp to notice the merging of the martial spirit and mechanical weapons, giving the ancient and declining technique a new pair of wings to become filled with limitless potential. And for the elders who were knowledgeable, they were worried about the chaos, if Libra Constellation was still able to maintain its’ standing? Even if they joined a faction, would they be able to safeguard their interests? Libra Constellation, in the face of a blade, was like a fat succulent cow.

Self-preservation was the Grandmaster association’s worry and consideration for the period of time. The inheritance of Libra Constellation was good at fine control, and led them to research on how to use martial techniques, leading the inclination to cultivate martial techniques, while still lacking in the aspects of warfare martial techniques.

But at such a time, a mechanical army had appeared, immediately attracting their attention.

The mechanical army was undoubtedly the perfect fighting unit for Libra Constellation, because their knack for it and their technology was the highest. Libra Constellation had a mechanical grandmaster engineer, and more importantly, Libra Constellations technology accumulation in the various industries was very robust, and once they completely broke through the fundamental mechanical spirit weapons, and with their reserves, they would be able to have advances very quickly.

Three Spirits City had become the most crucial strategic point.

The Grandmaster Association hoped that they would be able to merge Three Spirits City into the association directly, but the intelligence kept on improving, with Tang Tian emerging as the backing of Three Spirits City, the higher ups intelligently dropped that idea.

Although Ursa Major Constellation was a third tier constellation, Tang Tian was not good to be provoked. Over the year, the one to be able to consecutively win every campaign, was Young lad Tang who acted stupid on the surface but was actually profoundly scheming.

From Lupus Constellation to Andromeda Constellation, then from Andromeda Constellation to Ursa Major Constellation, then from Ursa Major Constellation to Draco Constellation, those impressive achievements, everyone knew he was a powerful thorn.

Indeed, The 12 ecliptic palaces had stronger armies, stronger martial artists, but these powers were all written. How many years had it been since their military generals went to war? The few who claimed they had, most probably were meant to do suppression. On the other hand, the other party might not be strong in writing, but he had walked a violent and forceful path, toppling army after army.

The name Young Lad Tang, was birthed from killing.

Although there were no rivers of blood, no massacred cities or planets, but he definitely was not some kind hearted man. He was a maverick, a hateful man, a brief remark would cause him to start attacking, a man who fought as a living and was not forgiving.

How stupid was the Yi Fan Family….

Libra Constellation fixed their attitude and became very courteous, collaboration, everyone should collaborate. You set a price, I buy. We can do with money, why the need to fight and kill?

Although my Libra Constellation is not as rich as Aquarius Constellation, but we are definitely not limited as well!

Both parties immediately developed a friendly and harmonious negotiation.

You want our mechanical spirit weapon technique? We cannot sell you the powerful ones, but the fundamental ones? No problem.

Fundamental ones? They will do, Our Libra Constellation does not have much, only an excess of grandmasters. As long as we grasp the fundamentals well, in the blink of an eye we will be profound, and then, who knows who will be the more profound one.

We don’t have a choice, the price of the fundamental sets are not cheap, as we have spent countless amounts of blood, sweat and tears. Of course, most importantly, we will be friendly with every family in Heaven’s Road, and will not be biased.

You were so shrewd to have brought your army along to do business, saying it is for an outlook, with that, I can only agree to it. I heard that your army has already been disbanded, those mechanical spirit weapons that you have used before, you can just sell them along with me.

That is not possible, we still need to practise, need to prepare for war, we still need to…..

Aiyoh, can’t you see my good faith, and I am already so old, my mouth is already dry, just tell me a number.


Both sides kept going back and forth, and very quickly came to an agreement.

The fundamental mechanical spirit weapon technique, was sold to the grandmaster association for 20 billion star coins.

Sky Martial Wolf Academy’s 5,600 mechanic spirit weapons, were sold to the grandmaster association for 80 million star coins per set, with a total of 448 billion star coins.

In a short span of, a total of 468 billion star coins was settled amongst them.

Both parties were rather satisfied.

Bing was extremely satisfied, especially that he was able to sell the 5600 sets of mechanical spirit weapons for 448 billion star coins, he was laughing in his heart. Sai Lei’s new model was already being manufactured, and it was almost time to change armors. He actually planned to gift them to the training facilities to be used, but he did not expect that he could instantly sell them off.

When the profiteer Mo Wei Tian sold his junk for 20 million star coins, Bing felt that selling his own for 80 million star coins was considered to be honest.

And Elder Xiao was also very satisfied, although the amount of 448 billion star coins looked to be a disadvantage, the big war was nearing, and to them, the most important was not star coins, but time. The second hand mechanical spirit weapons, not only were they able to act as research subjects, but they could be immediately used by the organisation’s mechanical martial artists to start training.

Otherwise, if they were to wait until they released their own mechanical weapons and begin training, that would be too late.

The news of Libra Constellations grandmaster association collaborating with Three Spirits City quickly spread.

Especially when Sai Lei, Mo Leng and Guan Zhi Mo, the three mechanical grandmaster engineers were to meet face to face, it made all the mechanical enthusiasts extremely excited. It was the first meeting of the three grandmasters in the same generation, and to the mechanical enthusiasts, it was the sign of the revival of mechanical techniques!


Yi Fan Family.

“Are you a pig? To be this stupid? Now the entire Heaven’s Road is mocking us, even that stingy Old Ge, is freaking mocking us! Why did you not investigate it first? Why did you not ask for advice from the elder’s group regarding such a big matter?”

Yi Fan Family Patriarch Dao Dun Yi Fan’s face was flushed red, he was so angry his entire body was trembling.

In front of him, a middle aged man drooped his head, crestfallen.

“Do you know who the master of Three Spirits City is? It is that crazy Tang Tian, the crazy lunatic who is using the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique on himself! That lunatic who would bite you over something unimportant, and you dare to provoke him? He did not even give face to Honorable Martial Group and Onyx Soul, who do you think you are?” Dao Dun scolded.

The middle aged man mumbled to himself: “But it’s only Ursa Major Constellation…”

“Only Ursa Major Constellation?” Dao Dun was too angry that he started laughing: “Is Libra Constellations Grandmaster Association so dumb so as to spend at least 500 billion to buy that junk? Let me tell you, they are all trying to express their goodwill to Tang Tian! You are looking down on Ursa Major Constellation, but other people are actually thinking the opposite! Let me tell you this now, this matter, if you do not handle it well, I will propose to the Elder’s Group to hold you accountable!”

The middle aged man was stunned, he could not believe his ears, and only reacted after a while, screaming: “You’re crazy! I am your son! You….”


A loud slap sound rang out.

The middle aged man covered his face, he was dumbstruck like a chicken.

Dao Dun’s face turned gloomy, and said sternly: “That’s right, you are my son. But no one is above the Yi Fan Family. I did not look into all the mistakes you have done when you were obsessed with women. But you had to go to Sai Lei to bring bramble and seek punishment, there is no leeway of discussion for this matter. If you do not do it, I will kick you out of the family!”

The middle aged man was completely stunned.

“Remember, you are not my only son.”

Dau Dun’s words were extremely cold, causing the middle aged man to fall.

When the middle aged man left without spirit, an old man appeared magically, sighing: “Old Master, Young Master He Xi was confused in that moment, and will get everything right soon.”

“He better.” Dau Dun’s tone was cold: “I will not let him pull the big family down with him. Did you investigate the matter of that year? We need evidence.”

“It was Madam Chu Xi’s doings.” The old man said: “We have tested positive for a type of slow poisonous agent in Sai Lei’s mother’s bones, and it is the Green Creeper that the Chu Family had pushed out these few years, and from the looks of it, the Green Creeper should have just been completed that year.”

“Jealousy is truly a sin.” Dao Dun sighed, and after that he suddenly sneered: “Only by forgiving can they be saved.”

The old man’s heart turned cold.

He had followed the old master for over 10 years, and every sentence and phrase said was easily understood. If Sai Lei forgave her father, then the matter would naturally be sealed and done with, if Sai Lei did not forgive them, then Young Master He Xi and Madam Chu Xi….

The image of the pitiful and lonely little girl suddenly appeared in his mind. At that time when she left the Yi Fan families, she had an unbending pair of eyes.

She did not cry.

For some reason, his heart felt cold.