Undefeated God of War - Chapter 454 – The Noble Guest

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Chapter 454 – The Noble Guest

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bear Egg.

Jing Hao looked as if he was pulled up from the water, his face was revealing fatigue, but the pair of eyes were extremely bright like the stars.

The gasp for breath from 50 thousand people, converged together, was like loud thunder. Everyone was drenched from head to toe, the new training method, required everyone to maintain a high degree of concentration in a short period of time.

Ah Xiu was near Jing Hao, his face pale while, vapor rising from all over his body. He was to support Jing Hao, like an assistant. Most of the pressure was placed on Jing Hao, but even 10% of 52 thousand people, to him, was an extremely vigorous test.

It was torture every single time, but Ah Xiu clenched his teeth had to endure. He knew, it was a test on willpower, and if he was able to endure through it, his strength would definitely soar. Teacher had given him an important position, to trust him, was also to cultivate him.

Ah Xiu took a look at Jing Hao, his heart full of admiration. The pressure Jing Hao was undertaking was many times more than him. Every time the training ended, Jing Hao would look as though he was fished out from the water. But from the start till the end, his expression never changed much.

Such an enduring man!

Jing Hao’s performance greatly encouraged Ah Xiu, and thus he persevered.

Every single martial artists on the ropes all stood up, one after another they left in an orderly fashion. Jing Hao closed his eye to rest recovering his physical strength, and waiting for the next cycle of training. It was proven that Adrian’s method was extremely effective, he was able to clearly feel his True Power and his control over it was substantially increasing.

“The synchronization is at 72%.” Adrian said calmly: “Training efficiency had increased by about 8%, that is extremely good.”

Increasing the result of training by 8%, Jing Hao nodded his head, such an extent in growth was truly powerful.

As expected of the man previously hailed as Dean “Hunter” of Orion Constellations number 1 academy. The standard of him grooming martial artists truly was top quality.

“If we can increase synchronization to 90% or higher, the training efficiency should be able to rise by 15%.” Adrian’s calm voice was also filled with anticipation, Increasing the training efficiency was a worldwide problem. And to be able to increase by 15%, that was definitely a dazzling achievement, roughly only organizations like the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, Honorable Martial Group or Onyx Soul had other methods for better achievements.

But it was a pity, the growth rate could not be used worldwide. Without Tang Tian’s Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, they were unable to form such a dense star power region, and without Jing Hao and his endurance, it was impossible to be realized.

Even the participating martial artists could only be discovered and not sought after.

Although his method was good, but the requirements for it were also extremely high, and every training period required them to use all their energy and strength, to be able to produce such a high grade training environment. The Lupus martial artists actually did not complain, but all quietly trained.

At the start, the Andromeda martial artists and Draco Martial artists were all grumbling and complaining, in contrast to the Lupus martial artists. Adrian immediately transferred the martial artists who displayed grievances to the back, and that immediately shut the martial artists from the two constellations up. And after that, the Lupus martial artists all displayed astonishing willpower and compliance, giving the martial artists from the other constellations immense pressure. Adding the warnings given by the families behind the martial artists who were performing badly, the training attitude in the Bear Egg became good, something Adrian had never witnessed before.

Regardless if it was Tang Tian or Jing Hao, all the martial artists were worth praising. Only with all of them gathering and complying could such a result be achieved.

Very quickly, a new batch of martial artists once again sat in position.

Jing Hao had already recovered, becoming once again full of life. Adrian looked at Ah Xiu, whose face had also became solemn. Adrian also took note of Ah Xiu’s improvements.

The longer Tang Tian could support the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, the better…..

That thought flashed past Adrian’s mind, causing him to immediately chuckle. Tang Tian had already endured for 60 days. Normally speaking, the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique rarely exceeded 50 days. Tang Tian’s one might have been shorter, due to the density of the whirlpool swords around him. In another way of speaking, the intensity of his tempering was unprecedented, and should most probably have completed tempering his martial spirit before.

I wonder, what will Tang Tian’s martial spirit become after completing the tempering?

Adrian then regained his focus, threw all the distracting thoughts to the back of his head and bellowed: “Begin!”


Hua Chen Yun stood at the door, not far from where Tang Yi was guarding. Tang Yi acted like he did not see Hua Chen Yun, not saying a word, both of them remained silent. But Hua Chen Hun could feel an immense pressure. The killing intent lingering around Tang Yi made him question if Tang Yi would suddenly release a blade at him.

Tang Yi looked for a long time, feeling somewhat helpless. The clan elders had said before….all big characters enjoyed arriving late….

He felt bored, and also felt extremely awkward with the silence, so he decided to speak up and create conversation: “General Tang Yi, do you need to personally stand guard here?”

Tang Yi acted like he did not hear a thing, not even batting an eyelid.

I am being ignored…..

Hua Chen Yun became silent for a while, then opened his mouth again: “General Tang Yi, that day, your strength was truly shocking! I never expect that not only is General Tang an outstanding military general, but your blade techniques is also so powerful.”

Tang Yi continued to remain silent.

I am being ignored again…

Hua Chen Yun looked quietly at Tang Yi, alright, I truly am ball breaking bored…..

Suddenly, Tang Yi opened his eyes.

Was there finally a reaction? Hua Chen Yun heaved a sigh of relief he raised his head and looked at Tang Yi.


Hua Chen Yun suddenly realized that something was amiss. The hand that was originally leaning on the blade, was already holding the hilt. In a moment, Tang Yi who was originally like a stationary statue, had transformed into a beast that was waiting to take action.

Just at that moment, a group of people entered his vision, they seemed to be walking towards the base.

With light in his eyes, Tang Yi raised the terrifying Zanbato.

Hua Chen Yun was startled, and immediately reacted, his face changing immediately, he panicked: “Hold up…”

The blade aura flood, suddenly appeared. The dazzling light immediately covering his entire vision. Hua Chen Yun’s mind became a blank, he hugged his head, not wanting to believe his own eyes.

Oh no!

After an unknown period of time, Hua Chen Yun regained his senses. When he did, the blade aura had already dissipated, and a deep long and straight groove had appeared from Tang Yi’s leg and extended out….

Hua Chen Yun held his breath and turned his neck. When he saw the long groove reached the feet of a big statured man, he immediately relaxed. In that moment, it was like he had flown from hell to Heaven.


The dazzling blade aura once again covered his vision. Hua Chen Yun who had just relaxed immediately froze, he hugged his head with his two hands, his expression and thoughts frozen.

When the blade aura dissipated again, Hua Chen Yun suddenly quivered. He could no longer care about anything else, and immediately ran in front of Tang Yi and shouted: “Guests! We are guests!”

Tang Yi’s blade stopped in midair.

“Tang Yi, do not be rude!” Bing’s voice appeared from behind.

Tang Yi instantly brought down his blade, and stood to the side.

“Recently there have been much trouble, and my subordinate is over anxious. I truly am sorry about the mistake, I am Bing, and welcome!” Bing bowed to apologize.

The big statured man who had blocked Tang Yi’s blades consecutively stood to the side, revealing the figure of the elder behind. His expression was gloomy as he looked at Tang Yi, his mind secretly quivering.

Such a powerful blade aura…..

It was only a step away from saint level, such a strong martial spirit, it truly is inconceivable…..

The cold elder’s face immediately revealed a smile: “Such a strong general, so dauntless and unique! No wonder the godlike young man is invincible, and was able to seize Ursa Major by force!”

Bing smiled modestly: “Ursa Major Constellation is a rural land, and is truly a laughing stock in front of you. 10 Thousand Crafts Libra Constellation, is the true artisan’s pilgrimage land of Heaven’s Road.”

“Master Bing is too modest.” The cold elder said: “Three Spirits City mechanical techniques are unique in the entire Heaven’s Road, and the purpose for our visit this time, holds a studious attitude, and we hope Master Bing and grandmaster Sai Lei will be generous with your advices.”

“Senior Xiao’s words, will only make us junior generation blush with shame, please enter, please enter.” Bing immediately said.

Elder Xiao looked at Bing and smiled. For Bing to be able to expose his identity, it proved their readiness, but it was as he anticipated.

The group of people walked and chatted as they entered the base.

The lively training grounds inside the base immediately attracted the group’s gaze. Seeing their interest, Bing knew he had to hard sell, and immediately explained and introduced with all his energy.

“This training, is meant to increase the mechanical martial artists’ sprinting capabilities. The mobility of mechanic spirit weapons relies on the mechanic’s base power, and not light body techniques, so for them to be able to utilize the power of the mechanical spirit weapon well, they are required to undergo this traditional training….”

“This is the response capability training, the goal is to increase the mechanical martial artist’ familiarity with the mechanical spirit weapon. The mechanical spirit weapon is completely different from the old mechanic weapons. The mechanical spirit weapon is a body able to comprehend, as it itself has a martial spirit, and the most important aspect for a mechanical martial artist is to improve the communications between them and the martial spirit,as the martial spirit of the mechanical spirit weapon also requires to grow….”


“Oh, these are the four pigs of the Yi Fan Family…”

Everyone’s footsteps immediately became sluggish, and all stopped. They turned to look at the four people being hung from a beam, and in that moment, it became an awkward silence.

“Are they the Yi Fan Family from Taurus Constellation?” Elder Xiao inquired after some considerations.

“Ah, that’s right.” Bing scratched his chin, admiring the view, and laughed: “I heard that the Yi Fan family’s family property is robust, I wonder how many star coins these four can be exchanged for.”

Using the time, Hua Chen Yun immediately explained the grievances between the Yi Fan family and Sai Lei to them.

Elder Xiao accompanied everyone, but did not show despise. Although such matters would often occur in the foolish families, but to be hung by other people, that truly was a shame.

The four people that were hung were extremely ashamed, their faces all flushed red.

Elder Xiao laughed, although the Yi Fan family was powerful, but it was not to the extent that would make him fearful. They continued walking, and continued touring the base.

Bing brought the group to tour the entire base, spending 2 full hours before concluding. In the entire process, Elder Xiao’s gaze was full of splendor.

After the tour ended, Bing brought them to a large hall to drink tea and rest.

As they sat down as host and guests, everyone exchanged formalities, and got right to the point: “The reason I am here today, is because I need a little help from your side.”