Undefeated God of War - Chapter 450 – Sai Lei’s Past

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Chapter 450 – Sai Lei’s Past

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Someone came knocking on the door.

Bing bit on his cigarette, blocked by the lingering smoke, he observed the man opposite him quietly.

The middle aged man was around 40 years of age, his clothes looked to be expensive with an unusual aura, nonchalantly drinking tea, being very carefree. By his side was a beautiful lady, whose strength was definitely not weak.

“I said, do not disturb me at this time! Are all of you treating my words as the wind now……”

Sai Lei’s roar came from outside the door, she was obviously displeased, close to a fit of rage.

Bing noticed the flash of disdain across the pretty girl’s face behind the middle aged man, oh, this seems to be interesting……

Sai Lei charged inside and roared: “Poker Face, you’re dead if you don’t give me an explanation…….”

Her voice came to a stop abruptly.

“Xiao Lei.” The middle aged man grinned, putting down his teacup: “Why? Don’t you recognise second uncle?”

Sai Lei’s face darkened: “Why are you here?”

“I was coincidentally running errands in the area, so I came to see you. Your father misses you very much and hopes that you can go back to visit him.” The middle aged man smiled kindly and gently.

Sai Lei sneered: “I was kicked out of my family when I was 12, and have already drawn a line between all of you. You’re not welcome here, you can get lost now!”

The middle age man’s face darkened, and the pretty lady behind him could not hold back any longer and scolded: “Impudent! A slut kicked out of the family,still has the guts to speak conceited nonsense!”

The qi around her body released with a bang, causing the temperature in the room to drop.

Sai Lei suddenly smiled and said: “Duan Mu, slap her.”

Duan Mu was already filled with shock when the lady scolded Sai Lei, did the lady’s brain get slammed by a door? She actually had the guts to scold big sister Sai Lei! Her courage is respectable……

When he heard Sai Lei’s words, he suddenly quivered, after hanging in the base for a long time, he had roughly grasped her temperaments and character, big sister is angry!

If I do not give this damned woman a few few slaps today……

Duan Mu shuddered.

Without thinking, Duan Mu’s figure flashed, and appeared like a ghost beside the lady.

The lady’s anger turned to laughter, in her eyes, Sai Lei’s status was at rock bottom, to even dare spout conceited words to slap her, the killing intent in her mind pervaded, and she started to make her move.

Woosh, a palm pierced through the smoke, and held onto the middle aged man.

The middle aged man raged: “Little brat you dare……”

Without much effort, Bing pulled the middle aged man over to him. Biting on the cigarette, he slapped the middle aged man’s face a couple of times: “A wise man submits to circumstances, to dare call out little brat now, is not a good idea.”

The pretty lady was shocked, her attention was entirely focused on Duan Mu, never did she expect that the spirit general would suddenly make his move. With her master captured, her situation immediately sank to become passive.

She screamed: “You are all crazy……”

Pa pa pa, the loud slapping noise interrupted her scream.

Bing had already given the middle aged man several slaps, the middle aged man’s dignified face was swollen like a pig’s head, causing him to shiver in anger, never had he came across such a humiliating experience.

“Tsk Tsk, a pig-like slave, will only drag the master down.” Bing tapped the middle aged man’s swollen cheeks, giving his heartfelt message.

He raised his head suddenly, giving the pretty lady an astonished look: “Your master is humiliated, how can you not have any expression?”

The lady was both alarmed and angry, she charged at Bing without a care in the world.

Duan Mu’s figure shuddered and blocked the lady.

Bing lamented to the middle aged man: “Your subordinate doesn’t have any tenderness towards you at all.”

Pa pa pa, another few slaps, hitting the middle aged man out of his soul.

The pretty lady stopped abruptly, she shivered in anger, but she know if she struggled, her master would receive more humiliation. She allowed Duan Mu to tie her up, with bitter resentment in her eyes, she clenched her teeth and said: “You will all regret it!”

“Thanks for your concern!” Bing bit on the cigarette and gave a mock bow.

Both were tightly tied, the man with flushed red cheeks was made to stand at the corner.

Bing flicked the ashes, and spoke to Sai Lei: “Do you want to have a go?”

Sai Lei looked at Bing: “Do you know who they are?”

“Don’t know.” Bing answered nonchalantly: “Of course, it isn’t too late for you to say it now. Oh, you’re trying to tell me the consequence? Don’t bother about such cliches, they are obviously here to ask a favour, tsk tsk, it’s already not bad that I didn’t slice them and feed them to dogs. If crazy Tang was here, they would already be minced meat, my actions are considered way too kind.”

“They are a big powerhouse.” Sai Lei bit her lip, with complicated feelings, she knew Bing was standing up for her, but……

Bing laughed out loud: “Are they bigger than Honourable Martial Group?”

Sai Lei froze, followed by a laugh: “Not that big.”

The hazed look on her face dissipated, that’s true, since everyone did not even bother with Honourable Martial Group, why would they even put that evil and despicable family in their eyes?

“You are our Mechanical Grandmaster Engineer, how long has it been since one came out? Hey, we are still depending on you to earn big money! To actually come to me and seek a favour. hehe!”

Bing’s last “he he” was filled with killing intent, he walked to the two people and blew smoke in their faces: “The last guys that dared to do it, were all beaten by me till they cried for their mothers. Too bad crazy Tang was not here, oh, what would he do? Oh, he would have hung you two, aiyo, that uneducated fellow loves that. No no, I would have to inculcate higher goals into him.”

“Sire, why do you disgrace me, what is your purpose? Make it clear!” The middle aged man asked in a lowered voice.

His scheming was profound, he calmed down from his rage, immediately realized that Bing’s sudden outburst of rage with no warning most probably had deeper meaning. In a battle between subordinates, any person in a certain level would not hit like that, it was too inferior.

“Reason?” Bing glanced at the middle aged man in admiration: “The reason is simple, to let Sai Lei vent her anger.”

The middle aged man’s expression froze.

“All your companion’s feelings have to be taken care of. Even though I don’t know the conflicts between you two, but it’s obvious that we are helping her.” Bing chuckled and said: “She is our Mechanical Grandmaster Engineer, let her vent her anger, allowing her to be in a good mood, having efficiency that is off the charts, we can then earn money. Brother, it’s hard to earn money these few years!”

“Even so Sire, you are too careless!” the middle aged man said in a low voice: “Although Sai Lei has a little accomplishment in mechanical techniques, but the Han family’s strength is not something a small master mechanic can compare to. If Sire is willing to hand over Sai Lei over to the Han family, the Han family can definitely pay a reward that Sire is happy with.”

Bing frivolously spat out a smoke ring, blinking at Sai Lei: “Oh, he is a tyrant”

Sai Lei replied with an expressionlessly: “Taurus Constellations Yi Fan Family, one of the prominent families in their long history, and definitely a tyrant.”

“Sounds powerful!” Bings face was taken for surprise.

The pretty lady’s face revealed a look of arrogance, the middle aged man steadied much more, but still subconsciously straightened his waist and back.

“Then these two will be able to be exchanged for quite a huge ransom.”

Both of them froze again, they suddenly felt cold all over head to toe, they just noticed, Bing’s passionate gaze seemed like he was going to swallow them.

A sneer flashed on Sai Lei’s face: “Exchanging them for 1.8 billion shouldn’t be a problem.”

Bing’s excitement suddenly dropped, he said lazily: “Only so little, looks like the status of these two aren’t that high. But, no matter how small the mosquito, it’s still flesh, let’s just do it.”

The middle aged man’s face warped, once again humiliated, in the end, he could not control himself and shouted: “Sai Lei, in the end the blood flowing in your body is still the Yi Fan’s Family, not appreciating the grace of birth is one thing, you still dare treat your elders like that……”


One loud slap interrupted the middle age man.

Sai Lei said in a ice cold tone: “Make it clear, who’s elder are you! 12 years old, in just the second year of my mum’s passing, all of you kicked me out of the family. I had no identity, if I had not met master, I would have died on the streets. Why? Now you have become my elder?”

Sai Lei suddenly shouted: “Duan Mu!”

Duan Mu quivered: “Yes Boss!”

“Hang them up!” Sai Lei said fiercely.

“Yes!” Duan Mu immediately dragged the two people outside.

“Sai Lei, how dare you!” The middle aged man was both shocked and angry.

“The Yi Fan Family will not let you off!” The lady screamed.

Without saying further, Duan Mu knocked the two unconscious, I can never be dragged along into such troubles…….can never……

Silence, the room slid into silence.

Sai Lei’s anger slowly dissipated, noticing that Bing has stared at her with weird look for half a day, thinking of Poker Face’s loyal gesture earlier, she exclaimed: “Speak you mind!”

“Tsk tsk, hang, Sai Lei, your taste is so close to crazy Tang, is he truly bringing down everyone’s taste?” Bing touched his chin and teased.

Sai Lei sat up: “We have totally pissed the Yi Fan Family off, do you know Yi Fan Family’s nickname in Taurus Constellation? The Gangster family, their revenge has always been unscrupulous.

“Haha, Xiao Sai Lei, if you’re comparing on who is more of a gangster, not many people can beat us!” Bing laughed out loud.

“I am serious.” Sai Lei said softly: “Yi Fan Family’s strength is stronger than your imagination. Their foundations in the spirit region are profound.

Bing laughed again: “No problem, I know.”


“This way please.” The martial artist leading the way said politely.

Hua Chen Yun looked up and down, sizing up, nodding subconsciously, Three Spirit City base’s scale was grand, way past his imagination. His gaze landed on the training ground.

Under the bright lights, the lively training grounds, there were many mechanical weapons in the process of training.

Oh, not mechanical weapons, mechanical spirit weapons.

He stopped for a while, stopping to watch them, the martial artist leading the way did not urge him, as he waited patiently at the side.

As expected of the mechanical spirit weapons, Hua Chen Yun to be able to come to a verdict so quickly, this brand new type of mechanical weapons, as compared to the traditional ones were much stronger.

Recalling that the mechanical spirit weapons were created by a Mechanical Grandmaster Engineer called Sai lei, and Sai Lei was a woman, Hua Chen Yun’s heart was filled with curiosity and anticipation.

Suddenly, he noticed that inside the training grounds, was a man and a woman dangling, and he could not help but ask in surprise: “That is?”

The martial artist who was leading the way took a glance, and snorted: “Rumor say that they are from the Yi Fan Family, said to be Miss Sai Lei’s elder. Hmph, Miss Sai Lei is truly pitiful, to be chased out of the house at the age of 12, almost starved to death, but now that she has become famous, these dog shits play things have run to her.”

Seeing the two people, the martial artist’s eyes was filled with unkindness.

Yi Fan Family….

Sai Lei was actually from the Yi Fan Family!

Hua Chen Yun suddenly realized, that the matter was not going to be so easy.