Undefeated God of War - Chapter 443 – Throwing the Bomb

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Chapter 443 – Throwing the Bomb

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Master!” De Rong exclaimed, facing his own Master, he had a grave and stern expression.

Yet, Sima Xiao whose head was deep in his food exposed a smile, raised the pastry in his hand and said: “Do you want some snacks?”

De Rong frowned, and said with annoyance: “Are these desserts meant for men to indulge in?”

Sima Xiao was not angry, and replied with a chuckle: “De Rong, you do not know how to enjoy.”

De Rong remained unmoved and replied coldly: “This subordinate is busy with military affairs, if Master has nothing, this subordinate will leave.”

“Hey hey hey, In any case I am the Master, will you die giving me some face.” Sima Xiao said unhappily.

De Rong acted as he did not hear it, standing coldly there like a statue.

De Rong had an ugly appearance, he was 56 years old, his life of trying to achieve his dreams for a long time had made him age prematurely, bitterness concentrated between his brows, adding the grave and stern aura he was giving off, gave off a bigoted, stubborn and arrogant impression.

Sima Xiao placed the pastries down: “If I don’t ask you to come, I won’t even see your shadow at all. How’s Xiao Yu doing?”

Hearing that name, Rong De’s cold and stern face became more gentle: “She is much better now, she is stronger. In the past half year, she has not become sick. I have not thanked you yet.”

Xiao Yu was his daughter, she contracted a strange disease and her situation was extremely tense. If not for Sima Xiao, her life would have been gone.

SIma Xiao waved his hand: “Don’t need to thank me. I saved your daughter for you to give me your strength, no one owes anyone anything. I do not like to talk about favors, it will be more realistic if everyone talked about benefits.”

Rong De’s arrogant face nodded: “that’s true.”

“Look at this video.” Sima Xiao finished his last pastry, dropping the crumbs, he stood up.

A video lit up in front of him.

“This video is the entire process of the destruction of Vibrating Mountain Army.” Qiu Zhi Jun said calmly: “Because it is a matter involving the battle of an army, we think you are more professional, so we would like to hear your thoughts.”

Rong De’s gaze was instantly locked onto the video, and slowly, his expression turned dull and serious.

The video quickly ended.

De Rong was at a loss for words, the video kept replaying in his mind, causing him to look like a puppet standing in place, not moving at all.

Only after a long while did he gradually regain his senses.

“What about it? Evaluate it a bit.” Sima Xiao’s leisurely voice came into his ears


“Very strong!” De Rong clenched his fist unconsciously, his expression sinister and relaxed his hand only after a while. His expression became much better, and he said: “they are stronger than us.”

“I think so too.” Sima Xiao seemed to have anticipated that answer, his face did not fluctuate a bit, but raised his eyebrow: “Come, explain it to me.”

“The other party’s military leader is extremely powerful!” Rong De had already calmed down, and said: “The charge of the Lupus Army is most probably a unique grade.”

“Unique?” the smile on Sima Xiao’s face disappeared.

“Yes.” Rong De’s face surfaced some mad look: “Lupus Army, compared to ours, is actually still lacking. And the might of the charge is obviously of a much higher standard than their army. That only leaves one possibility, it is on the commander of the other party. Unique, most probably is a unique grade.”

“What about the other army?” Qiu Zhi Jun asked.

Rong De replied solemnly: “An expert leading recruits, the standard of the arrangement is very high, the rhythm not too bad. Other than that, I could not really tell.”

“If you have to fight against Lupus army, how certain are you that you can win?” Sima Xiao looked at Rong De in a serious manner.

Rong De did not ask why, after thinking: “How many men do I get?”

“How many men do you need?” Sima Xiao returned with another question.

“500 against 500, I will lose. Give me 1000 men, chances of victory 30%. 2000 men, 50%. 5000 men, I will definitely win.” Rong De replied.

Sima Xiao revealed a surprise look: “Other famous leaders, all fight with fewer numbers, why do you not have the resolve, and ask for so many men?”

Rong De glanced at Sima Xiao with disdain: “You don’t understand! If I am not wrong, the other party’s commander’s unique grade technique is only his charge, and the overall efficiency is not high. THey are like a blade that is sharp enough. But they only have so many people, their rear is not strong enough. To be able to handle such an opponent, we need to attrite them.”

“We do not have 5000 people.” Sima Xiao waved his hand.

Rong De replied coldly: “I know, so we cannot fight.”

“Really makes me unreconciled.” Sima Xiao was extremely not happy: “You go and prepare your army, get ready to move out!”

Rong De replied straightforwardly: “Ok.”

Sima Xiao was slightly surprised: “Are you not afraid that you are sending yourself to death?”

Rong De replied honestly: “No difference, anyway my life was already sold to you.”

“That’s true.” Sima Xiao tapped on his chin: “But I am a person who values my personal assets, I cannot afford to squander you away….”

“So are we going to war or not?” Rong De was slightly annoyed.

“Of course we will fight.” Sima Xiao raised his head, regaining his previous composure.

Rong De turned and left.

Sima Xiao was startled, then shouted from behind: “Hey hey hey, I did not say we are fighting Ursa Major Constellation, our target is….”


Qiu Zhi Jun stood by the side with a helpless look.

Suddenly, his gaze was attracted to the messenger that rushed over, a bad feeling surged in his heart, something big happened.

When he accepted the report, his face changed.

Ursa Major Constellation’s alliance with Honorable Martial Group, the sneak attack on Orion Constellation, had attracted all of the eyes in Heaven’s Road.

Orion Constellation was Leo Constellation’s long ally, their own strength, in the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, was the top. And the other crucial point was with regards to the position of Orion Constellation.

As Leo Constellation and Orion Constellation’s were very close, they had many Star Doors between the two. If Ursa Major Constellation took over Orion Constellation, that meant, they would have the capability to directly threaten Leo Constellation. With that said, upon taking over Orion Constellation, not only will Honorable Martial Group not lose anything, but they would have created a sharp knife at the back of Leo Constellation.

It seemed that to the people of the powerhouses that were knowledgeable and experienced, Orion Constellation would most probably become the breaking point of the entire military campaign.

All the strategist of every party all calculated the variations of the situation, but, no one expected that the following change, which caused them all to be stupefied.

Ursa Major Constellation had changed Masters!

And the one who obtained the benefits, was someone called Tang Tian.

The name Tang Tian was not foreign to everyone. He was the greenhorn that emerged from the famous battle in Lupus Constellation. But, Lupus Constellation held too low a position in Heaven’s Road, Ecliptic Palaces, Equatorial Palace Halls, Polar Domains, Northern Sky, Southern Sky, Lupus Constellation belonged to the 5th tier constellations, and was also one the of weakest constellation in the five tiers. Adding that Tang Tian did not have the saint treasure of Lupus Constellation, to many people, Tang Tian and his group were a bandit group which held a bit of power.

That small powerhouse, had numerous equivalents in the entire vast Heaven’s Road, and they were unable to step up to the big stage.

Even when Lupus Constellation and Andromeda Constellation formed an alliance, it did not attract too much attention. Andromeda Constellation suffered great losses, a majority of the Star Doors were lost, and they had internal troubles and external aggressions. Furthermore, Andromeda Constellation was a Northern Sky Constellation, a 4th tier constellation. The alliance of Andromeda and Lupus Constellation, to the old timers of Heaven’s Road, was like a small village in a remote and desolated valley allying themselves with a neighbouring small town, which was unrelated to the general situation.

Compared to them, Ursa Major Constellation was undoubtedly a big character, it was a tyrant that had the qualifications to compare with Equatorial Palace Halls Constellations.

The snake swallowing the elephant.

Tang Tian, the small snake, actually swallowed Ursa Major Constellation.

Very quickly, the following information caused everyone to be dumbstruck. The reassignment of the Saint Treasure, the awakening of the Big Dipper, all these, which were like all the passed down small folk tales, it was so bizarre.

It was not that a reassigning of the saint treasure had never happened, but it was also rarely seen. But the awakening of the Big Dipper, caused all the strategists who were familiar with the history, to be taken for a shock.

The glory and strength of Ursa Major Constellation in the past could only be found in the records of history. Many records all indicated the time when the ancient Ursa Major Constellation was powerful, there was a widely liked phrase used, “The violent bear that makes people tremble”.

And Big Dipper, was the spirit of the violent bear.

As expected, very quickly, the well-informed powerhouses all obtained the latest information, that Ursa Major Constellation’s latest energy concentration was at 12%. That number is not high, and in truth, compared to the old Ursa Major Constellation, it was actually considered lower. Yan Yong Lie’s Ursa Major Constellation had a energy concentration of around 15%.

Apparently the number was not strange, but, when Ursa Major Constellation changed Masters, with the eruption of vitality, the energy concentration was only 7%.

The energy concentration was also known as the star power concentration, was the most important criteria to appraise the level of the constellation.

In a short time, the star power concentration recovered to a 12%, which also indicated that Ursa Major Constellation was stabilized, and that it was recovering very quickly. The speed of recovery caused everyone to be stupefied. In just a few days, to jump from 7% to 12%, and even increasing in momentum without any indication of stopping.

According to normal reasoning, any constellation that once again set a new saint treasure, would enter a long period of recovery. Ursa Major Constellation’s unusual phenomenon, caused everyone to once again land on the mysterious Big Dipper.

Ursa Major Constellation, with Big Dipper lit up again, how strong would it become?

Even before people could digest the shocking “Snake swallowing the elephant”, the following battle reports once again caused them to be at a loss for words.

Draco Constellations Vibrating Mountain Army had entered the Ursa Major Constellation, and under the attack of Tang Tian subordinates’ army, was destroyed.

Lupus Army was equipped with the strongest Andromeda Treasure, and the shockingly huge mechanical army, immediately became the talk of the town. The formation of treasures were uncontrollable, and that had always been the largest obstruction for armies to expand. There was actually an army fully equipped with the same treasure!

When Lupus Army appeared, people finally realized that treasures could also be manufactured by people.

The Fairy Textile Treasures got a huge increase in reputation.

And the large mechanical army equally attracted people’s eyes. The long gone mechanical army had once again stepped onto the battlefield, the gigantic golden figures, were finally not toys, and had become golden fierce beasts on the battlefield.

But the true heavy bomb, only exploded two days later.

Draco Constellation had officially declared that they had joined Ursa Major Constellation.

When the information went out, everyone could no longer remain in their seats.

Everyone all thought of the other large group entity, Immortal Martial!

Immortal Martial was formed by two Polar Domain Grade Constellations, acted as a lone power with intelligence capabilities, thus being able to step up to be a powerhouse comparable to the 12 Ecliptic Palaces

When Draco Constellation announced that it was joining Ursa Major Constellation, everyone could not help but to associate it with Immortal Martial.

Will it become another Immortal Martial?

If a new powerhouse that was of Immortal Martial grade emerged suddenly, then it would truly be a huge impact to all the powerhouses of Heaven’s Road.

And after that, Andromeda Constellation announced that they were joining Ursa Major Constellation.

All the various powerhouses in Heaven’s Road, were all dumbstruck by the series of bombs.