Undefeated God of War - Chapter 442 – A New Tyrant?

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Chapter 442 – A New Tyrant?

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian opened his eyes in a daze, looking around, he ‘eh’, a look of confusion: “It’s over?”

Crane who had his eyes closed while meditating, felt helpless, as expected of the unreliable guy, but he still replied gently: “If you are done, then it is over.”

“Me?” Tang Tian was confused by Crane’s words, but after a while he understood, and then, the golden bone dropped in front of him, and he extended his hand out and took it.

Desolate Bear Bone.

An indescribable ripple flowed from the Desolate Bear Bone into his hand, causing him to feel an indescribable familiar feeling.

This bone, didn’t it break?

Tang Tian could not remember, what exactly happened, to merge with the combusting star power, his entire being felt as if he entered a furnace, causing him to be in a muddleheaded state the entire time.

The star power in his body was still surging, but it was not as ruthless as before, as though it was tamed.

Tang Tian calmed down, he was not injured, everyone was fine, the light pillar was gone, Ursa Major Constellation had returned to normal, from the looks of it, he had obviously won.

As long as we won.

After coming to that verdict, he immediately smiled. Suddenly, his eyes turned to Ling Xu, and ‘eh’ gently: “Ling Xu is being enlightened ah.”

“Yes, I reckon he is waking up soon.” Crane answered, he raised his head to look at the sky above Ursa Major Constellation, which was gradually being covered. The light of the Big Dipper Seven Stars, was much brighter than the other planets.

Big Dipper Seven Stars, the Big Dipper Seven Stars that had been slumbering for so long have been awakened….that is exciting….

But Crane’s focus gradually went lax. With Tang Tian’s current strength, with the saint treasure in his hand, if any saint had the intention of fighting him, it was also not easy. He relaxed, causing fatigue to flood him. He leaned against the wall and fell asleep.

Tang Tian immediately walked around casually. Seeing Crane’s look, he felt warmth. To everyone, the fight was extremely difficult.

Draco Constellation.

Liang Feng looked at the two armies in front of him, sighing in his heart. The news of the loss of Vibrating Mountain Army had already came back to Draco Constellation. The current Draco Constellation immediately went into an unspeakable chaos and panic from top down. Vibrating Mountain Army was Draco Constellation’s strongest army, all the other armies were terrible, and unable to have heavy responsibilities.

Tang Tian did not have any intention of giving up, holding onto the momentum of victory, he had rushed to their doorsteps.

Liang Feng originally did not care about it, if it was just an army, he might have a chance. But….

His gaze had swept the two armies in front of him countless times, the large numbered mechanical army, did not cause his gaze to linger long. But the smaller Lupus Army, caused his pupils to constrict.

Lupus Army, the sudden emergence, the amateur army that was called cannon fodder by countless of people, was actually winning battle after battle, causing people to be unable to look down on them. Liang Feng naturally did not look down on them, although he was not a military leader, but with regards to their air, vigor, his sensitivity was much stronger than regular military leaders. The small army that had only a few hundred men, had a formidable coordinated qi, with extremely few weakness. Looking at the big mechanical army, although they had the numbers, but their vigor were barely together, and obviously had more chaotic weaknesses.

If it was only the mechanical army, he was confident. But adding the Lupus Army, the degree of difficulty of the battle had rose steeply.

But, he himself did not have any intention to fight. As the only saint in Draco Constellation, his position was extremely high, even the Draco Master was unable to order him. If not for their relation being good, he would not even accept anything.

“Long Zhu personally brought the army out, causing the entire Draco Constellation to be stunned. I hope your side can believe that, Draco Constellation definitely does not have any schemes on Ursa Major Constellation, the attack of Vibrating Mountain Army was completely the actions of only Long Zhu.”

Liang Feng explained calmly, regretting accepting the matter. As a saint, how could he bend his head and speak to others like that?

A beautiful blue mechanical spirit weapon, walked up to the front and stopped about 200m away from him.

Liang Feng’s heart turned cold.

The sensitivity of the battle environment of a saint level was something no ordinary martial artist could comprehend. The blue mechanical spirit weapon that came out, stopping in its place, to Liang Feng, revealed a lot of information.

200m away, was just barely out of his attacking range.

His heart immediately gave rise to a misconception, as long as he put in more force, he could take the opponent’s life. Killing the chief commander of the army, that thought, was brimming with enticement. Even for Liang Feng, in that moment, wanted to take action.

But he fiercely pressed down that foolish thought, calmed down, and realized, although the opponent looked to be out of the formation, but the qi around the opponent did not separate from the army behind, rather it was still in it.

A trap!

Surfaced in Liang Feng’s mind, using the chief commander as bait was one of the frequently used method of how armies dealt with high level martial artists. But his confidence as a saint made Liang Fei not retreat, his great mind quickly calculating.

The trap might not be real, as experts could take the bait and spit the hook out, which was a common thing. And for such matter to saints, it was a very normal thing. Because ordinary military leaders were unable to comprehend the power of saints, and while setting the trap, they would easily expose a hole and weakness. All these small weakness were sufficient for saints.

If I made a move, what is the probability of success?

The more he calculated, the more cautious and cold Liang Feng’s mind became. He realized surprisingly, that he did not have the adequate assurance. The calculations and results were all very vague, victory or defeat was separated by a fine thin line.

The opponent’s understanding of a saint’s power was extremely deep and clear.

The casual judgement caused Liang Feng to be very prudent. Before Leo Constellation and Honorable Martial Group fought, Heaven’s Road had been peaceful for far too long, and a face off of an army and saint had not been heard of for over 10 years. The strength of a saint, in terms of realm, spirit domain, without personally experiencing it, was very difficult to understand.

Only the big powerhouses would give military leaders the opportunity, in case they faced off against a saint and met with failure.

Of course, maybe there were such definitely powerful talented and genius military leaders, but to Liang Feng, that was not a good thing.

The surprise and cold feeling caused Liang Feng’s attitude to quietly change.

“To use such a thing as an excuse, cannot be passed.” A mocking voice came out from inside the blue mechanic spirit weapon.

Liang Feng also laughed: “That is true. Why not tell me whatever request you have, and we can all discuss it.”

From the other party’s tone, Liang Feng could tell that he did not have the intention to swallow Draco Constellation. As long as the other party was willing to talk, that would be a success.

Bing definitely did not find it weird for Liang Feng’s attitude. As long as Liang Feng was not dumb, he would not send Draco Constellation to its death.

“I will give brother Liang face. 3 hundred billion star coins of compensation, 10 eighth level vibrating mountain beasts, two gold ranked treasures, 10 unique martial cards, 400 tons of Dragon Crystal Spirit Core Ores. Oh, Decline for bargains.”

Liang Feng knew that the other party was taking a big mouth, but he also knew that was normal.

The current Draco Constellation had lost the protection of Vibrating Mountain Army, and was sushi on a chopping board, waiting for people to slice.

“10 days, I only gave them 10 days of time, if you do not accept, then we have to take them all by ourselves.” Bing’s tone was cordial, as though he was speaking to an old friend: “This is completely giving brother Liang face. 15 days, only 15 days, we can definitely take over Draco Constellation. We can obtain that fortune by ourselves. I have always been an expert in milking people dry. Anyways we have not have much use for Draco Constellation, I can just sell it. Draco Constellation is also one of the 5 polar domains, I think that it can be sold for a good price. Immortal Martial, Leo Constellation, they definitely have an interest. That is definitely a good deal, two checks to come in!”

Liang Feng was swayed and stunned by Bing, takeover a constellation, then….resell it….

Such a genius, oh no, such a greedy way of thinking, how did he think of that…..

Is he truly a military general? Since when did military generals act as shameless as those businessmen….

Liang Feng then regained his senses, laughed silently. Since when were the benefits of Draco Constellation related to me? Him showing his face was for the sake of giving Draco Constellation a chance to mediate, other than that, he could not be bothered.

To make the army stop was already good, sufficient to say that they were afraid of him as a saint. But for war negotiations, that was not something prestigious and not something he wanted to be a part of.

Liang Fei smiled: “I am indebted to your sire’s respect, Liang Feng is extremely honored, but, Liang Feng is just a messenger, and have already passed the conditions back to the palace. Sire, please wait a moment, I believe they will give their reply shortly.”

Liang Feng was extremely familiar with the higher ups of Draco Constellation. He knew, the conditions were extremely harsh, but Draco Constellation would most likely choose to accept. They were all cowards, without any resolution to fight. To them, accepting was the right choice.

Liang Feng had decided to leave Draco Constellation. The opponent’s blade was extremely fierce, and Draco Constellation would definitely take a big hit. Losing the protection of Vibrating Mountain Army, they had lost a lot of blood, and Draco Constellation would definitely attract more lust from others.

And for Tang Tian’s side to set a deadline of 10 days, that was because they wished to take the juiciest piece of the meat before the other wolves pounce.

Such cunning shrewdness!

Liang Feng was extremely curious about the military general and Tang Tian. Tang Tian, hailed as “Godlike young man”, was said to be younger than 17 years old, and around him were a group of genius young men, all of them were tender in age, but were astonishingly gifted.

As expected, in less than an hour, Draco Constellation sent a reply, they agreed to Bing’s conditions, but they also proposed a new condition.

They hope to receive Tang Tian’s protection.

Liang Feng was surprised, it seemed like the higher ups of Draco Constellation were not all useless people, to be able to think of the idea which was not really an idea. If they were going to be ripped off by other people, why not take the initiative to join them.

He suddenly thought of a terrifying matter, if this alliance was to be successful…

Ursa Major Constellation – Draco Constellation – Andromeda Constellation – Lupus Constellation, Ursa Major Constellation with the awakened Big Dipper, Draco Constellation with its’ strong foundation, Andromeda Constellation with its flourishing economy, Lupus Constellation with its thriving population.

The effect birthed from the merging of these four constellations, was absolutely terrifying!

Was a new tyrant going to be born?