Undefeated God of War - Chapter 440 – Sinister Sima

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Chapter 440 – Sinister Sima

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The battle shocked everyone.

Even for Crane and Ling Xu who were standing at the roof of the palace, both of them watched the crisscrossing of armies, watched as the Lupus Army appeared from nowhere, watched Long Zhu’s final retaliation, watched as how Bing slowly cut and separated the Vibrating Mountain Army.

In the entire process, other than the Lupus Army’s charge, the battle wasn’t a spectacular sight. The battle after that, was nothing much, it was just Bing leading the Mechanical Army to clash, and continuously point out various mistakes, for example the change in tactics, for example the outflank that did not work, this made the entire battle look to be extremely messy.

But it was in the mess that the Vibrating Mountain Army were slowly lacerated, separated into pieces.

In the entire process, there was not much that was eye catching, and could even be considered as ordinary and mediocre, but when the battlefield started to form the small pieces, they were suddenly astonished and surprised.

“Such a scary military leader.” Crane sucked in cold air and could not help but praise: “So Uncle Bing is actually so powerful!”

Ling Xu was equally shocked, the last time, what Bing displayed was a military leader’s control aura, but for this battle, Bing did not make any move, just regularly guiding and dispatching people. With such a brilliant hand, without showing off his ability, every step was carefully planned out. But only after the 10th step would people suddenly realize that he had already won.

What made them feel even more inconceivable was that Uncle Bing actually treated the entire thing as a training field.

How much confidence that did need…

Bing was very calm. The victory to him was unimportant, he paid more attention to the performance of the students. There were many reasons on why he was transferred to the recruit barracks in the past, he was good with speaking, he was young, but most importantly, he was good at training drills.

Using battles to train was a method that he grasped when he was younger. At that time, the battles were intense, something that the current day and age were unable to think of, although the Southern Cross Army possessed perfected preparations facilities, they still faced manpower problems.

How to cut down the recruit phase, how to select those promising and potential talents to be the foundation officers etc, all these questions had him spent countless of blood and hours.

After breaking them up, without saying a word, other than the fatal mistakes of the students, the small and minor ones were ignored by him. What he was doing in secret was watching the outstanding students.

Battles were the best place to test for gems.

He actually did not want to reveal the Sky Martial Wolf Academy and Mechanic Army so early on, but by going the conventional way and to reach his demands, it would take a long time. And time was of the essence.

Bing was very satisfied with the result of the battle, he did not actually anticipate that the Vibrating Mountain Army would appear. But for the sake of the unexpected, he had brought along Tang Yi’s Lupus Army, and gave the new army a safeguard escort. But when he found out about the Vibrating Mountain Army, Bing was aroused, and began to plan.

In the short span of time, he had conceived a complete battle plan.

But it was a pity, the retaliation of the Vibrating Mountain Army was not as fierce as what he thought, and he was regretful. If the counter attack of the Vibrating Mountain Army could be fiercer, than the results of the baptism on the recruits would be much better, and many problems and issues would be exposed more clearly.

Alright, Draco Constellation’s Army, can only be like that….

Bing thought in silence.

With his military leader instincts, he liked to reflect on his next steps. Bing was thinking, if they should take the advantage and attack Draco Constellation. Draco Constellation did not have their army anymore, and what was left was most likely saints.

Draco Constellation only had one saint, and their Four Dragon Warriors. Such a power, could I handle them? I have the upper hand in morale, the rookies’ morale is soaring high, oh, along with digesting the rewards of the battle, they would increase in their strength… but Lupus Army’s Andromeda Battle Gown, is very difficult to implement under the eyes of a saint….

Wonder how significant would taking Draco Constellation would be…what kind of reaction would be incurred because of that….

Bing could not be bothered to watch the battle anymore, and had already jumped out to think about further steps and plans.

And for the battle, everyone was dumbstruck, especially Wang Ye.

Wang Ye had long suspected that it was not going well, and immediately crawled out from behind the Vibrating Mountain Lizard. When Long Zhu and the rest were too occupied to take note of him, and that his luck was good, inside the chaos, he actually broke free.

“Save me!”

Wang Ye’s four bodyguards all shouted with all their might, his heart was already filled with fear, he was a skilled tactician, there was no problem for him to move his lips, create some crafty plots. But with his weak strength, to be caught up in the chaos and actually live to tell the tale, it truly was a miracle.

The four bodyguards were facing against Ah Mo Li and the rest, and when both parties were attracted to the sudden explosive battle, they forgot to fight. Just as the four bodyguards heard Wang Ye’s cry for help, they immediately reacted, without saying a thing, they gave up fighting and ran towards Wang Ye.

“Trying to run?” Ah Mo Li’s eyes lit up, and then he rushed frantically towards the four men.

A figure flashed past him, it was actually Han Bing Ning!

Out of the four, Han Bing Ning’s light body technique was second to Sima Xiang Shan, in the blink of an eye, she had rushed to the opponent’s back, and unsheathed her cold sword.



A loud clear sound came out, it was a palm that blocked Han Bing Ning’s sword tip.

A burst of strange True Power, rushed into the sword tip and into Han Bing Ning’s meridians causing her to snort, pushing her own True Power almost at the same time, an even fierce True Power rushed forth.


The figure abruptly split.

Han Bing Ning then saw clearly who the opponent was, it was actually a spirit general. But this spirit general was very different from the other spirit generals that she had seen. It did not look like a human at all, more like an evil spirit from fairy tales, its body was scrawny like matchsticks, a big head, an ugly appearance, extremely long limbs that almost touched the ground. It’s 10 fingers were like bird claws, sharp fingernails which were jet black.

Han Bing Ning’s heart turned cold, it was her first time facing such a deformed spirit general.

Spirit generals were formed from the martial spirits of dead martial artists, and thus would maintain the features of the martial artist before death. Because of that, all spirit generals were never as deformed and hideous as the one in front of her.

The other three bodyguards also summoned their spirit generals.

The other three spirit generals, although their features were different, but their deformity and hideousness was around the same.

Ling Xu who was on the roof expanded his eyes, his face full of surprise: “What the hell is that? Why do they have such ugly spirit generals?”

Crane squinted his eyes, and exhaled: “Clan Union! I never expected that they would actually become even more aggravated with that!”

“Clan Union?” Ling Xu’s face was startled.

“Yes.” Crane coldly looked at the four spirit generals on the field, and said: “Clan Union is a new powerhouse, formed by many smaller powerhouses unified together. They research an extreme taboo subject, and that is the devouring and merging of spirit generals. Just like rearing a poisonous insect, for the sake of getting an even stronger poisonous insect, they would put all sorts of poisonous insects together, allow them to kill each other, eat each other, and in the end the strongest poisonous insect would emerge, and that is how the spirit generals of Clan Union are formed.”

Hearing that, the hair on Ling Xu’s body all stood, he opened his eyes wide, staring in disbelief: “That….that is too disgusting! Spirit generals, are not poisonous insects!”

“Crane was expressionless: “In their eyes, they are. They are even more intense than in the past. All these spirit generals, no, they cannot be called spirit generals anymore, they are formed by merging strong spirit generals together, and thus the grotesque forms.”

Crane clenched onto his sword until his fingers became white, he lowered his head and muttered, his tone becoming gloomier.

“Why become spirit generals? Because they have too many unsatisfied wishes in their hearts, because their lives were too short to accomplish their dreams, every spirit general is the innermost and deepest dedications and wishes of the martial artist, that they are not willing to give up even in death! Such a strong attachment of faith, should be respected, and not used like that, not trampled on!”

Suddenly, a palm patted his shoulders, Crane looked up.

“Little Crane, don’t be upset, with that trash, I will spear them to death! People who do not even let go of dead people, we will let them be dead people too then! Don’t worry, we will help you!”

Ling Xu’s killing intent soared.

Crane’s heart felt warm, and calmed down: “Seems like the Vibrating Mountain Army entering Ursa Major Constellation has the Clan Union working in the shadows. Looks like they want to take advantage of the situation, and are going testing the grounds. But, to meet us, serves them right for their bad luck.”

“Hahahaha! Well said! Eh, as expected of Sima Xiang Shan to be so treacherous!” Ling Xu’s eyes lit up.

Sima Xiang Shan was full of evil tricks, and had long noticed them rushing towards Wang Ye. When Wang Ye opened his mouth to shout for help, he was the first one to make a move, his light body technique was exceptionally good, quietly appearing beside Wang Ye, and at that time, the four bodyguards had only taken action.

Sima Xiang Shan lifted Wang ye’s throat, and said faintly: “ The battleground is a chaotic place, don’t run around casually.”

Wang Ye was completely frightened, his face as white as paper, his mouth ‘ah ah ah’, but he could not release any sound.

Sima Xiang Shan did not care, and spoke to the four bodyguards: “Surrender, for the life of your master.”

The four of them were caught in a dilemma, at a loss of what to do.

“Seems like, you guys do not love and respect this Master.” Sima Xiang Shan said faintly, and with a ‘clack’ sound, Wang Ye howled miserably like a swine, his entire face changed.

Sima Xiang Shan had swiftly broke Wang Ye’s finger.

“Tell me, if i were to break 9 fingers of your precious Master, then return him to you. Is it good for you guys? You all will definitely find a quiet place to kill him right, hah, fighting and killing, only leads to unhappiness.”

Upon hearing that, Wang Ye who was in deep pain could no longer tolerate it and fainted.

The four bodyguards immediately changed in their expression hearing Sima Xiang Shan’s words. Not considering the 9 fingers, breaking that one was already sufficient for the Master to hate them. If their Master died here, it was fine, but if their Master survived, their days in the future would definitely be extremely terrible.

“We surrender.”

The four bodyguards’ faces were ashen.

In that way, Sima Xiang Shan alone had swiftly concluded the battle, causing the honest Liang Qiu to be completely dumbfounded.

Controlling the four men, the battle was more or less at its conclusion.

Suddenly, a violent energy ripple resonated out from the Palace.