Undefeated God of War - Chapter 438 – A Joke

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Chapter 438 – A Joke

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Long Zhu and the Vibrating Mountain Army suddenly stopped all of a sudden, as four martial artists rushed out of the army and flew towards the Palace.

But halfway on the road, they were blocked by people.

“At least we are not too late.” Liang Qiu heaved a sigh of relief, he had some traces of injury on his cheek, his expression solemn.

The four of them met two King Bear martial artists, and have spent some energy before winning. All of them had different degrees of injuries.

“Hahahaha! Arriving early cannot beat arriving on time! To fight upon arriving, that is awesome!” Ah Mo Li cracked his knuckles, his mouth exposing a laugh. The clothes on his body were tattered and torn.

Han Bing Ning held her sword, not saying a word, she turned her face and glanced at the light pillar in the distance, then retracted her gaze.

Sima Xiang Shan crossed his arms, floating in the air like a mist, giving off a very sinister feeling.

Long Zhu who was elevated saw them, laughed to Wang Ye at his side: “never did i think that their people would have arrived too.”

He suddenly turned to the martial artist beside him: “Stop advancing, create the battleground here, let everyone enjoy the fierce battle between giants here.”

Wang Ye laughed out loud: “Big Brother Long wants it to be grand, and it seems that you have planned in advance, so this little brother naturally has to accompany you!”

“Good!” Long Zhu clasped his hands and laughed: “I will stand by the side and enjoy the battle and liven things up. Li Gu, help create a strong momentum for these brave warriors.”

A martial artist beside Wang Ye who had a fierce expression complied: “Yes!”

He flew out of the pavilion, instigating his True Power, he shouted loudly: “The Commander has ordered, the army needs to assist in increasing the grandeur!”

The 500 Vibrating Mountain Lizards all rhythmically clapped on the ground, making it sound like a heavy bass drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Yue felt the ground beneath his feet shaking, the entire place started to change, causing him to turn pale with fright. He almost flew out, when earthshaking orderly shouts sounded in his ears.

“Fight! FIght! FIght!”

The sound of the vigorous shouts and the trembling ground mixed together, making Wang Ye feel an anger rising inside him, making him dumbstruck. His gaze swept past Long Zhu’s men, every single one of them had excited and fierce looks on their faces.

Four words automatically appeared in Wang Ye’s mind “Proud Soldiers, Valiant Commander!”

Long Zhu truly had some talent, and the Vibrating Mountain Army was definitely stronger than what he had expected.

Long Zhu had already noticed Wang Ye’s change of expression from the corner of his eye, and was sneering in his heart. But, when he realized that the eight martial artists did not have any reaction, he was taken aback. Normal martial artists when facing the sudden uproar from the army, were definitely unable to take it.

The four martial artists beside Wang Ye did not look like much, but they were actually also rather calm.

Seems like, the clan union’s strength is far stronger than what I thought….

And the four people who suddenly rushed over, were also indifferent.

Interesting, who knows it truly would be a great battle between giants….

Long Zhu pondered about it, when suddenly, the floor started to tremble.

Long Zhu’s reaction was fast, and shouted: “Army, turn to the right, maintain guard, there is an army approaching!”

Before he had finished his words, across the flat line to the right, a bronze color suddenly emerged. The ground was trembling intensely, the rumbling sound was like thunder, rolling and clapping. Long Zhu’s face changed, he was extremely familiar with that sound, it was the sound of a heavy army quickly advancing.

Where did that heavy army come from?

Didn’t Tang Tian’s subordinates only have one Lupus Army? Why would they also have a heavy army?

Long Zhu and Wang Ye looked at each other.


Ah Lun worked hard to control the True Power in his body. For the past few days, they had been rapidly advancing through the day and night, and the consumption of True Power was extremely fast from the start. But, everyone’s training every day was never easy, and very quickly, they found the momentum to move forward, and they became skilled.

Until now, Ah Lun did not know their destination. Just that under Master Bing’s orders, they continued to advance, advance, and advance. They did not meet any enemies along the way, completely out of everyone’s expectations.

Or maybe it was long distance training?

Everyone thought in their hearts.

Ah Lun did not think much, to him, obeying orders was the most important.

Suddenly, The scouts ahead shouted loudly: “Prepare for battle! Enemies sighted ahead!”

Ah Lun instantly became excited, blood rushing straight into his mind, are we going to battle?

The surroundings immediately became messy, the roars of his classmates all erupted at the same time, flooding their ranks.

“Rouse your mind, our class cannot lose, whoever screws up, when we go back, everyone will have a go at him!”

“Pay attention to your positioning!”

“Stabilize STABILIZE!”

“Relax relax, don’t be nervous, it is the same as usual…”

To the uproaring recruits, if they were truly going to meet enemies, they should never hope that they could achieve what their training has taught them.

Bing did not make a sound, as if he did not see the messiness of his troops, he continued to advance.

Long Zhu’s initial surprise quickly subsided, upon seeing the chaos of the enemy troops, he smiled: “So it is a group of amateurs, the rumbling sound truly was scary.”

The martial artists around him also relaxed and all started laughing.

They witnessed the entire scene of the mechanical army becoming chaotic. On a battlefield, the difference between a recruit and an old timer was the difference between life and death. Even for well trained recruits, upon reaching the battlefield, to be able to display half of their true strength was already considered good.

Vibrating Mountain Army was Draco Constellation’s strongest army, all of them had plentiful of fighting experience, upon witnessing the amateur army, it was like a big joke to them, and they all started to jeer.

“Eh, they are starting to charge towards us!” A military leader shouted excitedly, as though he found new land.

“Hahahaha, to start charging from such a distance, they truly are stupid!”

“They obviously want to throw their lives away!!”


Long Zhu’s could not help but smile, the opponent’s charge was too unprofessional. To any army, the charge was the most important method of war, and so the training of charging was widely practised and drilled.

There were many qualities to initiate a charge, for example the morale of pressing forward, or the high speed attack capable of tearing apart the enemy’s formation. And the crucial point amongst these qualities was the distance. The further the distance, the more they need to charge, the more consumption of True Power, and that would cause the army to wear out even faster, the morale would drop, and the charge would become weak.

So when Long Zhu and the rest saw how they started to charge from the long distance, they laughed.

By the time they reached, the opponent would be tired and powerless, and would be trampled on!

The enemy’s military leader was actually such an amateur!

In time, the last thread of doubt disappeared from everyone’s heart, they were all eager to take action, waiting until the opponent rushed to them, they would meet head on with them.

Bing did not utter a word, controlling Sky Tiger, he was rushing at the front.

The troops behind him who were initially in a mess started to become tidy. Afterall they had trained every single day in extremely harsh conditions, and they were the top 100 students, so their qualities were outstanding.

But in the eyes of Long Zhu and his men, it actually made them laugh and smile.

“The opponent’s military leader is too powerful! Look at that, to press on the charge, hey, they are still so chaotic? What to do, they can only increase their distance, alright, charging a distance of 2 li, might as well make it 4 li, eh, it is a little too short, why not make it 6, after 4 li, they would definitely be neater right….”

A military leader under Long Zhu started to imitate realistically, causing everyone to laugh out loud.

Long Zhu also laughed, he clapped his hands: “Alright, seeing them charge, I think it would take them 2 minutes to reach our front.”

Everyone laughed even harder, to the point that tears started to come out.

“But, I feel that we need to teach them a good lesson, and let them understand what is a real charge.”

Everyone immediately cut the smiles off their faces.

Long Zhu’s expression became stern: “Prepare to charge!”