Undefeated God of War - Chapter 433 – A Powerful Answer

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Chapter 433 – A Powerful Answer

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


A crisp sound, the silver blue blade aura covered in silver frost, like a silver blue glass, shattered into pieces.

Crane trembled and shot backwards, as though he was ice skating, he left numerous straight marks on the ground.

Blocked it!

The corner of Crane’s mouth, had a trace of blood, while excitement sparkled in his calm looking eyes. A strong saint martial artist, that full force attack, was actually blocked by him and Ling Xu! Those unattainable dreams seemed to be just within reach now!

Thank you, Crane Sword!

Crane held onto his sword tighter, he felt the burning fighting intent from the hilt of the sword. Not far away, was Ling Xu who flew away just now, he climbed back onto Flamingo again.

“Are you okay?” Craned asked as he stared at Shao De.

“Not dead yet.” Ling Xu spit out a mouthful of blood casually, he stared at Shao De, suddenly his expression became old and fierce,”The saint rank isn’t as strong as I expected!”

His palm was mangled, but he still grabbed tightly onto the silver spear. Blood trails were visible on the silver spear’s shiny body, when the silver spear slipped off his hand previously, it left a severe abrasion on his palm.

Shao De was in disbelief, his previous attack, was his full force, but…..

Was it because he fought with Tang Tian and consumed too much of his true power?

Shao De remained expressionless, but he was not calm at all on the inside. The silver frost from just now, almost froze his blade aura, or else how could the slash made by Crane be able to shatter his blade aura?

Silver frost…..Suddenly, three words appeared in his brain – “Silver Frost Mount“!

Although he already knew Ling Xu’s spear technique was deeply related to Silver Frost Mount, but when the strange looking silver frost appeared, he was still shocked.

As a saint, he knew much more than the ordinary martial artists, furthermore, it was the well known Silver Frost Mount.

Silver Frost Mount, belonging to one of The 12 Ecliptic Palaces, it was the Aries Constellation’s orthodox inheritance!

Shao De suddenly grew a burning desire, he had no interests in politics, but he was deeply passionate about martial techniques. He lived in seclusion in the mountains for many years, all he wanted was to improve on his martial techniques.

However, after all these years, he did not make any significant progress.

When he was aware that Ling Xu might hold the real inheritance, he became restless. The inheritance of the Silver Frost Mount, had developed countless saint ranks, such an ancient and powerful inheritance, anyone could benefit tremendously even if they just looked at it once.

Shao De’s gaze, was focused on Ling Xu subconsciously.

Ling Xu felt Shao De’s gaze on him, but he was not afraid. So Shao De decided to focus his attacks on me?

That’s fantastic!

Ling Xu’s orange pupil suddenly had a gush of fire, Flamingo spurted out, leaving incandescent fire marks behind. The low-lying white figure and long silver hair flew in the air.

A strong wind brushed past his face, the mangled palm grabbed tighter onto the spear.

The silver spear in his hand, held upright again, and stood firmly.

The head of the spear had the Sheep Horn Wind Bells attached, they rung rhythmically with the breath of wind.

Silverish blue aura shone out again, slashing directly downwards.

Ling Xu was not afraid, remaining stationary on Flamingo’s back, he looked vengeful, he stared with his eyes wide open, a never before seen imposing manner and overflowing willfulness.

The wind bells were like the wind, the silver spear was like a star, and the youth was like fire.

The tip of the spear clashed directly onto the blade aura, silver frost sprinkling all over, Ling Xu was furious, grabbing tight onto the silver spear, the strong power made him fly away again.

The wind whistling in the ears, Ling Xu clenched his teeth, held tight onto the silver spear with all of his energy — even if he was saint rank, the spear would never slip off again!

Blood splattered across the sky.

A swift black shadow, as light as feather, attacked with the sword!


The blade aura shattered into pieces.

Crane was blown away again, he felt sweetness in his throat, and he uncontrollably spit out fresh blood. In his heart, his pride surged.

Ha, we blocked it again!

Tang Tian sat on the ground, engrossed in his thoughts, totally unaware of the current situation.

He could actually defend against a saint rank, such a result was beyond Tang Tian’s imagination. With just basic techniques, how could he take down a saint rank?

Saint rank was undoubtedly the strongest martial artists, they had vast true power, exceptional understanding with martial techniques, their own spirit domains……

They were great in too many ways, but if there was a need to specify their strongest aspect, it would definitely be their spirit domains. The spirit domains represented their understandings with fighting and martial techniques. The deeper their understandings with martial techniques, the stronger their spirit domains. Those legendary best saint ranks, could even have a complete world in their spirit domains.

Their practice and understanding with martial techniques could be done in the world they created with full control over it.

The realm of spirit domain represented the realms of saint rank. To the saints the difference determined the strong and the weak. But as for the saint ranks and non saint ranks, they differed drastically as one did not even have it.

The buildup of true power had its limitation, for those half-step saint ranks, their true power was comparable with the saints. But when fighting, they still could not compete with the saint at all. Simply because, their realms differed too much, which placed them on the losing end during fights.

When they all became saint rank, there was no significant difference in True Power, so they could only compete with the strength of their spirit domains, and the strength of their spirit domains was the realm differences.

With a strong realm of spirit domain, everything would be in their control. This sounded abstract, but it simply meant the accumulation of advantages. Under the same environment, with the same ability, the one with a higher realm could discover more flaws in the opponent and turn things to his advantage, these abstract differences could give him minor advantages, but as it accumulated over time, he could control the game more easily.

Which was also why, the saint ranks with higher realm, could control the rhythm of the fights more easily.

Tang Tian thought so as well, with his experiences in the past fights, he believed this was the truth.

However, after the fight, it made him feel otherwise. He had strong star power in his body, Shao De had rather strong true power as well, but he had a slight advantage over him. But in the other ways, he was clearly on the losing end.

According to the norm, he should be in great disadvantage.

Tang Tian previously thought that he merely wanted some enjoyment from the fight. To be able to meet a saint rank with such difficulty, an opportunity like this was hard to come by, therefore he wanted to enjoy it while he could. Moreover, he was curious too, about how strong the saint rank could be.

However, when they fought, Tang Tian suddenly realized he could actually suppress Shao De.

After the ecstasy and excitement faded, Tang Tian thought of a vital issue suddenly — how did he suppress a saint rank?

Even though Tang Tian knew such suppression would not last, but it did encourage him nonetheless.

When he thought of this, he was engrossed by it, as he knew the answer to this would be absolutely shocking.

If it wasn’t, how could a saint rank be suppressed?

During the suppression, what exactly was it that allowed me to suppress the saint rank?

He had some thoughts, but it was not clear, he was afraid these thoughts would be gone later which was why he called for a stop, in order to think seriously. No one had ever walked his path, he had to figure things out by himself, if he was able to think it through at such a crucial juncture, his martial techniques would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

Tang Tian recalled all the details from the fight, deciphering them bit by bit. He knew he was not as smart as the Crane, therefore he decided to think over every detail slowly.

He just attacked blindly, that’s right, blindly, disregarded what techniques Shao De applied……

It was totally rascally……

Erm, why did Shao De not fight back? What he did at that moment? Why not counterattack? Oh, he defended my attacks, but why did he not attack after the defence? Oh, because I attacked again, then he went on to block again, and then? Still no counterattack as I attacked again…….

Oh, so this was it……

Tang Tian finally understood, Shao De had no time for counterattacks, which was why he did not counterattack.

Tang Tian seemed like he had found the crucial point. No time for counterattack, as he was too fast in his attacks, to the extent which Shao De had no time to react.

That’s right, I suppressed Shao De as I was faster in attacking!

I have many flaws, but time was required to use the flaws which Shao De did not have and therefore he could not fight back. Thus, to ensure that he does not have time, I need to be quick enough with my attacks, to the point that he has no time to think.

That was it!

Tang Tian was excited, such a deep question, he thought it through by himself, it was impressive!

So I was actually fast in attacking……

Tang Tian felt a little proud, he was fast enough to have the saint suppressed, how impressive was that. Eh, why was I so fast? Oh, I used fundamental martial techniques, that’s why that’s why. Fundamental techniques were something he had deep familiarization with, therefore he could be that fast, using other martial techniques could never achieve such results like this.

Tang Tian was excited, until this moment, he then was sure, what he casually did, was very impressive! He chose the right path.

Aside from excitement, a brave idea popped up in his mind.

If he could maintain his speed, does it meant that he could have kept Shao De suppressed? No, if he could be faster, to the extent which Shao De could not withstand, would it be more powerful?

This idea got Tang Tian exhilarated.

To defeat a saint, that would be such a big thing.

He finally understood his choice of path, he incorporated the higher level martial techniques into his fundamental martial techniques, making his fundamental martial techniques even faster!

That’s right, that was the reason!

Since he was not as smart as others, he could not understand the flaws, so he should just stay focused in his attacks and ignore the others.

Be fast in attacking, the faster the better!

His doubts were answered , his star power surged inside his body, he stood up suddenly, he wished he could scream at the top of his voice.

A sudden loud noise disrupted his thoughts.

He looked up.