Undefeated God of War - Chapter 432 – Shao De’s Spirit Domain

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Chapter 432 – Shao De’s Spirit Domain

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Shao De stood blankly after Tang Tian shouted to stop.

“I don’t want to fight anymore. I thought of a problem, I need time to think about it. You go fight with Little Crane and Little Xu Xu for a while first, wait for me to think through this then we will continue fighting. Which one of you can fill my spot?” Tang Tian spoke loudly, walked away for a few steps and sat on the ground, he completely ignored Shao De from then on.

Shao De looked blankly at Tang Tian, he had not completely processed those words yet.

Wait a minute, what did this guy just say……

After a few seconds, he finally understood, suddenly his eyes opened wide, stop fighting? We were betting our lives on this okay? I was about to counterattack? I-I-I……am being disregarded……exactly who is the saint?

Shao De was about to explode from anger, from young, he had fought countless times, but there was never a fight more ridiculous or annoying than this one, causing him to be even angrier.

Never ever.

Ling Xu and Crane were shocked by Tang Tian’s actions as well, but they knew Tang Tian very well, so after some considerations, it seemed right for the crazy young lad to behave this way.

They were at ease immediately.


Crane’s cheeks twitched, he muffled,”This isn’t right, are we being very unrespectful, he is a saint after all.”

Ling Xu muffled as well,”Then what? Leaving it hanging like this is more unrespectful right.”

Crane nodded,”That’s true.”

Ling Xu spoke,”Let’s fight, we will enjoy it first then see how. We will not have any more chance to do it once the crazy man regains his conscious.”

Even though they both muffled, but Shao De has extremely sharp ears, he heard everything they said clearly. He looked livid, about to explode with anger, he clenched his fists unconsciously.


He became determined, to get rid of all three scoundrels today. The sight of the three of them made the killing intent churn in his heart. Even Crane, whom he saw as a young man with respect, was being so repulsive!

He took a deep breath, remained calm, his eyes were biting cold.

Let me show you how you should to respect a saint.

A tint of crystal blue, began to spread out below Shao De’s foot, while the surrounding was darken, in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere changed drastically.

Saint level expert, the most powerful thing was that they all had their own spirit domain.

“Welcome to my spirit domain, [Still Blade Lake].”

Shao De’s voice was like a passing breeze. Ling Xu and Crane were in dismay as they found themselves standing on top of a blue lake. The blue lake, was gem-like and crystal clear, it threw layers of ripples as the breeze passed. There were colourful fish swimming happily, even the plants at the bottom of the lake were clearly visible.

Crane quietly opened up his finger, moist wind passed through gently.

So this was a spirit domain, this was what made saints the most powerful. Every saint would own a unique spirit domain.

A flash of light appeared in Crane’s eyes, all his questions were answered at that moment. The path for his sword dao, all the complicated and misleading fog, were swept apart. The current him was still unable to form his own spirit domain, but he knew if he just persevered on, there will be a day, he will create a spirit domain belonging to him.

An unapparent smile of heartfelt pleasure appeared on his face.

Ling Xu’s eyes were incandescent, he smelt a familiar smell. Before that, he kept wondering what was the faint odor in his spear techniques. But now he finally understood, that was the smell of spirit domain!

He was filled with joy.

It was like a sudden realization that the goal he was always chasing after was not that far after all. Without him noticing, he had already grown into a state whereby he would never dare to dream about before.

A complete Saint Domain, how would it looked like? I can’t wait to see it!

Tang Tian sat stationary, but his facial expressions changed from time to time, sometimes he frowned, sometimes he grimaced, he had all kinds of weird expressions.

He was totally unaware of what had happened around him.

The lake was blue, the water was abnormally still, even the wind in the air made people feel calm. Shao De was floating in the air, he had recovered his calmness again.

“I never thought that, I would have to open my spirit domain once again, and it is actually for you three kids.” Shao De seemed regretful,”Seems like I’ve not improved much throughout the years.”

Shao De sounded indifferent, neither happy nor sad, he talked about it as if he was not part of it..

“My blade, which has been resting in this lake for ten years, finally sees the light again today. Let’s hope you guys don’t let me down.”

Ling Xu unconsciously held his silver spear tight, Shao De did not seemed threatening at all, he seemed so harmless and kind, but Ling Xu uncontrollably guarded against him still.

This guy in front of me, has become more dangerous!

Crane’s eyes sparkled many times, he knew more than Ling Xu, therefore he had a deeper understanding of Shao De’s transformation. If Shao De was said to be immortal-like before with little temperament, then the Shao De now barely has any signs of “Human” left in him.

That was what made everyone feel danger.

Under Shao De’s feet, a silver ray appeared from the lake, it was a school of small fish all covered in silver scales. The number was astonishing and the schooling fish looked like a silver monster wiggling under water.

Gurgle gurgle.

They gradually appeared on the water surface, their scales were so shiny that it made people squint.

Splash splash splash!

Like a heavy downpour of silver rain, many silver fish jumped out of the lake towards Shao De’s direction. When each silver fish flew out of the water, they turned into a silver scale, tens of thousands of silver scales joined together.

A silver blade appeared in front of Shao De.

The blade was 7 feet long, completely covered in scales, with a palpitating curvature, but what was surprising was it has no handle. Almost instantly, Shao De directed lightly with his hand, a blue stream of water flew out out the surface, it fell to the end of the blade and cemented into a handle.

The handle of the blade was like blue diamond, the blade has shiny silver scale patterns carved all over, it was so delicate and flawless.

A hand with long and slim fingers, wrapped around the transparent blue handle and swung the blade up.

All of a sudden, Ling Xu and Crane both had goosebumps all over their skin.

At the life or death moment, Ling Xu instead calmed down, flamingo underneath him, bolted off, leaving a shadow in the sky. Ling Xu sat on the flamingo’s back, his true power vibrated violently in his body, his concentration was unprecedented. Flamingo sprinted in full force, the subtle friction between his fingers and spear, made his spear spin……

Everything, seemed to be in his control.

The silver spear revolved at amazing speed and thrusted out, Ling Xu then felt as if the whole world had become silent, he was expressionless.

For the first time in Crane’s life he felt so near to death, even though he clearly knew that the opponent just lifted the blade up and nothing else. All of a sudden it seemed like his world was in complete darkness, extreme pessimism began spreading in his heart.

He thought of his late Father, his mother’s sorrows, the loneliness during childhood days……

Sadness, loneliness, failure and disappointment were drowning him.

Suddenly, he felt that all his hard works throughout the years were meaningless. Ha, but he wished to undertake everything, he wished he could have fulfilled his father’s unfulfilled dream, he wanted to prove himself to the world that he was his father’s son and not The Empress’ Nephew.

As if there was a voice, from the bottom of his heart, that kept saying, forget it, after this slash, your world would end, all this was meaningless to you, you were destined to be useless.

Sadness and blankness filled Crane’s face as he accepted the loss.

Out of a sudden, he felt an acute burning sensation in his palm as if he held onto a hot iron rod.

He looked down subconsciously, the Crane Sword in his hand, trembled violently, a gentle and mild power diffused into Crane’s body from the sword hilt.

There was a loud and clear sound of crane calling from the sky echoed in Crane’s heart.

Crane trembled, startled and watched the crane sword in his hand, it emitted a dazzling radiance, it trembled suddenly, it has a strong desire to fight.

Crane’s clear visioned was restored.

That’s right, you are still fighting alongside with me.

Have you longed for this battle for too long?

You were once a saint sword as well…..

Your radiance, it must definitely be splendid!

As if the sword could read Crane’s mind, the radiance that the crane sword emitted became much brighter and stronger, the uproarious wailing of the sword created ripples on the calm lake.

Shao De was surprised, he did not expect the both of them to break through at the same time. But at this moment, he was at the peak of his energy level. Disregarding these two guys breaking through or even if other saints were here, he was still fearless.

He would not tolerate any atrocious behaviour in his spirit domain!

A ray of blade aura flashed!

A ray of silver blue crossed with the blade aura, quietly colliding with Ling Xu’s silver spear.


The sound of the attack, sounded as if it was from Ling Xu’s heart, an extremely strong power emitted from the tip of the spear. He grabbed tighter onto the spear body, there were severe abrasions between his palm and the spear, his flesh lacerated, skin was mangled, the horrifying true power got into his meridians, Ling Xu snorted and actually smiled.

How would I give up so easily? Even if you are a blade saint!

He opened his eyes wide in agitation, and suddenly roared, gathered all his energy, his mangled hand suddenly had strength, the spear trembled!

The Sheep Horn Wind Bells jumped, clashing onto the blade aura!

The silver blue blade aura was infected by a layer of silver frost, causing Shao De’s pupils to turn wide, this silver frost….

The power was enormous, both Ling Xu and Flamingo flew to the side.

Heavenly Crane Sword Principle surfaced from his mind, Crane looked firm, standing proudly with his sword, his loosely fitted robes fluttered automatically without wind, he has attained maximum grandeur.

Along with the buzz from the trembling blade, Craned slid, towards the silver blue blade aura which was brimming with sense of death, as he stabbed!

A loud and clear wail of the crane suddenly sounded from the sword.

He was like a deftly and sharp black crane, like lightning, he attacked!