Undefeated God of War - Chapter 428 – Mobilize

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Chapter 428 – Mobilize

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Saint level, was not enough to make Bing feel fear.

No matter how, he too was one of the few big figures in Southern Cross Army, although the other old fellows bullied him because his temper was good, but he was still someone who grew out from the mountains of blades and sea of blood. How many saint levels had died from his army? He had long lost count.

Even though he clearly knew that the current him was just an incomplete and badly damaged spirit general. Not counting his peak days, even Tang Tian had long surpassed him.

He also knew, the martial techniques system up till now, had grown to its peak, so the current saint level, compared to the old times, was most likely much stronger.

But he still did not feel fear.

Because, he was an old soldier, the flames of war had long tempered his state of mind to become very resilient. He had been through many military campaigns, where in this 10 thousand years, the most bitter, most cruel, the largest scale military campaign, could not compare to. The baptism of experiences that the old soldier had been through, why would he feel fear against one saint level martial artist?

After being awakened, Bing was full of unfamiliarity. In his life, fighting was the main subject. When he was on the frontlines, the moment he opened his eyes, it would be to always prepare for a day of killing. After taking the responsibility of an instructor, the main subject everyday, was also to teach recruits on how to fight and how to kill the enemy.

In that period of time, he stayed by Tang Tian’s side, living comfortable, causing him to feel at a loss. But currently, he actually became more comfortable like a fish in water.

He was born for battles.

He struck a cigarette, under the flickering light, reflecting on the smoke that lingered on around the poker face that hardly change expressions. The cigarettes were left behind in the barracks, the love of the commander. Bing never smoked in the past, but he did not know when he did start, and that smoking helped him calm down.

At such a time, he would always think of the commander, even the posture in which he smoked greatly resembled the commander.

He was unable to be like his commander who was open-minded, looking at the heroes of the land as if they were dogs, but he had his own skills, for example when training soldiers, he was even more cold and attentive.

In the current battle, if it was the commander, he would immediately lead his army to attack without saying a word, because in his commander’s eyes, a saint level was considered nothing. And Bing would ask for everyone’s opinion first, because he knew he was not like his commander, and needed to be more cautious. He had been in this world for too short a time, even if he frantically absorbed all the knowledge he could, but he could not be as familiar to the world as Bell and Pi Pa.

But when he made a decision, Bing did not hesitate at all. He went to walk around the soldier barracks training area, Tang Tian was actually immersed in his weird new creations. Bing stood and watched for awhile, but did not interrupt, and then quietly left.

Sky Wolf Martial Academy.

Ah Lun concluded the day of training, he dragged his exhausted body and jumped into the ice pool. The ice pool was extremely chilly, with a layer of beautiful ice crystals floating on top. The ice crystals were the size of a fist, like crystals, when the sun shone on them, they released beautiful lights, but did not have any warm feeling.

Leaping into the ice pool, Ah Lun quivered, his pupils automatically expanding, his brain became blank for a short period of time. After a while, he then regained his senses, the bone chilling cold intent, corroded his senses.

He clenched his teeth as he persevered, the ice pool tempered with their blood meridians and helped their True Power to grow, it was of great assistance.

The students of Sky Wolf Martial Academy after training everyday needed to soak in the ice pool for an hour. The ice pool quickly became the scariest place of the whole school. But, many of the students were like Ah Lun who came from poor backgrounds, although the ice pool was scary, but everyone still persevered.

“Did you guys hear that? Master Bing is back!”

A few students who were nearby were chatting, and attracted Ah Lun’s attention.

“Will we be dispatched?”

“We definitely will! Is Master the type of person to suffer in silence? Now that Ursa Major Constellation has found trouble with Master, the brains of a bear are truly hopeless!”

“Master is truly powerful! Cleverly, he had pushed Ursa Major Constellation to this extent!”


Ah Lun listened quietly. The news of Ursa Major Constellation sneaking the attack on Orion Constellation had spread to the school, causing a commotion. Sky Wolf Martial Academy was a military general Institute, and discussing about the political situation was the student’s favourite. Although everybody’s current standard was not high, but that did not hinder everyone’s passion.

“Xiao Wu, didn’t Master Bing find you to walk around? Tell us some details about it!”

Suddenly, a student shouted at the young man in the corner who had his eyes closed. Shua, all the students in the ice pool turned their gazes over. Ah Lun also turned to look, Ah Wu was a special student. They heard that he used to be under Kang De, and the inheritance of Kang De, [Silver Moon], was passed down to him.

[Silver Moon], [Heaven Hook] and [Feudal Martial] were the three strongest legacies of Lupus Constellation. [Heaven Hook] and [Feudal Martial] were in Master’s hands, while Xiao Wu had handed over the [Silver Moon] which was the last piece to complete the set.

For them to be able to train in the [Heavenly Martial Werewolf Print] was also because of Xiao Wu’s effort.

Master Bing had a special eye for Xiao Wu, and admired him greatly. Everyone was not very jealous, because when Kang De died, the only brave person who followed with him was Xiao Wu, and a person who had such heavy comradeship was respected anywhere.

Xiao Wu was quiet, then suddenly said: “Everyone will know soon enough.”

The eyes of every student all lit up, although Xiao Wu still kept it secret, but the message that he revealed, made everyone think even more.

Just at that moment, a sharp warning sound suddenly came out, causing all of the students in the ice pool to be startled, and quickly, all of them rushed out of the ice pool. They did not even bother cleaning off the water from their bodies, and retrieved out their mechanical spirit weapons from their aquarius martial cabinet vases.

They adeptly entered their mechanical spirit weapons and activated them.

The gloomy command resounded across the sky, where the entire school could hear.

“Attention all students! Attention all students!”

“Complete arming yourselves and gather in 10 minutes!”

“This is not a drill! This is not a drill!”

Looking from a bird’s eye view, the huge Sky Wolf Martial Academy suddenly seemed to flare up as countless mechanical spirit weapons started to flood out from every corner. They caused the floor to shake as they ran, one after another, the heavy bronze footsteps cause the sand to fly, as the ground continued to tremble. Above their heads, one after another whistling bronze bodies swept past the roofs.

The bronze flood gathered together.


On the desert, a few shadows were advancing quickly.

“Wahaha, at such a crucial time, we can only rely on this lively martial man to change the situation!” Ah Mo Li cried out, running and tensing the muscles on his arms.

No one bothered with him.

“Poker face is actually sending a group of nobodies to the field, it really is intriguing.” Sima Xiang Shan muttered.

Liang Qiu shook his head: “He definitely has his plans, we are amateurs when it comes to wars.”

Sima Xiang Shan snorted, but he did not argue, as he knew Liang Qiu was right. Sima Xiang Shan then said faintly: “If Jing Hao was here, that would be interesting.”

Liang Qiu frowned: “Don’t make it difficult for others, Jing Hao’s teacher is still in Honorable Martial Group, how could he directly clash with them?”

“I just feel that he is not clear-cut enough.” Sima Xiang Shan said: “Anyway, he has already left the group, to not take a few stabs at them, that’s a pity.”

“Shut up.” Han Bing Ning said coldly, her hand holding her sword hilt.

Out of the few, Sima Xiang Shan was most afraid of Han Bing Ning, she did not say much, and only used her sword.

Ah Mo Li has been shouting the whole day, but no one bothered with him, causing him to be unhappy: “Hey hey hey, don’t you guys want to show off your new abilities? Don’t you? Don’t you? Why not…”

Still, no one bothered with him.

But it remained true that anticipation rose in their hearts. After fighting with Ye Zhao Ge, they all had their own growths. And after that, Bing had used many successful experiments from the blood meridians workshop on them, and they could clearly feel that their strength growing.

Liang Qiu looked at the time, and said: “We need to increase our speed. For this fight, everyone must not be careless, our opponent is an incredible character!”

The four of them were distracted for a moment, they had never expect that they would actually grow to where they were currently.

It truly was exciting!


Tang Tian retracted his fist, his gaze deep and clear.


Half a meter of the training grounds floor, shattered with a bang, as bronze powder finer than flour arose out from the ground like a devilish green cloud. As the dust floated towards a Tang Tian’s surrounding, it seemed to have met with a transparent wall, unable to close in on him.

Tang Tian’s eyes became as bright as a star, he was excited and regretful.

Pa pa pa!

The sound of claps came from outside the mist, causing Tang Tian to regain his senses. He pulled back his palm, changing to the fundamental palm techniques. Astonishing sucking force was born from his palms, causing the fine dust to be swept in, forming a bronze ball the size of a wicker basket!

“So astonishing!” Bing’s voice held trace of surprise: “I never expected that you were actually able to produce such a strange martial technique! Congratulations, you have finally found a dao path that belongs only to you, it truly is a different dao path! Fundamental martial techniques, I am truly in anticipation of it!”

Tang Tian was taken aback, Uncle Bing rarely praised people, causing an unspeakable happiness to fill his entire body, he started to smile: “Uncle Bing also finds it powerful? For some reason, I feel the best when I use fundamental martial techniques, and the most comfortable, and that was how I found this method, and looking at it, it truly seems possible. Hahahaha, this godlike young lad, is so powerful!”

Bing earnestly nodded his head: “It is powerful. But, you are treading on a path no one has ever walked before, and so you can only grasp it yourself.”

“Yes.” Tang Tian’s expression became serious: “I still have many many places that I have not grasped clearly.”

“Maybe, I can suggest something.” Bing said.

Tang Tian raised his head and looked at Bing with an anticipative look, although Bing did not guide his martial techniques, but he was always able to provide reliable methods.

“You need to experience real fights, for any new martial technique created, other than thinking and imagining it, it requires the tempering of real battles. Only by engaging in expert battles, your understanding of the martial technique will continue to deepen. Growing through battle, is the method that is foolproof.” Bing looked Tang Tian who was nodding, and smiled: “Are you interested, in challenging a saint level expert?”

Tang Tian was stunned, the look in his eyes suddenly rising dramatically.