Undefeated God of War - Chapter 423 – The Golden Bone

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Chapter 423 – The Golden Bone

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Do you know why we are keeping you alive?” Sai Lei blinked her eyes at Duan Mu, her luminous eyes circulating, she smiled sweetly.

Duan Mu nodded his head honestly: “I know, as a weapons instructor as well as a sparring partner.

“That’s right.” Sai Lei pulled on her fringe, with her myriad of flirtatious expression: “Relax, with your dual jobs, I will increase your salary. Sadly Chi Guang’s uses is limited, and no one seems to like to use his type of blades, eh, so we cannot waste him, and he is only good as a sparring partner now. Maybe I should create a mechanical spirit weapon that uses blades? Oh, I should find Tang Chou to discuss that.”

Towards the end of her conversation, she was already talking to herself.

Duan Mu tactfully kept quiet, her words could not be casually interrupted. But Sai Lei’s tone, made him feel sad for Chi Guang, for Chi Guang might not know he was already being spied upon. If Sai Lei did not squeeze dry his worth and usefulness, they definitely will not let him go.

Sai Lei composed herself and smiled: “That’s right, this sister likes you, so I have specially sent you to the first team, Chi Guang will handle the second team. One month later, the two teams will engage in a competition, the one who loses, will have to accept punishment. This sister will secretly warn you beforehand, you will definitely dislike the punishment.”

Seeing Sai Lei’s smile that did not look like a smile, Duan Mu trembled unconsciously, this woman seemed to be able to do anything!

Duan Mu set a resolve in his mind, no matter what, to make the first team be victorious!

He had witnessed the strength of the two teams, their entire body movements left a deep impression in him. He felt that Sai Lei’s plans for him and Chi Guang were actually quite suitable.

But, how many armies were able to have Gold Rank Martial Artists train them? It was a little too extravagant….

In the few days, he was always thinking about the mechanical army, making judgements and guesses. But when he actually interacted with them, he found out surprisingly that their levels were very low.

Sixth level, that was the standard level, to an army, it was very low. But, for a group of low level martial artist to be able to merge and actually release such surprising power, their military leader’s standard surprised him.

But, if the mechanical martial artists increased their levels by one or two, what would happen?

What would the army transform into?

The thought surfaced up by itself, and stayed in Duan Mu’s mind. Upon knowing them better, he realized, that their levels were low, and the low grooming and training standards they received were directly related.

No proper guidance, limited resources….

If these conditions were met appropriately, then the power of the mechanical martial artists would increase by another level. Although they were young, and not all of them were geniuses, but to achieve the seventh or eighth level was definitely not a problem.

That was the difference between rich aristocratic families and ordinary families, to a rich aristocratic family, they had long researched out the best and reasonable effective system to train. They did not have to wait for any genius to appear, but focused more on their methods of effective training, to be able to produce outstanding martial artists.

Rich aristocratic families are more stable, where their vitality was much more tenacious, in which was an important factor. Every aristocratic family’s training method were all secret, and would definitely not be easily exposed.

Another group of people which held such methods were strong martial artists. They were powerful and strong, understood more profoundly on martial techniques, any research on any training would naturally be more profound than ordinary martial artists. They could not be compared to the generations after generations of accumulative improvements of aristocratic families, but there would always be some outstanding genius who could create their own sect and create their own families.

Duan Mu was such a type of martial artist that was proficient in using his brains, and that was why he was able to kill martial artists stronger than him.

The reason why he had agreed, other than preserving his own life, was also because he was curious about mechanical martial artists. For an average standard of sixth level mechanical martial artists to be able to defeat the Flowing Wind Group, it was something he never thought was possible.

He realized their worth.

He started to think, what methods could help increase the standard of the mechanical martial artists. The states of the mechanical martial artists were as low as wooden buckets, if he could increase them, then….

“Huo Fu Man’s side, what do you think about that?” Sai Lei kept the smiles.

Duan Mu’s heart turned cold, he did not avoid Sai Lei’s gaze, and replied honestly: “The things I have promised to do for him, have all been completed, I no longer owe him. And, I have already drawn up a martial spirit contract with boss.”

Sai Lei smiled sweetly: “Then, everyone is a family now, you better do well, don’t be lousier than Chi Guang oh.”

“I know.”

Duan Mu nodded his head, and turned to go outside.

Walking out of the underground room, the brightly lit field echoed out with a few shouts, many huge figures were sprinting under the light. In front of him was filled with vitality. All of a sudden, Duan Mu was quite excited for what was to come.


Wu Xia’s face was solemn, everything was within his grasp.

Although Ta Dun had deployed a new defensive force to protect the New Fairy Palace, he did not think that if people attacked it would not be on a large scale. With the New Fairy Palace’s initial establishment, the various defensive deployments would not be tight enough.

Wu Xia did not hold back, pushing out all the powers of his subordinates, an irresistible force. The Plateau Army that was caught off guard, facing such powerful martial artists were unable to be organise and have an effective offense.

Especially the Seven Assassins under Wu Xia, they were close like real brothers, extremely compatible with each other and extremely strong. When they laid out their perimeter, no one could defend against them, after a few bouts, they tore apart the defense, scattering and smashing them.

Angelina’s face turned white, she did not expect that Wu Xia would actually dare risk universal condemnation and go against her with everything!

The Fairy Hoop in her hands was quiet and still, the recent star power of Andromeda Constellation was used by her to create more treasures, so the Fairy Hoop was rather worn out. Angelina also knew herself, even if the Fairy Hoop was undamaged, she still would not be their opponent.

Especially Wu Xia’s best fighter, the famous capable and experienced, shrewd and ruthless fierce man, whose blade technique were extremely powerful. He alone implicated more than half of the defenses’ energy, thanks to him, the rest could go in much easier.

The defense was in imminent danger.

Suddenly, a wave of energy ripple exploded out from afar.

That was…..

Everyone consciously stopped, the energy that rippled out caused their hearts to jump, all of them felt their qi and blood boil.

Wu Xia’s face changed, the item his majesty was holding….

Just when he was suspicious, the wave of terrifying energy ripple suddenly stopped, it disappeared without a trace, as though it was just a hallucination.

Wu Xia felt his breathing stop, a terrifying thought overwhelmed his entire body!

No…. Impossible….

Time crawled, but the terrifying energy ripple did not appear anymore.

Wu Xia’s face became as white as paper, his voice was trembling as he bellowed: “Withdraw! We are withdrawing!”

His underlings were shocked.


Wu Xia’s face was ugly, he solemnly roared: “Withdraw! We are withdrawing immediately! To Tang Tian there!”

A few of the martial artists who were quick to react were startled, all their faces changed.

Seeing the enemy retreating in waves, Angelina who was barely holding on the entirely time felt as though she was in a dream, and a surge of fear surfaced up, causing her legs to start becoming soft.

Why would they retreat….

Angelina thought of what Wu Xia said before he left, and immediately realized: “Tang Tian is in danger! Quickly inform the general, go support Tang Tian!”

Finished with arranging all this, she then dropped her butt onto the ground, and sat.

After sitting in a daze for a long time, she gradually calmed down from her shock. Seated on the platform, she played with her hair as she racked her brain juice.

Were Wu Xia and the rest crazy? What were they trying to do?

Ursa Major Constellation!

She clenched her teeth, her hands gripped on her skirt to the point that her fingers turned white.


Jian Feng Yuan stared at the what was remaining of the Demon Head Saber in his hand, the threat of death, caused his fighting intent to immediately disappear without a trace. The power in his body was cut short, his legs were weak, and he actually fell seated on the ground.

Rong Rou was in a daze, his face pale white, his eyes exposing despair. He knew that Old Jian was always sophisticated and sly, but he never expect that his willpower would be so paper thin.

He further did not expect that the three people’s strength would be so strong.

Especially Tang Tian….

Rong Rou’s gaze landed on Tang Tian. Even till now, he was unable to comprehend, how did Tang Tian beat His Majesty.

The effect of the fight was tremendously huge.

The manor Tang Tian lived in had become rubble, even the surroundings of the manor were destroyed to a high degree.

Crane walked to Feng Jian Yuan and Rong Rou, piercing each of them once, sealing their meridians.

Thoroughly finishing his task, he carried Ling Xu who was fainted, holding his sword, he walked towards Tang Tian, and said calmly: “Crazy Tang, I leave the rest to you.”

With that, like a wooden pillar, he instantly fell to the ground. He fainted.

After consecutively using seven Rotating Swords of the Dancing Crane, Crane had successfully broke Jian Feng Yuan’s Demon Head Saber, and also destroyed his willpower and fighting intent. But Crane’s True power and physical strength was also depleted.

He had been holding on all the way, completely at a stretch, but now his mental state had relaxed, and he simply fainted.

Tang Tian was frightened by Crane, he immediately went to check on him, realizing Crane was just overly worked, he relaxed. Ling Xu was also fine. Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground.

This seat aggravated the wounds on his body, causing him to wail in pain.

Suddenly, he noticed a clear golden thing at his leg, and immediately picked it up. It was the thing in Yan Tu’s hand previously, after thinking about the fight, Tang Tian still had trauma from it.

It was too thrilling, if he was one step later, the object would had been released, and he himself would have died.

After remembering the terrifying energy ripple, Tang Tian’s heart felt fear.

After Yan Tu’s right arm flew out, it burst into flames, and it had become ashes, leaving only the object behind. Without saying anything, Tang Tian knew it was a treasure.

Tang Tian looked at the object curiously, it was like a golden bone, it’s shape was irregular and extremely fine and smooth.

Could it be a Gold Ranke Treasure? From the looks of it, it did not look very powerful. It was hot to the touch and heavy, other than that, it was nothing special.

Tang Tian’s palm still had a few wounds, although not deep, but it was still leaking with blood.

Tang Tian smeared the golden bone with many of his bloodstains. The mottled bloodstains were like drops of water in the sand, quickly entering the golden bone, disappearing without a trace.

At that moment, a change started to occur.