Undefeated God of War - Chapter 422 – Crane’s Decision

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Chapter 422 – Crane’s Decision

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ling Xu was feeling extremely wonderful. All the True Power in his meridians were extremely obedient, the muscles that were silver had seemed to suddenly become soft, his always silent martial spirit was lively. The silver liquid condensed at the sharpest point of the spear tip, the sound of the Sheep Horn Wind Bells, lingered along with the wind formed by the spear tip, seemingly faded, but never dissipating.

He had never felt such a feeling before, Ling Xu could feel as though he could control every minute movement of the spear, every inch of power in the rotation of the spear body. The True power flowed into the spear, passing through to the tip of the spear. He could feel practically everything clearly, his True Power flowing to the spear tip, the slight trembles of the spear body….

It was an addictive feeling!

His steps while assaulting, were in a perfect rhythm and cadence, every step on the ground increased his power, and caused the light on the spear tip to become brighter.

His silver spear that was held horizontally flat, did not have a bit of movement.

At the last step, the light aura on the spear tip was piercing bright.

He was like a blazing shooting star, the dazzling light aura caused the world around to lose its color.

Rong Rou did not think that Ling Xu would actually breakthrough at such a moment.

The spear caused his face to change, his eyes widened, his palms stretched out, fingers extended out calm like a lake, out of the ten fingers, ripples extending out from them.

The ripples spread and formed together as one, forming a twisting and translucent circle shield in front of him.

The burning shooting star struck the circle shield!

The translucent shield broke like a mirror.

Rong Rou’s face changed again, facing the star like cold auras, his fingers retaliated while he retreated back.

The light auras suddenly exploded causing Rong Rou’s eyes to become blinded by the white light.

When the light dispersed, Rong Rou staggered backwards, his face in disbelief, his left palm had a hole in it, flowing with blood.

He barely stabilized himself, the pain in his palm caused him to be fully awake. His eyes stared intently at Ling Xu.

Ling Xu maintained his aggressive stance, not moving an inch like a statue.

Whoosh, Ling Xu fell backwards.

Rong Rou did not move, he looked at Ling Xu who had fainted in the distance, his mind was shaken to the point that he was speechless. His position in Ursa Major Constellation far surpassed everyone, and he had seen countless geniuses. But he had never seen before someone so attached to victory, a person who craved for it so badly.

To breakthrough at the last crucial moment….

Rong Rou laughed bitterly, he did not know if he was lucky, or heaven was favoring Ling Xu, to actually succeed in something that had such a small probability.

But, His Majesty had given the order to capture Ling Xu alive, and that matched his sentiments. If he had to kill a genius, it would be a pity. But now, looking at Ling Xu, Rong Rou could not help but think about himself when he was young. He was able to achieve his current position and power, was through grinding of countless battles, if he lacked the thirst and struggle to win, how could he be where he was currently?

To be weak in the current day was scary, the scary thing was to lack the thirst to become strong, the thirst to win.

It was luck that Ling Xu actually put himself through more than he could handle and fainted, he too was like an arrow at the end of its’ flight….

Rong Rou was prepared to walk over to pick Ling Xu up, when suddenly, a pillar of light rose up from the building, the terrifying energy ripple exploded out. Rong Rou’s footsteps stopped in place, he knew what that was!

He turned his body, his eyes as fast as lightning looking towards the building.

For his majesty to use that thing… that Tang Tian, was he that powerful?

Rong Rou’s heart turned cold, He knew of Prince Yan Tu’s power very clearly. The talent bestowed to him was different, his physicality far surpassed ordinary people, adding that his character matured early, he was very hardworking. And His Majesty treated Yan Tu as his favourite, and groomed him personally at his utmost. Very few people knew, His Majesty Yan Tu’s sparring partners, were the seven King Bear martial artists!

(TN: At the start, I called Yan Tu His Majesty, and stuck to it, for he was the next in line Constellation Master, but now they speak of the current Master. Please don’t get confused!)

His personality was tyrannical and fierce, with strength far stronger than the seven King Bear martial artists. And he was also extremely good at concealing his strength, in which he had never shown it to anyone before. Rong Rou’s confidence in His Majesty was far stronger than his own.

Suddenly, the light aura that soared to the sky disappeared, and at the same time, the terrifying energy undulation disappeared.

Rong Rou’s expression froze, a scary thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

Could it be….

Rong Rou rushed straight to the building like a maniac.

Crane looked at Jian Feng Yuan opposite him helplessly.

Jian Feng Yuan did not have any intention to move, his hands together, face giving off a giggly look, like an ordinary old man, completely void of fighting intent.

Crane pointed his sword straight towards Jian Feng Yuan for a long time, but the opponent did not move an inch, as though he did not see anything.

Jian Feng Yuan also felt helpless, he did not want to become a scapegoat, if something unfortunate happened to Crane, when the Empress comes to punish them, other than throwing him to her, His majesty would have no other idea.

It does not benefit me at all to win, so why bother fighting?

As one of the King Bear martial artist, Jian Feng Yuan had been through alot, and was calculative when it comes to danger. For someone whom the Prince was not even willing to touch, if he handled Crane without thinking, that would be really stupid. So he might as well assume an old harmless man, wait for the prince to win, and capture Tang Tian alive, then his task would be over.

Crane had never seen a person so shameless, from young he was influenced by his mother, his character was gentle and warm, so he actually did not know how to make his move.

The two of them stood there stationary and awkwardly.

Suddenly, both of them turned their faces at the same time, a dazzling light pillar soared to the sky. The energy ripple that could cause people to palpitate spread from the building.

Crane’s face changed, without hesitating he flung the thought of Jian Feng Yuan, and his figure disappeared from the sky.

Jian Feng Yuan’s face changed slightly, but when the energy ripple disappeared, his face changed entirely, and he too disappeared.


The building that could no longer hold its weight crumbled down.

When Rong Rou arrived, the scene that entered his vision was a circle of rubble, and a young man crying in the center.

Tang Tian!

Rong Rou’s heart jumped, an ominous feeling surging up in his mind, his gaze landed at a place not far, the prince that was in a pool of blood.

The blood in Rong Rou’s face was swept clean, becoming as white as a sheet of paper, his body turned sluggish, as though he could not stand still. The Prince who was in the pool of blood was void of Qi, and not a sign of life.

Suddenly, his eyes turned blurred, a figure appeared to block in front of him.


Jian Feng Yuan was a step late, he saw the scene in front of him, stunned for a while, a unbelievable sense of rage appearing on his face. It was as though his brain was punched by someone, becoming blank, His Majesty……

Impossible….how is that possible…

His Majesty’s strength, how could he die? And His Majesty even had that thing….

His lips trembled, his entire body shivering. He thought about The Master’s rage, and his entire body started to tremble uncontrollably.

“Old Jian, seize that thing!” Rong Rou’s urgent voice awoke Jian Feng Yuan from his dazed state.

He became roused and immediately reacted, that was right, The prince had just died, if the thing was gone, Ursa Major Constellation would suffer a huge hit. To him, it was his only chance of redemption.


Jian Feng Yuan’s eyes turned red, staring fiercely at Crane, and like a feral beast, he roared. The current him, and thrown all his sophistication and smoothness to the back of his head.

Crane faced Jian Feng Yuan, his body leaning forward, right hand holding onto the sword sheath hanging on his waist. Jian Feng Yuan crazily summoned an airflow with his True Power, blowing towards Crane, his sleeves gracefully blowing backwards, but his figure stood at the same spot, his face as calm as water.


The clear and straightforward reply was filled with firmness, without any trace of mediation.

Jian Feng Yuan roared, his entire being became like an enraged explosive bear, suddenly rushing towards Crane, his Demon Head Saber brandished out a grey blade aura, the blade aura screamed and surged forward, sounding like a deep and low beast.

Crane squinted his eyes, his mind extremely calm, he did not make reckless movements, from the corner of his eye, he saw a figure quietly going the other direction towards Tang Tian.

Crazy Tang was not in a good situation, and if he wanted to block the two of them, he needed to pull back and defend.

Crane maintained his defensive sword stance, his upper body did not move, while his lower body moved at extreme speed with small steps.

Crane brought forth a few afterimages, all of them were extremely realistic, Crane Sect’s Crane dance, in his hands was displayed to saturation.

Rong Rou’s eyes blurred, and Crane suddenly appeared in front of him.

So fast!

Rong Rou did not have time to exclaim in surprise, he gathered the True Power in his body and suddenly moved his fingers!

A translucent circle ripple appeared, gradually flying towards Crane. Jian Feng Yuan’s grey blade aura was still whistling towards Crane.

Crane’s body became blurry, and 13 identical black robed figures appeared in front of the two of them.

With a clear shout, the 13 black figures flew fast and all of them unleashed their swords.



Two different sounds came out, shaking their eardrums and causing pain.

The black figures all disappeared like bubbles, leaving only Crane who stood in his original position. Crane’s figure was like a needle pinned in place, imposingly standing in place, a trace of dark red blood seeping from his mouth.

His expression was still calm, his long slender fingers smearing the trace of blood from his mouth. Even that movement was still graceful.

Rong Rou also spat out some blood, he was already like an arrow at the end of its flight, the spontaneous spurt of energy could not contend with Crane, his current True Power was instead being devoured, and he suffered heavy injuries.

Tang Tian awoke from his daze, looking at Crane who was defending him, he muttered: “Little Crane….”

But after a moment, Tang Tian reacted: “Little Crane, you’re injured?”

Tang Tian clenched his fists tightly, his eyes turning red, about to rush towards Jian Feng Yuan.

“Please do not butt in.” Crane’s firm voice suddenly interrupted Tang Tian. It was the first time Tang Tian heard Crane being so firm and unquestionable tone, he stared blankly at Crane’s back.

Crane stood straight once again, standing there with his sword, his voice came out again.

“This is my opponent, this place is under my protection, this is my fight, so please let my sword complete my task!”

Crane took the Crane Sword up, his indifferent pupils, shone a piercing light, he started to murmur from his lips, as though he was making an oath.

The sheathed Crane Sword in his hands, lit up with a brilliant ray, shining upon his face, his sincere and dignified look, the black robes on his body, moved without wind.

My heart, has never changed….sword, can you hear it?

Crane sword trembled lightly, Crane’s mouth, exposed a warm laugh.

Rotating Swords, dance.

13 black figures suddenly split up gracefully, flying quickly like cranes dancing. The dazzling interweaving swords cried out like a Crane’s cry, as the 13 swords became one.

Spinning Sword Aura!

Rotating Swords of the Dancing Crane!